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Dating Luke Hemmings Would Include

*You constantly stealing all his favorite band shirts for you to wear

*You sending him a very long message on how you felt about the disappearance of his lip ring

*Him always making sure you are ok when walking through large crowds of fans or paparazzi

*Him taking dorky videos of you and posting them to his snapchat/Instagram story

*Always hearing the slight strumming of a guitar when he’s home because he never can put it down

*“Hey Luke, can you write a song about me?”

“I already have. Want to hear it?

(you nodding vigorously)


*Having to deal with him being sarcastic 25/8

*Him making sure to have his arms wrapped around you when you’re sleeping… even if it’s like a million degrees and you’re dying of a heat stroke

*Him not being afraid to tell the world “That’s my girlfriend, and I love her”

1. 5sos// how they kiss you


 when calum kisses you, both of your worlds stop. it’s like only the two of you are the only people in the world. calum’s kisses are deep and passionate. he always fills his kisses with love so you know just how much he loves you. he would gently put his hands on your cheeks to deepen the kiss even more. sometimes he would even moan into the kiss when your hands wrapped around his hair. 

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 luke’s kisses are long and sweet. it’s never a short peck with him, he likes to kiss you longer so he can hold onto you longer. his lips would be very dominate against yours to let you know who is in charge of the kiss. his hands would be on your hips, pulling you as close as you can get to him. your hands would be against his chest, rubbing gently against his shirt.

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 michael’s kisses are very rough and exciting. he grabs the hold of your shirt and pulls you towards him, crashing his lips onto yours. at times, you squeal when he pulls you, excited about what he might do. michael always kisses you, he can’t get enough of your lips. your lips fight for dominance, but it’s always him that wins. 

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 ashton’s kisses are never the same. sometimes it’s rough, sometimes it’s full of love and sometimes it’s just messy. he likes to switch it up because he always likes to surprise you. his hands would wander all around your body, touching every part possible. sometimes he bites on your lower lip, causing you to moan into the kiss.

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Requested: This sweet anon did

Words: 1396

A/N: omg this was actually quite cute. I didn’t like Calums though – it was kinda off. (also please request, cause im running low on ideas man)


A nice surprise was waiting outside your office. Ashton was waiting inside of his car, sitting with his phone. You ran rapidly to his car, took the passenger seat and smacked the car door, so Ashton flinched at the loud noise. You chuckled at the fact your boyfriend, the rockstar who listened to Slipknot, was easy to scare. Ashton kissed you quickly on the lips, before starting the car and driving home. He was listening to you talk about your day the whole ride, laughing at the right times – even though it was bad jokes. Just as you were going to go out of the car, he held your wrist. Not hard, just to make you sit back and listen to him.

“I have a question. “ He said, not looking at you. He was now fumbling with his phone, scrolling through an article or something. Then you saw something on the screen. It was you and your good friend Troye Sivan. You smiled when Ashton zoomed in on you kissing his cheek. “Who’s this? “

“Honey… “ You couldn’t stop smiling over the fact that he actually was jealous. Something you never thought was possible. “That’s Troye Sivan. He’s a Youtuber/singer. “ You chuckled at how confused Ashton looked. He was looking tired, his hair sticking to his forehead.

“I don’t know him. “ Ashton said miserably, looking at the pictures of you and Troye.

“I actually met him at one of your concerts. “You couldn’t hold it back anymore. “He’s gay. “Ashton eyes lit up at your words and he took his eyes of the screen. “Did you even read the article? “

“No. I was scared of losing you. “ Ashton smiled so his cute dimples showed.

“You were jealous. “ You said as you walked out of the car, to which Ashton denied a thousand times. But you both knew it was true.


It was a late night run. You wanted a movie night with snacks included, but then you realized the only food you had was one slice of cold pizza and some flour. So you both decided to run to a store. It was actually quite fun. First you had to chase every cab driving by, in which Calum almost ran into lamp post and you had laughed your ass of. When you finally found a cab, it was hard to find a store open at twelve at night. But here you two where in a big empty store, looking for supplies. You had split up, because you both wanted to get home fast. You were in the exact other end of Calum, when you felt a breath against your neck and hands wrapping around your waist. At first you assumed it was Calum, but when you looked down to see the hands, that were wrapped around you, you realized it was not. He was paler than Calum and he didn’t have any tattoos. You tossed the strangers hands away from you and turned around to see the face. You did let out a small scream

You didn’t know the person. He was skinny in a big black hoodie. He had a buzzcut and a big nose, wide lips. His eyes and body language was practically spelling “DRUNK”. You didn’t know what to do.

“Oh come on sweetie. “ You shook your head and he nodded saying he understood. At a point, you thought he was going to… you didn’t even want to think about it. But he was just drunk and he had made a drunken mistake. Unfortunately, Calum had heard your little scream and he rushed to your side.

The guy was still uncomfortably close to you, so Calum panicked too. You didn’t have time to explain it to your aggressive boyfriend, before he hit him. Calums fist hit the stranger jaw, making it click.  It wasn’t hard, but it hurt the stranger. The drunk dude ran out of your sight and you looked at Calum, who was taking care of his fist by shaking his hand.

“I don’t know what happened. “ And honestly you didn’t either.

You didn’t know if you should laugh or cry.


Luke had his back turned against you, while you were talking to one of your friends. She had a problem with a guy and you had to listen. You didn’t know who Luke was talking to though. Maybe Calum or Ashton. Michael was sick so he didn’t go out. It was rare that the guys even had time to go out on tour. You happened to be in the state of your friend, so it obvious you were going to meet her. But you only knew her, and nobody else – expect for the guys of course.

All of a sudden, she stopped talking, looked away from you and waved straight ahead. You saw a guy waving back at her and you were already expecting the words coming out of her mouth.

“I’ll be right back. “ She said and before you could say anything she had already rushed over to the guy. You turned the bar stool around, so you were facing the bar. You sat there for about ten seconds before somebody came up to you.

You turned your face and saw a young Brad Pitt. At least that’s what you thought. But then you realized Brad Pitt didn’t look like that anymore and the person sitting next to you were just a normal guy.

“Hi. “ He leaned over and whispered. You chuckled at his quiet hello, being dazzled by young Brat Pitt. “My name is Nick. “

“Y/N. “ You said with a shy smile. He had very green eyes, almost greener than Ashtons.

“It’s pretty. “ He said, taking a slurp from his beer. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. “
Normally you would already have puked by that line, but his eyes were just so green… so you just laughed. Then you felt something around your waist, and the bar stool was turned around so you were facing Luke. You could almost see the jealousy in his eyes. He kissed you, not hard, but not soft either. Just enough to show off.

“We’re going home early. Michael’s gotta be bored. “ He said loudly, making sure Nick heard. He grabbed your hand and kissed it before walking out of the bar. You looked up at him with a wide smile.

“Are you jealous? “


“He looked like Brat Pitt. “

“Shut up. “ He said looking for a taxi. “I know. “


You and Michael always liked to have fun. And it was different kinds of fun. Tonight it was going to a club-fun. After getting a few drinks poured down in you, you were ready to dance. But Michael didn’t want to – he wasn’t that drunk yet. So you grabbed the closest stranger and tossed him out on the dance floor with you. Rihanna was playing and you were jumping up and down, like that was the only dance move you knew.

Then the stranger, you had randomly pulled out of the crowd, placed his hands on his hips. You stopped jumping looking him dead in the eye. “I have a boyfriend. “

“We’re not doing anything. “ He said with an innocent smile. He was right. You weren’t doing anything. So he kept dancing with you, his hands on your hips. At some point, your gaze moved over to Michael. He was looking like he was ready to murder the guy. Then while holding eye contact with you, he walked over to you and the stranger and practically pulling the stranger away from you.

“May I get to dance with my girl? “ The stranger looked fairly scared by the tall blonde-haired boy, so he decided to let Michael dance with his girl. Michael pulled you close, so there weren’t any space between you guys. You put your hands around his neck and his automatically wrapped around your waist.

“Are you jealous? “ You asked, expecting a clear no from your boyfriend.

“Hell fuckin yes! He was grinding up against you. “ You laughed and put your head against his chest. And even though it was a high-tempo song, you were slowdancing in the middle of the dance floor. It might have looked stupid, but you both enjoyed it.

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