michael gruber

Summer-of-Supervillainy is reading Tropic of Night by Michael Gruber & quoting passages of it to me on IM

Summer: “The first thing that hit me was his skin, not the butterscotch color of it, but the texture, which was smooth as ivory, like a child’s skin. Lickable skin; it looked like it would actually dissolve sweetly on your tongue”

Summer: white person, stop. ugh.

Me: I should write my white chars like this… “The first thing that hit me was his skin, not the used baseball color of it, but the texture, which was smooth as leather with the occasional line.  Grippable skin; it looked like you could actually throw an easy backdoor curve with it.”

Summer: XDDD

Summer: that is amazing

Whose Side Are You On?
  • David Tennant is my doctor.
  • Alfie Boe is my Valjean
  • Michael Gruber is my Munkustrap
  • Gerard Butler is my phantom
  • Colin Firth is my Darcy.
  • Toby Stephens in my Rochester
  • Richard Armitage is my Guy of Gisbourne
  • ERussel Crowe is my Robin Hood
  • Gene Wilder is my Willy Wonka
  • Daniel Craig is my 007
  • Steeve Coogan is my Phileas Fogg
  • Jude Law is my Alfie
  • Jimmy Steward is my Frank Towns
  • Peter O'toole is my Don Quijote
  • Donny Osmond is my Joseph
  • Ben Wright is my Roger Radcliffe
  • Matthew Macfadyen is my Daniel
  • Nathan Lane is my Max Bialystock
  • Brandon Routh is my Superman
  • Christian Bale is my Batman
  • Ewan Mcgregor is my Obi-wan Kenobi
  • Patrick Stewart is my Captain Kirk
  • Brendan Fraser is my George of the Jungle
  • Rufus Sewell is my Petruchio
  • Guy Williams is my Zorro

So, late last night scandalousnurse suggested we compare books and immathrowabrickatyou was curious what’s on my shelves too.  

So, I spent like two hours just now cataloging every book currently in my possession (not including stuff on my Kindle, or things that are in storage for safekeeping, i.e., sets of Dickens and Shakespeare published in the 1800s). 

So, here’s a list of all the books I currently own, organized by category and then alphabetized by author, because I work in a bookstore and that’s how we do things. 

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