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Harry Kirton (Finn Shelby) did two live streams this weekend and here’s a few things of what he said about season 4:

•Finn has the first line in season 4 (supposedly).

•Finn will have more scenes in season 4 then he did in season 3.

•He met Tom on set while filming this season and he said that most of the time you meet actors on set if you have a scene with them so there could potentially be a scene with Finn and Alfie.



The Brain, Athlete, Basketcase, Princess, and Criminal x The Queer, Midnight, Weirdo, Frog-Face, and Toothless


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Surprise Visit, Part 2

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Peaky Blinders Premiere.

(I have just been informed that the top photo of Tom Hardy isn’t from the PB premiere it is instead from the Locke premiere. Apologies for the mistake……. he still looks hot though 😜)

(Not my photos, credit goes to their owners)



  • The Brain, Athlete, Basketcase, Princess, and Criminal x The Queer, Midnight, Weirdo, Frog-Face, and Toothless

you can find my original post comparing the two here :)

People Need To Write More Peaky Blinders Imagines

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no but guys listen: eleven is the most cuddliest person on the face of this planet she will literally grab mike and drag him to the couch or bed or whatever just to roll into a ball next to him and listen to his breathing and play with his hands or something and mike is so #lovestruck™ he just blushes for eternity and is so thankful for this beautiful amazing selfless girl who actually doesn’t think he’s a wastoid and good god if you try to convince me otherwise i will fight you just let these kids be happy already

A New Business Partner

“Y/N, Michael, can I see you in my office, please.” Tommy said in between puffs of smoke, returning to his office. You got up from your desk after a moment of hesitation.

“Do you know what’s this all about?” You ask when you find yourself next to Michael, your shoulders brushing against each other lightly.

“No.” He responds flatly, holding the door open for you as you enter Tommy’s office cautiously, taking a seat under his watchful eye. Michael joins you, sitting in the chair next to you slowly, putting his hands in his jacket pocket. No one says anything for a few moments, you and Michael stealing glances at each other like two kids who got called into the principles office. Tommy didn’t scare or intimidate you easily; having grown up in Birmingham you’ve known about the Shelby’s and what they do for a long time now, but it wasn’t until you met Michael and started dating him that you officially met the ‘scary’ Shelby’s. They all liked you instantly, for reasons unbeknownst to you. You didn’t think you possessed any special skills or talents that were worth being impressed by, but they didn’t think so.

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Reader x Tommy Shelby

The Peaky Blinders warn you that this Imagine contains; suggestive themes, swearing and fluffy mcfluffnes

You stood leaning on the frame of the front door as you watched the Shelby brothers walk up the gravel path, consumed by the many pines and branches of the biggest fir tree you had ever seen as they struggled to carry it up towards the house.
With a series of grunts, the Shelbys relinquished their grasp of the tree as it landed with a thud on stone floor of the hallway.

“By Jove me ole fellas! I do believe the beast has be conquered!” John shouted, mocking a posh accent as he hovered one foot over the trunk while swinging an imagery sword!

You giggled as you snuggled into the - now sweaty - side of a rather dishevelled Tommy Shelby.

‘Wow I’m not even sure we’ll have enough decorations to decorate it.“ You smirked, cocking your head to one side.

“Yer better ‘ad, yer wouldn’t believe the trouble we 'ad trying to cut this bastard down!” Arthur grunted as he swept a sweaty mop of hair that fell over his eyes.

“If there isn’t enough we’ll go out and buy more.” Tommy quipped back at his elder brother.

Tommy had ordered that they weren’t to return until they had acquired the grandest tree on his land. He was adamant that the Shelby family and you - his new bride - were going to have the most magnificent Christmas that money could buy at no expense spared.

The evening loomed heavy on the horizon outside the elegant windows of the Shelby household as you stood precariously on a wooden stepladder whilst trying to decorate the furthest branches of the Christmas tree with the most beautifully golden ballballs. You knew it wouldn’t be long before the boys began to interfere with your decorating as you looked down to see Michael moving a ballball from one branch to another.
“Oiy! Leave my balls alone!” You jokingly yelled slapping his hand away.

“Darlin’ you can play with my balls any day.” John laughed raising a tumbler of whiskey to you.

“Watch your mouth!” Tommy snapped, pointing a finger defensively at him as he walked into the living quarters and over to you.

“Aww it’s ok Tommy, he’s only messing about.” You said whilst looking up lovingly at him.

“He needs to learn some respect!” Tommy answered kissing your head whilst glaring at John.

“Sorry Tommy I did cross the line there.” John admitted, bowing his head apologetically.

“Anyway I do believe I have finished!” You said finally, taking a couple of steps backwards to admire your work of art.

“It’s beautiful! You’ve done an amazing job!” Tommy praised as he pulled you to his side. “I want this Christmas to perfect - the best you’ve ever had.”

“ Oh honey this year it won’t be quite as perfect as next year.” You smiled up knowingly at him.

Tommy’s smile dropped as the room fell silent in shock.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He questioned whilst pulling away, his voice showing the instant hurt and heartbreak that mirrored his face.

“Well next year we’ll have our first Christmas with our baby.” You announced, bringing his hand to your stomach.

Before you knew it, you were lifted into the air by your ecstatic husband as the rest of the Shelby family cheered their congratulations.

This was truly going to be a perfect Christmas.

(Not my photo, credit goes to its respective owner/s)