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I just want to see how many people understand that we don’t get a say on what ashton, calum, michael, and luke want to do with their lives bc it is THEIR lives and we are here to support them and not bash them for the things that make them happy :-)


The Only Reason vs Tomorrow Never Dies

Most meaningful lines in lyrics of 5 Seconds Of Summer pt 4 / (pt 1) (pt 2)  (pt 3)

Girls Restroom - Calum Hood (one shot)

RATING : For everyone <3
WARNINGS : Nope, friendly and very cute though (-:
A/N : Have fun reading my dalingsssss(-: also wrote this from 1am - 3am so sorta sucky )-:

I scrolled through my twitter feed, then my dashboard, and then my instagram feed, and through every single social media app until i had to keep refreshing each app. I was currently sitting in a café with 6 of my friends, each of them taken by each other. It was totally my fault for agreeing with my best friend to hang out with everyone, even though i knew they were all going to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend and i was going to be third, nope, seventh wheeling.

“Hey y/n, you good?” my friend jack asked. I nod while dropping my phone in my lap as i got up to use the restroom. “I’ll be back guys.” i announced but then roll my eyes when i get no response. I push my chair back with my popliteal (a/n : the back of your knee, my friends) as i make my way to the restroom. I walked into the empty womens restroom, which was a relief because i was getting really annoyed of everyone right now. I looked around the sink area and saw an outlet, which i then happily plugged in the adapter to my charger in the wall. I put the plug into my phone and hopped on top of the countertop near the sink and scrolled through my phone.

I took the opportunity to start playing some music on my phone and just enjoy the time alone. I tapped my feet to the beat in the air as they dangled off the counter. I was jamming out to “Kids in the Dark” by All Time Low just when the door opened to reveal a tall figure with brown hair and blonde highlights stroll in while he was scrolling through his phone.

My eyes widened and i let out a small giggle. His head shot up at the sound of the girly giggle. “Whoa, girl in the boys restroom.” he said. “Oh no,” i started sarcastically, suddenly gaining confidence, “I’m not in the boys restroom, you’re in the girls restroom” i finished. His eyebrows knitted together but then slowly raised up in realization as he examined his surroundings.

“Oh,” he said “well, I’m gonna go, you know, to the bo-” he coughed, “i mean, mens restroom now.” he concluded while rubbing the back of his neck. I let out a little giggle as i watched his face grow red. He slowly spins himself around on his heels and reaches for the handle but then spins back to face me. “Why are you sitting on the counter in the restroom?” he asked. I laugh, “im casting spells on boys who walk into the womens restroom.” he turns red once again, “nah, im just charging my phone, man.” i giggle again. He looks at my phone in my hand and his eyes trail up the charger. His mouth shapes an ‘o’ as he nods in, yet another, realization. 

I give out an awkward smile and slowly nod as he still stands in the ladies restroom. “Um…” i chuckle, “Oh right, um, bye.” he says and walks out. I shake my head but a goofy smile still lingers on my face. I hop off the counter, unplug my charger from the wall and my phone and stuff it in my bag, and then walk out the restroom. As i stroll back to my table full of couples, i notice another loud group of teens a few tables down of them.

The boy with brown hair and blonde streaks stands out and i quickly realize he’s the boy that was just in the girls restroom a minute ago. I think he notices me too once he looks up from his phone screen and looks at me. Suddenly, my confidence from earlier disappears and my cheeks begin to burn as he looks at me. I turn around and go up to the front counter to order a Sprite. 

They give me my drink and i walk back to my table full of couples. I groan as i find myself being bored again and stressed out as i realized i cant leave because my best friend is my ride. I get out of my seat again and make my way towards the exit. I walk past the brown haired boy with blonde streaks and his friends who also have their own lover with them. I needed a smoke.

I don’t smoke very often but whe i do, its mostly because im stressed out. I opened the door and leaned against the rock wall next to it. I took my pack of cigarettes out of my bag and took one out then lighting it. I dragged the cigarette in and out of my mouth as the smoke flowed out of my mouth and nose as i breathed. My head shot to the right as i heard the café door opened and let out the bathroom boy. 

He turned his head to where the orgin of the cigarette smoke was coming from. “Got one for me?” he asked. “You smoke?” i asked as i took out my pack and pulled out another cigarette and put in in his palm. “Could ask you the same.” he said as he held the cig in between his middle and index finger in front of me, requesting me to light it, and so i did. 

“I shouldn’t have came here today. All my friends are taken and I’m seventh wheeling.” i huff. “Aha, same. I should just go right now. Matter a fact, i will.” he says standing straight up then looking at me. “Lucky ass. My friend is my ride, but i dont think she’ll be leaving her boyfriend anytime soon.” i said and looked at her through the window as she and her boyfriend stick their tongues down each others throat. Bathroom boy looks at what im looking at. “Oh.” he says. “Yeah,” i agree and turn back to face him and he does the same, “so bathroom boy, I’m y/n. Should i keep calling you bathroom boy or do you have a name?” i ask. “As pleasuring it is to be called by an embarrassing mistake, which by the way, let never speak of it again, i would like to be called, Calum, please.” he says very cutely. I giggle, “well, nice to meet you, Calum, but now i have to get back to a group full of people who arent even acknowledging my existence at the moment.” i groan and throw my cigarette to the ground and stepping on the bud of it.

I smile at him and reach for the handle. “Hey wait, y/n,” he shot out quickly and i released the handle and faced him, “do you maybe wanna go hangout, jus the two of us, like right now? I mean, its better than seventh wheeling.” he asked. A smile plastered across my face, “yeah, lets go get some ice cream and play a game?” i asked, not really wanting to do much, just chill. He smiled back, “you like fifa?” he asked, “Ooou, im gonna kick your ass in fifa.” i shot at him and smiled, “I’d like to see you try.” he said as he grabbed my hand and began to run to his car while i was giggling.

Do you even Care?- Michael

A/N- So I’m testing out things, and writing beginnings n shit. here’s a michael one bc why not.

“Don’t you ever get tired?” I yell, burying my head into my hands. “Leave me the fuck alone Y/N, I can go out whenever I want,” He argues defending himself almost like a little kid. Our relationship is going downhill, and I don’t know whether it is a phase or not. Michael’s been out for 3 nights in a row, and I’m left in the house, waiting for him to return- obviously drunk and incapable.

“Michael, you need to liste-” “Shut up Y/N, I don’t want to hear your fucking silly voice which pisses me off,” I hold back tears, the fact that I love this guy digusts me right now. “I’m sorry, I’m trying to help you,” I raise my hands up in surrender. I couldn’t stand anymore of his harsh words. “I’m leaving, I had enough,” I run up the stairs, the last face I wanted to see was his.

^ this is a beginning, idk if its good or i like it but here it is.

  • I'm so sick of people defending Bryana and saying that she didn't mean to fat shame people.
  • Okay say she didn't mean to call someone fat, but you can't fat shame random people on the beach for 10 minutes straight and call it an "accident"
  • You guys are saying that shes trying to change. Yeah okay maybe that's true. But has she apologied for fat shaming people? Yeah I know it was a long time ago but she still needs to clean up her action so the 5sosfam can accept her.
  • Tbh I don't care that Ashton is dating a Playboy model, what I do care is that she has a shitty personality (well she MIGHT have changed but she did have a shit personality). Ashton can date anyone and I would fully support his relationship AS LONG AS THE GIRL HAS A DECENT PERSONALITY AND DOES NOT JUDGE PEOPLE LIKE BRYANA.
  • It just fucking pisses me off how everyone's saying that she was young and didn't mean to say all those nasty things.
  • hate me I don't care tbh. I'm just sharing my opinion.
Tease (Ashton)

Author: Niche

Requested: no but I had a lot of fun writing it

You and the boys were hanging out for the day. Once you coaxed Michael out of bed that is. Ever since then the group had been out doing who knows what and just having a good time.

You were at a restaurant currently, Michael trying to get as far away from the sun as possible. You were all laughing and having a good time. Then the waiter came. He was a tall, tan boy named Jake according to his name tag. He took all the orders. When it came to you he winked. “And for you gorgeous?” His accent was slightly Spanish. You smiled and took another look the the menu.

Just as you was about to order, your boyfriend Ashton cut in. “She will have the pasta with cream sauce and a coke.” He answered quite harshly. You looked at him shocked. The waiter looked at him, shrugged and wrote it down walking away.

“What the fuck Ash? I can order for myself!” you hissed, trying not to draw attention.

“You can’t talk to that guy. I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.” You frowned and crossed your arms.

“Fine,” you eventually said, smirking slightly.

The rest of the meal was uneventful. That is, until the end. You had finished her pasta, Ashton was almost done his. You placed your hand on his thigh, a meaningless gesture, until you started moving it slightly inwards. Without a word, you slid your hand up his inner thigh.

Ashton nearly choked on his food. “Y/N?” He whispered, smiling to hide any discomfort. “What are you doing?

You shrugged, still stroking up his leg. Through his skin tight jeans he felt the warmth coming off your hand. He licked his lips and tried not to think about how the pressure you applied on his leg spread pleasant warmth. Once you reached his crotch you smirked at his hard on, almost laughing at how easily turned on your boyfriend was. You palmed him lightly through his tight black jeans and Ashton but his lip, trying not to show any sign of what was going on.

"Let’s go,"Cal said, sliding out of the booth.

"Yeah,” Ashtons voice cracked. He cleared his throat. “Yeah."He said again, deeper. "I just gotta head to the bathroom first.” He walked off in a hurry, moving weirdly towards the bathroom. You smirked as he left, proud of what you had done.

You were waiting outside when Ash got out, looking slightly frazzled, but also determined. “Let’s go.” He smiled narrow eyed at you as he Wrapped his arm around your shoulders, leaning down to your ear. Quietly, just to be sure no one would hear he spoke. “You are in so much trouble for teasing daddy like that baby girl.”

Supply Closet - Michael Clifford Imagine

requested: yes

a/n: fuck you for making me write this i am sobbing at my keyboard (also kinda smutty?? idk)

“That was fucking awesome,” Michael said as he jogged off stage and into the dressing room where you were waiting for your boyfriend. The entire show you couldn’t stop thinking about how hot he looked up there on that stage, beads of sweat forming at his forehead and his fingers focused on playing the right chords. Whenever he was performing, he looked so at peace with the world, and it was the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.

“You did good tonight, babe.” you whispered in his ear, planting a kiss on his cheek, letting your lips linger there for a few seconds. “You looked so good up there.” You heard him gulp a little.

“Not now, (Y/N). The boys are around.” Michael pushed past you and walked over to the sofa in the middle of the room, joining the rest of the band in a conversation about some video game you’ve never heard of. You decided to join them, plopping yourself down next to Michael, your arms touching ever so slightly. He wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his chest.

You leaned over and brushed your lips against his neck, letting him know that you weren’t going to take no for an answer. The boys were wrapped up in their debate, so you decided to take the opportunity of them looking away to firmly press your lips onto the delicate spot where his jawline meets his neck. You heard him let out an involuntary grunt when you flicked your tongue along the surface of his skin, sucking slightly.

Without warning, Michael shot up from the couch and pulled you up by your wrist. Startled, the rest of the boys stopped their discussion and looked over with concern.

“Excuse us, (Y/N) and I have to talk about something.” He said as he dragged you out of the dressing room. You had no idea where he was taking you, and you didn’t really care. All you could think about while he pulled you down the long hallway backstage was the feeling of his lips on yours, his tongue on yours, his body on yours.

After what seemed like an eternity of walking, Michael pushed open the door to a supply closet. He pushed you inside, causing you to stumble over a mop, and he slammed the door behind him. There was no light in the closet, so you couldn’t tell where he was or what he was doing, but suddenly you felt a body push you up against the wall and a hot breath on your neck.

“Didn’t I say, ‘not now’?” Michael whispered in a voice much deeper than his normal one. All could manage to force out of your mouth was a quiet moan. His hand started to wander up your leg, pushing your skirt up your thigh.

“Mikey,” you groaned.

“Yes princess?” He asks, face buried into your neck.

“Kiss me.” You commanded. His lips leave your neck and slowly trail up your jawline and along your cheek until they meet your mouth. His hands roamed your body as you kissed, and you snaked your hands around his neck to deepen the kiss.

Michael gently tapped your bum, signalling for you to lift up your legs. You did as he wanted, wrapping your legs around his waist. You could feel the growing bulge in his pants push against your inner thigh and his tongue familiarizing itself with your mouth.

Just as things were getting heated, you heard somebody call out from the hallway.

“Michael? (Y/N)?” Ashton called, “Where are you guys? We’re heading back to the hotel.”

“Fucking hell,” Michael grunted as he gently planted your feet back on the ground. “When we get back to the hotel, I am so going to have my way with you.”

How They Would Act if it was Your First Time (Muke)

Word count - 367

Rating - M

Requested- yesh :)

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, I’ve never tried the blurb format before but i’m happy with it :) Message me if you think i should do Cashton next


Luke would be so sweat and just want to make sure you were comfortable with the idea. He wouldn’t want you to fell pressured and he would want you to enjoy it as much as he. He would undress you slowly giving you a chance to back out but also so he could indulge in the sight of your naked body for the first time. If you were insecure about your body (and even if you aren’t) he would complement you on how amazing you looked. He is the kind of guy that is nearly always prepared so i think he would have bought some lube a few days before just in-case you guys had sex because you would have talked to him about it and agreed to do it. The sex itself would pretty vanilla…just missionary and a shit tone of eye contact and maybe some giggles at the noises made. Luke wouldn’t want to hurt you at all an would probably feel super guilty if you started to hurt. I think Luke would treat it as making love more so than just sex.

I think you and Michael would have talked about sex a few times before you actually did it so he knows about your lack of sexual experience. He would want to get you all hot and bothered and turned on, just to make the experience mind blowing for you. I think we all know that he isn’t a virgin so i reckon he would know a few tricks that would blow your mind. He would be really cheeky through the foreplay, leaving love bites everywhere and smirking when you moaned. But when the two of you actually start having sex, he would want it to be all about you in every way, so i think he would get you to try some different positions until you found the right one. He would go slow and never pull out fully (because the head is the worst part) and he would want you to orgasm even though he knows girls tend not to their first time. Once it was over he probably help you clean up because he is such a sweet heart. 

anonymous asked:

Could you write a blurb or preference based on this post? (: celibacy(.)tumblr(.)com/post/50053684394/in-the-middle-of-sex-he-stopped-to-tell-me-that-he

okaY YES i think about this with michael tbh its so cute, i feel like you’d be on top but he’d have his arms around your waist holding you tight so he could be pounding into you and you’d both be moaning and cursing but when you guys make eye contact he just starts to blush a bit and smile a lot and his movements stop and he presses a quick kiss to your lips and just blurts, “i love you,” and you grin a lot and say it back and the two of you are quiet for a moment before he just suddenly slaps your ass and shouts, “back to business!” and starts thrusting up into you again aw

Long Day

A/N: So, this was my first smut, tell me what you think. 

Story: You had a terrible day, and you wanted to relieve some tension when you got home. 

Today was just a shitty day. You were late into work, being so, you got yelled at by your boss, who was a bitch. You got nothing done, because customers wouldn’t stop complaining. The highlight of your day was, getting in the car and going home to see Calum. He could make your day. Driving, you really wanted to relive some tension. Sexually and emtionally. You pulled up into your flat, and opened the door, dropped your purse and keys. Calum herd you come in because he ran to you, and gave you a million kisses and a tight hug. He always knows when your upset. You wear your heart on your sleeve, he can tell if your mad, sad, lonely, anything.
“Hey babe,” He said rubbing your back.
“Hi,” you sighed into his chest.
“You wanna talk about it?” He asked pulling away from you, to look you directly in the eye.
“Hmm, I’d rather do something else.” you smirked.
He immeditaly knew what you were talking about, picked you up bridal style, and went straight to the bedroom.
“You made me crazy this morning. Wearing those tight blouses, and mini skirts. You just love to tease me.” He said pinning you against the wall, kissing up to your neck. Calum knew you loved dirty talk, it was such a big turn on for you. You let out a low moan.
“We should get these off,” He said pulling at your blouse. You quickley unbuttoned it, throwing it somewhere in the room, and took off your skirt, leaving you in your bra and panties. You know stood basically naked in front of him. You put your hand on the back of his neck, and pulled him in for a kiss. The kiss got heated, and you trailed your hand down and began to unbuckle his pants. He pulled away, took off his shirt, and pants. You admired his toned chest, his v-line, he had the body of a goddess. You started to walk toward the bed, and scooted toward the pillows. Calum made his way over to you, and was hovering over you. He kissed you again, and his hands travled to the waist band of your panites. You moaned, wanting him to do more.
“Calum, please, I need you! No teasing.” You whined.
“Oh baby girl, we’re just getting started,” He said. He rubbed you over your panties. You moaned again, and he finally took off your panties. He swiped a finger up your folds, tapping your clit. You grabbed a fist full of his hair, getting a moan out of him. He kept rubbing figure eights on your clit, and you were a moaning mess. He loved watching you whither underneath him.
“Mm, just like that Calum, don’t stop.” You moaned, putting your head deep into the pillows.
“I don’t plan on stopping.” He smirked. Moments later, you felt a knot in your stomach form, and you were close. He then thrusted two fingers in you, pumping at a very fast speed. You felt the knot becoming tighter, and you wouldn’t be able to last that long. You clenched around his fingers.
“I-i’m gonna cum.” You said.
“Come on baby girl, come for me.” He said pumping his fingers faster. Right at his words you came all over his fingers, soaking them in your jucies. He remove his fingers, and stuck them in his mouth, moaning as he did, tasting you. He then took off his boxers and thrusted into you.
“Oh shit,” You said, raking your nails up and down his back. He hissed in pleasure and pain. He took one of your legs, and put it above his shoulder. At this new postion, he thrusted harder and deeper.
“C-calum, I can’t,” You said.
“Just hold it baby girl, I’m almost there.” He said as his thrusts became sloppier.
“F-fuck, oh god.” You moaned.
“Okay baby girl, come with me. On three, one two three!” Right as he said those words, you came all over his cock, him spilling his liquid inside you. He pulled out, and layed on top of you.
“Have a better day now Y/N?” He smirked.
“Yes, thank you baby,” You cooed.

Muke: To Love or To Be Loved (part 10)

Luke was screaming loudly and Michael’s heart was in his throat. He was ninety-nine percent sure the blond was in the bathroom, but he wasn’t sure because what the hell would be scream worthy in there?

“What’s wrong?” Michael slammed open the bathroom door to see Luke standing on the toilet seat, towel wrapped around his waist and a terrified look on his face.

He pointed a shaky finger at the shower, more specifically the spider peacefully lounging on the side.

Michael shot the blond a look of distaste. “Are you kidding me?”

“Michael.” Luke whined, clutching the towel tighter and pouting. “Please kill it.”

And Michael was glancing back at the spider, eyes widening slightly. “What? I can’t kill it!”

“Yes you can.” Luke urged. He was shifting around and Michael swore the seat was going to give out soon with how it was creaking softly under his weight.

Michael shook his head but grabbed a handful of tissues and moved towards the bug.

“No! Don’t squish it, flush it down the drain!” Luke was stomping his foot angrily and Michael took a step towards him as the toilet lid snapped from the holding and the blond went tumbling to the floor in a pile of legs and towel.

He squealed as he slid and landed. Michael held in a laugh at the bewildered look on Luke’s face.

“Stop laughing and kill the damn bug, Michael!” Luke threw his hands up, thoroughly exasperated. He crawled towards the lid and picked it up, looking at it with wide eyes. “Did I break it?”

Michael moved to turn in the shower head, completely ignoring Luke’s question because the boy was an idiot; his idiot but still. He watched the bug flush down the drain, turning off the water to look at Luke whose eyes were wide and nervous. “Is it going to come back up?”

Michael shook his head, moving to pick up the seat. “I’m going to run to the home store and pick up a new lid.”

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll come with you.” Luke whipped his towel off, flinging it in Michael’s face as he made a mad dash for the shower, bug obviously forgotten.


Michael was stirring a pitcher of iced tea when Luke walked in, leaning on the countertop near Michael and watching him.

“Do you want kids?” Luke questioned, his voice was soft as he played with the frayed edges of a dish rag.

Michael paused, looking up with wide eyes because this was extremely random. “I don’t know, Luke. They’re a lot of work.”

Luke shrugged, glancing up. He spoke quietly, whispering like someone else could hear; but that was their thing, whispering about the future because the walls were paper thin. “I want to adopt.”

And Michael nodded slowly; what else could he do?

“But I want to get married first.”

Michael snapped his gaze up to Luke’s, their eyes meeting in a silent conversation that Michael wasn’t sure he was even part of.

“One day.” Luke whispered softly.


Two weeks later they brought home the first two members of their family; Felix, the small white kitten Michael had fallen head over heels in love with, and Mango, the teacup husky Luke had pleaded with Michael for.

Michael crawled into bed after making sure Felix and Mango had plenty of food and water and were penned up in the kitchen with their beds.

“I thought marriage came before kids.” Michael teased, turning the bedside light off and sliding close to Luke.

Luke shrugged, his shoulder brushing Michael’s. “You haven’t proposed.”

Michael chuckled softly, “I didn’t know I wore the pants in this relationship.”

Luke slid his arms around Michael’s waist, drawing him closer. He didn’t respond to Michael’s teasing. “This is enough.” He was whispering and Michael understood.

They didn’t need a big house in the suburbs with maroon shutters and a greenhouse, their small flat with messy, loving memories was enough.

“Mango is going to want to run around.” Michael commented, tucking his face in between their pillows. He could smell Luke’s shampoo, and it felt like home.

The boy sighed. “Then we’ll take her to the park.”

And that was that.


Friday nights consisted of snuggling on the couch, watching movies, or playing board games with Ashton and his siblings who had practically moved in with the man, much to Michael and Luke’s pleasure.

Harry was sitting on the couch next to Luke, his legs across Michael’s lap, and his head on Luke’s chest. The blond was brushing his brown curls, similar to ones on Ashton’s head, out of his face as the little boy yawned.

“Time for bed?” Luke asked softly and Michael’s heart fluttered because he was so good with the kids, oh god, it made Michael want to have seventeen with him.

Harry shook his head, stretching out slightly. “Not tired.”

Michael and Luke shared a look, both knowing the boy was minutes away from falling asleep and Ashton would kill them both if he stayed up too late and was cranky in the morning.

Lauren laid her head on Michael’s arm, smiling. “This is a sad movie.”

Michael agreed completely and told her so. She giggled and sat up. “I’m tired.”

It was a big production getting the kids in bed, especially because Harry was whining about not being tired although his little eyes were slipping shut and he kept yawning.

But Luke promised to make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and suddenly the boy was completely fine with sleeping; Lauren was already asleep before her head even hit the pillow.

Michael turned a nightlight on and shut the bedside lamp, sliding out of the room with Luke behind him shutting the door.

They slumped against the wall and Luke grabbed his hand tightly. “I want kids.”

Michael huffed, looking over at the blond.

Luke stared at him with wide, pleading eyes. “Please, Michael.”

The door opened and Harry peeped out. “Can Mango come sleep with us?”

Michael nodded, still focused on Luke’s words. The little boy hurried past him to the kitchen to take the puppy to his room where he closed the door with a click and the sound of Harry jumping on the bed followed by a small bark was heard.

“I want kids, Michael.” Luke repeated, pulling the older boy towards him, his face void of any emotion besides an award worthy pout.

Michael shook his head; this was too much too quickly. “I… We’re not even married, Luke. You said marriage before kids.”

Luke shrugged, moving towards the living room. “Let’s get married.”

“Luke, no,” Michael sighed, running a hand through his hair, completely exasperated. “We need time.”

And Luke stared at him, clearly thinking over what Michael had said. He didn’t look to happy, in fact he looked downright sad, and it hurt Michael’s heart.

“Three years.” Luke finally said, and Michael knew exactly what he meant.


Michael didn’t like the outdoors, he never had and probably never would; it was either too hot or cold and the feeling of grass on his skin was horrible. But when Luke had asked him to go for a walk Michael had agreed instantaneously and had leashed up Mango before following the blond into the sunshine filled day.

They walked along quietly, hands clasped. It was warm but breezy and Michael was struggling with how hard the puppy was pulling; it was quite annoying because whenever Luke walked her, she was fine but the second Michael got a hand on her leash she was dragging him down the sidewalk, and it was sad because she was so tiny and he was still getting pulled along.

“Is something wrong?” Michael asked because Luke looked completely distressed and his hand was sweaty.

Luke glanced over, shaking his head slowly. It was obvious something was wrong, and Michael was scared about what it could be.

“Luke.” Michael whispered, his heart was in his throat and everything was moving in slow motion.

“Marry me.” Luke squeezed his hand tightly, his eyes wide and shining with this hope that melted Michael’s heart into a puddle. “Michael, I love you so much.”

He wasn’t on his knee and there wasn’t a ring, but Michael didn’t care. It hadn’t quite been three years, probably only two and a half, and Luke was twenty-one and just as innocent looking as he had been seven years ago when they’d first met, and Michael was even more in love with him than he ever thought possible.

“Okay.” Michael nodded his head slowly, smiling when Luke’s face lit up with a huge grin.

He pulled Michaels body towards him, and pressed their lips together in a soft kiss. Michael shivered when Luke’s hands moved to his neck, gentle and soft, just like everything about Luke was. He didn’t complain when Luke pulled away from him, dragging him and Mango, who had been very content napping in the grass, towards their flat, barely paying attention to anything besides his obvious thrill.


Michael had barely taken Mango’s leash off when Luke pressed him against the kitchen counter, his fingers digging in Michael’s hips roughly. They stared at each other, both breathing hard and Michael suspected their pupils were dilated.

“All mine.” Luke whispered, biting his lower lip softly.

Michael nodded in agreement and Luke tipped his head in to Michael’s neck, his lips playing around on the soft, pale skin of Michael’s throat. It seemed Luke liked to mark Michael’s throat up to the point where blueish- purple bruises were scattered about and nobody even dared doubt they were together, but that was Michael’s opinion.

He liked it though, a lot. How Luke could toy with him so easily, knew everything about him, what he liked, didn’t like, his ticklish spots, and that he absolutely loved Luke’s lips on him. Michael processed things slower than usual when it came to Luke and he was sure it was because of all they’d been through and the amount of sacrifices and slow but steady hands it took them to even reach where they were now, but through his thinking he realised a few things; Luke sometimes used his shampoo, and he was sure it smelled ten times better on the blond, they didn’t have to talk to communicate, sometimes words weren’t enough or just too much and they needed simplicity, and he was completely head over heels for him, so much to the point where if Luke asked him to die for him, he’d do it. He wanted to please him, he wanted to pull Luke to him as tightly as possible and never let go, he wanted the body heat, the soft touches, the needy kisses, the messy, intimate love making, even the bad cooking.

Everything Luke had to give, Michael needed, and the blond boy was more than willing to hand it all over.


Relationships were messy, they were stupid at times and made you want to pull your hair out and glue it to your eyeballs, but Michael didn’t mind at all. He liked when they fought and Luke would slam the doors and cabinets, and Felix and Mango would hide in their room until Luke coaxed them out with treats, apologising to the little pets that had no idea what was going on. He liked it even more when Luke would go to him, a pout on his face and apologise, whether he was right or wrong in the situation, and he liked the cuddling that came after it where they talked about Michael’s radermachera sinica and the new books Luke bought that day, and when they’d move around the kitchen, bumping hips and getting in each others way as they struggled to make their meals, and Luke would laugh and bring up how hard it would be with kids running around, and Michael knew that the blond didn’t care if he had to step on nails to make his kids breakfast, he’d do it and be happy.

And that was about the time Michael realised that he was engaged, and that they’d be fathers soon, and there would be little footsteps running around the flat, and Harry and Lauren would have sleepovers with their kids, and Jesus, Michael was getting married.

“We’re getting married.” Michael’s heart was racing as his eyes flickered to Luke, who was washing dishes in the sink, humming along to the quiet tune rolling out of the radio on the windowsill.

The blond nodded. He smiled at Michael softly, and shut the water before drying his hands on a dish rag. “Yep, only four months now.”

Michael made a sound of content and Luke wrapped his arms around Michael’s waist, burying his face into the older boys hair. He’d kept up with dying it brown because Luke seemed to like colour on him, and he liked when Luke was happy.

They were expecting Ashton and the kids soon for dinner, but neither one wanted to be the first to let go.

But Michael broke away, pressing a kiss to the blonds forehead, although he had to lean up on his tiptoes to do so. He didn’t mind; he liked Luke was taller because that meant Luke would spoon him, because the big spoon was always the taller one, and it wasn’t like Luke minded, as long as they switched up every once in a while, which they did.


Ashton was to be a groomsman in the wedding; he’d threatened to drop them both if he wasn’t, and neither boy had any issues with him being one.

It was funny to Michael, to look back at the past and realise that Luke and Ashton had went from hating each other for the stupidest reasons to being friendly, able to joke around, and hang out simply because they wanted to. He was sure Luke loving Harry and Lauren had a lot to do with it as the kids were pretty picky when it came to people but had latched onto Luke almost automatically when they found out he would be around a lot more, but he wouldn’t ask Ashton because he knew the older man would deny any and everything said about it.

The pile of papers in front of Michael was small but he wasn’t in the mood to get organised, he wanted to go cuddle with his fiance in their nice warm bed because it was way too early for him to be up on a Sunday and he knew Luke would be pouty when he woke up and realised Michael wasn’t there, and no one liked a pouty Luke. So he left the papers where they were and made his way through the flat to where Luke was curled up on his side facing Michael’s side of the bed, and Felix and Mango were both curled at the bottom on Luke’s feet.

He slid into bed slowly as to not wake the boy, but felt his arms wrap around his waist and pull him close.

“Why do you always leave me in the morning when it’s cold?” Luke grumbled, his face nuzzled in Michael’s neck. The boy rarely slept with a shirt on, but always complained he was cold, and Michael teased him for it over and over again. “You’re supposed to keep me warm.”

Michael loved the way Luke talked in the morning, his voice heavy with sleep and his eyes still closed, like opening them was too much work and he didn’t have the energy. “I came back, didn’t I?”

Luke groaned, obviously not pleased with the answer he was given. “You still left. My soft, warm pillow left me to fend for myself.”

He had to laugh; Luke was a complete baby when he just woke up, complete with grabby hands, small babish sounds that could put a newborn to shame, and legs that would wrap around Michael’s body, like a silent stranglehold screaming ‘I’ll never let go and you can’t make me’. But Michael found it endearing because well, everything about Luke was endearing to Michael and he liked it a lot.

“You’ll have to make it up to me.” Luke mumbled, sounding like he was falling back asleep.

And Michael chuckled, snuggling into the covers. He knew Luke would say this; probably because it happened often and Michael always ended up babying Luke for the day, not that he really minded, but still. “I always make it up to you.”

“I know, but you’ll just have to do it again.”


Greta was on the invite list, per Luke’s request, and the older woman had become something of a motherly figure to both boys when they suddenly got too caught up in the intimacy or work thrown in their lives. She would knock on the door almost every Sunday night, a bottle of wine in her hand, and Michael would be scurrying around the kitchen, threatening Luke if he even stepped foot in there, because while the blond could bake pastries like his life depended on it, he was completely incapable of making a pot of rice without it becoming mush.

Things flowed smoothly, she would make sure Michael’s radermachera sinica was watered, and would praise Luke on the different deserts he would whip up in only a moments time. Michael thought about her a lot; it seemed that from the moment she stepped into the apartment when Luke was falling to shreds, she had started to build the blond up a bit, she babied him because he was hurt, but she kept him alive and well, and maybe that was the reason Michael and Luke were together, because she hadn’t left Luke, she had noticed him, noticed the quiet, the probable pain seeping through the walls of the flats, and Michael couldn’t help but hug her tightly when she would get ready to leave at night, and whisper a soft ‘thank you’ to which Greta would always respond with ‘don’t hurt him’ and Michael swore on his life that the last thing he would ever do was hurt Luke again.

And when they crawled into bed, only weeks before the wedding, and snuggled up close did Michael realise he took the chance to love someone who would always love him unconditionally and it hadn’t backfired, if anything, it was the best decision of his life.

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  • eggs, bacon, grit, SAUSAGE
  • Calum:my nudes were leaked so you can see my SAUSAGE
  • Michael:stayed in my man cave to play with my SAUSAGE
  • Ashton:kfc sold chicken and sold no SAUSAGE
  • Luke:my legs are long but so is my SAUSA-
  • Liz Hemmings:*enters with a tray of cooked sausages*
  • Liz Hemmings:someone better fuckinG EXPLAIN
  • Luke:
  • Calum:
  • Michael:
  • Ashton:
  • Michael:*whispers* mama hemmo is pissed so we get no SAUSAGE

I don’t see a diffrence.