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Vince Gilligan:“If you go back and watch the very first episode of Better Call Saul, there’s no indication at all that Chuck McGill is anything but a loving brother who is damaged mentally or emotionally at some level….there’s no indication that he’s going to be the villain of the whole piece.

That’s for a good reason. Because we had no idea.

But something happened along the way. You <to Peter> describe how it came to you.

Peter Gould: To me, the moment was watching Michael and Bob do the very first scene between Jimmy and Chuck. A scene in the pilot episode that Vince and I wrote together….we both saw something in Michael McKean’s performance. A tremendous pride. Michael brought to this character not just vulnerability. He wasn’t just a big baby who needed to be taken care of. He was someone who had towering pride.

When we went back to the writer’s room, we said “We invented this character to tell us something about Jimmy. But what is it like from Chuck’s point of view?” The more we thought about it, the more we thought about how hard it is to be Jimmy’s older brother. There’s a jealousy there. That pride was a shield that Chuck was living behind. That fascinated us. The best thing about doing a series like this is that the characters get to talk back to you. You get to observe the performances of the actors and take that knowledge back to the writer’s room and use it to shape the story.”

–Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould on the relationship of Chuck and Jimmy in Better Call Saul

Stills from Season 3 of Better Call Saul (2017)


Better Call Saul Season Three Director Credits.

S03E01 - Mabel - Directed by Vince Gilligan.
S03E02 - Witness - Directed by Vince Gilligan.
S03E03 - Sunk Costs - Directed by John Shiban.
S03E04 - Sabrosito - Directed by Thomas Schnauz.
S03E05 - Chicanery - Directed by Daniel Sackheim.
S03E06 - Off Brand - Directed by Keith Gordon.
S03E07 - Expenses - Directed by Thomas Schnauz.
S03E08 - Slip - Directed by Adam Bernstein.
S03E09 - Fall - Directed by Minkie Spiro.
S03E10 - Lantern - Directed by Peter Gould.

Dana Gould is one of comedy’s “that guys.” His footprint is everywhere – from writing on top-line hits like The Simpsons to cult-status titles The Ben Stiller Show – and there’s a chance you’ve never heard of him. If you’re like Dana and you’ve spent the last quarter century hopping from great writers room to great writers room, while still managing to be a stand-up, a podcast host, and the voice of an animated gecko (not that one), you gain insights into life, entertainment and politics that a lot of us aren’t privy to.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien, Daniel O'Brien and Michael Swaim sit down with Dana for an extended conversation about the world-building processes behind The Simpsons and Parks & Rec, Elvis Costello’s worst night ever, and the cognitive dissonance of the average Trump supporter. We also ask him about Gex.

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...death eaters...a modern day gang...

‘Cause this is survival of the fittest. This is do or die. This is the winner takes it so take all. So get your ideas, stack your ammo but don’t come unless you come to battle, I’m mad now jump in the saddle. This is it, it’s what you eat, sleep, piss and shit, live, breathe, your whole existence just consists of this. Refuse to quit, fuse is lit, can’t diffuse the wick.

you and me we spark // for Caleb - x Adam 

shut your eyes snow patrol; golden train justin nozuka; on your porch the format; be mine (robyn) ellie goulding & erik hassle; warmer climate snow patrol; the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind griffin house; like real people do hozier; rob me blind jay brannan

fall vibes

for those fall days or any day tbh where you are just relaxing in your room alone under the covers


take me to church // hozier

wherever you are // 5 seconds of summer

young blood // bea miller

cigarette smoke // arctic monkeys

a daydream away // all time low

the mother we share (vanic remix) // chvrches

medicine // the 1975

intro // the xx

shadow // wild nothing

autumn // bombay bicycle club

harvest moon // neil young

nirvana (acoustic) // sam smith

this disorder // the features

october (broken bells cover) // hubris

all about you (cover) // calum hood

the scientist (acoustic) // coldplay

rooting for my baby (remix) // miley cyrus

autumn leaves // alice kristiansen

giving up // haerts

hanging on // ellie goulding

wake me up when september ends // green day


Super Cliche Valentines Day Playlist 2015

14 songs for all you Nicholas Sparks lovers out there. (here)

01. love me like you do // ellie goulding  02. coming over (acoustic) // james hersey  03. this girl // city and colour  04. say you like me // we the kings  05. you are in love // taylor swift  06. take me to church // hozier  07. tenerife sea // ed sheeran 08. radio // lana del rey  09. big jet plane // angus and julia stone 10. she looks so perfect // 5 seconds of summer 11. all of me // john legend 12. i choose you // sara bareilles 13. she moves her own way // the kooks 14. stay with me // sam smith