michael delia

beetlejuice (1988) remake fancast

beetlejuice: sam rockwell if it can’t be michael keaton

delia: tilda swinton, gwendoline christie or kate mckinnon

lydia: maisie williams, aubrey plaza, or lucy hale

otho: eric stonestreet or nathan lane

barbara: drew barrymore or amy poehler

adam: colin farrell    

"Just Saying" Imagine...

Imagine based off of “Just Saying”

Word Count: Do you really want to know? 2,151.

Luke Hemmings

A/N: Experiencing major Luke feels. Enjoy :-) Feel free to request! Pulled the image from YouTube. Credit goes to “Hold on Muke” or something like that… :-) xo

It was 3 in the afternoon and the trunk of the car was ready to pop. You were going on a road trip with your closest friends. It was a get-away for everyone. There were too many of you to fit in one car so you decided to convoy. You’re traveling up the coast of Australia and stopping at a camp site that overlooked the ocean.

In your car group, driving was Ashton with his girlfriend Delia in the passenger seat while you, Michael, and Christina sat together in the back. The road in front of you was never ending. The two-way road seemed to stretch out for miles and miles. The sun was high above the clear blue sky. To the side of you were meadow and some grass. The more you drove the more apparent the sound of the waves became. You drove with the windows down, music up, and wind brushing through your skin. Ashton never took his foot off the gas pedal, driving way above the speed limit.

Conversation in the car would come and go, switching from topic to topic then quietly fading until it was silent in the car and people were either sleeping or just enjoying the scenery. You couldn’t help but check your phone out of habit. You broke up with your boyfriend Chris last week after you caught him kissing your childhood friend, Marisa, in front of a coffee shop. It hurt. Not because you weren’t with Chris anymore but because you finally realized how much you settled. You couldn’t help but feel empty inside. Something was missing.

“You’ll be okay, Y/N, I promise,” Christina placed her hand over yours and gave it a tight squeeze. “This road trip will be good for you. It’ll take your mind off of things.”

“I hope so,” you whispered.

The entire time Ashton had been shifting his eyes from the road onto his rear view mirror, checking on you. He always had a tendency to play the big brother role. You figured you needed to help yourself get over Chris so you turned off your phone and hid it at the bottom of your purse. The remainder of the ride to the campsite was quiet with Delia, Michael, and Christina asleep. When you arrived at the site, everyone flooded out of the car and began grabbing their things from the trunk and roof of the car.

You grabbed your tent and duffle bag and set it by a tree. Although it was best to set up your tent while there was still the least bit of light out, you had too many things on your mind. You decided to walk down a dirt path that led to a small cliff that over looked the ocean. The scene was like from a dream with the dark blue ocean reflecting the sunset. You took a deep breath and sighed to yourself. 

You heard distant footsteps growing louder as it got closer to you. You looked over your shoulder and saw familiar black skinny jeans ripped at the knee. He took a seat beside you, stretching out his long legs and laying back with his arms propping him up. “Hey.” was all he said.

“Hi,” you responded.

The two of you remained quiet for a while, sitting in silence and enjoying the beautiful sunset. Luke broke the silence when he said: “I was looking for you, maybe wondering if you needed help with you tent. But I couldn’t find you.”

“Well, you found me,” you sighed, with little joy in your voice.

Luke sat up straight and faced you. He looked directly into your eyes in an attempt to peer into your mind for a small hint of something. “What’s the matter?”

You shrugged, “I don’t know. I’m just sad, I guess.”

You and Luke were the best of friends. He was your go-to about everything. He knew your deepest, darkest secrets. Everyone picked on Luke for being a blabber mouth but when it really mattered, he kept quiet. Luke knew about Chris — more than he wished to, really. He hated Chris but never stopped you when you needed someone to complain to. People often wondered why you and Luke never got together, seeing how the two of you were so close and knew each other like the back of your hands. Bad timing was probably the answer. You liked Luke for a long while but he was in a relationship. You had to tell yourself to move on, assuming the two of you would never happen. When Luke did like you, he was too late.

“Come meet me at the carousel,” Luke said over the phone. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay.” You put on a change of clothes and drove over to the abandoned amusement park a city over. Most of the rides were torn out but for some reason, they left the rusty, dusty old carousel. When you and Luke discovered it after school one day, it immediately became your meet up place.

When you arrived, you found Luke sitting on the chair, fiddling with his fingers. “Hey mister,” you greeted him. You hugged your best friend whom you hadn’t seen in a month. “How’s life, chasing your dream and all?”

He chuckled, “It’s wonderful but I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. A month not seeing you is kind of crazy. Even though we FaceTime like every other day,” you smiled. “So what’d you want to tell me?”

He pulled a necklace watch out of his sweater pocket. “I got this for you when I was in America. I found it at a small pond shop in New York City. I thought you might like it.”

You ran your fingers through the carvings and pushed the button that opened the watch. Your eyes widened and your mouth opened in amazement of the watch’s vintage beauty. “Luke, it’s beautiful. Thank you.”

“Y/N, I wanted to tell you this sooner but I waited until I got home so I could do it in person…” You looked at him, nodding, urging him to go on. “Y/N, I like you. Maybe a little bit more than like. And I know that you used to like me too but it was bad timing. Being away from you made me realize how much you mean to me. And I’ve thought about what telling you might do to our friendship but I can’t go on wondering what if. Y/N, you are my best friend. And even if you don’t like me back, that’s okay. But you need to know…”

You felt your heart break from inside your chest. This couldn’t be happening. “Luke, I’m seeing someone.”

“What? Don’t tell me it’s that Chris kid from Uni.” he was in disbelief. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Remember that week we didn’t talk because you were so busy?”

Luke groaned and rubbed his eyes, hoping it was a dream he could wake up from. “I’m really sorry,” you said. “I guess we just have bad timing.”

“No kidding,” Luke faked a laugh.

“Sad about what?” he asked.

“About how things turned out,” you told him. “I should’ve listened when all of you said Chris was bad news. But I was feeling so lonely I didn’t care. I guess it’s my fault…”

Luke moved closer towards you and wrapped an arm over your shoulders. He tilted his head and rested it against yours. “Would it help if I said you could do a million times better?”

You chuckled, “I think so. I just need to get over it and forget about it.”

“I’ll help you! I’ll help you get over it!” Luke said almost too excitedly. “I mean, think of all the crappy things he’s done! He’s never on time and he always makes you pay. And how many time did you catch him lying to you? What kind of guy does that? I’m just saying. Now you can find someone who will actually treat you right. You deserve so much more.”

You raised an eyebrow at Luke and a half smile, “You’re just saying that.”

“What? I’m not. I mean it, Y/N. You are an amazing girl with a wonderful personality. You’re so smart and so kind. Chris is a total loser. You deserve a guy who’s always there for you. Who would treat you like a princess and not make you feel like you want to cry every night.”

“And who would that be?” you asked jokingly. 

When Luke responded, you were caught by surprise. “Me. I would.”

You were speechless. You just looked at Luke while everything dawned over you. You had almost forgotten Luke had feelings for you. After that night at the carousel, Luke played off his feelings so well you assumed he moved on. “I assumed you didn’t like me anymore…”

“My feelings haven’t changed, Y/N. I like you just as much as I did five months ago, maybe even more now.”

“But all those times I was talking to you about him, you liked me. Didn’t that bother you?”

Luke shrugged, “Well, yeah, kind of. But I care about you and I wanted to be there for you regardless. So I just went with it. But seeing you with Chris made me sick, I’m not going to lie. I admit I was jealous but more importantly, I hated the way he was treating you. It wasn’t fair to you.”

You looked at Luke, smiling. Thinking to yourself how you could be so lucky to have someone like him in yourself. Suddenly the feelings you had towards Luke over a year ago were igniting again as you pondered over the wonderful things Luke had done for you. You had never stopped liking him. You just pushed your feelings down so deep so it didn’t bother you when he was with his then-girlfriend. Maybe the reason you started dating Chris in the first place was because subconsciously, you missed Luke. After all, he was away in another country at the time. And when he had come back, it was already too late. 

It’s all in the timing.

You placed your palm under his jaw line and leaned in closer. You paused for a moment, reassuring yourself of what you were about to do. And in a blink of an eye, your lips were set lightly on top of his, holding still. You could feel his breath on your lips and his body slowly loosen. Luke hands find their way around your back, pulling you closer to him. In that moment, you felt happy. You felt the weight of the world lift from your shoulders. His lips made you feel passion and true love. You didn’t feel alone.

Luke slowly pulled away and he rested his forehead against yours with your noses touching. “You don’t know how long I have been waiting to do that,” he was almost breathless. 

You couldn’t help but to smile and nod, “Took us long enough.” The two of you laughed together and Luke sneaked in another peck on the lips. “It’s all in the timing,” he said.

The two of you sat together, facing the ocean. The sunset was nearly gone and the moon was becoming more evident. Your head was resting on Luke’s shoulders and your hands were intertwined. Every now and then, Luke would place a kiss on your head or wrap both arms around you, pulling you in for a tight hug. He couldn’t believe it himself. He finally had his dream girl. His best friend. There was just one thing left to do.

“Y/N,” he whispered.

“Hm?” you responded. 

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

You turned to face Luke who’s blue eyes were never brighter and a hopeful smile on his lips. You kissed him softly on the lips, “I will.” You and Luke stayed together, watching the waves crash until you both decided to head back to the campsite with the others for dinner. You walked hand in hand and when everyone saw, they smiled. You and Luke were sure to get an earful tomorrow.

Everyone was gathering around the campfire. Luke handed you a plate with food on it and sat beside you on the log. “Here you go, babe,” he smirked. The sound of him calling you “babe” made you blush bright pink. 

“Thank you,” you said, paying him back with a kiss. Your friends couldn’t contain the excitement for the two of your and began cheering. Calum patted his best friend on the back and Michael made some cheeky comment. Ashton shot you the “you-picked-a-good-one” look with Delia nodding right beside him.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t set up my tent,” you said teasingly to Luke. 

“This is the best road trip,” he laughed. 

for my A-Level English Language project I’m having to transcribe pieces from the Beetlejuice film and cartoon. I’m thinking when I’ve done them all I could upload them? I’ve transcribed the whole bit where Beetlejuice and Lydia first meet in the film. So..I dunno..should I post them or not? In case anyone wants them?

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