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Smut = **
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5 Seconds of Summer

25 Days of Christmas
Because Christmas is my favorite holiday

Michael Clifford:
The Other Hemmings ( Part 1 **  /  ~ Part 2 )
Broken Home ( Part 1 ** / Part 2 ** / )
The Bet ( Part 1 / )
Coming Out (Dad!Michael)
  The Setup (Virgin!Michael)

Ashton Irwin:
Opposites Attract
Who Did This
Daddy’s Birthday
You Can’t Sleep (Part 1 / Part 2)
Rumors (Hockey!Ashton)
Bun Head
Oh, Princess (Daddy!Ashton)**
Mr. Irwin (Teacher!Ashton) **
Jealousy **
Number Three (Dad!Ashton)
Table for One
Never Have I Ever (Virgin!Ash)**

Luke Hemmings:
Birthday Surprise
Bad, Good Boy

The Birthday Boy (Part 1 ** / ~ Part 2**)
No Promises
The Wedding

Needy (Dad!Luke)
Don’t Hurt Yourself (Part 1 / Part 2)
Long Night

Calum Hood:
Pre-Wedding Jitters
I Have to Pee
Football Lessons ( Part 1 / Part 2  / Part 3**)
Jealousy’s a Great Look on You
Broken Promises (Dad!Calum)
The Back Room **
Roommates **
Video Games **

Ashton Irwin:
Brother’s Best Friend

Luke Hemmings:
The Other Girl

Nathan Adrian:
Hey Stranger


Let’s Go Camping**
Netflix and Chill**

We Had a Deal**

Caught **

Skinny Dipping **

Challenge me - 5SOS **


They Help Your Boyfriend Propose 
He Finds Out You’re Ticklish
5SOS Preference Series


Blurb Night

Michael Clifford
~ Listen Baby Girl

Nathan Adrian
“I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”
“They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”
“If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”
“Please, don’t give up on me.”
“My parents asked about you.”


Nathan Adrian:
~ Stormy Weather
He Can’t Love You Like I Do (Part 1** / Part 2**)
I Told You So
Poolside Adventures  (Part 1** / Part 2**)
Unwanted Surprises (Part 1 / Part 2)
Age is Just a Number
Surprise *
Thank You for Loving Me **

Smutty Masterlist

A collection of my favorite smuts that I’ve read.

when michael is drunk and punk rock
  • Michael: Guys, Luke is gone...
  • Michael: I can still hear his voice, this is so heartbreaking
  • Calum: Michael Gordon Clifford, are you drunk?
  • Ashton: Stop yell!

Okay so, let’s say that you and Harry are great friends and one day while you were skyping Michael joined you.
“Y/N, you have to know that Michael has a crush on you.” Harry says.
“Oh, serious?” you blush because you area big 5sos fan but you have a massive crush on Michael.
“Yes but I said that you can’t because I’m very protective over you so when you’ll join us during the tour I’ll keep my eyes on you two.”
“Don’t you worry Y/N” we will find some time to be together" and with that Michael winks at you.

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Caught - Muke

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Just look at them…how can you not want both of them to take you at the same time?

“Where the fuck is she?” Calum asked impatiently desperately needing a cig. He looked to his watching huffing once again as Luke shoved his hands in his pockets, baseball cap on top of his head as he sent the girl another text asking where she was. The guys had asked y/n to come on tour with them, mostly for the week break they had now that they were spending in California knowing she had always wanted to go to Malibu.

“Luke, go get your girlfriend,” Ashton teased causing Luke to roll his eyes flipping his friend off.

“Suck a dick, Ashton. She’s not my girlfriend,” he muttered, cheeks turning a slight red color as the three boys snickered.

“Whatever you say there, Romeo,” Michael chuckled before nodding to the elevator. “We’ll go make sure she didn’t slip in the shower or something. We’ll meet you guys over there.” Luke followed behind slipping his phone into his pocket before fishing for the spare room key of hers he had. “What do you think she’s doing up there? Usually she’s the first ready.”

“I don’t know? Why are you asking me?”

“Because you’ve known her for fifteen years? I don’t know,” Michael said as the elevator doors slid open on the fifteenth floor. They took the long walk down the hall stopping at the last door on the right, Luke sliding the key card in opening the door to the sound of Bad Girlfriend by Theory of A Deadman playing in her Bluetooth speaker she had brought from home, y/n lying on the bed with her eyes closed, shirt pulled up to her chest, bottom half bare as she pumped two fingers inside of her, moans escaping her lips. She was half dressed, face full of makeup proving she had attempted to get ready, but somewhere along the way became too desperate to finish without getting herself off. Luke quietly shut the door behind him so no one in the hallway would see or hear her, neither boy removing their gaze from her body as blood rushed to their cocks.

“Do we stop her?” Luke whispered palming at himself slightly.

“Why not see if she needs any help,” Michael muttered back doing the same as Luke, their eyes raking over her body as she squirmed under her own touch desperately wishing it was their touch making her crazy. They made their way to the bed quietly, Luke’s hand covering her mouth as Michael grabbed at her hands, y/n screaming into Luke’s hand until she caught sight of both boys, a deep blush creeping onto her face. “It’s alright, sweetheart. We’re here to help.” Luke hummed in agreement climbing onto the bed kneeling by her head.

“When’s the last time someone gave you an orgasm baby?” Luke questioned caressing her face as Michael ran his hands along the inside of her spread thighs, a whimper escaping her lips as her eyes fluttered closed.

“I don’t remember,” she muttered not sure if this was a dream, but at this point she didn’t care. It had been too long since she got off on something that wasn’t her fingers. Her eyes snapped open at the feeling of something wet running between her folds, a loud moan leaving her lips at the sight of Michael between her legs, Luke chuckling as he kicked off his shoes, y/n’s eyes snapping to him watching him touch himself through his jeans. “Luke,” she breathed out, the blonde’s eyes snapping towards hers as she let out another desperate whine before making grabby hands at his pants. He shuffled closer to her as Michael made himself comfortable in front of her of her dripping core taking his time to clean up the arousal with his tongue. Y/n unbuttoned his pants, reaching into his boxers pulling out his hard on pumping it in her hands, a soft moan leaving his lips as he watched her. She slowly slipped his length in her mouth teasing him, the warmth from her mouth causing him to screw his eyes shut in an attempt to hold himself from a release so quickly.

“Holding up there, Hemmings?” Michael teased chuckling before going back to his mid afternoon snack, y/n moaning around Luke’s cock, Luke shooting his friend a quick look before closing his eyes again throwing his head back in pleasure as she sucked harshly at the tip.

“Fuck, y/n,” he moaned, her moans becoming more needy as her body started to thrash from pleasure, Michael grabbing her hips holding her in place continuing to get her off with just his tongue. Her legs started to shake on either side of his head, Michael humming in content on being able to get the girl off, her arousal falling on his tongue that was still inside of her lapping up her cum, humming once again at how sweet she tasted. He let go of her legs moving away from her as she flipped over onto her stomach to show a bit more attention to her best friend who’s dick was currently down her throat.

“Look at you, y/n just accepting a threesome like the dirty girl you are. I always knew you were kinky,” Michael said pulling off his hat and cutoff, stripping off his jeans and boxers as well leaving him bare as he fished for a condom in his wallet. “Or are you just that desperate and greedy that you want both cocks?” He ran his fingers through her folds causing her to moan again, fighting with Luke’s hands to remove him from her mouth to look at Michael for a moment, jacking off Luke’s length as she bit her bottom lip. Luke tugged on her hair bringing her attention back to him as Michael entered her slowly, not waiting for her to get used to him once they were skin to skin, snapping his hips quickly causing a throaty moan to escape her, Luke pressing her face as close as she would go so her nose was against his happy trail, the feeling of her throat contracting around him as she choked made his legs shake.

Of course, just as he wanted to shoot his cum down her throat, his phone started ringing the familiar ringtone that belonged to Calum, Luke knowing he couldn’t ignore it answered the phone with a small squeak for a ‘hello’, Michael laughing at how pathetic he sounded.

“You alright mate? Where are you three?” Calum asked, Michael pounding into y/n as she was practically screaming around Luke’s dick, skin slapping together filling the walls of the hotel room, Michael’s fingers digging into her hips leaving bruises.

“We…the hotel,” Luke said trying his best to sound normal, but it was hard when he was getting probably some of the best head of his life.

“You’re still at the hotel? What the fuck?” Luke’s eyes shut as he held it together trying to think of something else that didn’t have to do with the fact she was now playing with his balls, on top of choking on his dick. But, when he felt her teeth lightly graze the skin on his cock before she started to just suck at the tip, that was when he lost it letting out a low moan, pulling at her hair as he came in her mouth, the line going silent as he blushed embarrassed, y/n swallowing it all, licking the tip clean before licking at her own lips, a smirk on her face as she watched him.

“What…the fuck…was that…are you having fucking sex? Where the fuck’s Michael?” Calum’s questions came spewing out as Luke watched y/n’s eyes roll back into her head, eyes moving down watching Michael pound into her causing the blood to rush to his dick once again.

“I’ll call you back, Cal,” he muttered into the phone before hanging up. Michael thrusted into her one finally time, letting go of her hips as he thrusted into her, y/n collapsing onto the bed, her arms being too weak to hold her up any longer as Michael took off the condom, rubbing at his still prominent erection as she whimpered, being so close to her second orgasm only to have it taken away from her. “Flip over, sweetheart.” She did as she was told, rolling onto her back looking at Luke, only to have Michael grab her arms, pulling her to the edge of her bed so her head was hanging off as Luke entered her pussy, Michael taking her mouth this time. She gripped onto the duvet beneath them to keep her from falling, Luke’s arms gripping her legs holding them closed and over a shoulder as he thrusted into her roughly, the new angle making her seem extremely tight, both of them moaning loudly as Michael fucked her mouth carefully not wanting to choke her too bad, knowing the position wasn’t the most comfortable.

“Fuck, you’re good with your mouth,” Michael moaned as she started to suck harshly before letting him slide down her throat slowly until he was fully in her mouth, a low groan leaving him. “Fucking hell, y/n,” he muttered releasing down her throat, y/n humming at the feeling of his cum sliding down her throat as he pulled out, y/n letting out desperate moans as Luke continued to fuck her, switching positions again to be able to kiss at her neck, her hands getting tangled in his hair as Michael chuckled shaking his head watching them as he put his clothes back on.

“L-luke…I,” she started, being cut off by his lips on hers, a hand between them rubbing at her clit as she reached her second orgasm, the feeling of clenching around him being enough for him to reach his second orgasm, releasing inside of her, lips still locked as their tongues fought for dominance, Luke’s movements halting, holding her tight to him before pulling back slightly, the two looking at each other, lip between Luke’s teeth as he tried to catch his breath.

“I-,” he started being cut off by a pounding on the door, all three heads turning to the door quickly.

“You three are un fucking believable!” Ashton yelled, Calum agreeing with him as they all laughed.

“Nice fucking job, Luke. You got us caught.”


Find my “dating Michael would include” here: https://urbanstrangersfanfics.tumblr.com/post/160185748636/dating-michael-would-include


  • “Lukeyyyyy”
  • Bopping his nose because jxuwhxuwjudjw
  • “Stop putting everything on the highest shelf!”
  • Cuddling on the sofa with Petunia
  • Singing you to sleep
  • Lots of cuddles in generale
  • Lame pick up lines
  • Milk shake dates
  • Spooning
  • Hugs from behind with his chin on your shoulder
  • Laughing through kissing
  • Lazy sex before going to work
  • Liz loving you
  • “Babeeeee, Michael is rude to me”
  • “You know I love you, right?”
  • “Am I hurting you?”
  • Forehead kisses
  • Going to the gym together
  • “Ok, let’s jam together”
  • Showering/bathing together
  • Beach dates
  • Luke being shy around people (like your friends/relatives)
  • Lots of little surprises
  • Missing him so much while he is on tour and Luke always reminding you how much he loves you
  • Piggyback rides
  • Work out together
  • Him being very shy when you are around
  • Blushing a lot
  • “You’re lucky you’re cute”
  • “Shall we watch ‘The fault is i- What? That’s a lie. I won’t end up crying”
  • Luke crying at the end of the movie
  • “This song is for my lovely dwarf back home. I love you googly bear”

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