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#307: “LIFE HACKS”

Guest: Andy Daly

Panelists: Bo Beetle, Dr. Mooz, Steeeeeew, Star Schlessinger

April Fools!

Holy cow. Thanks to all of you who came out for our April Fools’ Fun-Around! It was a messy, silly, fun night full of FUN and WHIMSY! Thanks to Julie at front of house, everyone at Largo at the Coronet, Type 55 Films, Cayenne Chris Conroy, and the patient, awesome Andy Paley Orchestra: Andy Paley, Becky Ward, and “Spooky” Jonathan Dinerstein!

Thanks to our director Aaron Ginsburg (who had a relatively easy night) and to Ben Acker & Ben Blacker for creating and producing the show.

We had a crazy and fun mix of performers last night, some of whom are WorkJuice Players and some of whom had never even seen the show. All performed memorably and wonderfully, and thanks to all of them:

Autumn Reeser, Annie Savage, Hal Lublin, Craig Cackowski, Busy Philipps, Marc Evan Jackson, John Ross Bowie, Michael McMillian, Lauren Lapkus, Janet Varney (so sorry you couldn’t stay!), Andy Daly, Mark McConville, Ben Schwartz, Felicia Day, John Hodgman,

and our host and ringmaster, the intergalactic instigator, Paul F. Tompkins.


A tribute to Fireman Orio Palmer who died in the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Palmer was a Battalion Chief of the NYC Fire Department who died while rescuing occupants of the WTC. Palmer led the team of firefighters that reached the 78th floor of the South Tower, the floor where the plane had struck the building. As he entered the South Tower, he single-handedly fixed an elevator where he took it to the 40th floor, halfway to where almost 700 people were struggling to stay alive. According to Michael Daly, “Palmer stood steady and calm, an air pack on his back, a red flashlight bound with black elastic to his white helmet, a radio in his left hand. His face showed only a readiness to do whatever was needed.” He lived in Valley Stream, New York, with his wife, Debbie, and their three children, Dana, Keith, and Alyssa. Orio Palmer died at just 45 years old. More on Orio Palmer 

Edgar Mitchell – Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, accomplished pilot, and later an astronaut – was the sixth person to walk on the Moon, as part of the Apollo 14 mission. (You know the one – it’s when Alan Shepard whacked a few golf balls from the lunar surface and probably accidentally bashed out a window of the Justice League’s Watchtower satellite). That’s about the last person you’d expect to be overflowing with more alien conspiracy theories than a Roswell gift shop, but Mitchell had a pocketful of goddamned moon rocks to pelt at anyone who spouted off at him about failed expectations.

Mitchell was absolutely convinced that we are not alone in the Universe. But plenty of people would own up to that belief – considering the staggering number of galaxies, stars, and planets that we know to exist, that’s called playing the odds. Mitchell, however, took it one step further. He was an avid devourer of UFO sightings and any and all speculation of alien activity. Furthermore, he was 100-percent convinced that the sheer volume of such reports was concrete evidence that not only have we been visited on multiple occasions by otherworldly tourists, but also that the fact that said visitations were not common public knowledge indicated a government cover-up on a massive scale.

Slap a multi-million-dollar spacesuit on Fox Mulder, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good approximation of Edgar Mitchell. Except replace the crippling obsession with uncovering evidence with a crippling reliance on batshit supposition.

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