michael edwards

“I worked on #Gotham today. The 🐧 demanded I wear my hair like this and I was too afraid to argue. #Batman”

So, my initial reaction to this was total excitement since it’s easy to assume, in correlation with all these new pictures of the Iceberg Lounge set, the character most likely works for Oswald at the new lounge. (Which I’m beyond excited for, can’t you tell?) But then I did my thing and started over-analyzing the fact the actor mentioned the hair and all. Cue season one Edward Nygma rocking a hairdo with a striking resemblance:

And yes, I’m highly aware that this hairstyle era didn’t coexist with any Ed and Os scenes. However, you all know Gotham’s obnoxious fetish with parallels so I’m bound to believe it holds some significance.

In addition to all that, @leiastarkiller66 also pointed out how the two men have a similar body type/build and even sport similar clothing. Be sure to check out her original post with the comparison pictures and all! ♡

My guess is this is the writers’ way of telling us Oswald will always, subconsciously or not, want Edward to be a part of his life. Even if it means hiring a bunch of doppelgängers to parade around his lounge. I’m just surprised Oswald didn’t attempt to slap a pair of glasses on that poor man.

Wait, but, in the Howard Stern interview with Jim Carrey where they talked about Cory’s Riddler, didn’t Jim say something about getting asked to appear on Gotham?

Was this just in relation to that one time Cory mentioned thinking it’d be cool to have Jim play his father on the show, or was the casting department seriously reaching out and approaching Jim about guest starring???

Were there actual plans being made to bring Ed’s father on??????

Could this have been recent enough to have been for the upcoming season????????????

Could they be trying to cast Ed’s father for season four????????????????????????