michael clifford picture

is it okies if i post 5sos pictures on here as well? i hope it’s okies. please tell me it’s okies. please be okies with it.


Make sure Michael gets out of his mancave once in awhile!!! He’ll become waayyy too pale!


absolute favvsss

If you don't think Michael Clifford is the cutest person in the world then you are wrong

I mean, just look at him

he’s adorable




I love him so much and I hope he knows that

credit to gif owners (:

This beautiful boy has saved me so many times and I’m so grateful for him. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful, I love him and the other 5sos boys so much it is ridiculous. Just posting this to explain to some extent my adoration. Love all of the amazing 5sos fam that I’ve met bc of them too, ly guysss <3333

but imagine self conscious!michael. like, you’d come home after a super great day and you’d be extremely happy and when you walk through the door and not see him on the couch playing video games you’d get nervous . not only because 1.) his car was in the driveway and 2.) he’d usually have the pizza guy come about the same time you arrived. so once you set your stuff down, you raced upstairs to your bedroom because you saw the light flicker on in there. once you got up there you saw Mike, standing up looking into a mirror with his shirt up just slightly above his tummy. you walked next to him as he didn’t even seemed to be startled by your presence. he just looked in the mirror at his stomach. “babe, do you think I’m tubby” now that’s what caught you off guard. you leaned your head against his shoulder and kissed his shoulder blade lightly. “what’re you talking about?” you were confused as to why mikey would be complaining though, he never had before. “like am I more tubby then the rest of my band?” he asked, looking at you through the mirror. “and where would this be coming from?” you asked, seeing his hand move slightly back, seemingly reaching for his back pocket where his phone was placed. you grabbed his phone before he could and opened it seeing all of his Twitter mention. of course seeing the occasional ’@michael5sos love you’ and some profanities but you saw he had favorited one specific one. ’@ihatemikey : @michael5sos, seriously lose some of that weight you gained. guessing touring does make you fatter’ and he just looks at you with his bottom lip pouted out, so you put your hands around his waist pulling him so your head lays on his chest. “mikey, you are far from tubby. you are not overweight. i can’t believe you would even think that you are. just because some people say you are doesn’t make it true does it?” you asked, sliding your hands down to capture his. “but I feel it, I see it. Luke doesn’t have much of a tummy as I do.” he whimpered, his head falling onto your shoulder. “I would love you no matter what you look like Michael” you smiled, holding his squishy cheeks in your hands. “would you leave me if i was tubbier than now?” the more questions he prodded the more you wanted to scream to the world how beautiful he was, and how you loved him so deeply. “I wouldn’t leave you if you hated puppies” you kissed his, oddly pink, lips so softly, so delicately as if he was a marble statue freshly made. “and your tummy is adorable” you smile at his green eyes, letting your lips fall to his again. and oh wow I’m sad

; it’s self conscious!michael blurb night so send me in requests ;

and a ps, I’m starting a YouTube channel so who would subscribe??