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Finding out you’re ticklish

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“Baaabe,” you whine, tugging at his hand. “I want to get some ice-cream, get a move on!”

Ashton rolls his eyes at you before sending you an adoring grin, and you can’t help the butterflies in your stomach. You only met him a few months ago but you fell for him so fast, for his stupid dimpled smile and his adorable giggle and the way he’s so passionnate about everything he does.

He finally got the guts to ask you out two weeks ago, and it’s your third date, the one where he promised you’d get to choose the place. So of course you chose to go to the fair because who doesn’t love clichés, but now Ashton’s been trying and failing to win you a teddy bear at one of the booths forever, and you’re getting a little impatient.

“You’re so stupid,” you say as you finally manage to drag him away. “Now buy me food.”

“So demanding oh my god,” he says, pretending to be annoyed, which only causes you both to laugh.

You lean your head against his shoulder as the both of you make your way towards where you can buy ice-cream, but suddenly he wraps his arm around your waist and you jump away from him with a sharp gasp.

He looks up at you in shock, his mouth falling open as worry fills his eyes.

“D-did I do something wrong? Was that too much? I’m sorry–”

You cut him off before he can ramble on, muttering a little:

“I’m just really ticklish.”

There’s a few beats of silence before he realizes what you just said and a huge smile lights up his face.

“You mean you’re so ticklish I can’t even touch your sides?”

“Yes?” You say in a little voice, peeking up at him through your lashes, a little embarrassed.

“Oh my god!” He yells in exhilaration, and before you know it he’s running towards you, making grabby hands towards your waist.

You scream, half in fright half in delight, and start sprinting away.

“Don’t you dare, Irwin,” you yell behind your shoulder. “Don’t you fucking dare!”

“I’m coming for you!”

And true enough he’s on you in no time, tickling your sides, which makes you scream and laugh way too loud and probably attract the attention of everyone around you, but neither of you can bring yourselves to care when he finally stops and looks at you fondly.

“I hate you,” you whisper, the smile at your lips contradicting your words.

He grins brightly and pecks your nose sweetly.

“Let’s get you your ice-cream, yeah?” He say, grabbing your hand again.


“Mike. Mikey. Michael. Clifford. Cliffy. Gordon.”

Finally he snaps and fixes you with a dirty glare, finally looking up form his phone.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Give me love!” You yell dramatically before letting yourself fall to the ground.

He barely spares you a glance, still lounging in the bed, caught up in what’s probably a really shitty videogame.

“Honestly, Michael, I come all the way to here from Australia to visit you because you said you missed hanging out with me, and then you just ignore me? Talk about a shit friend.”

“I’m not a shit friend! I’m just finishing this level of–”

By then you’ve already tuned out. You’re used to this, of course. Mike was this way before he even started the band, so it’s no real surprise to you. You’re actually secretly happy that fame didn’t change him that much.

“Whatever,” you huff. “I’m sure Luke will cuddle me or something. Maybe he missed me more.”

At this Mike whips his head towards you.

“What do you mean you’ll go cuddle Luke?”

You shrug, getting up to your feet.

“Yeah well, he’s nicer than you anyway, and yesterday he actually–”

Mike grabs your arm and makes you fall on the bed before tackling you in a huge hug, basically just lying on top of you.

“There you go now stop taking about Luke,” he huffs, and you can’t help the small smile playing at your lips.

Of course talking about his bandmates would be the way to get his attention. He’s always been a possessive guy. You hide your grin in his neck and raise your arm to play with his hair a little, soaking up his warmth and just his presence after being apart for so long. He makes a little satisfied sound and his hands go down the length of your body, probably to pull you closer but you let out a little squeak and he stops his movements.

He leans backwards a little to look at your face, a disbelieving smile slowly lighting up his face.

“No way,” he breathes. “I completely forgot how ticklish you are.”

“Pfff, I’m not ticklish anymore,” you blatantly lie.

“Right,” he smirks, and that’s all the warning you get before he literally attacks your sides, causing loud giggles to fall from your lips.

“Stop!” You yell, which only makes him laugh more and tickle you until you can’t breathe, tears falling from your eyes and hair all messed-up from shaking your head side to side in an attempt to get away.

Finally, finally, he stops, looking down at you with a smile on your face and you feel your heart squeeze a little, feelings you pushed back years ago trickling back into your heart. You swallow and fight the blush rising in your cheeks, trying not to concentrate on how green his eyes are. Just friends, you remind yourself, just friends.

But then his lips delicately brush against yours and he whispers a soft:

“I really really missed you.”


Your heart is beating wildly in your chest as you notice him sitting at the café, typing something on his phone as he waits patiently for you to show up. He looks just like he did in your numerous Skype sessions except…better somehow. More real. You hurry your steps and stop in front of the table, a small, timid smile at your lips.

“Hi Luke,” you say almost breathlessly, and he looks up to your quickly, a smile lighting up his features at the sound of your voice before he even really registers your presence.


Before you know it you’re engulfed in a huge bearhug and that’s when you know Skype really didn’t do him justice because how could you have known that he would be so broad and warm and smell so good. He squeezes you in his arms tightly beofre letting go, a small giggle escaping his lips.

“I’m so excited to finally meet you oh my god!”

And you notice how bluer his eyes are in real life, feeling butterflies in your stomach as he looks at you like you hung the moon in the sky.

“Me too,” you grin sheepishly before you both sit down and you can’t help a snicker as you see what he ordered for himself.

“A caramel macchiatto? You really are a white girl, Luke.”

And then he pouts and it’s like all the awkwardness is gone, you’ve found your internet best friend and it’s comfortable and hilarious and even better than you could have possibly imagined. After the coffee, you take a walk in a nearby park until he suddenly collapses in the grass, grandly declaring he wants to watch the clouds.

“You’re so cheesy oh my god,” you can’t help but chuckle, but of course you plop down beside him, trying not to stare too much at the sliver of golden skin where his shirt has slightly ridden up.

“Shut up, you bully!” He exclaims and pokes you in the stomach, which immediately causes you to curl onto yourself and bark out a laugh.

His eyes widen impossibly and the blue somehow becomes even shinier as a heartmelting smile forms at his lips.

“You’re ticklish?” He asks, like nothing has ever caused him more joy in the entire world.

“Um, yes?”

“Perfect!” He exclaims and pokes your stomach again, making you choke up in laughter. “Now I have the perfect leverage over you!”

He pokes you once more, claiming it’s revenge for you mocking him, and as you stare up at his face, you can’t help but think that you’ve never seen anything as beautiful as him, and you’ve never been as lucky as that day you randomly got a text from a wrong number. And unbeknownst to you, looking at your messy hair and smudged make-up and shining eyes, he’s thinking the exact same.


The room is dark and warm, and it feels like a coocoon, the perfect hide-away for your few stolen moments with Calum. The Maori boy tenderly runs his fingers through your hair, sending you a small smile that has your stomach tingle with nervousness.

Because you never thought of Calum as someone who could be tender. He was funny, arrogant, cuddly, obnoxious, flirty and confident, until you got closer to him and suddenly he was so much more. Ever since you first had your serious conversation with him a few weeks ago, souls laid bare under the starry sky as you both foudn yourselves outside on the porch after struggling to find sleep, he’s been opening to you more and more, and you’ve realized just how interesting and deep a person he is.

And now you’ve been spending the nights together, confessions about dreams and fear whispered in the dark as you find your solace in each other’s arms, just cuddling the nightly anxieties away, until he kissed you a few nights ago and sudddenly it wasn’t just platonic anymore.

But he’s leaving to LA tomorrow morning after this break and you’re going to miss him so much and you try to tell him through your kisses, loving the feel of his pouty lips against yours. He sighs against your mouth and his thumb traces your cheek.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he whispers into the darkness, and you raise a hand to tangle your fingers around the curly, inky strands of hair, until he leans his head against your hand like a puppy in need of petting.

“I’ll miss you too,” you breathe out.

He ducks his head to place a dust of kisses on your jaw, your collarbone, your neck, and despite the soft sadness of the situation, you can’t help a small giggle as his lips traces the sensitive spot.

“What?” He asks, unable to control his smile at the beautiful sound.

“Tickles,” you grin, and he chuckles.


He kisses you in the crook of your neck a few times more, loving the breathy giggles it causes you to emit, and slowly feeling warmth filling his veins as he looks at how good you look on his pillow, in his arms.

“Come with me to LA,” he rushes out, not even thinking but knowing he needs you by his side, always.

“Yes, yes of course,” you whisper, the words falling from your lips before your brain even connects and understand the implications of what he just asked.

But then he kisses you again, softly, and you realize you don’t really care about the implications as long as you can keep him in your arms.

Sooooo this is kinda this? I think? I’m not too sure, i’m kinda sleep deprived and feeling very fluffy with writing but if it’s not then just let me know and i’ll do it over for you. lol enjoy! (:



You were cuddled up in Michael’s bunk, on the way to a new city, Mikey playing some video game while you fiddled about with your phone. It wasn’t typical cuddling and also slightly uncomfortable but Michael was feeling extra clingy today, hardly letting you even get up to use the restroom. You wonder briefly if it would even be considered cuddling really but your limbs were tangled in every way possible and Michael would make a breathy pout if you moved so much as an inch away.

“You know, that video games going to still be here in a week, me however..” you look up at Michael who just kinda grunts and scoots himself a little closer - if that’s even possible - to you. You give a little chuckle and shake your head at your unsociable boyfriend, going back to scrolling on your phone and attempting to show and talk to him about things you come across here and there.

The boys come in not longer after, bickering and joking about amongst themselves. Michael blindly reaches for the curtain, eyes not leaving his video game, when you reach out yourself to stop him. “I’ve got to use the bathroom,” you whisper for no reason in particular. “Again?” “That’s usually how it works, yeah,” you reply smartly. “Can’t you hold it,” he pouts. “Think that’s the most you’ve said in the past half hour,” you tease. “Okay, I promise to talk about anything you want to if you stay,” he nuzzles into your neck. “How ‘bout I go relieve my bladder and then we can also talk about anything I want to when I get back,” you grin petting at his faded colored hair.

“Fine,” he groans, reluctantly letting you go. You climb out of the bunk and go to use the restroom quickly, muttering a shut up to the three boys who comment on the fact that you’re basically just wearing Mikey’s shirt, your shorts apparently too short to count as a piece of clothing.

Once you’ve finished in the little restroom you go grab a snack realizing you and Michael hadn’t bothered on eating all day aside from breakfast earlier. It’s when you’re trying to get back into Mikey’s bunk that the three boys really start teasing you. You being fairly short always proves to be a struggle in getting onto the top bunk so they all erupt in giggles and snickers of you’re basically a hobbit and when you slip up on pulling yourself up - Michael being in the way and no help at all as he is so wrapped up in his game - maybe you should skip that snack.

You know they’re all just teasing and don’t mean any harm, they’re just a bunch of rowdy childish teenage boys and really there’d be no surviving staying on the bus with 4 boys if you got pissy over every little thing they said. However, the last bit seems to get Michael’s attention.

“Did you seriously just say that?” His eyebrows pull together, pulling his attention from the game he’d been so sucked into. It’s not even directed towards you but you fall still at the hardness of his tone for a second. “It’s fine babe,” you dismiss, attempting to climb your way up again. “No, it’s not, apologize you assholes,” his voice stern and threatening as he helps you up into his bunk. It really hadn’t bothered you but you weren’t about to complain, looking to the three boys expectantly and give a small smirk at your boyfriend’s protective nature.

They all mumble their apologies and Michael lets a huffy fuckers as he hastily shuts the curtain to his bunk. He puts his video game away and pulls you into him for a proper cuddle now. “Thanks cliffy,” you giggle knowing he hates - but secretly loves it - when you call him that and place a quick kiss to the skin where you’ve nuzzled yourself into the crook of his neck.

We joke about how lame they are, but let’s take in the fact that they really are superheroes. Not in the terms we use, but look how many fans they’ve saved from self harm, suicide, or other problems we’ve had? They help us but they don’t realize it that in our eyes, they already were heroes