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villain aesthetics - edward nygma

               into the mirror, now i see clearer /
               we must have come from the same design /
               captured my eyes turn shattered my ears burn /
               tell me your thoughts are the same as mine
                             ~ come what may by: the last bison


Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)
dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu.


Remember that summer, when you were around 10 and your parents took you to a bonfire on the beach?  Your parents and their friends all seemed so excited to see each other, trading handshakes and kisses as if it were Christmas… and while they were busy taking way too many pictures of the sunset and frantically searching for a bottle opener, you settled in, throwing off your shoes and letting your toes dig into the sand.  You saw some old friends you had not seen for a few years.  Hair had gotten longer, kids had gotten taller, faces had changed…  The parents seemed pretty much the same though, even if their hair might have gotten shorter, even if some of them seemed a little bit bigger, and even if (to you) their faces had not really changed at all…

Remember meeting those new kids?  Some were quiet, some were funny, and some seemed like your new best friends…  You played with someone’s dog, you ran in the footrace one of the moms had organized, you showed off your new hair braid you had done earlier after a long day of swimming in the pool… with your blonde hair slightly green from the chemicals used to keep the pool from turning green…

Remember when some tall bearded friend of your parents put down their paper cup full of pink wine and reached into a colorful big bag and pulled out a box of graham crackers, several bars of hearshy’s chocolate and the biggest bag of marshmallows you had ever seen…  Remember that?

Remember trying to pick out the perfect stick, cautiously holding your little ball of sugar on the end over the blazing fire… trying to get it perfectly golden brown like the dad who had built the bonfire had, only to watch it catch fire and bubble with charcoal blisters as it slipped around in a slow circle, threatening to fall off your stick if you didn’t slam it into the chocolate sandwich you had nearby waiting for something super hot and sweet to fuse it together into a somewhat manageable mess you would then try to stuff into your mouth as quickly as possible?  Remember that?  Remember the cracker crust breaking as your teeth sank into the half hot, half cold chocolate sitting just below the marshmallow?  Remember the burnt white sugar shooting out the sides as you chomped down, sticking to your fingers, gooey and hot, sure to stay there for several days as a little reminder of your little fire-side snack?

Remember needing to run around like a wild animal just after eating the best ‘sandwich’ anyone had ever invented because the sugar was coursing through your body and your arms and legs could not be contained…  jumping, laughing, wrestling, falling down… never wanting to leave…  never wanting to put on that sweater your mother told you to wear now that it was getting late, and disregarding the call for bug spay because you knew you were so much faster than the tiny mosquitoes that were busy nibbling on all the slower adults propped around the fire like statues honoring memories of earlier days…  Remember that?

Remember all of a sudden you ran out of steam, like you were coming down from a great big tall mountain top… empty bottles and crumpled cups were being stuffed into trash bags.  The tiniest kids were being lifted up into arms, wrapped in blankets with heavy heads falling over shoulders as mommy’s said their good-byes and made plans for the 'next one’…  The fire seemed much smaller and a few of the parents discussed the best way to burry it with the two big shovels the guy who had started the fire left behind…  And you were starting to feel sleepy as headlights from the cars in the parking lot illuminated the beach, signaling that it was time to 'wind it down’ as your father would say…  Remember that?

Yeah, I remember that too…