"We Work Well Together." - Michael smut (Requested)

Summary: You and Michael don’t get along at all. As the stars would have it, you two are paired for a class project. What you didn’t expect was how alike you two are. Lost and worried and perhaps a little sexually frustrated. You work together to fix that right up.

Explicit. Enjoy, my loves! - xoxo

"No way."

Michael just shook his head and rolled his eyes beside you, choosing silence here. 

"Seriously…?" You dropped your shoulders, swinging your gaze over to the blue haired boy. Michael’s lips stretched to one massive smile. 

"I…what are you smiling about?" 

"It’s hilarious how pissed off you are," Michael said around the fucking lollipop he had in his mouth, staining his tongue a bright red. 

"I fucking-"

"Look. I’m not thrilled about this either y/n. But we have to do it so…quit whining," he punctuated his words with yet another eye roll and a lick of the candy.

Then he was walking out, leaving you to stand by the project partners list posted on the white board. 


"Okay so…we have to make a powerpoint on the effects of consumerism on society so I was thinking…." you trailed off as you watched Michael close his eyes. He was lounged on your ottoman in your living room because the boy insisted you both work at your place. Which was fine…it was just peachy. If only he would actually listen.

"Michael? Are you listening?" You sighed and decided the best way to stir him would be to clap your hands really loud…right in his face.


"Good afternoon and thank you for joining me, Clifford." You’re laughing and don’t feel one fucking ounce of pity for his scrunched up face of pain.

"Jesus fucking Christ, you’re just a joy…aren’t you?” Michael affronted while rubbing his eyes again and again.

"Whatever…you were falling asleep and we have to work on this! Seriously…I don’t know why you have to give me such a hard time."

Michael blinks at you, the way you sort of deflate. So stressed from all of this and it shows. You know it does. Sure…people called you obsessive about your grades and thought you were just some “over-achiever”, but they were just judgmental pricks. Like Michael. They didn’t know how much you needed to get into college…to be the first one in your family to make it there. Needed those scholarships. And fuck this, getting paired with the one person at school you just couldn’t stand. 

You didn’t know exactly when the whole “enemies” thing started. But there was the conflict with Michael’s affinity for being the class clown and you preferring a quiet learning environment. Maybe it was his pranks or his crude jokes or that he was your next door neighbor and always played his music so fucking loud….

But you digress.

Plain and simple…Michael Clifford was sort of an ass and you needed an A in this class. In every class. Needed a full ride because mom couldn’t take another job. You couldn’t take another job for fuck’s sake….it was all too much.

And here Michael was…catching some Z’s.

"Hey…are you…alright?" Michael asked, his voice alarmingly soft. Disturbingly so, in fact. You blinked, turning to him to see his hands folded on his lap. Calm.

"What…are you okay?” You countered, swiveling on the cushion to face him.

"Uh…what is that supposed to mean? You’re the one looking like your cat just died." Michael is so animated when he speaks, big hands circling the air around him. His sharp canines poke into those plump lips…and huh, you never noticed how big those things were. But why would you? You avoided this kid whenever possible. 

"Oh shut up…I just…you’re freaking me out. Sitting all calm and shit and…that’s never you, Michael.”

"Says you, like you know me," Michael says around a scoff, voice oh so throaty. He’s twisting the bracelets he was wearing furiously around his fingers, eyes cast downwards to his black combat boots.

"Well…true. I guess I’m just going off all the times I’ve heard you screaming out the word "balls" or…oh I don’t know…singing Nickelback so loud I can’t study in here." 

And Michael…well, he laughs. Not at you or in a mean “shut up I hate you” kind of way. He just…laughs. His cheeks squish up and his eyes have little crinkles around them. His lashes are thick and curled into one another. His hand comes up to ruffle that deep blue hair. 

It all has you smiling back, not noticing that you’ve leaned a little closer until he brings his head back up, facing you. You’re both still laughing when Michael swipes his tongue along his bottom lip, flickering his gaze down to yours. 

The wierd thing after that is the quiet. Your house has never felt so damn still as it does right now…with Michael pressing his elbows into his knees. And you don’t now which one of you it is but your bodies are getting closer. Maybe it’s both.

"I’m….well I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stress you so much," Michael says around a bite of his wet lip, tugging slow and that definitely has to stop. He smells like that sweet ocean air designer’s put into a bottle. That good kind of cologne that most boys at your school just couldn’t seem to find. And fuck, his damn eyes are so green

"It’s fine, I….I just have a lot so lose ya know?" You stop quickly after that, casting your eyes down from Michael’s. You couldn’t believe you were confiding in him. But some big part of you, right in your chest…felt warm and right about this. You’re looking down at your hands when Michael’s lay softly over them, holding.

"I do…I mean…my parents think I’m a fuck up and they’re half right." He pauses to chuckle and you feel a stab to that warmth in your chest. You didn’t know anything about Michael’s family or home life. But that sounded pretty sad…

"But I care. I do care…a lot."

You peek up at Michael to see that he’s just watching his thumb rub soothing circles into your skin. Again…and again. You don’t mind at all.

"I wouldn’t have…known that." You whisper to him, offering a kind smile as if to say not that you don’t seem smart, but hey, let’s forget all the times I called you an idiot. 

The boy so close all you had to do was arch your back to press against just half smiled. There was this look in his eyes that filled that part of your chest back up. It was relative…maybe the lost look in his eyes was more like yours than you ever thought. He was just as gone and scared…as you.

And he didn’t care.

"Life’s kinda too short to, I don’t know," Michael shrugged and breathed out a shaky laugh, hands squeezing yours.

"Worry about worrying…right?" You supplied, lacing your fingers up and around his wrists. 

"You’re not so bad, maybe…" Michael’s voice is trembling.

"Thanks," you scoff and just take that leap, leaning forward and nuzzling your nose against his. "So I’m gonna kiss you."

Michael’s minty breath is silky as it drapes across your lips, almost in contact.

"Oh, please do.” 

And you’re laughing into his mouth and Michael has his strong hands wound around your waist, tugging you in like his canines on his lips. 

"What…the fuck….are we doing?" You giggled in disbelief as you allowed Michael’s pull, straddling his lap on your couch. Thank god your mom was working late.

"Fuck if I know…you’re the smarty pants," Michael said around a suck of your skin, underneath your right ear. "You tell me…"

"Shut up," you replied breathlessly, just trying to catch it as he slid his tongue flat along you. A wide path down your throat led Michael’s plush lips to your collarbone. His teeth sank in as sweet as icing and as padded as the pillows you were pressing him into. Your fingers knotted in his soft blue locks, yanking suddenly as he pushed his thigh right in-between your legs.

"Ow!" He laughed, looking up at you with a mischievous glint in those big foresty eyes. 

"Stop-ah…" But you had to stop talking about the second that Michael plucked you up by the hips and set you down at his knees. Right as he dragged you deliciously down his charcoal skinny jeans, the friction slow and dripping. Something like the fog rolling over the hills in the morning out of your bedroom window. 

"Stop teasing, Clifford.." You somehow manage to pant as Michael guides your pelvis down and against his thigh in sickeningly perfect circles. All you can seem to do is shove a shaking hand into your hair and lick at your lips. Overwhelmed and needing so much more at the same damn time.

"Have you ever? Are you…fuck…" You can’t seem to get a fucking sentence out, Michael was working you so hard and great, things like words were becoming more of a mystery. Michael blinks at you, knowing what you were trying to ask, and looking very intrigued. 

"Am I a virgin? No."

"O-okay…I’m…I’m not either," you get out and expect a remark from Michael. A joke or a surprised expression…but when you pop your eyes open long enough to blink away the blurs, you don’t see any of that.

Michael is looking at you with eyes chalk full of thought, care, and plans. Those minty eyes aren’t thinking up a sly comeback at all…he’s nodding slowly and reaching up to stroke at your cheek.

"Alright. However you want to…or whatever you want…to do…" Michael is stumbling a bit over his words even as he looks sure in front of you. His hands covering your hipbones causing chills up and down your spine. 

He’s nervous. And he’s okay with whatever you want to do. You wanted…

"I want you to fuck me."

You follow your words up with throwing your head back and feeling the end of your hair tickle at his knuckles. His thigh flexes and circles with your heat, the part of you he’s controlling. You willingly giving it to him. 

The flicker in his eyes brings you to the soft sheets of your bed, peeking through the blinds to catch a falling star. Waiting for the disguise of sleep, the pitch around you so dark nothing seems so scary after all. 

Michael’s pierced brow raises with the bite of his lip. It’s glistening with his saliva when it pops back into place. Not so scary after all.

"Then I’ll fuck you good, gorgeous girl."


"Oh, ouch, fuck-"

"Michael!" You giggled, so flustered and flushed as he carried you through your bedroom doorway. Michael wasn’t so coordinated with it however, stumbling into your bookshelf and sending a paperback atop your heads. 

"Sorry! You just make me so hot baby," he chuckled, cheeks bubblegum pink, hands holding you up from underneath your thighs. There’s a moment of noisy breath and mussed up hair that has you two just looking into the other’s eyes. Michael cocks his head back with a sudden mewl of laughter. His eyes have never looked more sparkling. You need to say that aloud.

"You’re beautiful," you whisper, nuzzling forward and into his cheekbone.

"Baby…" Michael is sputtering into your hair, fluttering the fine locks beside your temple. Already sweating.

"Babe, you’re a dream."

And as Michael breathes those words into your chest and shoulders, filling you up with the relief of it all, his hands throw you up. Just a little bit to bring your center crashing into his, hands catching your ass. Squeezing hard enough to leave his artful fingerprints. Your lips attach to his, all spit and fiery tongue, his rasp injecting into your gums.

You’re not sure how long you two are kissing for, hot and nearly spent against the back of your door. But when Michael pulls away, one strand of spit connecting your lips, his eyes cast down to your hips. The dart of his tongue breaks the web between you two, and he twirls around. 

The bed is all fluff and ticklish promises of pleasure as the tall boy above you fidgets with the hem of your top. You growl out your frustration and handle it by surging forward to grab at his shirt as well. He works faster, taking your shirt off just before you grip the material at the nape of his neck and slide his clean off as well. Spreading your legs as wide as they can go, still in your shorts, you have Michael by the shoulders. Getting closer and closer.

"Fuck you’re hot, so fucking hot y/n."

"You’re not so bad…maybe…" you reply coyly, all red cheeks and knit brows. You smile so big you felt the lines around it deepen in your skin. And fuck had it been a while since you felt like this. Just happy and silly and…free.

"Copy cat,” Michael spat out just as he thrusted so deep and hard, dry humping into you. Over you. His hard on straining the material of his jeans and rubbing against your crotch. 

"Ah! Fuck. Michael…” All you can think to do is buck up, seeking more, and you get it. Michael is right back with his thrusts, back flexing, muscles rolling underneath your hands. His hands are fisting the sheets right by your ears. And fuck, he just keeps grinding and grinding filthily hot and intimate but without that skin on skin contact. Something you needed. Now. 

"Baby, baby,” Michael huffs out right against your ear as one of your hands shove into his pants, palming him through his boxers. You make quick work of his zipper and your hand finds its purchase on his cock. His hiss of air through his clenched teeth tells you that he needs this just as much as you do. He whimpers while rubbing himself down in little figure eights, chasing and chasing.

"Give it to me bad boy,” You say just as you grip his cock, feeling the slick weight of him, letting it take your mind to places you’d never gone before. 

Your other hand comes up to lay flat against his throat, pressing up for pressure. Michael’s eyes lock with yours. His hips still but deep against yours.

"Give it to me fucking hard.”

Michael’s pupils are blown to leaking pools into the green, set on fire. His smirk returns after he takes a few seconds to gather himself. A lick of those canines, you’re kissing him hard, tongue dominating his. All in your hands before he has your shorts shucked down to your ankles, along with your panties, in a blink.

Shit,” the rush of cold air shocks a delicious spark to your heat, so needy for him. His smirk only gets wider, more cocky. You roll your eyes and shove your lower half into his. Which is still clothed. Unfair.

"Get naked you cocky bastard."

"Bossy bossy.." Michael clucks his tongue but does as he is told. His belt clattering wonderfully loud against the wood of your floor. 

"Now come here," you demand, aware of your pout and damn proud.

Michael is giggling as he crawls over to you, hovering. His cock is huge, long and so achingly hard, bobbing between his full, milky thighs. Leaking at the tip. 

And he’s gentle as he rubs two fingers against your folds, so wrapped up in your gaze as he brings them back up, glistening with your wetness. He’s not looking anywhere but into your eyes as he licks at his fingers. Lapping and humming, satisfied with how you taste. It’s fucking, overwhelminglyperfect.

"A beautiful taste for a beautiful girl."


And sooner rather than later, Michael is three fingers deep inside of you, the sound of his skin on your drenched pussy so obscenely right. The drag of his knuckles to your walls and his middle finger curving up to that spot push you way past the point and you need all of it. 

"Michael..M-Mikey…" You squeak out through the breathless grunts and whimpers you’d been spitting into the air for the past ten minutes. Michael sniffs and just nods, still staring at your pussy, watching his digits disappear and reappear. 

"Okay. Okay…do you have condoms?" He asked, looking up with such adorably pink cheeks. You felt your chest clench at the sight, wanting to sit up and kiss each one. "Drawer..right…over there…" you moan out long and rough as he leaves your body, feeling empty and cold.

"Slow….okay? You’re fucking huge…" you said to him as he guided his tip to your opening. "Of course, y/n. Of course….you guide me."

And you do, reaching down to take his girth into your palm, fingertips circling the throbbing head to your pussy. You start to take him in, breath bated and body indulging in the soft stretch he brought. “Good?” He asked, eyes scanning over all of you. Every inch.

"So good…I’m…I’m ready. Go in all the way baby."

You’re breathless and gasping for more as he slowly slides in. The mild pain is replaced completely by the wave of ecstasy toppling over you both. Bodies giving in to the drip of heaven in tandem. Michael is shaking above you with the wait. Waiting for the nod. You give it to him after a few moments, fingernails digging into his shoulders and teeth sinking in right at his first thrust. 

"Okay?" He questions, turning his face down to examine yours. 

Fuck…it’s so fucking good Michael. Harder,” You squeak once again, his collarbone absorbing the sound, wet from your spit.

His thrusts find a cadence of slow and so gorgeously deep. The bed at a low squeal of protest, your legs trembling and wrapped around his hips. Crossed at the ankles. He goes faster and harder, the wall taking it from the bed frame bang after bang. You know he’s close when he presses his sweaty forehead against yours, hands grabbing at the iron frame, knuckles white.

"Baby, come for me," you whimper and growl at the same time somehow, that need to see him crumble above you seeps through the cracks. Everything in your room seems on fire and your bodies the refreshing breeze, hissing through the trees and whipping you awake from your stupor. Michael’s body grinding into yours, filling you up to the hilt and going harder and harder…just like you told him to. You were at the edge with him. 

"So close," Michael is panting out as his hips get sloppy and so quick the squeaks of the bed become one constant stream. His neck is dripping his effort into your palms as you hold him. You clench around his cock tight and feel the cord inside of you snap. Your orgasm is white clouds, puffy like his lips. Police sirens screaming at the criminals, the night’s sky so flattering and invisible. 

So real.

Yours is all it takes to bring Michael’s on as well. His face is scrunched up, twisted in the pleasure and intense burst of his load into the condom inside of you. So hot and chaotic, you clench harder around to milk this boy dry, body sizzling at the sight of him rubbing in and out. His eyes are fluttering, locking at your body below him, mouth wide open and letting out pornographic groans. Your name is all he seems to recall. 

"Fuck, baby girl…” Michael breathes into your neck as he rests above you on his elbows, still buried deep.

"I know huh? Baby boy…" you giggle, fingers stroking at his scalp, running through his sweat drenched locks. One of his hands trails along the dewy skin at your hip. 

"Welp…" He starts, voice airy in post orgasm bliss.

"We work well together," He finishes with a smirk, you can feel it against your cheek.

You’re laughing so hard your stomach aches then, Michael rolling over and bringing you into his arms. And his laugh is so sweet, his hands so gentle. His heart so calm against your back as you close your eyes and just lay there together.

"We do," you say after you know he’s fallen asleep. Somewhere untouchable in his dreams, wether that be good or bad. You didn’t know.

You didn’t know Michael, but shit, it was getting dark and the sky was doing that pinky sunset thing you so enjoyed. 

And fuck it, you two had plenty of time to get to know each other. 

You were neighbors after all…


These are in no particular order and everyone on here is an amazing writer. But obviously im first <3 And I know the struggle it can be to find smut and stuff sometimes so here is a masterlist of masterlists

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Michael Clifford- Preppy vs. Punk

Request: Hey!! Can you do a preference (mostly Michael) about how you are preppy and how he thinks its cute. Since he’s punk rock our stereotype would be really different, but he loved my preppy lifestyles! Thanks so much and love your blog by the way! - preps-unite

I kind of changed it up a bit because it was kind of confusing to do a preference, so I did just Michael and I made it smutty. Hope you like it! :)

Smut warning!*

Word Count: 1,500+


My heels clicked as I walked down the hallway at school, my bag clung to my side. I pursed my lips and flipped my hair so it was out of my way. I watched a few of the guys watched me walk, but I didn’t care. I’m kind of used to it. I stopped at my locker, making sure to stick my ass out as I bent down to get my books. After putting my books in my bag, I shut my locker. I was startled when I saw some guy leaning against the locker next to mine. He had bright blue hair, the leather jacket was bringing it out. He had a piercing on his eyebrow and a few tattoos were visible on his lower arms. I wonder how many are covered by the jacket.  “All I have to say is…damn.” He said and slipped his hands into his pockets.

“God, you scared me.” I held a hand to my chest.

“I’m Michael.”

“I know who you are. Can I help you with something?”

“If you’re going to stick your ass in front of my face, you could at least let me buy you dinner first.” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes, “Not happening.” I started to walk down the hallway, but he caught up to me.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re not my type.”

“Or you just can’t handle me.”

I stopped walking and faced him, “Excuse you?”

“Please, you’re too preppy to handle me.”

“I can too handle you, if I wanted to.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Are you sure about that princess?” He leaned towards me, but I took a step backwards. Well he was right about one thing, he is very intimidating. But he thinks I can’t handle him and for that, I need to prove him wrong. I can’t let him win.

“I am sure.”

“Prove it.”

“Fine.” I said, but we were interrupted by the bell ringing. I looked around to see every scurrying to get to their class. I rolled my eyes at Michael and walked towards my classroom. Once I was inside and in my desk, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out without my teacher noticing.

See you tonight, princess ;)

I replied, How did you get my number?

Not important. I’ll pick you up at 8 ;)

I put my phone back in my pocket and groaned to myself, this should be fun.

Later at night

I’m going to be honest, my date with Michael was pretty fun. He picked me up on his motorcycle which was kind of scary at first, but it ended up being really fun. We went to a diner that was a little outside of town that I didn’t even know about. I hate to admit it, but he is quite a charmer. Despite the fact that we are polar opposites, we’re getting along pretty well. When he got back to my house, the house was still dark and I sighed.

“Everything okay?” Michael asked as he parked his bike.

“Yeah, it’s just my parents. They’re never home.”

“Parents suck.” He said and shook his head, “Trust me. I haven’t seen my dad in weeks and my mom acts like I’m invisible.”

“I’m sorry.” I put a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t be.”

I took my hand off his shoulder and cleared my throat, “You can…come inside if you want.” I looked around, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Sure.” He said and I felt my heartbeat speed up. I have never invited a guy up to my house before; it’s usually the other way around. He put both helmets on the bike before walking with me up my house. I purposely swayed my ass in front of his face, giving him a message. I slowly unlocked the front door and then walked inside. I held it open for Michael and once he was inside, I shut it behind me and locking it. When I turned around, Michael pinned me against it, placing one hand on my shoulder and the other on my waist. My eyes widened and his sudden movements, but I didn’t stop him. His lips were hovering just above mine, I could almost touch him. His forehead was pressed against mine and I wanted nothing more than for him to close the space between us.

“Just kiss me.” I begged.

“Can you handle it, princess?” He snickered.

I glared at him before reaching up and smashing my lips against his. The feeling of his lips against mine sent a chill down my spine. His hand left my shoulder and traveled to the base of my back. I don’t know what came over me, whether it was his touch or not, I found myself wanting him. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, slightly rubbing his member against me. I moaned into his mouth which only encouraged him more. He pulled back slightly, “Where’s your room?”

“Down the hall.”

He put me back to my feet, “Bedroom. Now.”

I nodded and took his hand, bringing him to my room. He shut the door and then immediately took me into his arms. He pressed his body closed to mine and kissed me hard. I reached behind me and started to unzip my dress, but Michael stopped me. He turned me around and unzipped it, ripping it off my body. It fell to the floor, leaving me in just my bra and panties, but that obviously didn’t last too long. He didn’t even bother unclipping my bra and he ripped it off me. He looped his fingers around my panties and started dragging them down my legs painfully slow. He dropped down to his knees, pulling them all the way down which I then kicked off to the side. His fingers trailed up my thighs, making goose bumps form. But once he reached the spot between my legs, he stopped. He looked up at me and I pleaded down at him. I need him to touch me. He looked straight ahead at my throbbing core, running a finger through the folds. I sucked in a sharp breath and leaned my head against the wall. He did that a few times, purposely teasing me, making my legs shake. Suddenly, I lost all contact from him. That was until he started vigorously eating me out. I cried out and my knees almost gave out. I would have fallen if Michael wasn’t holding my thighs. His tongue ventured all around my throbbing core and he started to pump a finger in and out of me. He then focused on my sensitive nub and my legs started to shake. God this feels so good. I moaned and bucked my hips involuntarily. Suddenly Michael pulled back and I whimpered at the loss of touch. He stood up and took his shirt off, throwing it somewhere on the ground. I reached down and took his buckle off along with his pants. He stepped away from me and did the rest of the work by pulling his jeans off along with his pants. I knelt down and reached for his member, but he grabbed my hand before I could.

“I won’t last.” And then he forced me to stand up. He then grabbed my thighs and lifted me up, placing me at his entrance. “Are you sure you think you can’t this, princess?” His nickname for me only turned me on more.

“Just fucking do it.” I begged through my teeth and he smirked. He slammed into me, forcing my back to press against the wall. I reached up and locked my arms around his neck, needing to hold onto something. Anything. The size of him stretched out my walls, making him feel very good inside of me. He left me completely before slamming back into me again. I unwrapped my legs from his waist and placed one foot on the ground to hold me up while leg stayed loosely around Michael’s waist. He pounded into me relentlessly making the desire to orgasm rise quickly in my core. I bit down on his shoulder, trying to stifle some of the moans, but it wasn’t working. He rolled his hips into mine and I cried out when he found my g-spot.

“Found it.” He said between moans and continued to thrust in and out of me at a rapid pace. I dug my nails into his skin as the feeling rose in the pit of my stomach. But with the angle that I’m standing along with his rapid movements, I was brought to my orgasm pretty quickly. I screamed out Michael’s name and my vision went black for a seconds. But he rode out my orgasm, mine setting off his. Once he pulled out of me, I fell to the ground, not able to stand. My legs felt like Jell-O as I leaned my head against the wall trying to catch my breath. Michael knelt down to my level, “Are you okay, princess?”

I nodded and spoke up, “All I have to say is…damn.”

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Need a Little Help? // m.g.c.

(gif is not mine, if this is yours and you would like it taken down, please message me!)

Rating: NC-17 (michael getting off, thigh riding, and all that jazz)

Pairing: Michael and Reader

Summary: bestfriend!michael jacking off to you and you walk in on him?? (uh oh)

Requested: Yes! “I just wanted to ask you if you could write me a little Michael smut where he is your best friend and you walk in on him jacking off? Thank youuuuuu” 

A/N: thank you to whoever requested this! lots of love! -jolene

It was a snowy Monday night and what other thing is better than Netflix and steaming hot coffee when you’re snowed in from school? Absolutely nothing. I was in the middle of re-watching the 3rd season of Pretty Little Liars, when out of nowhere, my phone vibrates from one of the cracks of the cushion. I quickly search for my phone, digging in the crevices. Once I has finally retrieved my phone, I turn it on, seeing texts from my best friend Michael.


'Y/N, are you going to answer your damn phone or not? I want you to come overrrrr.'

'Fine, I guess I'll just sit here by myself watching the Breakfast Club. :-('

God, Michael is clingy, but I love him to death. He’s my favorite Michael. Anyways, since those were sent thirty minutes ago, I’ve decided to pause Netflix and surprise Michael at his house, since he probably wasn’t expecting me anymore.

I run up the stairs, grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, slipping them on as I run back down the stairs, then putting on a pair of Uggs, with my phone in my hand. I walk out the door, sprinting across the street in the freezing snow. Michael lives right across the street, making the commute easier.

I take my key to Michael’s house that he had given me three years ago, put of my pocket, unlocking the door to his rather cold house. Does this boy know what a heater is? I take off my shoes at the door, then throwing my stuff on the couch.

I walk up the stairs, directing myself toward Michael’s room. I approach Michael’s shut door, hearing the sound of muffled moans. I open the door, leaving myself a sliver of the opening to peek through. 

Expecting to see Michael on his bed watching porn, instead, seeing his head on the top of the headboard, leaned back and his hand, wrapping around his red throbbing cock.

"Y/N, Fuck, that’s it baby girl, you’re so fucking tight." he moan, his hand squeezing a little tighter than before.

Seeing Michael get off to me, made my pussy wet, quickly soaking my thong. Before he was about to cum, I walked in at a rather fast pace, crawling on the bed.

"Need a little help, Mikey?" I ask him innocently, while throwing my sweats and hoodie on his carpeted floor.

"Y-Y/N, it’s not what it looks like," he says while his eyes shoot open and his hand leaving his veiny member.

"I said, do you need help, Mikey?" I say more stricter.

"Yes." he finally breathes out, his cheeks turning red.

I unclasp my bra, massaging them infront of him, while he moans.

"I need to pleasure myself first, Michael, are you up for it?" I put my legs on either side of his thigh with my panties still on. "You made me so wet Mikey,"

"Please, Y/N, ride my thigh, just do anything."

"Whatever you say, baby." 

I grind my core down my Michael’s thigh, sighing at the amount of friction and pleasure I was getting out of this. “So wet for me, I love it.” Michael says while putting his hands on my hips, grinding me down harder. I was stablizing my moans by leading both of us into a heated kiss. 

"Fuck, I’m close." I groan, forcing myself to get off Michael’s thigh, seeing his skin now glistening from my arousal. 



Part Two?????????/// I had to end this bc shower so !! there will definitely be a part two !!



Ties And Teasing (Michael Smut)


Written by Kiyyah :)


You and Michael were at your cousin’s dinner party celebrating his new job promotion. Even though Michael wanted to be home drinking his favorite bottle of rum and playing video games, you dragged him out anyway. Ever since you mentioned going, he had a big attitude about it. He complained about almost everything. Trying to make his night a bit better, you wore your favorite black dress he liked very much. The dress could turn him on in any situation, but it only seemed to piss him off even more. At the dinner, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. He couldn’t stop thinking about how the dress showed off all of your beautiful curves. It pissed him off even more when you dropped your purse in front of him. You bent over to grab it and earned a groan from his lips. Looking back, questioning if he was okay, you saw he had his hand covering a big bulge in his pants. When you two left the party, Michael wouldn’t let you go. His hand traveled down and cupped your ass. The car ride was long and quiet, Michael clenching his jaw every few seconds, his hard-on raging through his pants. 

“You know, I had a great time tonight Mikey. You looked great, I personally liked you in your tie. Why’d you take it off?” you questioned and smiled at him. He kept his eyes on the road and shifted in his seat. He pulled into the driveway of your house and you both got out of the car and walked to the front door. Michael seemed to be even more pissed then earlier. You could tell just how pissed of he was when he almost kicked the door down when he unlocked it. His ran his hand through his purple hair and he kicked off his shoes. You reached to take off your red pumps when your body was pushed against the wall. You look up and see Michael’s green eyes piercing into yours. His hands gently gripped your waist as he lifted you up on the wall just a bit so you were on the tip of your toes. 

“What do you think you’re doing? Huh?” he growled, his breath warming the crook of your neck. You were speechless, your eyes widened and you were curious to see why he was so pissed off. 

“Mikey, baby, what’s wrong? W-what did I do?” you said looking at him as he seemed to get even closer to you.

“What’s wrong?! First off, you drag me to a lame party that I didn’t even want to go to. But, because I love you so damn much, put on a suit and went to the fucking party. Secondly, you wore that damn dress. Do you know what that dress does to me? Every curve on your body looks even more fuckable. Did you know that?” he questioned and slowly moved a hand up your dress. His hand reached your heat and gripped your panties. A gasped escaped your mouth, surprised by his action. But, silly you, you still didn’t understand his anger but you definitely knew he was horny. 

“Aww baby girl you look so frightened. But, you teasing me today is just wrong and you know that,” he started, his lips pressing against your neck, “Want me to tell you why I took my tie off baby?” You nodded, at a loss for words in that strange but wonderful moment. “Well, I’m gonna use it for something much more fun. Go upstairs and strip. Keep the heels on and I want you naked on the bed waiting for me. Got that baby girl?” he smirked. 

“Y-yes,” you stuttered. He put you down and gave your ass a quick smack before you started your way up the stairs. Your mind was going crazy. Maybe it was the red wine or maybe your mind is just playing tricks on you. Michael had never been like this, he has been aggressive before but this was all new. And you were beginning to like it. You walked into your shared bedroom and did as you were told. Once you had everything off, you slipped on the pumps and sat on the bed. Your mind was all over the place. So many emotions showered over you. You were excited, for Michael to take you and make your body tremble. Scared, because this was new and you were wondering what really triggered all this besides your dress and the party. Curious, you were wondering what in the hell he was gonna to with that tie. And eager, you and Michael haven’t had sex in a while so for him to be doing something like this, it definitely turned you on. The door opening interrupted your thoughts. 

Michael stood in the doorway, glass of ice in hand and three buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned, his pants were unzipped and his belt unbuckled. Seeing him like this really turned you off even more. He smirked and silently chuckled. 

“Good girl, now come here.” His command was sudden as he closed the door and put the ice on the dresser. You got up and walked over to him. He wrapped his arms around you and softly kissed your lips. You kissed back and wrapped your arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss, his tongue licking your teeth asking for entrance. The kiss just heated up things, he gripped your ass and traveled down to your neck. He laid you on the bed and kissed your body. His tongue licked at your stomach and he nibbled on your breast, leaving hickeys here and there. His hands traveled up to your breast and caressed them. Soft sighs escaped your mouth and your hands raked through his hair. Michael smiled at you and grabbed your hands. 

“Y/N baby girl, I’d love to give you what you want but…” he stopped. Suddenly, your hands were tied together against the headboard. Shocked, you screamed and tried to wiggle your hands free. You looked up to see your hands tied in his tie he wore.

“Michael, what are you doing?” you whined as you looked at him. A sly grin grew on his face as he walked away to the desk across the room. 

“Oh baby, you need to learn your lesson. I want you to know what it felt like to be teased all damn night.” He spoke and took off his blazer. You squirmed and whined, unable to predict his actions. Michael sat in the chair and held the glass of melting ice, watching you struggle. He walked back over to you, putting an ice cube on your stomach. You almost screeched because of the cold substances hitting your skin. 

“Mikey it’s cold,” you pouted and watched as he moved the ice cube around your stomach. 

“I know baby, I know,” he looked into your eyes and went down to your stomach taking the ice cube into his mouth. With the ice between his teeth, he traveled down to your soaked core. You jumped when the ice came in contact with your heat. “Stay still baby girl I got you,” Michael said. Then, he moved the ice around your swollen clit and licked at your juices. Your moans escaped and filled the room. Your head tilted back as the ice melted into you and Michael’s tongue glided across you. He brought his lips to your clit with the ice still between his teeth and sucked while his hands slowly reached your breast, grabbing ahold of them. 

“Mmm, Michael baby that feels so good,” you moaned and bit your lip. Michael teased your nipples and slowly swirled the ice around bringing you close to your high. Your legs rose and landed onto his shoulders. You’re hands gripped the tie and you arched your back as Michael sucked at your clit and his fingers entered you and started pumping in and out at steady pace. “M-michael baby oh my gosh,” you moaned, biting your lip. 

“Let it go baby, I wanna taste how sweet you are,” he mumbled against you. You screamed and grinded against his tongue, releasing your orgasm onto his tongue. You squirmed as you watched Michael sit up and lick his lips. He pulled his pants down and took off his shirt. His hard member almost pushing through his boxers, it was practically begging for release. He leaned over and untied your wrists. You twisted around on the bed and got on all fours. He eased off his boxers and smirked at you. “You want me baby? Hm?” he teased. You looked back at him and nodded, wiggling your bum toward him. 

“Please daddy. I’m so sorry for teasing you baby,” you moaned. Michael teased your wet cunt with his swollen red tip. Both of your moans filling the room, Michael’s hands rubbed your back and grabbed your waist. He slowly entered you, he growled and pulled you closer. 

“Fuck baby, I missed your tight pussy around my cock” he growled in your ear, pulling back and thrusting into you hard. Your moans filled this room, it sounded like music to Michael’s ear. He pounded you from behind, going hard and fast while his hands rubbed your body and grabbed your hair.

“Oh Michael, right there,” you moaned as he hit your g-stop over and over, making you clench around him.

“Fuck Y/N,” he moaned throwing his head back, gripping your waist, “God you feel so fucking good.” 

“F-fuck shit Michael I’m gonna cum again,” you almost screamed at the intense pleasure. Michael picked up his pace, bringing you to close to your high. You felt his hand wrap around and rub your clit. You screamed as you released on him and grabbed at the sheets. Michael groaned before emptying his load and pulling you close. He laid you down and spread your legs wide so they sat on his shoulders. His hand rubbed your swollen, sensitive clit and pushed his middle and ring finger inside of you. 

“OH FUCK!” your screamed as he pumped his fingers fast and licking at your clit. “Michael… shit I’m gonna cum again,” you moaned and grinded against his tongue. Michael moaned in response and kept the pace of his fingers. You gripped his hair and let your juices go, flowing onto his tongue. Your legs shook, your heart beating at almost a rapid pace. Michael licked his lips and sucked what remained of you off his fingers. He picked you up and laid you underneath the cover, sliding in next to you. You rested your head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around you. 

“I love you Y/N,” he mumbled against your forehead before leaving a small kiss.

“I love you too Mikey. And I promise I won’t be a tease anymore,” you smiled at him.

He chuckled and held you close, knowing that soon enough you’d be teasing him once more.

i have an idea for another series that involves all of the boys + it would involve a lot of daddy kink + smut

like a dd/lg kinda series but all the boys are y/n’s daddies idk if anyone would like it so opinions and suggestions would be highly appreciated!!