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The Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft arrives at the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Oct. 10, 2008 for launch Oct. 12 to carry NASA astronaut Michael Fincke, Expedition 18 commander; 

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Five Ways Your Holidays Might Be Similar to the Crew on the Space Station

The holiday season is here! You might think that your celebrations are WAY different than what is done on the International Space Station, but you might be surprised…Here are a few ways your holidays might be similar to the crew on the space station:

1. You’re Instagramming All Your Decorations

Yep! Just like on Earth, the space station crew has the capability to use social media while on orbit. If you don’t follow them, you should check it out and get an out of this world perspective of what life is like on the International Space Station. (Expedition 34 crew members assemble in the Unity node of the space station for a brief celebration of the Christmas holiday on Dec. 24, 2012.)

2. You Have to Make Sure to Call Your Relatives

You don’t want to forget to wish Aunt Sue “Happy Holidays”, she might not send you a gift next year! The crew on the space station have the ability to talk to their loved ones every day. (Cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin, and astronauts Michael E. Lopez-Alegria and Sunita L. Williams conduct a teleconference on Dec. 25, 2006.)

3. The Family Photos Never Seem to End

The crew on the station might not be related by blood, or even country of birth, but they share living space, meals and time together just like a family on Earth. And when it comes to the holidays, you bet they’ll be snapping pictures to capture the moments. (The six Expedition 30 crew members assemble in the U.S. Lab aboard the space station for a brief celebration of the Christmas holiday on Dec. 25, 2011.)

4. Meal Prep is a Task Shared by All

When you’re making food for multiple people, everyone needs to pitch in and help…the crew on the space station included! (Astronauts Michael Fincke, Sandra Magnus and cosmonaut Yury Lonchakov, pose for a photo as they prepare to share a Christmas meal on the space station on Dec. 25, 2008.)

5. Eating Cookies is a Must

What would the holidays be like without eating cookies? They even have the chance to eat them in space…pretty cool! (Astronauts Michael Fincke and Sandra Magnus hold Christmas cookies while posing for a photo near the galley on the space station on Dec. 25, 2008.)

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S134-E-007774 (20 May 2011) — NASA astronaut Michael Fincke, STS-134 mission specialist, is pictured on the aft flight deck of space shuttle Endeavour while docked with the International Space Station. Photo credit: NASA

ISS028-E-005392 (25 May 2011) — A look into the helmet visor of this astronaut on a spacewalk reveals the easily recognizable smiling countenance of NASA astronaut Michael Fincke. During the STS-134 mission’s third spacewalk to perform work on the International Space Station, astronauts Fincke and Andrew Feustel (out of frame), both mission specialists, coordinated their shared activity with NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff (out of frame), who stayed in communication with the pair and with Mission Control Center in Houston from the shirt sleeve environment inside the ISS