michael cunio

When I saw One Direction dolls at Toys R Us, it made me wonder about Under the Streetlamp.  

If UTSL had dolls, which would sell the best?  

Because I don’t care who you are or what group you like. You always have a favorite.  Saying, “oh, I like them all because they’re all special in their own way” is a cop out answer.

I mean, obvi I’d get the Michael Ingersoll, but the older ladies always seem to fawn over Christopher Kale Jones.  And everyone likes Cunio’s rocker voice.  Then some people like Shonn cause he can dance.

But I’ve known Ingy the longest, I’ve talked to him the most, he’s the one that got me VIP seats for the PBS taping, and he has the most adorable personality.  I’m very, very biased.

His tracks on the Under the Streetlamp Christmas album, Every Day’s a Holiday are my favorites.

Here We Come A-Wassailing is just so cute and his voice is so unique.