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Who would be your ideal fan casting for Cullen and your Trev? Also hi how are you feeling?

So I’ve been thinking about this far, far too long… but for Letters of Orlais I’d cast…


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So I was (barely) able to restrain myself from automatically answering Michael Fassbender! to literally any ask of who I’d cast… but if you add about 10 years to him, and excuse the horrendous ‘stashe, I think Aaron Tyler-Johnson would be GREAT in the role. He’s certainly got the acting chops, as well as the bulky physicality, but he’s also got that thin-skinned fragility that I see in Cullen. Like, you could take hammer to the man, and he’d probably shrug it off, but you could also tear him to pieces by saying the wrong thing.

Trev is below the cut in case you guys want to stick with your own visuals for the character. :) The story is written to keep Trev as vague as possible physically, so I want you to imagine who you’d like.

But if you’re curious…

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guys i just had this realisation:

so my best friend works for Aaron Jeffery (he played Logan’s dad in Wolverine) and his partner Zoe Naylor (she’s on Home and Away). Aaron knows Hugh Jackman and my friend has brought it upon herself (or her mum) to ask if he can set up a meeting with Hugh Freaking Jackman. SO this is why i’m freaking out:

Hugh Jackman –> James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender/EDDIE REDMAYNE –> Benedict Cumberbatch –> Tom Hiddleston –> Chris Hemsworth –> Chris Evans –> RDJ –> Sebastian Stan –> Jennifer Morrison –> Colin O’Donoghue –> Robbie Kay/ Sean Maguire. 

A big dream i know but… *screams* ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

(also James McAvoy –> Rose Bryne –> ZAC EFRON)