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Boyf Riends: College

Michael was right, they were pretty cool in college. Neither are sure of what they want to do so they and the local community one. Michael is a lot of people’s designated weed guy and this money is what helps get him through school. Jeremy after everything that happened decided to write a short story about it and submitted to the college for a writing scholarship. Now he and Michael share a dorm on campus. They’ve been dating since senior year in highschool and are the most sappy couple, ever. They kiss all the time, hug each other and have even started finishing each other’s sentences to the point it’s ridiculous. The keep in touch with people from school. Rich and Jake started dating a few months ago and are in a long distance relationship, Jake going to Indiana State for football and Rich at the same community college as Michael and Jeremy. Christine got accepted into NYC University for the Arts and is a theater major. Brooke and Chloe had eloped to Vegas a month earlier, inspiring Jeremy. As of two weeks ago Jeremy had finally raised enough money to buy a ring and is waiting for the right moment to pop the question to Michael.

Once a Frat Boy, Always a Frat Boy. | Calum Hood - Part 9.

Summary: In which a new student, (Y/N), finds herself becoming the toy to popular frat boy Calum Hood. The only problem is that (Y/N) was warned about Calum her first day on campus, and Calum just so happens to be dating (Y/N)’s best friend, Callie Mitchell. She hates him. She hates him more than she’s hated anyone ever before; however, she can’t help the growing feeling inside of her stomach after she finds out some very interesting things about Calum that no one had ever known before.

Rating: PG

Pairing: slight! Reader/Calum

A/N: A very, very short chapter! But, there’s drama included. Does that make up for it?

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We’re filming a new web series!!!

What is “No Boys Dorm”?

No Boys Dorm is the shoujo-inspired spiritual sequel to (My) Immortal : The Web Series!

Lara No is a scrappy young punk girl who leaves Toronto to escape a criminal past, but when an apartment fire destroys everything she owns, her brother Leon invites her to stay at his all-boys dorm at a mysterious academy in Toronto.

When the RA demands to know what she’s doing there, the handsome Elite student Takashi Tesumi covers for her, pretending to be her boyfriend.

Lara doesn’t know why Takashi covered for her – he doesn’t talk about himself and doesn’t hang with the other students: stylish and overdramatic Jason, computer genius Isaac, bubbly and adorable Moe, and quiet, bookish Leon.

But there’s a problem: Teela Tether, the richest and most powerful student at the Academy, is in love with Takashi–and she’s used to getting what she wants. Seeing some poor girl swoop in on her property makes her see red, and she vows to expose Lara No as a fake.

To that end she enlists the help of the Shadow Order, a group of unscrupulous students who carry out the wishes of the Academy Elite…

Together, Lara and her best friend Alba must stay one step ahead of their enemies, help their friends, and navigate the strange world of the Academy.

When will it start shooting?

We filmed the promo to apply for funding, and will also be doing a Kickstarter this month! The shoot for the first season will be 21 days, so the debut episode won’t be too far behind!

What about (My) Immortal? Will there be a season 3?

Season 3 is definitely not off the table! We’d love to do more (My) Immortal, but it isn’t feasible right now.

We loved and love working on it, but there’s only so much we can do right now with a fanseries, and we’re hoping to take our filmmaking to the next level, with proper funding, actors and crew who get paid, all that good stuff!

We’re hoping to make an original series with the same magic so we can submit to festivals and networks and take our dramedy to higher places!

When can I know more?

Over the next couple of days, we’ll post promo pics, and more info about the series! We just hope you guys like this preview!

Body Shots Part 2 (Michael Clifford AU)

Part 1

“y/n, can you get me food.” y/b/f whined.

“You have working legs get it yourself.” I replied. It’s Saturday morning and y/b/f is hungover. After the party I went to my dorm y/b/f came in shortly after so I didn’t have to worry about her. Right now we are sitting in the living room watching criminal minds.

“But, I’m hungover. Aren’t friends suppose to help each other when they’re sick?”

“You avoid me like the plague when I’m sick.”

“Please get me food?” she whined more. She is my best friend but sometimes I want to killer her, and right now is one of those times. I got up, put on my jacket and was about to leave when y/b/f spoke.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going down the street to get coffee, I’ll get your regular.” I said and walked out.

I walked across the street  to the local coffee shop. It’s owned by an old married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Harris; they both retired but later decided to open up this coffee shop because they wanted something to do. Mrs. Harris makes baked goods there and they are delicious.  I always loved it there because it always had such a calming atmosphere and the food and drinks are so good. Mr. Harris loves music, he once told me he was a singer in a band back in the day but never perused a career in it. Because of his love for music he has acoustic performances of local bands and artists every weekend.

When I walked in I was engulfed with the smell of coffee and the sounds of a guitar. I walked up to the counter and saw Mrs. Harris.

“Hello sweetie. How are you today?” she smiled at me.

“Tired but I’ll feel better after I have your famous orange cranberry muffin.” She laughed.

“I wouldn’t call them famous. So are you picking up y/b/f usual coffee as well as yours?”

“Yes, ma'am. Also, could I get a chocolate muffin for her.”

“Of course. Go sit down, I’ll have someone bring you your stuff to your spot.”

“Thank you.” I handed her the amount I owed and walked over to my usual spot next to the window. I messed with my phone until a familiar voice spoke.  

“Fancy meeting you here, babe.” It was the blue haired boy. He black skinny jeans and a different band shirt with an apron. He placed my order on the table and them sat across from me.

“I didn’t know you worked here.” I’ve never seen him before last night and now here he is, a worker at my favorite coffee shop.

“I just started working here a week ago. You never did tell me your name.” he smirked.

“Well, Michael, I’m not sure I should tell you.”

“How do you know my name?”

“Your name tag.” He looked down and then back at me. He chuckled.

“Let me formally introduce myself. I’m Michael Clifford, what’s your name?”

“You’re really determined to know my name.” I pointed out.

“Well, I like to know the names of the girls that give me hickies.” I laughed.

“Fine, I’m y/f/n y/l/n.”

“Took you long enough to tell me.”

“Hm.” I hummed in response while I drank my coffee.

“What are your plans for today?” he asked.

“To nurse my hungover friend.”

“Then what are you doing here talking to me?”

“Letting her suffer.”

“You are the worse nurse ever.” we laughed.

“That’s what she gets for ditching me last night.”

After our laughter died out Michael spoke again.

“Do you want to go to another party tonight?”

“Not really, why?”

“Uh, I was hoping you’d say yes so I could have an excuse to see you again.” he was blushing.

“Oh really,”

“Really.” he replied. “So since you don’t want to go to a party how about diner and a movie?”

I smiled, “I’d like that.”

“Michael!” Mr. Harris yelled across the room.

“That’s my cue to get back to work.” He got up and was about to leave.

“Wait!” I grabbed his arm and he looked at me surprised. I took the pen from his hand and wrote my number on his arm.

“You should probably have my number so you can let me know when diner is tonight.” I handed him his pen back, grabbed my bag of muffins and the two coffees and walked out of the coffee shop back to my dorm.

No okay but I was thinking about it and college/university!5sos is a dream

-Luke is a freshman who’s taking all advanced classes bc he’s so fucking smart and he parties all the time and rarely shows up to class but still aces all the tests
-Sophomores Calum and Michael are high school friends
-Calum got there on a football (soccer???) scholarship and he’s really popular with everybody like the team and the cheerleaders and everybody likes him also he’s fucking good at football and he has a chance to get into the big leagues
-Michael hated high school and he only hates college a little bit less because no parents and more alcohol but he really wants to be a musician and go to LA and shit but his parents won’t pay for it until he graduates and he’s shit at schoolwork so he’s having a hard time with that
-And Ashton is like the student/teacher type professor’s assistant bc he’s a senior but he’s an art major who sells his art to pay his way through school
-And they meet up kinda like the breakfast club??? Like there’s this crazy party and the cops get called and Michael and Calum get busted for vandalizing/distraction of school property and Luke gets busted for under aged drinking and Ashton is the one put in charge of “”“detention”“” even though I’m pretty sure there isn’t detention in college but it’s something like that
-And Michael brings pot to “detention” bc Calum is gonna be there and they’re bff hooligans so they all get high and talk about life and they find out that Ashton had a shit home life and he wants to make art and sell it to pay back his mom for everything she did for him and his siblings and michael’s a rich only child but he feels smothered by his parents and that’s part of the reason he wants to leave but he’s currently failing math and he’s so so soooo worried that he’s gonna flunk out and not be able to go to LA to make music (but then Luke agrees to tutor him in exchange for weed or whatever) and Calum talks about how football is fun and all but he really just wants to be a writer and he’s currently undecided on his major but he thinks he wants it to be English/literature and Luke is just really lonely like he parties all the time and drinks and smokes and he gets good grades but he’s highkey lonely bc all of his friends are shitty and only good for getting fucked up with
-And by the time “"detention”“ is over they decide to head back to Ashton’s little apartment and hang out and play video games and drink and stuff bc ash is the only one who can legally buy alcohol
-And through the course of the next semester they all become really good friends and Luke is tutoring Michael but he does it for free now because one night after Michael got a B+ on an exam that he would have failed without Luke, they got high and sat on the roof of one of the buildings and Michael played Luke one of his songs and it was really really good and luke decides that he deserves the chance to chase his dream
-And all the boys go to the last football game of the season to support Calum and they make signs and Michael paints his chest and of course the team wins and Calum scores the winning goal and everybody rushes the field and the three of them lift Calum up but it’s really hard and they end up falling into a giggling heap on the ground and then the team goes to the championship and they win and a scout from Manchester or whatever is there and talks to Calum about training with their team that summer but Calum declines it since he’s finally decided his major and that night he cries about it in he and Michael’s dorm room and so Michael forces him to pull himself together and they go out drinking with Luke and Ashton to try to cheer him up and it works and now that he’s not playing football or training during the off season calum starts going to writer’s workshops and starts writing short stories and spends a lot of time in the library
-And Ashton has this small art show type thing and begs the guys to come even though he knows it isn’t their cup of tea and it’s on a Friday fucking night but they go obviously even though Michael is dying of boredom but Calum actually enjoys it and he’s scribbling down things in the little journal he always carries around bc the art is giving him inspiration and Luke tries his best to appreciate it but he and Michael just end up getting high in the alley behind the building and coming back inside and laughing at all the art and "obviously that’s not a dick Michael I think it’s supposed to be a tree” “but if you turn your head this way and squint your eyes….” And Ashton is accepting donations so he can rent a studio downtown and he doesn’t get a lot of money that night, only about a third of what he needs but the next morning when he goes to check his mail he finds a blank envelope with a check inside for exactly the amount he needs to cover the rest and there’s no note or anything so he grabs his bike and races to Michael and calum’ dorm where Luke crashed that night and he bangs on the door and it’s like 9am on a Saturday and He bangs on the door and after a few moments of shuffling noises and angry groans about who’s going to get up and get the door it finally opens and calum’ standing there and his hair looks like a poodle but Ashton is shaking his shoulders yelling “someone gave me a check! I have enough to rent out a studio for at least a month!!!!” And Calum smiles sleepily and bro hugs him but Ashton is squeezing him tightly and cal just mumbles “congrats buddy m'so happy for ya” and while Ashton is going on about the studio and Calum is trying to keep his eyes open, inside the room Luke’s like “holy shit that was a lot of money. I can’t believe someone did that.” And Michael just shrugs and is like “it wasn’t /that/ much” all nonchalant and Luke looks at him with wide eyes and he’s like “you???? What???” And Michael swears him to secrecy bc he doesn’t want his punk rock image being destroyed but when it comes down to it he’d do anything for his friends and maybe he told his parents it was for textbooks but they’ll never find out so its whatever
-And at the end of the year Michael passes all of his classes with flying colors, Luke is less of a party animal and is pretty laid back now and Michael is teaching him how to play guitar, one of cal’s short stories is getting published, and Ashton is making so much art he has to move into a bigger studio and he can now because people are actually buying it
-And so Ashton graduates and moves out of his little apartment and into a bigger apartment, one with a studio built in upstairs and enough room for the other 3 boys to move in And it’s a great apartment and they have parties all the time thanks to Luke who is a seasoned expert on which cups work best for beer pong and you should always expect twice as many people as you invite to show up
-And so an unlikely group of boys become brothers over the course of a few months and once Luke graduates they all fly over to LA because Michael just got signed to a record label and Calum is helping him write songs and he promised Ashton he could design the album artwork and Luke feels irrelevant sometimes but Michael never fails to remind him that he would have never made it this far without him

Hogwarts au part 2! (ooo its what everyone wanted)

This was my first time writing anything smutty so im sorry this is udder rubbish. Um, yeah. Loads of people wanted part 2 and i promised Mari (blow-luke) and liv (punk-roque) I’d make it smutty
but yeah! Sorry its shit this time. Part one can be found in my writing page. (If you are on mobile i will be happy to give you a link!)

Y/l/n= your last name

A loud knock boomed through the Herbology green house. “Yes, my dear how can I help you?” Professor Sprout asked looking at Michael. We’d met a few weeks ago, when he nearly killed me. But needless to say I was head over heels for him. “Hello Professor how are you today?” He responded
“Lovely, now Mr.Clifford how can I help you?”
“Well You see, there is an emergency and Professor Snape needs to see y/n right away.” He responded flashing his charming smile
“Good heavens! What has happened? Does he need any more help?” Professor responded. At this time I was already packing my bags. Despite Sprout being the head of my house, she was god damn boring.
“Top Secret Professor. Snape’s orders. I shouldn’t even be saying this aloud” He finished
“Okay Miss y/l/n get going. Read over pages 394-400 for homework”
You nodded and raced out the door. Despite getting to leave class early you were still in fear for why Snape needed you so urgently. “What’s going on Michael. Am I in trouble?” You questioned
He just laughed, as you entered the castle he began to speak. “I lied” He smirked
“What?” you replied in shock
“I’ve got something in store for you darling. You’ll love it. Just wait.” He reached out his hand for you to hold, and you took it. The two of you continued through the corridors, hallways and stairwells of the castle until you reached the entrance for the Slytherin dorms.
“Michael, I can’t go in here. I’m a hufflepuff. They’ll kill me.”
“Everyone is in class. Plus if anyone tries to touch you, I’ll kill them first.” He answered, before proceeding to whisper something in parseltongue at one of stone walls. A number of stones in the wall crumbled opening a doorway to the common room, we entered and the wall returned to normal. He led you up a set of stairs and through a door to a large room with five four poster beds. You were still holding hands when he spun to face you and quickly kissed you. It was different than the first time you’d kissed in hogsmeade. This kiss was deeper, softer, warmer and full of lust. You pulled away for a moment to look in his loving green eyes. He wrapped his muscular arms around your waist and pulled you closer to kiss you again. Without realizing it a small moan escaped from you. He pulled away from the kiss again. “Oh Little Miss Hufflepuff is naughty isn’t she”
“Says Mr. Slytherin who stole me from class and took me to his room” you responded coquettishly
“Don’t pretend you don’t like it” He smirked
He kissed you harder this time, which caused you to stumble backwards; falling onto his bed.
“Damn Hufflepuff. You really are a naughty little fucker” He said provocatively
He was now laying on top of you, while you continued to make out. Shit one second. He stated removing his wand from his pocket, waving it at the door. “Colloportus” He said. The door then slammed shut, and locked. He smirked at you beginning the make out session again, as he trailed his warm hands down your torso. He began to play with the waistband of your skirt, before slipping it off.
You quickly pulled away from his lips “Michael are you planning on banging me?” You questioned.
he stopped his actions and positioned himself so he hovered above you “If you’ll let me. I may be an asshole Slytherin, but I’m not that big of an ass. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready” He finished, laying down to spoon you.


“JORDAN!” Professor McGonagall screeched
You laughed to yourself as you listened into their conversation before being interrupted by Calums voice.
“Why hello there gorgeous” he said provocatively “would you like to hop on?”
“Has this become a regular thing now Hood?” You questioned raising one eyebrow.
Winking he began to speak again “ I’ve got something planned, hop on” Once you sat on the broom and wrapped your arms around his middle he took off. He flew straight to the ground, helped you off the broom and led you to the change room. “Calum I’m not on the team! I can’t go in there!” You exclaimed
laughing he responded “don’t worry babe. When we win a game no one goes to the change room. They just fly around the fans and console the losing teams fans” He had taken off his protective padding so all he wore was his jersey and his pants.
Both of you entered the change room as Calum charmed the door to lock. You looked at him puzzled before he surprised you with a deep kiss, making you stumble back a few steps. His large arms tightly around you pulling you closer, deepened the kiss. His warm hands trailed up your skirt and played with the waistband of your panties. You reached your hands to where his jersey ended and took it off. Sweat glistened off his toned back, as you admired his features. “Like what you see, babe?” He smirked beginning to up button your blouse, pausing for a moment he looked you in the eyes. “Babe, do you want to do this. Its okay if you don’t” His soft eyes gazed at you waiting for an answer. With a nod of approval from you, he finished un buttoning you blouse and tossed it to the floor.
“God, you’re beautiful” He breathed out
Many moments later you both lay on a bench behind a row of small lockers, as he hovered above you. “Are you ready, babe?” He asked. As you gave another nod of approval he slowly slid into you causing you both to groan. His paced picked up as moans filled the dressing room.
“Calum” You moaned “I’m-”
“I know” He grunted
You both released and lay panting beside eachother.
“We should do this every time I win a game” He chuckled

~~Ok this is really shitty im sorrry that is the first smut i’ve written and to save your mind from bad writing I will make fluffy smut type things for the next two~~~


“Luke stop!” You half whispered, half yelled, sitting on a desk in the back of the library facing Luke.
Smirking he continued to trail his large hand up your skirt. You had to admit, it did feel nice, but you were not in a place where feeling each other up was acceptable.
“Why babe?” he grinned “I know you like it”
“We are in a library!”
Ignoring your protests he continued to trail his fingers up your skirt, until he reached your underwear as you, let out a whimper.
“Quite babe we are in a library” He teased
“Luke I mean it! You’re going to make me moan!” you blurted out
“Oh am I? I take that as a challenge”
He began to massage you outside of your underwear with one hand, while the other rubbed up and down your back. He leaned in and began to kiss you deeply, as your tongues battled for dominance. (I had to I’m sorry)
Your moan was masked by Luke’s lips on yours. He slipped two finger into your underwear and began to pump them slowly, then faster as he deepened the kiss.
“luke” You half moaned half said
“Quite babe he said continuing to pump his fingers. “god you’re so hot when you moan” as his fingers pumped he massage you with his thumb. You held back your moans by biting your lip. You felt yourself hit your high as you squeezed your eyes shut. “Hey luke” You whispered
“Yeah, babe?”
“Round two, now in one of our rooms”
without response he grabbed your hand and led you out of the library in the direction of the dorms.


“All my room mates have the flu Ash. You can sleep in my dorm the night.”
“The guys will wonder where I am though!” He stated
“They’re all gone to see their families but Tom who spends all his time sleeping. I think your good.”
You opened the door to your room and looked around to make sure no one was around to see. “Okay Ashton, your good come in”
he hurried in the room and you quickly shut and locked the door behind you. He was sitting on your bed, so you made your way over to sit beside him. The moment he sat, you were attacked by kisses, causing you to be laying down, and him to be atop of you.
The kisses became longer and deeper, and both your hands began to wander. You could feel his slightly sweaty hands trail up your pyjama shirt and remove it. He already removed his shirt and tossed it to the floor. Within moments you were left in your bra and panties and he was in his boxers.
He began to kiss you again before looking you deeply in the eyes.
“y/n, do you really want to do this?” He asked. His voice was soft and his eyes worried
“Ashton. I really want it but I don’t think I’m ready. I’m so sorry. I got you all worked up and now-” you sighed “I’m sorry”
“hey hey,” he began cupping your face “Whenever you’re ready. I’m ready”
“We can always cuddle in our underwear” You smiled
“I’d like that very much baby”

Ok so these were udder shit but you all wanted part 2 so hey!
Send me ideas for part 3!

Color Series: Part 1: 4/4

Light Yellow is often associated with intellect, freshness, and joy


Light yellow was the color of the fresh sunflower he picked you when you were five years old. His squishy cheeked self and you running through the field as your parents sat and talked sipping their coffee on a nearby bench. As Calum’s small hands grasped the flower, pulled it up out of the ground for you, you smiled at the giant flower. You kept the flower in a book so it was pressed flat. Now, Calum was twenty years old living his dream, playing sold out shows for thousands every night, while you were still home in Australia feeling the petals from the flower in between your fingers. You examined the color of the flower fifteen years later, still the vibrant light yellow it was the same day Calum gave you it. It kept it’s strong hue of color because Calum leaves a trail of color wherever he goes and never does his impact on people fade.


Light yellow was the color the sun when Luke asked to marry you. The sun was just setting behind Luke’s broad body, and it gave you slight yellow hue to your eyes. He got down on one knee and poured his heart to you that day. Luke was never one to spill his emotions, he couldn’t even do it while song writing. You could see his adams apple bob up and down as he kept swallowing, trying to put his jumbled up words together. You connected your index finger to his lips and said a simple yes. That was all Luke needed to hear as he kissed you and watch the sun set, but in reality, he was watching you the whole time. 


Light yellow was the color of the paint you used to paint your tree house when you were both eleven. The paint job was awful,but that color was imprinted into your mind forever. Ashton’s mom gave you the paint and two brushes and told you to have fun. You both were determined to make this look great, as you smeared the paint onto the little wooden house where you would spend hours of your time together. Whether it was rain or snow, both of you were in there talking about comics or new albums that have just came out. That same light yellow tree house is still there ten years later, when Ashton came home from tour, where you spent the same amount of time in there as you did when you were young.


Light yellow was the color of the tassel on your graduation cap. As you threw it up in the air, releasing all your high school memories, you felt a sense of sadness. You were leaving behind you friends, your family, your home. Worse of all, Michael. Your best friend since you were thirteen. The same boy that knew when you were on your period, and the same boy who knew how you liked your eggs prepared. Scrambled. Not boiled. He was there for you during anytime of need, and now you feel like you’re abandoning him. You cried into his arms as he helped you unload your car and put your belongings in your new dorm room. Michael didn’t cry though. He wanted you to spread your wings, and become more intelligent than he already knew you were. He didn’t cry because he was so happy for you, as he kissed your forehead, leaving the campus where you would continue to grow. 

A/N I have no clue what this is, I just wrote it off the top of my head lmao 


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at my school you use your student ID to get in and out of buildings and like into your residence hall or dining area. I couldn’t get into my dorm room today and so I had to call my roommate to come let me in and she was so confused as to how I couldn’t get in the dorm when I had my key with me. Then I realized I was waving my ID card in front of my door handle expecting it to open because I forgot you have to use an actual key. 

anonymous asked:

do the frat boy au!!(:

alright so this was the one where you meet him and he’s in a fraternity


you’d meet ashton at the library: you would go to the library everyday to study bc your dorm was loud and everyday the same people were there and everyday you’d see this cute boy and you both would glance at each other every so often everyday so one day when you get there you look to where he normally sits and don’t see him there so you assume that he’s not coming today so you start your work and while you’re doing it you notice somebody sit in the chair next to you but you don’t look to see who it is, but then that person fake coughs one of those im-trying-to-get-your-attention coughs and then you look to your left and once you see who it is you smile and he says hi im ashton i’ve been meaning to come over to talk to you for a very long time and you’d say why’d it take you so long and he’d say it takes a lot of courage to introduce yourself to such a pretty girl like you and you’d smile and blush and introduce yourself

you’d meet michael in your dorm room: so you’d be playing games on your computer and your roommate you’d be like do you mind if some people come over and you’d say no, when? and then there would be a knock on your door and she’d say now and you’d yell her name and say im in my pajamas and she’d say its only michael calm down and you’d be like who? and she’d open the door and then introduce you to this guy who is apparently called michael and she’d introduce you to him and then introduce him and say this is michael, my boyfriend and you’d smile at him and say i’d love to say i’ve heard all about you but i really haven’t and he’d laugh and say its nice to meet you and you’d respond with you too and eventually you all would sit down on the couch in your dorm and talk to try and get to know each other and then michael would see the screen of your computer and say you like video games? and you’d be like yeah my friend downloaded a bunch for me on my computer and he’d be like thats awesome and your friend would say guys i got to go get something from my friend’s room do you mind if i leave for a minute and then you and mikey would both say not at all and then look at each other and laugh bc you said it at the same same time so your friend would be gone and it’d be you and mikey alone so you’d say wanna play some games? and he’d say yeah, of course

you’d meet luke in a lecture: your class would start at 8 so typically you’d get there five minutes early to get a seat but you were a little late and instead of getting there five minutes early you got there right when it started so you’d quickly try and find a seat and you’d only see one open one so you’d sit in it and when you sit down the only pen you brought would roll off the table and down under the seat in front of you and you’d look at it and mumble shit under your breath and then the guy sitting next to you would see and he’d whisper hey and you’d look at him and he’d reach his hand out to give you his pen and you’d say dont you need to take notes and he’d be like i can just listen and you’d say are you sure and he’d respond with positive and you’d take it and be like thank you so much

you’d meet calum at a frat party: you’d come with a friend and her boyfriend bc they forced you to come along even though you didnt want to be third wheels always get ditched so you would end up by the kitchen pouring yourself a drink and then somebody would walk up to the table and stand next to you while pouring a drink for themselves and say you look miserable why are you so down your at a party, have fun and you’d just turn your head and look at him but he’d continue before you even say anything why’d you come here if you don’t wanna dance and you’d say what makes you think that i don’t wanna dance? and he’d be like you’ve been standing here for about fifteen minutes and you’d say were you watching me for fifteen minutes? and he’d say you didn’t answer my question, why are you here? and you’d say isnt that a bit rude and he’d be like its just a question so you’d answer it and say my friend forced me to come and then ditched me and went off with her boyfriend so he’d say forced? and you’d say i wasn’t in the mood to get all dressed up and come to this party especially in this stupid frat and after a short silence you decide so end it and say why are you here? and he’d say i belong to this stupid frat and turn to look at you and then grab his drink and walk away

i feel like i can continue this into a series??? but i dont wanna ruin it, tell me what you guys think here