michael fassbender*


Synthetics of the Alien Universe

Ash - Ian Holm 

Alien 1979 

Hyperdyne Systems - 2122

David - Michael Fassbender 

Prometheus 2012 

Weyland Industries - 2093

obsessedwithpretty79 replied to your post: “mnemo-ink replied to your post: “Is Snowman that bad?” …”

I am so mad this happened!! Was looking forward to that movie 

I completely understand your frustration. I feel let down too. The source material is pure gold, and what they made with it… it feels like a bad farce. :/


Oh well. I guess Fassbender hit rock bottom with The Snowman, but chronologically speaking, he made Alien: Covenant right after that, and I really enjoyed his performance – I’m still screaming about David – so I’m looking forward to seeing him in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, especially if the thing I read is true and might imply that Erik and Charles will work together. :)