Cal Morrison drawn in Photoshop CS6 on the Huion H610.

You guys omg. I painted this last night for my dear friend lumberdudecal

Like I’m so pleased with the outcome. I never ever knew I was able to paint like this, but after watching a few tutorials and reading some stuff, I picked it up pretty quick, this is only second painting in photoshop and I’d say it was a success!

This and more will be available on my Society6 page later today.

Why Steve R McQueen should not be Felicity's love interest in Arrow

No offense to die hard Steve R McQueen’s fans - if any - but he was boring and insipid as Elena’s baby brother in TVD and they wasted an awesome character like Bonnie as his love interest (How can a powerful and beautiful witch fall for her friend’s 15 or 16 year old baby brother?) All he did was whine and then die multiple times - I have stopped watching TVD but that’s what he used to do when I watched it. 

If we want to see someone who could be Oliver’s rival in Felicity’s affections, it will never be Steve R McQueen because he is not a patch on Stephen Amell. It has to be someone who looks like an adult for starters and really handsome - someone like Michael Huisman who probably will never do a CW show or Luke Mitchel (he played John Young in Tomorrow People) who probably will do it as his show was cancelled. I mean he was the best thing in that show and we know he can fight really well. He is extremely easy on the eyes as well. 

So please no Steve R McQueen as Felicity’s love interest, he looks like a petulant child. Let’s hope they cast a grown up man who is delicious to look at as well. Felicity needs some loving from a grown ass man who can hold his own in front of everyone - including one scowling green clad hero. 

The way “Game of Thrones” has turned women like Shae and Ros into real characters rather than just the generic prostitutes they were in Martin’s novels has reaped real dividends, making deaths hit harder and the declines of relationships cut deeper. But sometimes shading in a minor character actually makes a major arc less complex. In the name of Dany’s story, and in the cause of beefcake parity, I wish “Game of Thrones” had preserved Daario as the dumb, impulsive stud that Martin wrote him.