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Brit Awards 2017: The 1975 pay tribute to Bowie, Prince and George Michael


Munich (2005)

Director - Steven Spielberg, Cinematography - Janusz Kaminski

“The race is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong, But time and chance happens to them all. Fate’s hand falls suddenly, who can say when it falls?”

sexual tension // george daniel smut

a/n this is my first smut ever (i even have another fan writing blog) so if there’s any way you could help me get better that would mean so much!! thank you!

you had been to so many of the band’s shows in the past since you had been dating george for almost 18 months now, but it never got old - the screams of the passionate fans, the stage aesthetic, and of course the sight of george playing the drums. normally he looks good, but tonight he looked so hot. his hair looked perfectly tousled and he was wearing black jeans and a fitted t shirt that made his tattoo covered arms look amazing. you always found yourself being more sexual than usual a day or two before you started your period due to raging hormones, and your body wasn’t helping you out tonight.

you sat about halfway back on the floor of the theater the boys were playing at, enough to blend in but also close enough to have a great view of some of your best friends in the world as they played their show. as they played the intro to milk, you groaned because you knew george got so into the drums of this song. as the song picked up, you could see him building the intensity and you couldn’t take your eyes off of your boyfriend. then the lights started flashing and turned into blinding strobe lights as the song reached its peak, fans dancing and waving their arms as they got into the music. as you looked back at george through the chaotic lights and fog, your breath hitched in your throat and your eyes locked on him. he was bouncing on the drum seat and slamming into the drums and cymbals, hair flying everywhere, and you had never felt more turned on in your whole life. his face was contorted and his mouth hanging open slightly as he focused on the drums, but seconds later he relaxed because the song ended. right before the lights went off to transition to the next song, he looked to the crowd and made eye contact with you, with a tired but devilish look on his face because he saw the look of utter desperation and awe on your face. you stood amidst the screaming fans in silence, the sexual tension between you and george almost too much to bear as the lights faded.

the rest of the show was almost unbearable due to the constant eye contact you made with george, knowing that something must happen later that night to, for lack of a better word, relieve the building pressure you were both feeling. before you knew it, the lights were off and the pillars and screens on stage were “turning off” which signified the end of the show, to the audience’s dismay, but you couldn’t be more excited. the house lights came up and you pushed your way through the crowd as fast as possible to get backstage. you got through the security and finally found the four guys cooling off backstage. you gave george a smirk and went up to hug him, telling him good job and trying to act as normal as possible around the others.

soon after, the guys decided to head back to the bus. you walked out with george, being met by fans standing behind barricades near the bus. they guys signed a few autographs, took pictures, and talked to fans, and some of them even wanted to talk to you, which you loved. but after a few minutes you all decided to get on the bus.
“you know what’s coming, (y/n),” george muttered in a hot raspy voice in your ear as he draped his arm across your shoulders, tightening his grip as he placed a chaste kiss on your temple, as if he hadn’t just hinted at something sexual. you shivered at the thought, but wondered how you’d get any privacy on the bus filled with people.

matty was in a great mood so as soon as everyone had gotten settled on the bus, he asked the driver to let them go walk about the city to pick up a pizza before they hit the road. as the bus came to a stop, everyone stood up except you and george, who had his arm draped over you and his legs crossed as you sat on the small bus couch.
“you guys coming?” matty asked, motioning to the two of you.
“no you guys just get us one and bring it back,” george said casually, and you immediately picked up on his plan. you fought the urge to squirm and look at him, so you stayed casual as if nothing was out of the ordinary. matty looked at the two of you for a second before shrugging and walking off the bus with adam and ross.

as soon as the door shut and voices outside faded, george pulled your thighs around to straddle him. “i saw you drooling over me during the show,” he said with a devilish smile on his face as his eyes searched your features that he knew so well.
“well i can’t help it that you look so hot playing drums, plus you were practically eye fucking me every chance you could, george,” you whined as you played with his shirt and brushed your hands over his collarbones and shoulders absentmindedly.
“yea, cos you weren’t the only one who was turned on,” george whispered before unexpectedly grabbing your ass and pulling your body even closer to his and start kissing your neck. you were barely grinding your hips down on his and you could feel his dick getting hard beneath his jeans. “if i could’ve walked off that stage just to fuck you right there in the crowd i would have.”
that was all it took to make you moan and take control. you started to pull at george’s shirt but he placed his large hands over your smaller ones. “no, we can’t completely undress, we have to be quick.” you nodded and giggled, unable to believe that you were about to have sex on the tour bus couch with the others only minutes away from walking in on you.

george lifted your hips up as he unbuttoned your high waisted jeans and you helped him pull them off along with your panties, leaving you only in your sweater. you blushed at how vulnerable you felt, but you were soon distracted by george pushing his jeans and boxers down his legs and kicking them off his feet. your eyes widened at the sight of his fully hard dick for half a second before you smiled at george and said, “wow you weren’t kidding when you said you were turned on.”
“i told you, love,” he gloated while he pulled your bare thighs back on to his. you had never completely skipped foreplay and rushed into things like this, but by the look of his boner and the wetness between your thighs, you could tell you didn’t need it.

george looked into your eyes with his hooded ones, a slight smile on his face as he leaned in to kiss you on the lips. his lips were soft and his tongue was gentle, but he bit your bottom lip causing you to moan and grasp his face in your hands. without breaking the kiss, george lifted your thighs up again, this time to enter you slowly.
“ah, shit,” he sighed, breaking the kiss and laying his head back on the couch. you moaned breathily and placed your hands on his large toned biceps that you loved so much as you savored the feeling of george inside of you. you arched your back slightly as you started to move, raising your hips up and down using your legs that were curled up on either side of george’s thighs. he totally relaxed his body and placed his hands on your smooth calves; he moved down on the couch a little so he was laying down a little more, but the two of you were still pressed quite close together.

you moved to place your arms on george’s shoulders and you took a handful of his hair as he held firmly onto your hips. the bus was filled with the sound of his tight breathing, the occasional whimper from you, and the slick sound of his dick moving in you. it was obviously an extremely hot moment, but it was also so comfortable. no matter what the circumstances were, the feeling of being so close to george, breathing in the smell of worn off cologne and cigarette smoke, having his hands and slender fingers hold on to your body like it was all he could ever want in life, and the soft sounds of him moaning or gasping because of what you were doing to him just made you feel so close to him, so bonded.

you could feel george’s abs tense as his breathing became more labored. the comfortable silence soon disappeared as you both knew your orgasms were fast approaching, and george started deeply groaned each time your hips came down to meet his. he scrunched his eyes and moved his head from side to side on the couch cushion, ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ falling off his lips thoughtlessly. he was definitely not a sub tonight so he wasn’t helpless, but after a few minutes of sex he always got more desperate. george moved his hands up your back and started pushing his hips up to meet yours, occasionally opening his eyes to lock with yours. you threw your head back as you squeezed his broad shoulders, not being able to handle the new intense feeling that his movement was bringing.
“fuck, george, oh fuck,” you gasped, clawing at his shoulders, neck, anything you could hold on to.
“is this what you were waiting on? is this what you were thinking about while i was on stage, huh (y/n)?” george asked, chuckling in a cocky way as he pulled your hips down over and over, only bringing you closer to the edge.
“uh huh,” you whined, your mouth falling open and raising your eyebrows from pleasure. “yea baby it- ah shit- it was.”
“come on then, be a good girl and come for me,” george growled, his face contorting slightly because he was close as well.

the bus was filled with your moans and outbursts of each other’s names, cursing and grunting. you could feel your orgasm was only seconds away, which made your mind go completely blank except for george’s name, which was the only thing you could say as you squeezed your eyes shut and leaned forward onto george’s chest, able to feel his hot breath and sloppy kisses on your jawline. you kept moving desperately and you put your head onto george’s shoulder while panting and whining, moaning out his name over and over.

as you tried to prolong your orgasm, your walls clenching around george’s dick made his movements more sloppy and desperate until he slowed, a strangled groan escaping his throat, and he stilled. you were still a gasping mess when the feeling of his chest reverberating from the loud and even more guttural groan that was followed a second later with the warm feeling of his cum inside of you as he released a heavy sigh with little moans following. you turned your head to kiss his neck, sucking on it lightly to give it a light color, but nothing obvious. george placed his hand at the nape of your neck and ran his fingers over it.
“good girl.”

the two of you sat in the same still position for a moment, exchanging lazy kisses and giggling at little things when george said “we should probably get moving, if we get caught i will never ever live it down,” to which you reluctantly agreed.
“i think that was the fastest we’ve ever fucked,” you giggled as you pulled your panties and jeans back on quickly, since you had come back to reality and realized time really was of the essence. george chuckled as he did the same, and not even two minutes later the door started to open. you and george exchanged mischievous glances as the guys walked in, oblivious to what had just happened. adam handed you the pizza they had gotten the two of you, and you sat on george’s lap as you all ate and had a laugh about anything and everything, and you laughed to yourself that you could go from having sex with your boyfriend to hanging out with some of your best friends on the same couch without anyone even know.


hello my name is claudia and i am from australia. i am in search of an internet best friend to be cute with

message me if you:

like bands like 5sos, the 1975, arctic monkeys etc.

watch american horror story (my life)

are between the ages of 14-17 (i’m 15)

watch youtube!!

will actually commit to a friendship and will talk more than just one time

have skype / imessage / snapchat

i really don’t care if some of these don’t apply to you i just want friends

and just saying, if we become friends then we need to be internet friendship goals and make everyone jealous of our cuteness




Okay guys come on. I get it, what Matty said could be taken as rude but I don’t think he meant it to sound as bad as it did. Some of you guys are disgusting. Saying Matty should be killed or hit with a brick, like are you serious? Sending him hate, really? I love both bands very much but I kinda agree with Matty. You guys are literally planning his murder. Give him a break people say shit all the time, this effected nothing.

Fallingforyou (ft. Rain (interlude)) [left and right ear]
The 1975 (ft. The Neighbourhood) [by me]
Fallingforyou (ft. Rain (interlude)) [left and right ear]

Fallingforyou by the 1975 in the right ear and Rain Interlude from the Neighbourhood’s new mixtape in the left. Album art originally taken and made by me as well as the audio edit ♡