michael dawes

anonymous asked:

How does Michael cuddle? O:

fdgsdgdf my bo y mic ha el

  • i like to imagine that michael’s always the kind of person who keeps an arm around you and he’s just always warm but like??? cuddling??? he l l y e s
  • michael would cuddle with u anywhere???
  • on the couch??? you two are probably cuddling and taking up the whole couch and everyone is mad because gdi stop hogging the couch u fucks
  • but like ur lying on him on the couch and ur head is on his chest and his arms are around u and its rly sweet and warm and while most ppl are annoyed you probably get at least one person whos like ‘daw’
  • michael!!! likes!!! spooning!!!
  • big spoon? little spoon? he will be either!! he likes holding you in his arms but there’s also just someting??? great about being in your arms
  • but also just him being big spoon = you can n e v er l eave
  • u gotta pee??? too bad michael is holding u
  • also sometimes he just??? peppers lil kisses on your cheeks and neck when he can while cuddling??? it’s rly sweet and only happens when he’s Really Tired but sometimes he’ll do it bc it makes you smile
  • like michael is just a soft and warm boi so like
  • he’s great for cuddles
  • also he’s totally fallen asleep with glasses on a couple times because taking them off??? means moving??? and you’re so comfortable??? and so is he??? e f f o r t
  • that’s all i got but i can guarantee u that cuddling with michael is Good