michael david dunn

In 2012, 45 year old Michael Dunn opened fire on a vehicle filled with 17 year old Jordan Davis and three of his friends just after 7:30pm in Jacksonville, Florida. Michael Dunn, who was not later convicted for the first degree murder of Jordan Davis, got into an argument with the teens over their “rap crap” music. He fired 10 shots at the SUV, three of them while the car was fleeing. Three shots struck Davis, one of them cutting through his liver, his lung and his aorta. After killing Davis, Dunn left the scene of the shooting, went back to a hotel where he was staying with his fiance, and walked his dog. He returned the next day to his house – more than two hours away – without calling 911. Dunn claims that he felt threatened, and thus immune under Stand Your Ground legislation. The jury deciding the fate of Michael David Dunn deliberated for more than 30 hours on whether or not he murdered Davis, longer than the jury that acquitted George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin or the jury that convicted Marissa Alexander in 12 minutes.

Dunn will be going to jail. But a mistrial on Count 1 means that #JordanDavis did not get justice today. Jury didn't decide. #DunnTrial
  • Dunn is going to jail for a long time but this is not “justice.” If Jordan was alone, this would have been Trayvon and GZ again #DunnTrial
  • Thankful that Michael Dunn is off the streets, but saddened still that he was NOT been held accountable for the life he stole #DunnTrial
  • Doesn’t surprise me I knew it was going to happen.Young black men know your life isn’t valued especially in FLA . Stay alert. #DunnTrial
  • Michael David Dunn will go to prison… BUT NOT FOR KILLING #JORDANDAVIS. #DunnTrial
  • Court administrator informs media that all jurors have declined to talk to media. #DunnTrial
  • Looking up the official definition of “premeditated” now… prayers for the Davis family; so sad “some” justice has been served #DunnTrial
  • The #DunnTrial jury decision seems to suggest that if he’d just killed the other black teens in the car, he wouldn’t be in trouble.