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‘Cuddling on a Rainy Day’ Playlist

“Atlas Hands” - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
“Northern Wind” - City and Colour
“Stubborn Love” - The Lumineers
“Cherry Wine” - Hozier
“Holocene” - Bon Iver
“No One To Let You Down” - The Head and The Heart
“Always Gold” - Radical Face
“Blood” - The Middle East
“Banana Pancakes” - Jack Johnson
“Thank You” - Led Zeppelin
“Higher Love” - James Vincent McMorrow
“No Shade In the Shadow of the Cross” - Sufjan Stevens
“Snaggletooth” - Vance Joy
“Maps” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Sand” - Keaton Henson
“Like Real People Do” - Hozier
“Love Love Love” - Of Monsters and Men
“First Day Of My Life” - Bright Eyes
“No Me, No You, No More” - The Staves
“Everything” - Michael Buble

Don’t You Go- Calum Hood Imagine

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“Don’t you go and carry on with your life. It was a one night stand ‘til I woke up next to you. Don’t you go, saying all your goodbyes. I want a one night stand just one more time with you. So give me one more night with you” -Don’t You Go, All Time Low

“You know what? Fuck you Calum!” You scream, holding up both middle fingers.

“Fuck you Y/n! I can’t believe this!” Calum yelled back, returning the finger.

“Here they go again…” you hear Michael say.

“Can’t everyone just get along?” Ashton chimes in.

“Shut up!!” You and Calum simultaneously scream at the both of them.

“So sensitive gosh…what happened this time?” Luke’s asks, barely walking in the door, having missed tonight’s episode of the Calum and Y/n altercation.

So here’s the thing…you and Michael met at a party some time ago, instantly hit it off and now he’s basically your best friend. And there was nothing to complain about there, he was amazing. Who wouldn’t want him as a best friend? He was an amazing guitarist for one of your favorite bands, was super funny, and gave the best cuddles.

No the problem started when you met the rest of the band, or rather the infuriating bassist. You thought you’d get along with the band, which you did for the most part. You and Luke were cool, Ashton was always fun to be around, but Calum….Calum was a different story.

Since the day you met, you couldn’t help but feel as though he hated you, for what reason you had no idea. As far as you knew, you hadn’t done anything to him. Michael said just to ignore it, that he’ll come around eventually.

It’s been three months, and look where you are now. Would you believe that tonight’s argument began over you ordering vegetarian pizza instead of pepperoni? The mere bickering turned personal, then of course came the shouting.

“You have no consideration for anyone but yourself!”

“Are you kidding me Calum?! I’m not the one throwing a temper tantrum! You have to complain about everything!!”

“What are you even still doing here Y/n? Don’t you have some place to be or is your life that nonexistent?”

“Okkkkk….now I think is a good time for some fun” Michael said, standing between the two of you. “Who’s up for some drinks?”

Now here you were, already four drinks in, laughing and dancing with the guys. Honestly, the only time you could stand Calum was when you both had some alcohol in you. It was only then you both could sort of get along, at least far better than when you were sober.

Tonight was different than other nights. Calum was a really happy drunk, always the life of the party, and always making others laugh. Tonight he even turned his charm on you for a bit, coming to sit right next to you at the bar. It was attention you weren’t used to, but more than happy to receive.

At some point during the night, all the guys found some girl for the night, occupying their attention and leading them to the dance floor. All but Calum that is. That just left the two of you. With the way things were tonight, you were fine with that.

The club started playing “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers, a song you couldn’t help dancing to.  Calum noticed you dancing in your seat and smiled. “Wanna dance?” He asked, but before you could answer he grabbed your hand and led you to the dancefloor. The last thing you remembered was your bodies swaying to the music, his hands gripping your hips, your arms wrapping around his neck….

You woke the next morning with a horrible pounding in your head. “Ugghhh” you sighed, rubbing your hands across your face. That’s when you realized you were not in your own room, and that a strong arm was wrapped around your waist. Your stirring must have woken up the stranger next to you, because suddenly he was nuzzling your neck. “Mmmm…morning beautiful”

It was then that you looked down at the arm wrapped tightly around you, that golden skin and black tattoos you’d recognize anywhere.

“Holy shit! Fucking Calum??!!” You scream jumping up, looking everywhere but straight at him.

“Y/n?” He asks, slightly surprised, but then lightly scoffs to himself. “I can’t believe this…Y/n I-”

“You can’t believe this? Well imagine my surprise. Oh my god…tell me this isn’t happening….”

“You think this was a mistake?”

“You’re joking right? You fucking hate me! And I can’t say that I particularly love you either…”

“Well I can…” He said so softly you barely heard him.  It was then you actually turned to look at him. His hand running through his hair, eyes full of sadness.

“Calum?” He was looking away from you. “Calum…look at me?” After several moments, he finally did, his eyes showing a range of different emotions you couldn’t quite place. “Calum, what did you say?”

He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he pulled you closer to him on the bed. One arm wrapped around your waist, the other cupping the side of your face. “Y/n…I love you”

“What? Calum-”

“I love you Y/n, there I said it. Y/n-”

“Calum, stop. I mean, you can’t, you hate me!”

“I don’t hate you, I never did.”


“Don’t shut me down now, just hear me out now. I love you Y/n, I think I have since that first time we met. I didn’t know how to act around you, and I thought you were interested in Michael, and I was just so flustered, I took out my frustration on you that night. After that, I couldn’t help but act like a complete dick around you, and for that I’m sorry. I never thought you could ever like me back, but here you are…with me.” He said, pulling you even closer to him. “So no Y/n, I don’t think this is a mistake, having you here makes me happier than anything else ever could. ”

“Calum…” You breathed, tears falling from your eyes.

“Look we’ll figure this out” He said, wiping your tears.

“No…I-I can’t do this Calum. I’m sorry…I just…I can’t” You moved your hands to his bare chest, and pushed him away.

You grabbed your things and rushed to his bathroom to get dressed. When you returned, you found the bed empty. For this you were grateful. You scrambled out of his apartment as quickly as possible.

Once you were back home, it wasn’t long until Michael made his daily visit.

“Y/n! Hey so what you want to do today? ‘Cuz I heard about this new game that-oh my god what happened?” He immediately ran towards you at the sight of tears in your eyes, and wrapped his arms around you.

“Michael…Michael I did something terrible…I don’t even know what to do…”

“Oh come on Y/n, it can’t be that bad”

“No it is…”

“What did you do? I promise I’ll try to understand; you know you can tell me anything”

There was no point in dragging this out any longer. You had to tell him.

“I slept with Calum”

“You what?” Michael asked, pulling away to see your face.

“I slept with Calum. We were both drunk, next thing I know I’m waking up at his place. But that’s not all Michael, he told me he loved me, and I walked away…”

He stared at you for what felt like an eternity. His eyes seeming to pierce your soul. You bit your lip, waiting for him to say something, anything… It was you who broke the silence first.

“Well? Are you just gonna stare at me or you gonna chew me out? Y/n, how did you make such a dumb mistake. Y/n how can you leave my best friend hanging like that? Michael….speak would you?!”

He stared at you a moment longer, then said, “I’ll be back ok?” He gave you one last hug then left.

It wasn’t until the next day that you heard from Michael again.

Your phone rang while eating breakfast, it was Michael nonetheless. “Hello?” You answered. “Be here in one hour” was the only response you got before he hung up.

You were nervous as hell walking up to Michael’s front door to his apartment. You had no idea what to expect, but you knew it couldn’t be good.  You took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. Michael came and opened it seconds later. He grabbed your arm and pulled you to the living room. Luke and Ashton were already on the couch waiting.

“Michael, what’s going on?” You said, really concerned now.

It was Ashton who spoke first.

“Y/n, we need to talk…” He said, standing up.

“It’s about Calum.” Luke added, standing up as well.

“Y/n, he's…well not himself right now. He needs you more than ever.” Michael finished.

“Woah…guys…if anything I’m the last person he wants to see. I’m sure you guys know everything by now, so you should know that.” You exclaimed, putting your hands up in defeat.

They all looked at each other, then back at you.

“What?” You asked, unsure of what was happening.

“Y/n, you haven’t talked to Calum have you?” Michael asked you.

“No…why would I? Even before this drama he’d never call me…” You were really getting worried now.

Luke sighed and pulled out his phone. You heard the familiar beep indicating he was making a face time call. Michael pulled you to the couch, sitting you next to Luke to where you could see the screen but the camera couldn’t see you. After a few seconds Calum answered.

“Hey Luke, what’s going on?” Calum said in a husky voice. He was lying in bed, hair a mess, dark circles under his red rimmed eyes, and eyes still full of the sadness you saw the last time you were with Calum.

“Hey man, how you doing?” Luke timidly asked.

Calum gave a low humorless chuckle. “Been better. You know this.” Calum sighed and closed his eyes. After several long moments he started talking again. “I just can’t believe what happened. I was such a douche bag to her, and I regret that every day. I never meant any of that stuff…and I know it was just the alcohol, and just some random one time thing, but I still want her here with me. Her face being the first thing I see when I open my eyes, that’s more than I could ever want. I had to tell her Luke, I couldn’t keep up the stupid act I put up to protect myself…I told her everything. I told her I loved her for fuck’s sake, and what do I get? She leaves…just like that. It’s what I deserve I guess…”

“Calum. Calum listen to me. You honestly and truly love her?”

“Fuck Luke, of course I do. Have I ever been this hung up on any girl?”

“If you truly love her, put yourself together mate. It’ll work out for the best.”

“She doesn’t love me Luke. She never will, not after how I treated her. I just have to accept that.”


“Look Luke I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later”

The phone when black, then returned to Luke’s home screen.

“See?” Michael asked.

“He needs you Y/n…now more than ever.” Luke added.

“You two haven’t always been on the best of terms. But we’ve seen the way you act with each other, errrrmmm, excluding the fighting. "Ashton said.

"Tell me Y/n, how do you feel about Calum?” Michael asked.

All three boys looked at you, concern in their expressions.

“Calum? I don’t know I….”

Memories of Calum flashed through your mind. Watching Calum play his instrument, the concentration in his expression, the skillfulness of his hands, the love he had for his instrument. You thought of his smile, how those white teeth contrasted so perfectly with his tan skin. His eyes, deep brown but always so cheery and bright. His laugh, how it could always bring a smile to your face. You thought of all the good moments between the two of you. The time you thought he was Michael and splashed a bucket of ice water on him, his sculpted muscles visible through his white t-shirt. He chased after you, laughing, until he caught you, pulling you in for a hug to get you wet too. You remembered the time you wore a short dress when you guys went out, and when you were freezing cold he gave you his jacket. You remembered the previous night, how although you blamed the alcohol, you craved his attention. You remembered the feeling of pulling him close, his lips on your lips, his hands wandering all over you, his body over yours, your nails digging into the broadness of his back…

Then you thought of the last time he saw you. How happy he was to see it was you beside him when he woke up. The sadness he had when he saw you didn’t share his happiness. Finally, you thought of the image of the boy on the screen…utterly heartbroken and devastated.  The mere thought of him brought tears to your eyes. You put your hand over your mouth, finally realizing what had been there all along.

“Y/n?” Michael asked, turning to the other boys. You looked up at them, expressions of worry, concern, and uncertainty on all their faces.

“I’m fine…I just know what I have to do” You said smiling through the tears. You ran towards the door. Stopping in the entrance, you turned towards your best friends. “Thank you…” you said, before leaving for someone else’s apartment…

You knocked on the door three times before he answered.

“Luke I said I didn’t-Y/n?” Calum was shocked to see you here, he was the last person he would ever expect to see right now. He wore only a pair of basketball shorts, his hair was a mess, and there were still circles under his eyes. Still, with one look at him, your heart pounded, and you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“I’m so sorry” You whispered in his ear, before pulling back a little bit, only to pull him back in for a kiss. He held you tightly, as if afraid you’d disappear if he didn’t. When the kiss finally ended, he put his forehead over yours, relishing in this moment.

After a moment, he broke the silence. “No, Y/n, I should be the one apologizing. After the way I treated you, after all this time. Then suddenly throwing my feelings at you like that…I don’t blame you for your reaction. Not in the slightest.”

“I realize now that I was wrong Calum, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it right away. I love you too Calum, so very much. You told me that you love me, is this still true?”

“Always” He smiled, pulling you into yet another kiss.

This was only the beginning of a beautiful relationship….


Author’s note: Guess who’s back bitches!! Lol Jk. Haven’t posted in FOREVER! I’m so sorry. Hope you guy’s like this one. I loved the storyline, and I hope I gave it justice. It was fun, and I think it turned out better than the beach tbh… Shoutout to the anon, hope you like it. Also remember guys I’m accepting all requests for the next two weeks!! Like, repost, comment, something. I crave attention haha. No but seriously, tell me what you think, and if you’d like something new! Thanks for reading!! -Lydia

PS: If i get over 20 likes, and one person telling me they loved it, I’ll do an epilogue for this one. Or might just do it anyway, just cuz it’s basically done lol but still….


2001. Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame

is the fifth album by band Summoning. It was released in 31 October.

This release was a kind of combination between the old and new style of Summoning, with the keyboard lines being more epic and polyphonic while the guitars bore a similarity with the more complex and rock-esque guitar-style from Stronghold. This time the band used more spoken-word samples to bring a more dramatic style to the songs and for the first time the band works with clear vocal choirs on the song “Farewell”. The lyrical concept again was totally based on Tolkien’s Middle-earth, but for the first time it was combined with some inspiration from Michael Moorcock’s fantasy writings. It is also their first album to make extensive use of audio samples (taken from radio productions of The Lord of the Rings), giving the album a slight dramaturgic bent.

all albums of Summoning are great but this one is one of the main reasons why they are the Austrian Masters and believe me, if you are ever going to read something that was wrote by Tolkien, put some Summoning playing in the background and you’re going to feel one of the most fantastic experiences ever.

                                   Protector             Silenius

Knullrufs (A Michael Fanfic Pt. 4)

College!Michael AU

Knullrufs-(n.) the messy, tangled, and disheveled post-coital bed hair

Summary: Michael is the resident hook-up savant at Y/N college. Notorious for great one night stands and never being with the same girl twice, Y/n starts to wonder what all the talk is about.

2 PARTS IN ONE DAY!! Happy Holidays!!

Warnings: This marks the first chapter with fluffy smut!
PS) Lot’s of plots development!

Part one Part two Part three

I quickly learned That Michael wasn’t very considerate when it came to studying, especially when it inconvenienced him getting off. Winter break was quickly approaching, which meant finals were happening all next week. I also learned quickly that Michael gets very horny when he’s stressed, causing him to constantly be texting me in the middle of class or study sessions asking for nudes or just random dirty talk. I’ve offered to help him with his school work, since I’ve always been kind of good at it, but he promptly turned that down with a hell no. Which, I expected as much.

The incessant texting, caused me to need a much over due break from my phone, with my very last, and hardest final coming up the next day. I abandoned my phone in my dorm, being my friend, that if Michael comes over looking for me to not tell him I was going to the library. Sh’es always been an awful liar which I usually admired about her, but right now I was praying she’d gotten better. She didn’t.

I was sitting at one of the private cubicles they have with a computer. I had my earbuds in listening to past lectures I had recorded and doing my studying crap when I felt someone pull one of my earbuds out of my ear. Much to my dismay I looked up to find Michael glaring down at me.

“What Michael? I’m trying to study!” I whispered harshly.

“I’m trying to get laid.” He practically yelled,receiving snickers, and a very loud shush from the librarian. He took a seat next to me moving my stuff onto the floor.

“Michael, please! I’m begging, you just let me get through tomorrow and then I’ll sleep with you all you want until I leave.”

I saw Michael’s mood drop instantly when I mentioned leaving. “Leaving? What do you mean leaving?”

“I mean I’m going home. Not all of us live right off campus, my family lives like 3 hours away.” I take out my other earbud turning to him. “Aren’t you going to see your family too?”

He just shook his head. “Fine! I won’t bother you anymore. Text me when you’re done with finals tomorrow.” He huffed.

I noticed how quickly he always changed the subject when it came to wanting to know about his family, but I just shrugged it off as not wanting to get too personal or sentimental towards each other.

I let out a breath of relief content with my new found silence.

I got through my last final kicking and screaming, but alas I made it! I survived this semester! I also didn’t do too shabby on my last final which left me in a great mood, practically skipping all the way too Michael’s apartment and up to his door immediately after the test.

All of the students had the weekend to leave campus so obviously I spent most of my time in Michael’s bed, or on his couch, or in his kitchen, or in one of his roommates rooms. I think you get the gist. But Michael became more and more needy as the weekend went on, always hanging on me every second we were together. I didn’t really mind cause, well, he’s kinda hot, but it was very out of character for him,especially when he insisted on cuddling after every heated escapade we had.

“Who are you and what have you done with Michael?” I asked honestly scared.

“Shut up and get over here.” He replied opening his arms..

Michael and I had been spending so much time together, that it caused my best friend to be thoroughly confused but what exactly was going on between Mikey and I.

“So…are you guys, like, dating now or…”

“No!” I scoffed a little too loud while packing the last of the thing’s I wanted to take home.

“So you guy’s are like friends with benefits?” She guessed again.

“No, cause we’re not friends.” I shook my head. “I barely know anything about him besides the fact that he has this huge-”

“Okay! Spare me the details, please!” She pleaded. I dropped my hands as I was going to try and give her a point of reference. We both continued packing in silence for a few minutes before she asked,”Well, do you want to know more about him? Like personally?”

I shrugged. “I mean I’m curious,” I confessed, “but if he doesn’t want to tell me I’m not gonna make him. I’m not his therapist.”

“Well you are like a sex therapist I guess.”


“Michael!” I screamed, my climax running through me, causing shutters to run through my body. He was sat up, against his headboard, holding me against his chest. He breathed heavily coming down from his own climax, as I braced myself against him. This was going to be our last night together so of course we’d been at this for hours already. Michael smiled as he leaned me back kissing down my neck and over my chest, nipping at the skin before… “No Mikey,” I practically begged, “No more. Please.”

He laughed sitting up straight and pulling me into a kiss. “Fine. I guess we can stop now.” He rolled us over keeping me in his arms as we laid next to each other. It was dark outside, it being in the dead of night, but I could faintly make out the features of his face. I scrunched my brow when I realized how sad he looked, him thinking I couldn’t see.

“What’s wrong?” I asked running my hands through his hair.

“What? Nothing’s wrong.” He said defensively.

“I know there’s something wrong, I can see you.”

He just muttered bitterly and rolled over facing away from me. I huffed sitting up crossing my hands over my bare chest. “Is it me?” I asked.

“What are you talking about?” He sounded annoyed.

“I mean was I,” I scrunched into myself suddenly not feeling very small, a way I never felt around him. “I don’t know…not ‘good’.” I finally got out feeling tears start to well up in my eyes.

Michael looked back at me at first angry before he registered my vulnerable state, his face quickly softening. “No of course not!” He sat up meeting me at eye level pulling me into a passionate kiss and tailing it down my neck. “You’re incredible.” He breathed against my skin,causing goosebumps to form up and down my arms.

“Then what’s wrong.” I pushed taking his head in my hands so he couldn’t turn away from me. He hesitated for a few minutes before pulling me back in and kissing up and down my neck.

“I’m…gonna…miss…you…” He spoke in between kisses and kitten licks. His lips trailed over across my collar bone, making their way back to my breasts. He hovered over my hardened nipples kitten licking each one, and then looking up to give me a soft kiss against my lips. But once his lips left mine I pulled him back this time deeper. I moved onto his lap straddling his legs, but he pulled away.

“No, we don’t have to…if you…I mean you said you were done and-”

I silenced him with another kiss digging my hips into his, nothing separating us but a thin bed sheet. “I want you.” I whimpered. What expected from Michael was a smug smirk and then quickly slamming me into the mattress and start to plow into me like a corn field. You know, cause it’s Michael. I was very shocked when he carefully moved me around and placed me gently on back, his lips still attached to mine. He pulled away, momentarily looking me in the eye.

“I’m gonna miss you so much.” He whispered so quietly I wasn’t even sure if he had actually said it. Evidently he had, because he leaned down to my breasts taking them carefully into his hands before saying, “I’m gonna miss your beautiful breasts,” he pecked a kiss to my nipples taking them momentarily between his teeth. “and your nipples, always so perky and hard.”

His lips skimmed across my stomach before stopping to plant sloppy wet kisses along my pelvis. “And your amazing, tight pussy. Always so ready for me.” His tongue licked up between my folds, slowing as he went over my clit, my hands tangling in his hair wanting more. He ignored my temptation returning back to my lips.

He pulled away resting his forehead against mine. My hands stayed tangled in his hair. I shifted so that he had to look my in the eye as I said, “I will you make love to me?”

He seemed shocked by this request that was quickly replaces with embarrassment. “I don’t…I don’t know how.” He hesitated.

“Just kiss me,” I instructed pulling his face closed to me. “And don’t stop.”

He did as I said, placing a passionate kiss to my lips eventually allowing his tongue into the equation. My legs carefully wrapped around his waist, his hardened member naturally pushing against my entrance. Michael took the hint and slowly entered me, causing a gasp form both of us, but our mouths quickly connecting again. 

I encouraged to go slow, and take his time. Going deeper and deeper into me every chance he got. Michael’s strong arms were wrapped around me the whole time, his hand coming around to stroke my hair. We never lost eye contact as our climaxes overcame us. We kissed a few more times before he carefully pulled out of me and took me into his arms, laying next to me.

We were both quiet for a long time. I couldn’t tell what was going on his mind but I knew what I contemplating in mine. I took all the courage I had to ask, “Why don’t you come with me for Christmas?” 

This question shocks him, as if he’d never thought in a million years I would ever ask him. Which, to be honest, neither had I.

He started shaking his head, a smile appearing on his lips. “Sorry, sweetheart, I don’t meet parents.” And just like that old Mikey was back. This was a good thing though, because I know exactly how to get what I want from old Mikey.

“But, I know for a fact my dad will hate you. And I love pissing off my dad.” Michael thought about this for second but didn’t seem full convinced. “And, we’ll probably be stay in the same room, which means you can fuck me while my parents are just down the hall”

If his last name were true his ears would have perked up. An ominous smile forming on his face. 

“When do we leave?”

Part 5??

Signs As Songs On My Playlist

Aries: Stressed Out – twenty one pilots
Taurus: Human Nature – Michael Jackson
Gemini: Wicked Ones – Dorothy
CancerNeeded Me – Rihanna 
Leo: Cold Water – Major Lazer
Virgo: Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny
Libra: Middle – DJ Snake
Scorpio: You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi
Sagittarius: Don’t Wanna Know – Maroon 5
Capricorn: Someone Like You – SafetySuit
Aquarius: Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
Pisces: Never Let Me Go – Florence + The Machine

Paid to be Popular ~ Pt. 10

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My other series: Bittersweet Generation - The Purpose of Love

All the parts here

Description: When Calum, Michael, and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?

The whole school were at the party. It was impossible but with this many students, it seemed like the whole school were at the party. Y/N still didn’t understand why Ashton suddenly wanted to hold a party in the middle of everything. But she still went and partied with him - mainly because she felt bad and wanted to be with Calum but also because she hoped to see Luke there. And she did - just not in the state he was used to being in.

Luke wasn’t just drunk - he was straight up hammered. That wasn’t the thing that annoyed Y/N to death. It was his clothes, the way he acted, the way he walked. The way his hair was styled and how his words were suddenly formed into a big slur of nothings. It wasn’t Luke, the guy she used to hang out with.

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This is what’s happening over on Disney Channels Instagram. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the comments that I read but these are the ones that hit home the most for me. Yeah, these three people said it, but really, we all did. This is exactly what a lot of us are saying. That middle comment? That’s exactly what was going through my head as a read and reread Michael Jacobs tweet over and over again. Those other two? Those are just two of the hundreds of things that I was thinking when I finally put my phone down and the tears started to spill over. I don’t want us to lose our hope. I don’t want to lose mine. Not when I just got it. We need to keep fighting for this show. GMW saved my life and many others. Let’s not lose our hope guys. Netflix has said that we need to keep fighting, to keep making noise. So let’s make as much noise as possible and let’s fight until we can’t fight anymore. That’s what I’m going to do. Let’s fight this together. We can win this. None of us can win this alone. But if we work together, we can.

who is going to explain to me why bruce has his arm wrapped around michael’s middle

Can I share a story with you, please?

My name is Danyell. And in 2004, I met a girl named Simone. At the time, we met in an Inuyasha roleplay chatroom and for a very long time I was told she was actually a boy named Michael. We were good friends, for two years, losing contact at one point when my grandma died and I shut myself out of the rest of the world. When I decided to try to go back to high school, after weeks of an unhealthy way of grieving(losing your hero as a kid, it’s unexpectedly hard on any developing teenager). We began speaking again, and the first time I saw an actual picture of her, I was in the middle of class. And I fell right out of my chair. Scared the hell out of my best friend sitting next to me, but I was so attracted to her I lost my center of gravity. 

On June 18, 2007, we began dating. For the next year, we carried on as Dany & Michael. Long distance relationship, living together only via texts and emails and webcam chats. On our one year anniversary, she broke down and told me the truth about her gender. And at the time, as a straight kid, I coped with it. My mind and body broke through the narrow spectrum I’d been forced to live in, in such a conservative place. And I accepted her for who she was, and we continued dating. We met for the first time face to face in the summer of 2009. God, I opened that hotel room door to meet her and seeing her face just inches from mine was the most magical moment of my life, at the time.

We spent two beautiful days together, our first night ending in a movie date. She actually saw me cry, because we saw Transformers 2. Fuck yeah I cry over giant robots, man. Anyway. Our second day together, we spent all day in a parking lot in her car, watching movies on an old ipod. Her parents, completely unaware of my existence. During the evening, she took me to a park with a lake in it. And I took off my sweatshirt, which was something I did NOT do. I had an eating disorder, I felt ugly, like skin and bones and I was so disgusted with myself. But she touched my arm, and told me I was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. That second night, we kissed. My first kiss. Hell, my first real love enough for me to reach out and give her that physical interaction. 

I left the next day, depressed but we kept dating and three years later I came back to Springfield to meet her again. I stayed for a week. And during that week, she became the first person I’d let have all of me, body and soul. Heart and mind. In that week, personal face to face contact after so many years of very interpersonal writing in texts and emails, both of us knew. We were meant for each other. And again, several years later, I moved here to Springfield. I have spent the last four years with Simone.

We have celebrated every holiday, every anniversary, every breath and every fucking heartbeat with each other. And when I say that, I mean it. Every moment we were away from work, we were together. We shared stupid jokes, we had our favorite meals, we laughed like the rest of the world was so mundane and there was only us. We watched couples come and go, seeing them bicker and fight and break up. But Simone and I knew each other on that.. Mental level, after years of writing to each other our deepest secrets and feelings. We just didn’t have that part of our hearts that were dark to each other. 

April 12, 2014, Simone asked me to be her wife. I accepted. And we had plans to get married on Halloween of this year, but put it off last minute.

Simone was admitted into the hospital on November 9, 2016.
Simone was sedated to keep her breathing on November 10, 2016.
Simone died, November 11, 2016.

Simone was an alcoholic. Simone drank herself to death. I will absolutely not go into her addiction, just that I do not blame my grief on her. I do not blame my sorrow on her. And I will never, ever be angry with her. 

I just wanted the rest of you to understand, to know, to possibly grasp in even the smallest way that she and I loved each other with passion, fierceness, forgiveness, and such raw and powerful emotions that I want the rest of you to feel with your spouses. With that said; Fucking love them. Fucking hold them. Fucking tell them that they are their world. You could go from seeing them, kissing them, holding them, laughing with them, to wiping the dripping blood from their mouth as they die before you have time to blink.

I will always, always be the Kagome to her Inuyasha. Always.

Soft Spot {m.c.}

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Summary: As far as you knew, Michael Clifford hated your guts. The two of you never got along mostly because of how Michael treated you and you never really knew why his blood boils whenever you were around until one day when you accidentally wore a blink-182 hoodie that you mistook as Luke’s hoodie. 

Word Count: 1,817 (i can’t believe this is under a million words it took me 10 years to write this holy shit)

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Okay so you know how when you’re a kid in school, every classroom has one bully kid who’s an asshole. And then one day you stand up to the bully, and the bully goes and tells the teacher that YOU’RE the one who’s bullying THEM?

When I see people cry about “cisphobia”, “heterophobia”, “reverse-ableism”, or anything like that, I can GUARANTEE that they used to be that little asshole bully kid, and they still haven’t grown out of it
3 luke; Don’t Touch Me

This has almost become like a serious but I think this will be the last part I will make of this imagine ;( I’m so overjoyed with the response I’ve gotten on this one. please enjoy!

Part 3 (Part 1) (Part 2)

Luke Don’t touch me

Requested; yes

I slammed the room to my apartment and sank down in the middle of my living room, finally letting the cries be heard. No doubt I’d be given a noise complaint from neighbors, but I couldn’t hold in how hurt Luke was making me. He knows how I feel about cheating and disrespecting someones love for you. Back then, my father had been unfaithful to my mother when I was still very young. And even though they are still married, it messed up their relationship for good. She no longer trusts him when he goes out with his co workers and that’s what causes massive fights in our household with would sometimes lead to broken vases and torn family photos that were burning in our fire place. I vowed when I graduated high school that I wouldn’t ever do that to my partner, that I would always remain faithful and loving no matter what we went through. Luke definitely ruined that for me. I question love right now, thinking if this is really what people who love each other do, and if this is normal in society. I decided I couldn’t be in the same place as Luke and risk the chance of running into him and his mistress. I ran straight to my closet and grabbed the biggest suitcase I had, and packed up all the clothes and shoes and necessities I could fit and stuffed it to its coppacity. I decided to text Ashton, Michael and Calum where I’d be, so they wouldn’t worry if I didn’t answer their texts for a few hours. They were my best friends too, I had grown to love each one of them individually, and I had a special unique bond with each. They treated me like a younger sister, making sure I was safe and happy.

Ashton was freaking out, asking me where I was going and how I was getting there. Michael was shocked, and was wondering how I’d get there knowing I didn’t have much money to splurge on a ticket. Calum was telling me to wait for him and he’d come to talk to me. But I didn’t reply to any of them, and Calum would be pissed off once he got to my apartment and see nobody, but this was what would be best for me and Luke.

Luke’s POV

I ran back to my hotel room with her still sitting on the couch mindlessly flipping through channels on the TV. I grabbed the remote and shut off the TV towering over her. She stood up trying to match my tall stature but she didn’t even come close.

“What was that for?”

“You just single handedly ruined the best thing to ever happen to me. I want you out Arzaylea!” I pointed towards the door, and she seductively tried to run her hands down my chest.

“That’s not what you were saying last night Lukey.”

I pushed her hand away from me disgusted.

“No I mean it, get out now. I’m tired of you always coming in here thinking I’ll fall to your feet. Yes, there may have been some sort of feeling there, but to be quite honest I always loved Y/N more than you and you know that! So get out and let me fix this!”

I started walking towards my room to change and go look for Y/N when Arzaylea spoke. She was taking off my shirt and putting hers back on and said, “Okay Lukey. But I know you’ll be calling me in the next couple hours. I’ll be waiting.” And she winked at me before walking out.

Right as the door slammed I looked down on my phone that had almost 30 messages on it. It was on silent so I couldn’t hear anything come from it. It was all from the groupchat I had with the boys, and they were all sending messages in caps freaking out about something. I quickly unlocked it to see the messages and they all had Y/N’s name in it. I started getting worried and read closer.




I started to tear up. I can’t believe I was the one driving her away. I was ashamed to be the one to have made her this sad to the point where she felt like she had to leave. I quickly put on a random sweatshirt and ran down to the lobby.

I whistled for a taxi and within 5 seconds one was there for me on the curb. I yelled at him to take me to the airport, and he could tell I needed to be there fast, and he sped off.

Since it was rush hour, traffic had built up quite a lot. I was squirming in my seat and biting my nails, hoping and praying it would speed up. The taxi driver looked back at me with a sympathetic look and turned back to me.

“Listen, we’re about a 12 minute walk from the airport, maybe even 10 if you run. If you need to, get out and go, no charge.” My eyes sprung open, amazed at his kindness. “If I was going there for a girl like that,” he pointed at the picture I had of Y/N on my phone, I was looking at it to keep me calm, “I would run.” I nodded and thank him a thousand times, starting to run down the mile of cars. I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me.


I sat in a chair by the window, waiting to make my decision on where I was headed. I had decided on Italy back at my apartment. It seemed so great to go and relax for a couple of days. It’d be a whole new enviroment for me and it was scary thinking I had to be there  by myself. But I told myself to calm down and that I was going to enjoy this trip. Taking a deep breathe, I took out my credit card and swiped to pay for my ticket.

Luke’s POV

I called Ashton when I was about 5 minutes away from the airport and asked him what plane she was taking.

“All I know is she’s heading to Italy, and it says online that it leaves at 6:00.” I checked my watch and it was 5:58. Shit. I started to run faster, making my chest hurt and tightened but I had to make it to her and stop her.

I ran inside and almost instantly heard a plane take off. I looked between my watch and the screen in front of me with all of the times and departures. My watch said it was 6:08, the plane to Italy just took off. I put my hands in my hair pulling at it, and started tearing up. A slight sob came out from my lips, and I could see from my blurry vision that photographers and different news shows were lined up outside the doors. I started looking around for a better way out, and I was searching, a curtain brunette caught my eye. With her head on the glass of the window and arms crossed on her forehead. My heart started pumping and ran to her.

“Y/N!” She looked up confused and saw me, her eyes widening. She started tugging at her suitcase trying to leave, but I pulled her back and saw the heartbreak in her eyes and her smile that was usually on her lips was non existant.

“What the hell are you doing here, how’d you even know I’d be here.”

“The boys. They were so worried, and I was freaking out thinking you’d already left.”

She huffed and pulled away from me crossing her arms. I could see the paparrazi getting stronger and about to come in through the doors, so I had to make this fast before they escort me out.

“I came to say I’m sorry and to stop you from leaving. Why are you not on your plane.”

She began to softly sob, looking down at the ground and let a few tears fall before wiping them away.

“I didn’t have the courage to get on the plane. That means that neither staying nor leaving felt right to me. I was just sitting here until I knew where my home was, which I still haven’t figured out yet.” I grabbed her hand and put it on my heart.

“This. This is your home.” She shook her head, gripping onto the handle and walking away from me.

“Luke you messed up, nothing you do or say can change that.”


She stopped in her tracks and turned around to face me with her glossy, big, beautiful eyes. The papparazzi were already inside the building, surrounding me with cameras, microphones and questions. Y/N and I never really discussed our status to the public, even though some people speculated. I knew that finally sharing it with the world and putting an end to Arzaylea and I’s rumored relatipnship could get her to believe me.

“Yes. I love you Y/N. All of you reporters here right now, that is my girlfriend. Not Arzaylea not anyone else. Y/N Y/L/N is my girlfriend. My world. My home.” I walked closer to her, seeing all the flashing lights and cameras around us, but for a moment it was just us two.

“I love you. I will scream it out loud, to everyone here to let them know I LOVE Y/N Y/L/N!” She shushed me and looked around at the new attention we had aquired.

“I love you too Luke ok just…please don’t ever hurt me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” and I engulfed her in a long kiss with my hands around her face. All the people around us were whistling and howling, and I could feel her smile into it.

We had been escorted by security into a taxi and taken back to my hotel, where I asked her to come on tour with me for the next 8 months. I had also asked her the possibility of moving in together, so that way she’d know she had a definite home that she could feel safe, and loved.

anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider doing an author's spotlight?

Potentially. I’ve sort of done ones for Poe and Anne Rice but there just aren’t a ton of authors that I’ve read large amounts of their work. I could do ones for Lovecraft (I’ll still researching on that one, I promise it’ll happen), Wilde, Holly Black, Neil Gaiman, and (oddly enough) Michael Crichton (since I went through and read everything of his in middle/high school). I’ve done several book related videos like book show and tells (which I plan to redo since my books are finally all in the same place) and covered various books in part throughout my videos, but just going on about books is kind of hard for me.

Prince Ashton

Requested: Yes

Summary: You were a cliche rebellion princess. You know? The kind that liked sword fighting and all the adventurous things in life. Well one morning, an arrogant boy interrupts you and it takes everything in you to not kill him right then and there. Then later on that day- he just so happens to be someone important to your father.

Word Count: 1511

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Can You Not?

Hey, hey, hey! It’s me again! I didn’t start this out intending a Christmas feel, but my lil sis was playing Michael Buble in the background, and it kinda bled through. Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing and pure fluff.

A whiff of cold air tickled your cheek and teased one lock of hair. You looked up from the book and sighed heavily.

“Again? Really?”

There was no answer. Of course, you wouldn’t have expected him to answer, not when he was in the middle of tormenting you.

You scowled and forcibly returned your eyes to the book on your lap. “Go away. I’m trying to read here.”

Instead of a civilized answer, you got the window behind you slamming open and blowing snow into your room. You threw the book at the opposite wall.

“For fuck’s sake, Loki,” you growled. “Can’t you take a day off from being a dick once in a while?”

There was a laugh, a mysterious one that might’ve sounded sinister if you didn’t know it so well. The swirling snowflakes solidified into the instigator - pale and black-haired, all sparkling green eyes and a dimpled smirk. He might not be wearing his green-golden armor or the ram’s-horn helmet, but the midgardian clothes he’d chosen was just as elegant.

Your stomach was doing something weird - what was with the butterflies? No! Stop it, you scolded yourself. He’s an ass. Even he knows it.

Biting back a smile, you met his eyes. “Any reason in particular you’re here?”

He sat down on the edge of the bed beside you. “Do I really need one?”

“People have reasons for everything.” You stood up; being too close to him was doing funny things to your heartbeat. “For example, I stood up just now because I’m going to get my book.” You bent to the ground and retrieved it; luckily it was hardcover and not very damaged. “Because I’m trying to read, you ass.”

“By all means, continue.” He dipped his head and gave a graceful wave of his hand. “Far be it from me to impede your noble pursuit of wisdom.”

You narrowed your eyes suspiciously. “While you do what?  Just sit there quietly and behave?” You paused. “And it’s a fantasy novel.”

“So am I.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

You sat back down on the bed and rested back against the wall. “Well, that settles it.”

“What?” He tilted his head.

“I’m definitely not ‘seeking wisdom.”

You weren’t entirely sure; it was hard to see. But you were fairly certain you’d just seen a fleeting smile grace his face; just the slightest upward twitch of his lips, and then he was back to his usual sardonic smirk.

You swallowed. God, he was pretty. Ah! No, stop it!  You shook the thought from your head and shivered a little. 

Loki glanced at you, frowning. “You’re cold. I apologize.” He waved his hand, and the window clicked softly shut. 

Okay, now that was cute. And not at all asshole-ish. You tried to stop it, but a grin spread over your face.

He leaned just a little closer. “May I?”

“May you….?” 

He licked his lips, and with another graceful hand-movement, you were suddenly wearing a magnificently warm white fur cape. “Whoa…” you murmured, running your hands over it. The fur was silken-soft and each strand sparkled like it was made of diamond threads.

You tilted your head and met his eyes, and hoped he’d ignore the sudden flaming blush all across your nose and cheeks. “Why are you being so nice?”

This time it was impossible to miss - the smile he gave you, while tiny, was genuine and warm. “Perhaps I simply decided to - how did you put it? ‘take a day off from being a dick.’”

Your face flushed, but you lifted your chin with a little smile. “Hey, I stand by that. You are kind of an asshole.”

“Usually?” There was a curious gleam in his deep eyes. 

“Usually,” you conceded, voice soft. “Not always, though.” 

You held his gaze without blinking. God, his eyes were pretty. He smelled amazing, too. Your eyes flicked down to his lips, then back up to his eyes. He raised an eyebrow.

You felt your face heating up; you looked down at your lap. “You’re too damn charming, you know that?”

He ducked his head. “So I’ve been told.” He had a really cute smile that did funny things to your stomach, even more so than before. You drew the fur cape tighter around you.

“I gotta be honest, Loki, I wasn’t expecting you to be so…”

“Magnetic?” He suggested. “Handsome?”

“Cute,” you finished. “You’re a cinnamon roll, bud. No help for it.”

He threw his head back and laughed, and the sound wasn’t even close to sinister. It was entirely warm and real. “You asked my reason for being here,” he said. “I have an answer.”

“Oh?” You tried to act casual, like your heart hadn’t just leaped into your throat. Loki reached for your hand, blinked his green eyes, and reached for your hand. “I enjoy your company, darling.”

“Um..uh-huh.” You swallowed. His skin was cold, but where it met yours there was sparkling heat. “You’re not putting some sort of trickster spell on me, are you?”

“Do you really think I need to?” His voice was low, smooth and rough all at once. Oh, hot damn.

“Screw it,” you muttered, leaning forward. “You’re hot and it’s almost Christmas.”

Your eyes drifted shut as his cold lips met yours with a thrill like champagne bubbles, sharp and sweet as pine-scent. But wait - this was dangerous. He was a liar by definition. You forced your rational mind to surface and broke away, breathless.

“If I find out you’re playing me,” you panted, “I swear to God -”

He made an impatient sound in his throat, almost a whine. “Oh, please just kiss me again?”

So you did. And if he was lying with his lips and with his hands (please don’t let him be lying to me)  - well, he was very, very good at it. 

Hold Me Closer » Luke Hemmings

Ship: Luke & Y/N

Word Count: 9000+

Rating: NC-17

A/N: requests for richboy!luke and student!luke (like picture this). i hope you enjoy this was a wild ride from start to finish. dw about falling in love with michael i’m thinking of doing a student one shot for him and calum too so you can message me if that’s something you’d want to see and this got super long and went a little astray in the middle but wowza this shit got heated i wanna fuck luke against a high story window don’t judge me

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Eyes That Never Fade Part 5- Gang AU

Here’s Part 5!! I hope you enjoy it! As always, thank you so much to @sweet-smashton-love for everything, I love you! You’re the best. Let me know what you guys think!

“I don’t-” you cut yourself off. Looking at the girl you called your best friend. “What’s happening?” You asked, the tears falling down your cheeks.

“You’re so naive. I was the inside information. I was the one telling them about every aspect about your relationship.” She sneered, coming over to where you were strapped down.

“Why? You’re the- you encouraged me about going out with Michael. You were excited for me! We were best friends. I don’t understand any of this!” You exclaimed, choking out the words as you came to terms with the horrifying revelation.

She shrugged, “I knew Michael liked you in middle school. I thought you’d get your shit together and start going out with him then. All of this,” she waved her hands around, “would have taken a lot less time. But it took you like six years to finally get it together and so I had to keep pretending to be friends with you so I could get all the information as soon as it happened. And then we went to his house and I knew where everything was. That’s why I left early, you remember that?” She laughed, “I was letting Marcus know everything about his house. Where I thought their inventory was-” she stopped, looking at you, “weapons.” She clarified, “And every part of his house. Originally we were going to raid his house. But we figured it would send a better message if we raided yours. I was against doing anything to you, but Marcus insisted on trying to kill you. He wanted his revenge and I figured the faster we get things over with the better. I mean we’ve waited so long already. Killing his girl would make Michael crazy. Make him an easy target” She chuckled darkly.

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I designed these 5sos cards and I thought about selling them. 

The design consist of each 5sos as the K from each of the different cards: diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades.

 In the back there is a design with drumsticks, two different types of guitars and a bass with my logo in the middle. 

One costs 3€ and if you get them all you get a discount and they cost 10€. 

If you are interested send me an email to: niwisdoodles@gmail.com and I’ll answer as soon as possible. 

The payment will be on PayPal and I’ll send the cards to ur house once I receive the money. 

The cards will be sent in a letter envelope with a surprise inside.


Shipping: +2€ 

(If you are from Spain shipping is 1€)

(I’ll send them all at the same time. If I have lots of people I’ll seen them sooner but if I don’t I’ll wait two weeks to see if more people want them and then after those two weeks I’ll send them)

 Thank you all so much!

The Bodyguard - Michael Clifford & Crystal (feat. Camila Cabello & Ariana Grande)

You’re in a for a wild ride

“It’s never gonna happen.”

Those four dreaded words left Crystal’s lips, causing a shiver to run down Michael’s spine at the familiar phrase. He was currently stood in the middle of his messy room, still unsure of how Crystal somehow managed to get in.

“What are you talking about?” Michael questioned incredulously, raising his eyebrows.

“I saw your text. The one from Canola, I’m sorry, I meant Camila.”

“Camila texted me? What did she say?” Michael huffed in frustration. Couldn’t her extra ass stop texting him?

“She asked if you wanted to hang out. That’s why I’m saying that it’s never gonna happen.” Crystal affirmed, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at Michael sternly.

“How do you even have my phone?” Michael suddenly realized, feeling the pocket of his black skinny jeans, completely confused as to how to Crystal had managed to grab hold of his phone. He had only arrived at his and Luke’s apartment five minutes ago and he could have sworn that he had taken his phone with him.

“I told you before Michael. Your bodyguard is very sneaky.” She pouted her lips strangely, almost like she did in all of her snapchat videos and pictures. What the fuck, man.

“Why do you keep calling yourself that? You’re not my bodyguard.” He rolled his eyes. She hadn’t stopped trying to be his bodyguard since those fans approached her in Bali and that brought about the rise of the special phrase “it’s never gonna happen.” A phrase that Michael -and a majority of the 5sos stans- rolled their eyes at.

“I am your bodyguard but would it be better to call myself your gf, considering a lot of your fans seem to think we’re pretty cute together. I’ve been following fans who ship us all day.” Crystal smirked.

“Nah, I think the term bodyguard doesn’t seem so bad after all.” Michael shrugged, completely creeped out by what the fake red head had just said. What in the fuck?

“Well, okay. Oh my gosh, your shirt is so nice. Can I please borrow it?” Crystal pleaded, pouting her lips once again.

“I’m wearing the shirt right now. You can borrow it later.” He responded, knitting his eyebrows together in confusion. She had borrowed at least fifty shirts from him.

“No, I want to borrow it now! I need to take a snapchat in it.” She urged.

“I can’t right no-” Michael began saying, before Crystal cut him off in mid-sentence.

“Take if off or else I’ll say those words you hate.” She glared at him, an evil smirk planting across her lips.

“Which words?” Michael muttered, pretending to be oblivious. He knew which words she was talking about. Those four words that he hated.

“You know which words.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Michael shrugged, trying to act casual.

“Oh you want to play it like that.” She stepped closer to him before her lips were right up to his right ear.

“It’s.” She whispered into his ear, causing Michael’s stomach to drop upon the beginning of that god forsaken phrase. “never.” She continued. “gonna.” she smirked evilly. “Happ-”

Before she could finish the word, Michael was swiftly grabbing hold the hem of his shirt and lifting it up and above his head. “You can have the damn shirt, okay!” He gave in, throwing the shirt on the ground and causing a satisfied giggle to leave Crystal lips.

“Thanks Michael.” She beamed in excitement, picking up the shirt off the ground and throwing it on, on top of the shirt she was already wearing.

“Time to take a snapchat now!” Crystal squeaked in excitement, clapping her hands together as Michael grabbed himself another shirt from his wardrobe, only to discover that there were only 3 shirts left.

“Crystal, where the hell are all my shirts?” He asked, slightly annoyed. When and how had all his shirts disappeared?

“Shut up. I’m trying to take a snapchat. Now speak or something so your fans can know that you’re here.” She fake smiled whilst looking into the snapchat camera.

“No, I’m not gonna do that. What the hell!”

“Thanks, Mike. I’m done taking snapchats. Now we’re gonna go and hit the studio. The other boys are already there so I’ll just drive you.” She offered (well, not really offered. More like demanded).

“I can drive myself. Why do you need to drive me?” Michael questioned.

“Because I’m your bodyguard, silly. Now let’s go. C'mon, Mike.” She grabbed Michael by the shirt and took him to his car.

Thirty minutes later the two of them were walking into the building where the recording studio was situated. As they walked in, Michael and Crystal were both surprised to see Camila.

“It’s never gonna happen.” Were the first words that escaped Crystal’s lips as she stood in front of Michael, before extending her arms to shield the bleach blonde haired boy.

“Oh my gosh, Michael!” Camila screeched in excitement as she spotted Michael behind his bodyguard, Crystal. In that moment Michael wasn’t too sure whether he was happy that Crystal was blocking Camila from getting to him or not.

“You’re not getting to him.” Crystal glared at Camila, continuing to be Michael’s human shield.

“Camila, I don’t want to talk to you.” Michael grumbled, completely done with her. Not only did she use him to get to her dearest, Harry Styles but she was also extra as hell. Michael cringed at the images of her dancing with Ty Dolla $ign at the Billboard Music Awards. Thank God Michael was on tour so he didn’t have to witness that tragic event in person.

“But Michael.” Camila pouted, setting off Crystal’s anger.

“Did you seriously just pout? Are you fucking kidding me, Canola? Pouting is my thing, not yours!” Crystal screamed, her face turning bright red. 

“Come try and take this pout off my face, Cryrat.” Camila challenged Crystal, causing Crystal to pounce forward.

Taking these actions by surprise, Camila booked it out of the building, Crystal beginning to chase after her. “Come back here!” Crystal screamed as Michael was left standing there alone.

Never had he been so confused in his entire life. However, at the same time he was finally happy that his “bodyguard” was no longer there.

Deciding to head towards the studio to meet the boys, Michael was taken aback when he felt himself bump into something -or someone- that was a lot smaller than him. Instinctively grabbing hold of the person’s arms to stop them from falling, Michael’s eyes widened in shock when he saw who he had bumped into.

“Oh my gosh, Ariana!” Michael yelled out at the presence of Arianasus Grande.

“Oh, hey, you’re the guy from 5sos right. The one who always dyes his hair. Michael right?” She smiled, causing Michael to internally scream because his future wifey knew who he was.

“Yeah, I’m Michael. Michael Clifford. And you’re Ariana Grande. But you already knew that. I should shut up now.” Michael blushed, his cheeks beginning to burn as Ariana giggled in response.

“Yeah, so I take it you’re gonna go inside and start recording.” Ariana nodded towards one of the recording rooms.

“Well, if you’re not too busy we could go out and get something to eat. The boys are running late anyway.” He lied, completely taking his chances and blowing off recording with the boys to go out with Ariana Grande. That’s what Luke gets for always being late to everything because he’s too busy sucking faces with Arzaylea.

“Are you asking me out.” Ariana grinned playfully.

“Possibly.” He responded, completely taking his chances. Ariana looked as if she was about to accept Michael’s offer until Camila and Crystal were seen entering their building, both of their hair a complete mess and their clothes torn. What the hell happened there?

Upon seeing Michael with Ariana, the two girls shrieked. “Michael!” They both yelled at the same time.

“Shut up, don’t copy what I’m saying!” Crystal snarled at Camila.

“What do you mean? Don’t yell out for my man!” Camila shot back, causing Michael to shiver. Her man? What the fuck. He was pretty sure Ariana Grande was his future wife but go awf Camila.

Completely ignoring the presence of the two girls beginning with the letter ‘C’, Michael turned to Ariana. “So, what do you say? Lunch?” He offered.

“Sure.” Ariana smiled.

Upon hearing her accept his offer, Michael entwined his fingers with Ariana as both Crystal and Camila stood there in shock, their mouths wide open. Not even the bodyguard, Crystal knew what to say.

The bodyguard, and Camila were SHOOK.