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Jurassic World Review

Hey guys, Kris here and let’s not waste any time and get this review started shall we.

First off the negatives, and honestly the only real negative I have is that is that its face pacing. I wish it took some time and slowed down a bit, maybe explore some of the park attractions or more of Own interacting with the raptors, things like that before shit hitting the fan. Also like I said in my impressions, there is a lack of animatronics, sure there are some but I still long for more, at least the CGI is really top notch and I’m usually pretty picky when it comes to CGI. And there are a few rather silly moments that kinda took me out of the movie, and there was a rather small meaningless plot point of Gray and Zach’s parents getting a divorce but its never brought up again.

With that being said I gotta say I ADORED THIS MOVIE! Man it was just a non-stop wild thrill ride. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s talk about the characters, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) have great chemistry with one another. Their interactions felt much more natural compared to the Kirbys. Owen felt more serious, compared to Pratt’s portrayal of Starlord, but he still had his charming side, Claire was awesome too, I was worried because her performance seemed dry in the trailers but Bryce seemed to seemingly go from an uptight corporate person too someone who was both brave and vulnerable kinda like Ellie but she still distinguished herself. One of my favorite scenes was when Owen and Clair comes across the Apatosaurs that was killed by the Indominus, there was little to no dialogue, all we got was the music and Bryce’s performance which she did splendidly, without saying a word we know that she finally sees these animals as living things instead of just assets. Clair’s nephew also were likable, more so the younger one Gray, mostly because of his enthusiasm of seeing these dinosaurs up close, he just reminds of of how was when I was younger, his older brother is alright but mostly forgettable. But I gotta give props to them because they saved themselves instead of being rescued, we don’t usually see that nowadays.

The Indominus Rex was one bad bitch, when people die in this film they REALLY get torn up. What I like about this is its overall presence, it even had a scene which reminded me so much of the movie Aliens, those who watched this movie know what I’m talking about. As soon as this thing broke out it was just a domino effect, things just getting so much worse each time. 

The music was also really well done, Michael Giacchino did a spendid job of not only incorporate some of John Williams original score with his own and his own pieces really stood out has its own, just like how the movie stand on its as its own movie. He also slipped in The Lost World theme, it was short and kinda subtle  but its definitely there.

Overall I really enjoyed myself, this has got to be one of the best summer block office movies I’ve seen in quite a while, I kinda felt like how I felt when I watched last year’s Godzilla. It had many themes that have call backs to the original, yet it took a different direction and made it its own. Now is it better then Jurassic Park, sadly no, Jurassic Park was the peak and nothing will ever get to be that good but I would definitely say this movie is as good The Lost World, and I’m happy with that. Do I want another Jurassic Park movie I don’t really know honestly it depends on how they approach the idea of a sequel. Now there are some scenes that will be spoilers that I would like to talk about so if you don’t want to know about them don’t read past the spoilers line. With that said I definitely recommend this movie its a fun thrill ride that will definitely leave you satisfied and make you forget about JP3. Hope you guys enjoyed Jurassic June, it was fun maybe I’ll do the same for another franchise, till then see you guys next time.

Jurassic Park Movie Ranking

1) Jurassic Park

2)Jurassic World/ The Lost Word

3) Jurassic Park 3


Okay now I’m going to be talking about the ending sequence more specifically the Tyrannosaurs vs Indominus. Man I just gotta say I FUCKING squealed when we truly saw Rexy and I laughed when the she just busts through the Spinosaurs skeleton, I just felt like it was a big middle finger to JP3 . And when these things went at it, they really went at it, shit was getting destroyed, blood was getting spilled, it was just awesome. Then Blue (WHO IS THE BEST RAPTOR EVER) teams up with Rexy and and its just chaos.The only downside was I wished it was just a bit longer and that I really wished it was Rexy that killed the Indominus, not the Mosasaur. The Mosasaur is cool and all but it  just felt more appropriate if it was Rexy. But that final shot oh man, the feels, THE FEEELS, with Rexy looking over the island and roaring just words cannot describe the epicness. Rexy and Blue are my BROTP :)


P.S. My theater gave us custom 3D glasses and necklaces :)