michael gregory


black astronauts who have traveled into space [x]


some shots from the shitty gregstophe mv i made that i like as standalone drawings because i put more effort into them than the rest of the video


mig.cervantes: A quick selfie tour before my last show with my B way Hamilton peeps. Part I

mig.cervantes: Selfie Tour Part II

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Curtiz, 1946)


Gregory Peck as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Claude Rains as Alfred Pennyworth
Edward G. Robinson as Commissioner Jim Gordon
Lauren Bacall as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Richard Widmark as The Joker
Joan Fontaine as Harley Quinn
Peter Lorre as The Riddler
Sydney Greenstreet as The Penguin
Maureen O’Hara as Poison Ivy


Magic Mike XXL -Teaser Trailer


jazzy_joness: Keegan-Michael Key came through for the second time! He’s too awesome. @keeganmic

sydneyharcourt: Proof that Im not actually Keegan-Michael Key in disguise. Yes, everyone, I HAVE been told that I look like him. This hilarious mofo bought tickets on his own and caught my Burr! A fellow Detroiter, we even grew up in the same neighborhood. Coincidence…? Mom, have you something to tell me? #BurrotherFromAnothburrMothburr #TheMirrburrHasTwoFaces #BurrmeseTwins #BurrternityTest

roddy_rodiddy: I have been a fan of this guy for a while now!!! Love his humor and smart wit! Keegan Key!!! #hamilton#swinglife#lifeiscomedy

karlapunogarcia: Keegan Key!!! I’m such a fan!

ghaney22: K E E G A N - M I C H A E L • K E Y @hamiltonmusical #hamilton #keyandpeele #riseup @keeganmic