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Michael D. C. Drout is the Prentice Professor of English and Former Chair of the Department of English at Wheaton College and an authorand editor specializing in Anglo-Saxon and medieval literature, science fiction and fantasy, especially the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and Ursula K. Le Guin.

And this is he - reading the first 18 lines of Chaucer’s “Canterbury tales” /swoons/

I have the benefit of being able to invoke the English Professor Rule - “If I said it, it’s grammatically correct enough for me, and so it ought to be grammatically correct enough for you.” That’s very bogus, by the way; that’s a misuse of authority. But I can get away with it, because I’m an English professor.
—  Prof. Michael DC Drout, A Way With Words III: Understanding Grammar
The Wanderer
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Michael Drout reads The Wanderer in the original Old English.

I’m not 100% convinced by the tone or the all the pronunciation, though I’m sure it’s based on excellent research. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to hear. Besides, my objections are probably due largely to the fact that it’s not how I would read it.

Oft him ānhaga      āre ġebīdeð,
Metudes miltse,      þēah þe hē mōdċeariġ 
ġeond lagulāde      longe sceolde
hrēran mid hondum      hrīmċealde sǣ,
wadan wræclāstas.      Wyrd bið ful āræd. 
Swā cwæð eardstapa …