michael i officially declare that yours are two

5SOS Preference


Frat Boys

Ashton: You watched as they walked into the party, it was like all eyes went on them. The biggest fraternity in the school had just showed up to this party and you happened to be in attendance. You weren’t trying to follow them or anything, but you did need another drink so you headed straight for the keg that was in the back of the house. “Dammit.” You heard one of the guys say and you saw them struggling with the pump. This was your chance, you thought to yourself. If there was one thing you had learned during a year at college it’s how to properly work a keg, unlike the way everyone thinks you’re supposed to do it. You took the last sip of your beer and downed it easily, only another thing you learned how to successfully do while at college—down beer after beer. “Need some help?” You asked the masculine boys around the keg. Your eyes landed on one with a muscle t, whose hair was a dirty blonde and adorned with waves. He ran his hand through his hair, smirking at you. “It’s stuck.” He told you. “Here,” You shoved your red cup for him to take and put both of your hands on the pump, pushing down with both hands, you thanked your lucky stars that it went down, making the boys around you laugh. “Woo! Ash looks like we’ve got a keeper” One of them cheered. “Thanks for loosening it for me.” You winked at the one holding your cup, Ashton. That night you were his party hero.  

Michael: “If you don’t go talk to her, then I will.” His friend nudged him, his eyes never left your body, watching you sway to the music that was mostly all any of you could hear. “Just give me a minute alright. I wanna make sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I don’t need to get punched tonight.” His friends laughed around him, but he was being completely honest. “Michael look at you! You’re like a little puppy, staring at your owner!” “You want her to own you!” His brothers were relentless, and they wouldn’t stop commenting anything until he was over their trying to get your number. Thankfully, you were on the market for a nice frat boy to come and sweep you off your feet, so considering who is was, it was your lucky night. “Alright! I’m going!” he cut off his friends snickers and walked away, straight towards you. Your friends had noticed before you and started tapping your arm. “Don’t turn around.” One of them told you. “What why?” “Just don’t do it.” Another one had locked eyes with him, ruining the whole play nonchalant role. “Hey!” Michael smirked, sounding way too happy—if his friends would have heard him, they would have easily made fun of him. “Okay, now turn around.” Your friend who had locked eyes with him mumbled and you did as you were told. “Hello.” You smiled at him. “I was watching you-uh no I mean not in the creepy way. I was just admiring you. God that’s even worse.” He trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck in nervous habit. You laughed at him. “But hey that’s good, I got you to laugh! So it wasn’t a fail.” “No, not a fail, but yeah kind of creepy.” His face fell with the thought of ruining a chance with you. “I tell you what, go get me a drink and I’ll forget all about the creepiness.” Michael wasted no time, “Deal.”  

Luke: “As president of Delta Zeta, I officially declare this party started!” You stood on a chair, screaming out into the room. “Haha, Y/N get down and come here!” Luke tugged your arm, holding out his drink carefully to not spill it. You were a bit buzzed already which made Luke laugh at you as he took a sip of his beer. You two were like the celebrity couple of Greek Row on campus. He was the president of Phi Gamma Delta, as you were the president of the Delta’s. You were both at the top of the list of people to befriend, it seemed like everyone knew who you two were, especially when you were together. All of your sisters were jealous of what you had with Luke—he was the hottest guy and vice versa. Anytime you would show up at his house, all of his brothers would ask you what you were up too, you could see the jealous pouring out their mouths. Luke noticed too, which often ended up in him taking it out on the pledges, making them do some outrageous task like running nude throughout the campus square or a scavenger hunt in the woods. Every time you looked at him, you remembered when he first asked you out. It was the first year of the Greek Games for the both of you, and the three-legged-race was next on the list. He had begged the president at the time to put you two together and after some convincing and some embarrassing acts himself, there you were tied to him and hopping down the course. “If we win, you have to go out with me!” He said, out of breath and almost tripping. “And if we don’t?” “Then you still have to go out with me!” The grin on Luke’s face was irreplaceable. Safe to say, thank god for winning the race that day.

Calum: Most of the class was asleep already even though it was only the first 10 minutes. As you struggled to keep your eyes open yourself, another student fumbled with the door, sneaking in through the back. “Next time, the door will be locked.” The Professor boomed, and you watched the guy shake his head. You looked around the room again, noticing how the only empty seat was next to you. The guy must have seen it too, because he came closer and closer to you until finally plopping down in the desk next to you. He saw you staring at him and grinned before digging into his backpack and taking out a book. You didn’t want to say anything, but it was the wrong book for the class. He was also looking around the room, as if looking of for something important. “Uh hey.” You realized he was talking to you, “Uh hi.” “Do you have a pen I could borrow?” You nodded and handed him the one you were using, you could see now he was wearing a Sigma Chi shirt, the most popular frat on campus. “Oh cool, thank you.” He grinned at you again, and you couldn’t help but admire his cheeks. “I’m Calum by the way.” His hair was a bit messy, but it looked good on him—almost too good for his own good. “Y/N and um, just so you know,” You told him in a whisper, “the school nixed that book last semester. This is the new one.” You pointed down the opened book on your desk. “Shit. Do you mind if I just look off you then?” You shook your head no, smiling at him. The rest of the class he was leaning over, paying attention to the book, and to you. When class was finally let out after a dreadful hour and a half, he tapped you on your shoulder, “Hey, we’re having a party this Friday. Like every other Friday, but you should come. It’ll be fun.” You were dumfounded he asked you to go to a party—let alone a frat party. “Okay,” You smiled at him, “But if you’re lying about the fun, you owe me.” He chuckled, yelling back at you before walking away, “Trust me, it will be!”