michael hann


Brit Awards 2017: The 1975 pay tribute to Bowie, Prince and George Michael


hello my name is claudia and i am from australia. i am in search of an internet best friend to be cute with

message me if you:

like bands like 5sos, the 1975, arctic monkeys etc.

watch american horror story (my life)

are between the ages of 14-17 (i’m 15)

watch youtube!!

will actually commit to a friendship and will talk more than just one time

have skype / imessage / snapchat

i really don’t care if some of these don’t apply to you i just want friends

and just saying, if we become friends then we need to be internet friendship goals and make everyone jealous of our cuteness




Okay guys come on. I get it, what Matty said could be taken as rude but I don’t think he meant it to sound as bad as it did. Some of you guys are disgusting. Saying Matty should be killed or hit with a brick, like are you serious? Sending him hate, really? I love both bands very much but I kinda agree with Matty. You guys are literally planning his murder. Give him a break people say shit all the time, this effected nothing.

Fallingforyou (ft. Rain (interlude)) [left and right ear]
The 1975 (ft. The Neighbourhood) [by me]
Fallingforyou (ft. Rain (interlude)) [left and right ear]

Fallingforyou by the 1975 in the right ear and Rain Interlude from the Neighbourhood’s new mixtape in the left. Album art originally taken and made by me as well as the audio edit ♡