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hello my name is claudia and i am from australia. i am in search of an internet best friend to be cute with

message me if you:

like bands like 5sos, the 1975, arctic monkeys etc.

watch american horror story (my life)

are between the ages of 14-17 (i’m 15)

watch youtube!!

will actually commit to a friendship and will talk more than just one time

have skype / imessage / snapchat

i really don’t care if some of these don’t apply to you i just want friends

and just saying, if we become friends then we need to be internet friendship goals and make everyone jealous of our cuteness



Ship For Kahula

Husband: Ashton Irwin

(credit to @mukenope)

Best Friend: Jesy Nelson

(credit to @littlemixurl)

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The Neighbourhood
The 1975
Melanie Martinez
Charli XCX
Marina & the diamonds
New politics
5 seconds of summer
Lana Del Rey

Control - M.C.

Stupid arena. Stupid hallways. Stupid Michael.

That’s all you were able to think about at this moment. You were walking through an arena in some city you couldn’t even remember the name of and you were beyond annoyed. You were currently touring with your boyfriend, Michael, and his bandmates through Europe, but right now all you wanted to do was escape this god forsaken place and go home.

This morning you felt fine when you woke up in the tour bus, happy that you were with your boyfriend and traveling the world. But the next moment you were running out of  the dressing room of the boys, determined to pack your bags and go. So that’s how you ended up walking through endless of hallways in this big ass arena searching for a way out.

Not only were you angry that you couldn’t find it, but you were most of all angry with yourself. Angry that you couldn’t handle the situation and angry that you decided to run.

You’ve been happily in a relationship with Michael for almost a year now, but when he had started talking excitedly about what a great idea it would be to move in together, just a few moments ago in the dressing room, you didn’t know what to do or how to react.  

Stupid me.

You’ve never been good with relationships. You liked being in control of situations. You liked to be able to know exactly what is going to happen and plan things. It sounds weird, but it makes sense in your head and relationships are definitely not controllable. Usually because there are two humans involved. And you are able to control one human, yourself, but you can’t control the other human, in this case Michael.

So even starting a relationship with someone was a big deal for you and you were happy with how relaxed Michael was and how you guys just lived from day to day and didn’t do too crazy things. So when Michael had started talking about moving in together and other things, you got overwhelmed by the idea that Michael had already planned out a part of your future together.

Because that meant that he had certain expectations from you. Expectations that you didn’t know if you could live up to. Had he thought about the fact he was away all the time and you were still studying? Had he thought about the fact that you would be running a household together? That you would spend a lot more time together then you already did? Did he expect you to do his laundry and keep the house clean? Who would cook every night? All those things scared you. They are little things, but you had been living on your own for a few years now. You only had to take care of yourself. And if you forgot to do laundry or forgot to get certain groceries you were the one that had to live with that.

Basically you were scared of letting him down in this whole relationship and all these plans.

So you ran.

Finally you saw an exit at the end of the hallway after turning what felt like a hundred corners. You quickly opened the door and ran to the bus. You needed to get out of here before Michael found you. You couldn’t face him. Not right now.

You grabbed your bag from the back of the bus and started throwing clothes in it. Tears were welling up in your eyes and your vision became blurry as you were searching for your stuff. You were so determined to get everything and leave that you didn’t hear the door off the tour bus open.  

A hand touched your shoulder and you screamed. You quickly turned around and saw Michael. He had a look in his eyes that you couldn’t quite understand. It was a mix of fear, surprise and uncertainty.

‘What on earth are you doing?’

‘I don’t know’, you answered in all honesty.

‘You don’t know? Then why are you packing your bag? Did I do something wrong?’, he looked at you with a confused expression.

‘I just need to go’, you said while you zipped up your bag and tried to push past Michael.

‘Woah, you’re not going anywhere until you explain to me where you are going’, he said while grabbing your shoulders to stop you from moving.

That’s when you felt something snap inside you. You didn’t know why. Maybe it was frustration or the aching feeling in your heart. The feeling of being trapped and not knowing where to go, but something just snapped.

‘NO’, you suddenly screamed and shook off Michaels hands. ‘I want to go home right now’.

You sounded like a little child.

You didn’t know why you were screaming or getting angry at Michael, but it felt like the only way to get your point across.


You quickly grabbed your phone and stuffed it in your pocket and grabbed your bag.

‘So that’s it? You’re just leaving? Don’t you think that’s a little selfish? If you just sit down we can talk about this’, he said frustrated. You could hear that he was losing his patience.

‘No, I don’t want to talk. I need time to think.’

‘To think about what?!’, he yelled frustrated.

‘Just everything!’

‘Did I do something wrong?’, Michael asked.

‘Did I say something stupid? Or did I do something to upset you?’

You didn’t know how to reply. He did say something that had upset you, but that wasn’t his fault. It was yours. But if felt a little cliché to throw the card ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. So you starred at Michael for a second and then shook you head.

‘No, you didn’t do anything wrong’, you said and your voice cracked a little.

‘Then what the fuck are you talking about?!’, he shouted. ‘I’m trying really hard to be patient here and understand you, but you are making it very difficult!’

‘I know! And that’s why I am leaving! Because I’m making it difficult for you and I don’t want that.’

‘Why?! Please just explain it to me, because you are making no sense to me’, he desperately said.

He was searching for your eyes but you were looking at the bag that was clutched in your hand. You felt the tears well up in your eyes once again. You didn’t want to look up. It would make the guilt of knowing you were breaking his heart even bigger.

You knew you were being unreasonable and making no sense. But you didn’t know how to explain it. How do you tell someone you’re scared of your future together. You wouldn’t dear to tell him that. He sounded so happy in the dressing room and you didn’t want to be the one to make him cry or upset.

You felt a tear roll down your cheek.

‘I’m so in love with you and it scares to hell out of me’, you croaked out.

Part 2

Not the best thing that I’ve written, but still hope you like it.
Sorry if there are any mistakes in it!
Let me know what you think :) x

This, children, is what will happen if u listen to The 1975.