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  • <p> <b>My mind:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My body:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My room:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My life:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My music taste:</b> a fucking masterpiece of perfection and all that is good.<p/></p>
  • my pure, innocent co-worker who is playing Bioshock for the first time: oh my god I can't believe Ryan killed Atlas' family!!!! How could he do such a thing!!! All Atlas wants is to help the people of Rapture!!1
  • me, an all-knowing seasoned Bioshock garbage can awaiting his dreams to be crushed: yes,,,.., much helpful is Atlas,,,,, he's very,,,, k indly, isn't he,,,..,,,
Day 2 - Who builds the Pillow Forts?

It was no secret that the six men were truly children at heart. They played video games for a living, so it was difficult to be a serious person in such a childish environment.

Michael had always been a brave child, taking any dare, no matter what – which had resulted in so much vomiting he’d lost count.

But it was surprisingly Jeremy who was the most childish. By the end of a long day, he’d want nothing more than to curl up in a ball with Jack because goddamn that man was warm and watch something cheerful on Netflix.

Geoff had bought the younger man a ridiculously high tech bubble machine for his birthday last year, and it was one of Jeremy’s favourite things to piss people off in the office with. He’d storm into Risinger’s office, equipped with the monstrosity, and reek soapy havoc.

When he’d destroyed one of the hard drives, bubble wars were confined to the house.

He’d bought Jon coffee for a week to make up for it, though Jon had never been truly mad in the first place.

Ryan had taken it upon himself to improve his lover’s watery death machine one night, and when Jeremy had woken up in the morning, his bubble machine now had a larger ‘magazine’ and laser sight. He hadn’t even asked questions, simply pressing a kiss to the man’s lips with a delighted thank you.

But Jeremy had really come into his own here.

Currently standing proudly in the living room, at over seven feet tall, was the largest pillow fort the five men had ever seen. And nestled in the centre? A very pleased Jeremy Dooley.

“What the fuck, Jeremy?” exclaimed Jack in surprise.

“This is what you do on your lunch break?” added Geoff, grinning. “I can’t believe I pay your wages.”

“Can we come in?” asked Gavin.

“Only if you promise not to destroy it.”

And true to his word, every lover had to promise not to destroy his pillow fort – Ryan had to pinkie promise, twice – though they were very glad they had promised.

Jeremy had really gone to town.

He’d dragged every blanket in the house into his fort, padded the floor with pillows – hell, there were even fairy lights draped across the ceiling.

“This is impressive, little J.” laughed Michael. “How did you reach the top?”

“Keep acting like that and you’re gonna get kicked out of the fort.” warned Ryan.

Jay-Z with his godson Damon “Boogie” Dash II, photographed for People magazine by Michael Wong in March 1999. The two were captured while at Hov’s new residence in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Jay-Z was the first rapper to ever be profiled in People magazine, which had a predominantly white middle-class and female readership. The magazine’s musical editor said of the decision to profile Hov: “Rap is the most persuasive genre of music now, so even if our core audience isn’t buying it, their kids are, in record numbers. Jay is the artist they are tapping into the most … we have a responsibility to cover it.”

Interviewer Cynthia Wang traveled to his Fort Lee home and waited three hours before getting face-time with a shy Jay. He spoke expansively about his rap craft and felonious exploits, but dodged commenting on anything too personal.

Thoughts on the Season Two trailer:

  • who or what said Will’s name in the arcade?
  • what the FUCK is that thing in the sky?
  • when Mike asks if Will is okay
  • why are the Byers back in the hospital? WHY IS HE IN THE LAB?
  • I am SO excited to watch Noah in this season because that crying scene already makes me feel like this boy deserves an award. 
  • of course Ted Wheeler is a republican
  • Hopper.
  • I just need to know more about Max ok
  • Mike Wheeler in an ugly sweater
  • what’s in the box
  • I love the party scene
  • “if you’re out there, please, just give me a sign.” im fucking crying.
  • Eleven.