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FX “Fargo Season 3″ Trailer

Executive Producer: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, John Cameron        
Writer, Director: Noah Hawley, Michael Uppendahl
Cinematographer: Dana Gonzales, Craig Wrobleski        

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, David Thewlis

FX “Fargo Season 3: They’re Coming″ Trailer :60

FX “Fargo Season 3: Cast″ Trailer :30

FX “Fargo Season 3: World″ Trailer :30

FX “Fargo Season 3: Team″ Trailer :20

FX “Fargo Season 3: Brothers″ Trailer :20


FX “Fargo Season 3: Police Line Up″ Trailer :20

Year: 2017

5sos Preference 16: You're A Dancer (Chachi Gonzales)




“Wow, babe.” Ashton blanched, his face a mask of shock and wonder as you finished dancing. You giggled, as his mouth was hanging open slightly. “Why didn’t you tell me you could dance before?”




“I can do it too!” Calum laughed, doing a goofy dance in front of you. After you stopped laughing at him, he pulled you close and flirted awkwardly, “I kid, but that was sexy…”




You stopped dancing, breathing deeply as you stood in place in front of Luke. He stared at you in shock for a few seconds, chewing on his gum before he laughed a little. Glancing away from you, he continued laughing while he complimented you. “Where’d you learn to do that? That was hot.”




“Mikey?” You panted, looking at your boyfriend who seemed to be frozen. His tongue poked through his lips and if you weren’t so out of breath you’d have pounced on him, he looked hot as hell. 

“Why didn’t you show me that months ago?” Michael asked you, staring at you with bedroom eyes.

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Issue #59 of Wax Poetics magazine features a collection of never-before-seen images of Aaliyah taken during a 2001 session with Mannion. In this issue, writer Michael A. Gonzales review’s Aaliyah’s debut album, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, which turns twenty this year. The album,a mélange of RnB, hip-hop, and pop, helped to define both Aaliyah and mentor R. Kelly as heroes of 90’s RnB.

Thursday- May 28th/2015

Today was great, we started the morning off with an inspiring lecture from the amazingly talented Hyun-min Lee about facial appeal and posing. Hyun-min worked in 2d on “Princess and the Frog” under Eric Goldberg on the character Louis, as well as animating on “Winnie the Pooh”, before making the switch to CG on “Frozen”. She has such great understanding of 2d appeal and really knows how to relay that into her CG animation, she’s also just a super nice person and has one of my favorite student films ever called “The Chestnut Tree”. You can watch it here: 


I also got to see “Tomorrowland”, and had a pretty intense Ping Pong match in the afternoon.

So what can trump all that great stuff? Grabbing a beer at the local watering hole “Tin Horn” with good friends, Danny Gonzales, Michael Franceschi & Bobby Pontillas. Random guy walks in and hands us a medium pizza…we get booted out to eat the pizza on the curb…life long dream achieved.

Sorry Hyun-min, Brad Bird and the sport of Ping Pong, thank you pizza delivery man.