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30 days of micheoff: day 9

Calling Out Sick 

Day 9: Shy (other days here)

sfw; 2,600 words, no warnings. set in the Cakebites AH Bakery AU where Geoff runs a bakery and Michael works for him. no background knowledge needed. fluff for vertiga

Geoff’s first night staying over at his employee’s place is more innocent than it sounds.

It sucks being alone and it sucks being sick – and it sucks the worst to be alone and sick.

Michael hasn’t seen anyone in ages and it’s starting to make him feel insane. It’s the third day in a row that he’s missed his shift working at the bakery–way too sick to be handling fucking food, even if he could work in the back with Ray and not see any customers.

He’s been too dizzy to play video games or even just fuck around online, so between sneezing and drinking endless Gatorade, he’s drifted in and out of sleep in front of re-runs of “Ancient Aliens.”

Michael knows it’s bad when he’s seen more of Giorgio the “Ancient Aliens” guy this week than his neighbors or coworkers.

And Michael can only imagine that his boss is starting to get pissed off. Each day Michael has called Geoff to say he can’t make it in, the man has sounded more and more despondent–probably just masking his anger. They’re in the middle of back-to-school season with cookie orders blowing up and September birthday cakes marching endlessly out the door. No way were Ray and Geoff handling that workload easily by themselves–and hadn’t Michael convinced Geoff to hire him with zero experience based solely on the promise that he was crazy reliable and never missed a day of work?

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