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Game of Thrones cast: How they look in real life?

Cal Morrison drawn in Photoshop CS6 on the Huion H610.

You guys omg. I painted this last night for my dear friend lumberdudecal

Like I’m so pleased with the outcome. I never ever knew I was able to paint like this, but after watching a few tutorials and reading some stuff, I picked it up pretty quick, this is only second painting in photoshop and I’d say it was a success!

This and more will be available on my Society6 page later today.


Why Steve R McQueen should not be Felicity's love interest in Arrow

No offense to die hard Steve R McQueen’s fans - if any - but he was boring and insipid as Elena’s baby brother in TVD and they wasted an awesome character like Bonnie as his love interest (How can a powerful and beautiful witch fall for her friend’s 15 or 16 year old baby brother?) All he did was whine and then die multiple times - I have stopped watching TVD but that’s what he used to do when I watched it. 

If we want to see someone who could be Oliver’s rival in Felicity’s affections, it will never be Steve R McQueen because he is not a patch on Stephen Amell. It has to be someone who looks like an adult for starters and really handsome - someone like Michael Huisman who probably will never do a CW show or Luke Mitchel (he played John Young in Tomorrow People) who probably will do it as his show was cancelled. I mean he was the best thing in that show and we know he can fight really well. He is extremely easy on the eyes as well. 

So please no Steve R McQueen as Felicity’s love interest, he looks like a petulant child. Let’s hope they cast a grown up man who is delicious to look at as well. Felicity needs some loving from a grown ass man who can hold his own in front of everyone - including one scowling green clad hero.