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Piaget Crenshaw describes the murder of Michael Brown video transcript

[Footage shot by Piaget Crenshaw. The video shows two police officers, one identified as Darren Wilson, standing over the body of Michael Brown. Brown’s body is blurred for privacy]

Piaget Crenshaw: […] God bless his soul, police shot this boy outside my apartment.

[Footage shows Darren Wilson pacing along next to Michael Brown’s body]

Piaget Crenshaw: [crying] They killed him.

[Footage shows a police officer standing next to some police tape. A white truck is on the other side of the tape, as well as a person, likely not an officer as they appear to be dressed in casual clothing. Camera pans along the length of the police tape]

Person heard in the background: You didn’t have to do him like that!

[Crying sounds are heard]

[Cuts to the studio]

[LIVE CNN logo on the bottom right]]

Michaela Pereira: The young woman who shot that video and whose voice you heard, Piaget Crenshaw, she joins us now, she’s with her attorney Karen Lewis. Ladies, thank you so much for being here.

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