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I M A G I N E 

“Don’t go,” Michael would groan, his arm safely strapped around your body as you attempted to leave the bed. His adorable clingy-ness present itself to you as he would snuggled up against the nape of your neck and attempt to fall asleep again. 

These were typical mornings with Michael Clifford. After 4 years of being together, he finally grew the balls to engage you, and then marry you. And it was quite the wedding, if you were being honest. He married you at one of the bands’ concerts, with a real priest and flowers practically all over the place. It wasn’t the normal wedding you imagined yourself having, but then again, you weren’t dating a normal guy. You were dating and now married to crazy Aussie, Vegemite-loving, punkrock enthusiast Michael Gordon Clifford. 

And never did you regret doing so. 

“Stop being lazy and get up,” you said quietly with a giggle. With the little energy you had, you managed to pry off Michael’s arm and stood up. Your feet met the cold floor, allowing goosebumps to crawl all over your body. With your back to the bed, you began to stretch your arms and legs. A few cracks later and you felt a little stronger. But when you turned around, you noticed Michael’s eyes completely fixed on you. 

“I like your butt,” Michael commented, giving you a goofy grin. You grabbed a pillow and hit him with it, covering his face with the silky item as you fled to the bathroom. You stood at the doorway as Michael moved the pillow and stared. 

“You coming or not?” You hummed, having Michael vigorously nod his head as he practically ripped off the blanket and ran into the bathroom. “You smell like shit.” 

“I literally passed out after last nights performance,” Michael moaned as he turned on the shower. “I literally had my energy depleted up the ass, what the hell was I gonna do? I didn’t even eat after!” 

“Dummy,” you sighed as you turned over to see Michael open his arms to you. You walk over, ignoring his pungent odor as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You were pressed against his bare torso, feeling his cute tummy against your as he leaned down to give you multiple kisses on your lips. 

“Your morning breath is so gross, by the way,” Michael said seductively, having you roll your eyes as you poked his chest with your index fingers. 

“Ditto,” you giggled before the both of you stripped and entered the shower. 

Every morning, Michael would make you guys toast with Vegemite because a) he loves it and b) he didn’t know how to cook but wanted to be a good husband. As you two waited for the coffee to brew and the bread to be toasted, Michael would sit you on the kitchen counter and kiss your minty fresh lips with adoration. On average, Michael would kiss you at least 100 times a day and you were all for it. 

“You did your eyeliner so good today, babe,” Michael gushed, his forest green eyes dimming as he held your waist. You touched his nose with yours and smiled. 

“Thanks, I tried really hard,” you admitted, having Michael give you another tender kiss for your small achievement. After the two of you ate your breakfast, you got a knock on the door from the management, indicating that the tour bus has pulled up in front of the hotel. 

“Baby, did you grab our 3DS’s?” Michael asked as he began to grab his phone and wallet. You went over to your purse and checked, seeing the two small consoles in it with the rest of your stuff. 

“Yeah,” you called as you rushed out the door behind him. As he locked the door, you shoved his arm playfully. “Prepare to get your ass hands to you, babe.”

“In your fucking dreams, Y/N,” Michael said, rolling his eyes as he wrapped his arm around your waist. Guards quickly surrounded the both of you as Michael held you close. On your way outside, the paparazzi exploded with questions and flashed millions of pictures. But, as usual, you and Michael were too caught up in conversation to actually care. 

“Hey lovebirds, what kept you two?” Calum asked, winking at you as if you’ve done something naughty. You rolled your eyes as Michael helped you into the bus. You shoved Calum out of your way as you sat down on the empty couch. 

“Sorry, I fucked Michael in the ass this morning,” you joked, having Calum explode with laughter as Michael grabbed you in his arms and rocked the both of you on the couch. It was unbelievable how comfortable you were with Michael and the rest of the band to say such things. 

“Shut up, you,” Michael mumbled, kissing your head softly before letting you go. “Alright, let me show you who’s the man now.” You quickly took out your games and passed Michael his. 

“You lost literally the last 7 games we’ve played,” you point out as you turned on your 3DS to play Mario Kart. “What thinks you could beat me now?”

“Because all you do is pick the course you’re best at!” Michael complained as he turned on his game. “If we did Rainbow Road, we’d have a better time knowing who’s better.” 

“Bring it on, Clifford,” you challenged, shaking Michael’s large hand before the two of you prepared for the race. Luke and Ashton came from their punks and patted your head, but you were too busy trying to beat Michael to really notice. 

“Such nerds, ya’ll are cute,” Luke commented as he grabbed a Naked from the mini refrigerator. 

“Honestly she’s the cute in our relationship,” Michael said without his eyes leaving the game. 

“That’s bull, he’s so adorable,” you denied as you played the game. In half an hour, you managed to beat Michael in 5 of the 6 games you guys had the time to play. 

Your afternoon was then spent going to multiple radio stations to watch the boys perform and be interviewed. You were sat on your own chair by the band, being all the way at the end beside Ashton. But as the boys sang, you and Michael could not stop staring at each other. You’d give him little funny expressions and he couldn’t help but smile the entire time he performed. 

A lot of the interviews the boys held were centered around you and Michael’s marriage. Considering that you two were still so young, people were skeptical about the decision. But as usual, Michael would tell the interviewer how much he doesn’t regret the decision. 

“It can only be Y/N, honestly,” Michael said with a shrug as he adjusted his headphones. “I can’t see myself with anybody else but her. Why should I wait to settle down later when I know my heart is set on her? Might as well ring her now when I can, right?”

His responses always made your heart bounce as you held your wedding band. He used a 25 cent ring as a holder at first, as he said he was getting the rings customized. When he proposed, he surprised you with a ring that was worth thousands. ‘The most expensive ring for a priceless girl,’ he told you as you cried from happiness. 

“Is living with him easy?” You were asked this question constantly. You were sat in Michael’s lap at a different interview, feeling his protective arms hold you tightly as you played with his beard. 

“It’s not hard, but it sure is an adventure,” you said, having the crowd giggle as you pulled a bit of Michael’s beard. He crinkled his nose and shot you a playful expression as you kissed Michael’s cheek. “It’s not bad, it’s just a lot of energy.”

“Am I a piece of work?” Michael asked, playfully frowning as you grabbed his jaw and planted a kiss on his lips. 

“Yes, but you’re my piece of work, so it’s okay.” You gave him a big hug, warming the crowds heart as he returned the love.”

As the afternoon came to an end, you and the boys were taken back to the hotel and actually did a bit of signing for the fans that waited all day in the hotel all day. Michael didn’t let you leave his side as he did a bit of signing. You did a bit of signing yourself, but sometimes got denied of that. 

“Oh, I just want Michael to sign…” a girl said rudely as she held her 5SOS photo. You felt a little hurt but you were used to it as a lot of fans didn’t except you two. Michael noticed you pout and looked at the girl who made you that way. 

“If my wife can’t sign, I can’t either,” Michael said with a shrug as he squeezed your hand. “Have a goodnight everyone!” Michael cheered before leading you away from the fans and towards the elevator. The girl who didn’t want you to sign screamed as you guys fled to your hotel room. 

“You didn’t have to break that girls heart for me, you know,” you mused as you two entered your hotel room. Michael escaped to the bedroom as you quickly threw your purse on the couch and removed your shoes. You walk over to find Michael sprawled on the newly-made bed with his eyes closed. 

“I’m tired,” Michael groaned as he let out a breath. You walked over to him and rubbed his back. “It’s been a long day.” 

“I know,” you said as you let out a yawn. “C’mon, lets get you comfortable, baby.” You got him to sit up as you removed his converse and tight skinny jeans. Leaving him in his Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt and Calvin Klein’s underwear, he chuckled and shook his head. 

“I should be doing this for you, y’know,” Michael said with laughter, having you laugh as well as you let him strip you. Left in the same position, Michael stood up and took off your bra for you, as he knew it was a pain to take off. “Here.” He removed his shirt and pulled it down on you, having it fit you like a dress. 

“You’re so large,” you mumble, smiling down as you held the hem of his shirt. Michael made you face him and held your face, cupping your cheeks in his calloused hands. You felt his wedding bands against your cheek, smiling at the cold material. 

“And you’re so beautiful,” Michael whispered as he gave you a gentle kiss on the lips. “Mrs. Clifford.” He gave you yet another loving kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck for more. 

“Wanna order some pizza, hubby?” You said under your breath as you stared into his green eyes. “I don’t wanna cook dinner.”

“God yes,” Michael gushed as he went to grab another shirt. He also threw a pair of your shorts at you, making you hold it with confusion. “The delivery dude is not going to see you pantsless. I don’t care how long my shirt is on you– that will not stop me from punching him if he even gets a glance at your panties.” 

“Calm down, Mikey,” you giggled as you pulled up the pair of shorts. 

“Not looking at my wife,” Michael muttered angrily as he led you out the room. You smiled at your husband as you trailed after him to make sure he doesn’t order so much pizza. 

You know, as he usually did. 

12. "If you leave, you're gone for good"

Pairing: Ashton Irwin & Reader
Warnings: Angst and cursing
Word Count: 658

A/N: This is not my best work, but I hope you still enjoy it! I’m definitely willing to make a part two as this one was pretty short. Just let me know if you want one.

“If you leave, you’re gone for good”

You stare at your folded hands silently as you patiently await the return of your boyfriend, Ashton. You hear a click and a shuffle, and moonlight streaks into the room lighting up your composed face. You don’t have to look up to know who it is. He flicks on the light switch and closes the door behind him. Soft footsteps sound as he approaches you. “Hey, babe. Why were you just sitting here in the dark?” he questions.

“I was just thinking.” you muttered. He didn’t seem to notice the defeated tone of your voice as he ventured into the kitchen. You get up from your spot on the couch and join him at the fridge.

“Aw shit, you made spaghetti?” he extolled. A grin crept across his face, and his dimples came out of hiding. That smile of his used to make your heart flutter, but now it did nothing. You felt nothing but pent up anger for the boy standing in front of you. You snatch the plate of spaghetti from his grasp and take a few steps towards the trash can. Before he can say anything else, you dump all of it into the bin. “What the hell?” he quipped.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want that? Maybe, next time you should actually come home on time. Maybe you’ll get your damn spaghetti then.” you nagged. His look of confusion turned to one of irritation.

“Not again with this shit” he snapped.

“Well maybe we wouldn’t have to go through ‘this shit’ so much if you would just straighten out your fucking priorities!” you scoffed.

“Oh, trust me, I have my priorities straight, and coming home to this every night” he gestures towards me “sure as hell isn’t one of them!” he sneered. His words cut deep, but you knew better than to show weakness in these situations. You ignore his snide remarks and continue speaking.

“This has been going on for over a year, Ashton. I’m always the last thing on your mind. You never respond to my texts anymore, you don’t return my calls anymore, you don’t kiss me anymore. And then you leave for months at a time to go on tour without so much as an e-mail sent my way to keep in touch. You leave early, and you come home late-” you began.

“Well maybe it’s because you’re a fucking tyrant!” he screams. You stood there and stared, slack-mouthed. His brows bumped together in a scowl before continuing. “You always have something to say, you’re always nagging me, or you’re angry about something, or you’re just being all around annoying. I can never have a moment alone because you are always invading my damn privacy, so don’t you fucking sit there and rattle off the things that I’ve done wrong as if you’re fucking perfect” he barked.

You bit your lip to hold back the tears that were welling in your eyes. He notices your look of distraught, and his face softens for a split second. He turns his head away from you, the muscles in his face tightening.

“I’m done here.” he sighed. He turned towards the door and started walking. Before you could stop yourself, you were speaking again.

“If you leave, you’re gone for good” you croaked after him. He stopped dead in his tracks. The muscles in his back tightened for a second, then released. You immediately regret saying anything. He’s going to leave. He’s going to leave you.

He turns towards you and opens his mouth in order to say something, but he decides against it. Instead, he turns on his heel again and walks briskly out of the door, slamming it behind him.

All of your breath and heart and sanity leaves with him, and you fall to your knees. Sobs rack through your body. You cover your mouth with your hand in order to muffle your wails. You’ve lost him. He’s gone.

He’s gone.

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Sometimes, you think you can connect to someone who you later realize you’re only attached to because they fill sort of emptiness that needs to be taken care of. This connection can reach to great lengths from playful dates around the block to sudden heated bedroom games under the covers. I never knew I, myself was doing it until I saw her. I always announced that I liked someone anonymous to avoid any further confrontation about my love life. I finally had my anonymous person.

I was a house party thrown by a close friend and was sharing a drink with Olivia, a former fling who I had been hanging a lot with recently. She was one of the few people I was comfortable around and no matter what people said, I still enjoyed her company and it sort of shifted into a whole new direction when I noticed her acting different. All of a sudden, she always wanted to be around me and it got a little overwhelming. I was never one to know to handle someone’s feelings so I didn’t give myself any other choice but to keep whatever it is she thought this was, going. We were having what I thought was a stifling conversation when she leaned in and kissed me. With no warning, just went straight for it. I pulled away, not even a second later and looked puzzled into her eyes as she looked back at me in dismay. “I’m sorry.” She muttered and walked away, flustered.

I sighed and took giant swig from my beer when I felt a forceful thump against my back, pushing me forward, leaning on the skinny table beside me for stability. Feminine giggles heard behind me as I saw another friend of mine with a new girl I hadn’t recognized but was responsible for breaking me out of trance from her clumsy actions. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” She spoke, unable to contain herself. Her smile was the first thing I noticed, it was different; Her eyes, with a hint of nervous and unamusement. “Sorry Cal.” my friend, Blaire, pat my upper arm, smiling and ran off with the mysterious brunette, who quickly turned her gaze back at me and back. I downed more of my drink, furrowing my eyebrows and headed slowly in their direction. I momentarily made small conversation with people along the way so I wouldn’t make it too obvious I was following her. I tried to forget her but she kept reappearing wherever I went. With every person I spoke to, eye contact was rarely given because I could not stop looking at her. Her face was now plastered in my mind and so was her smile. She was definitely not afraid to let it stretch across her face. Her nose crinkled and she leaned slightly forward, sometimes covering her mouth to hide her insane smile. Before I knew it, the person whom I was supposed to be engaging in a conversation with was gone. I should’ve expected that.

My beer bottle was conveniently empty and I approached the table with the cooler in which they were provided and popped off the cap without an opener with my savvy skills. “Excuse me.” That familiar voice spoke behind me. She gave me that smile, for some reason, made me feel so different inside. I smiled back and stepped aside as she reached into the cooler and retrieved a bottle. Her body’s searching motions made me assume she was looking for a bottle opener and I turned momentarily to set my own bottle down to help her in attempt to potentially start a conversation. “Hey, I can open that for you, if you’d-” Pop “-like,” I chuckled, still finishing my offer to see her sipping from her self opened bottle already. “Thank you, but I think I’m all set.” She smiled through her teeth and turned to walk away. My first thought was what just happened as if it wasn’t simple enough. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat down. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Olivia standing there, fiddling her fingers.

“Oh hey…” “Cal, about what happened earlier tonight,” “You know what, don’t even mention it. We don’t have to dive into that. We both know we had a little too much to drink and shit happens.” Her eyes narrowed slowly down, sulking. “It’s alright.” I gave a small smile, patting her arm and her walking away. I broke out my trance once again as I felt a tap on the opposite shoulder. “excuse me… you must really like beer to always be blocking this cooler,” the voice spoke sarcastically. “I could say the same about you, you can really ingest a bottle,” “Actually, it’s for Blaire.” “What? Blaire can’t walk anymore and help herself like a big girl now?” I said shaking my head in Blaire’s direction while she stuck the middle finger at me grinning. She, however, smiled politely and shook her head. “Well, she can’t really open a bottle quite yet so I guess that’s why she has me.” Pop She set the water bottle I was drinking aside and tossed the beer cap in the basket. “Where did you learn how to do that?” “It’s an ancient technique.” “And I thought I was the only one who conquered the bottle cap trick.” “You must be Calum.” I blinked, taken back by her sudden knowledge of who I was. “I’m sorry, have we met?” I furrowed my eyebrows at her. “Uh no, Blaire just mentions who her friends are casually. She refers to you as, um, beer boy? And I assumed that meant it was cause of something like this.” “Nice. You know me, who are you?” “Y/N.” I held out my hand to shake hers and for the first time, I was feeling awkward around a stranger. “Thanks Y/N. I’m glad I can count on you.” Blaire bumped her shoulder, taking the bottle from her. “So… Have you met-” “Yeah, Blaire you’re about 4 minutes late. Thanks for trying though.” I sipped my beer, shaking my head. “Beer boy?” She broke out laughing. “Sorry I didn’t think that’d come up but since it did, now I know you guys talked plenty. I hate to break this up but our ride is outside sooo, I’ll catch you later.” She fist bumped me, clicking her teeth and pulled her away as she gave that familiar soft smile and mouthed a goodbye. I sat back down and started clearing bottles out of courtesy and I noticed a black rubber object peeking from between a few empty bottles. I pulled it out and saw it was a miniature bottle opener attached to few keys. I looked them over and saw Y/N scribbled onto the handle in silver ink. That little sneak. I quickly slid it into my coat pocket and with a smirk and walked away before anyone saw.


me everyday

4 minutes of michael talking in interviews
  • 4 minutes of michael talking in interviews
  • idk i just really like his voice ok
  • Dad: *looking at my phone* Who's that?
  • Me: Michael
  • Dad: Why is he your lockscreen?
  • Dad: He has an eyebrow piercing and red hair?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Yeh
  • Dad: *studies picture more closely* Okay, he does look kinda cuddly
  • Me: And?
  • Dad: *sighs* Fine, he's pretty
  • Me: *weeps* I know
A kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me

“Y/N?” Calum knocked quietly on the door. Muffled sobs coming through the door. “C’mon…. P-please let me in” Calum chocked back tears. Who could’ve hurt her like this. Who hurt her so bad her mom had to call him for help. Quiet feet padded to the door. She unlocked it and opened it for him. Dark circles of mascara and tear formed under her eyes. 
“Y/N… Baby, what happened?” You two had called each other nicknames as such for years. You weren’t even dating. 
Y/N practically fell into him, collapsing in his arms. Tears soaking his shirt ;Calum rubbed her back whispering how it was going to be okay. They separated and wet back into her room. They climbed into her bed and sat there quietly not looking at each other.Finally breaking the silence Calum says, 
“Baby…. What’s wrong?” 
“L-levi. His ex told him i said he cheated on her. Which i never did. A-and apparently i was spreading rumors about girls hes been with… And he told me to throw all of his shit away because he didn’t want it and he didn’t want me hung up on him.” Calum’s heart ached for her. He had led her on and broke her heart too many times to count. He would bring her in and then crush her and go off on her about how she has not right to like him.
“That asshole! I’m gonna ki-” 
“Cal, stop. There’s no use. He’s gone, and im fine now… I don’t need him. I’m sad that it’s over. But I’m happy, because him not being around makes me hate things that don’t involve him less” In that moment Calum realized how beautiful Y/N was. Both inside and out. Someone who had hurt her so badly, she had chosen to forgive and have a positive outlook. He kept opening and closing his mouth as if he were to say something. She giggled quietly watching him. She got up pulling Calum with her. 
“What’r you doing?” he asked.
“Making cookies. And you’re he-” Y/N was cut off by calum lifting her onto the counter. 
“Cal, What  the fuck?” He replied by crashiinng his lips onto hers. She entagled her hands in his curly dark hair. The kiss became deep, him leaning into her. He was leaning into her so much her hand went to steady herself, but she accidentally grabbed the faucet knob and sprayed water all over herself and calum. They both where a giggling fit.Y/N’s mom walked into the kitchen eyeing the kids, “What’s so funny you two?” 
“Nothing mom… A kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me.” 
Y/N’s mom walked out, as soon as she was gone Calum put his forehead to hers and whispered “Okay friend?” 




Lifeless | M.C - Part 1

Ghost!Michael mini series.

Warnings: Implication of Suicide (not Y/N), death, blood


I unlock the door to my new apartment. Breathing in the scent of, I’m not quite sure. Chemicals, definitely chemicals. It was faint but there had been some heavy cleaning done in here recently, that’s for sure.

The movers place my boxes down in a pile in the middle of the living room. I didn’t own much, but that means there’s less to unpack I guess.

I took a seat on the worn couch, testing it. It wasn’t too uncomfortable, a few cushions and maybe a throw wouldn’t go amiss though.

I looked around my new home. The furniture was old and tatty, but I wasn’t expecting anything fancy, not with the price I’d paid. Apparently the last tenant died here, hence the low price.

While that particular thought was quite morbid, I tried to forget about it. I desperately needed somewhere to live and this was the only place in reasonable distance from work that was in my price range.

I take my box marked ‘bed’ through to the bedroom to start unpacking my things.

The bed was in good condition, thank god. I can live with a shitty apartment, but the bed has to be decent. I made my new bed, carefully arranging the sheets and pillows. I unpack some of my ornaments, I didn’t have much but the few photos made the room feel a lot more homely.

I go and grab another box from the living room. I take it to the bathroom. The bathroom was small, there were new tiles on the floor, this room had obviously been renovated recently. The smell of chemicals was more pungent. I can only assume that this is the room the tenant died in. I light some scented candles in the bathroom to help mask the horrible stench of cleaning products.

Michael’s POV

Someone’s here.

I guess they finally sold the place. The thought of somebody moving into my home is strange. Although it will be nice to finally have company, even if they can never know I exist.

I walk from my spot in the bedroom through to the living room.

A young woman stands there taking in the place. She looks straight through me as she walks around, pulling out drawers and investigating her surroundings. She’s pretty, beautiful even. She looks like the type of girl who would’ve looked straight through me even when I did exist.

Now I don’t exist and she doesn’t see me as I don’t want to be seen. I don’t want to scare her away. Maybe I won’t be alone anymore.

I watch as she carries her things around, setting them down on the surfaces that used to hold my belongings. I don’t know where they are now. Maybe Calum has them, or maybe they were just thrown away, meaningless possessions of a meaningless soul.

She carries a small box to the bathroom. I gulp before following, moving through the wall so that I stand in front of her. I watch her face as she sniffs the air, she looks at the new tiles and fresh paint. She knows. She knows I died here.

I look down at the tiled floor, I could see the blood seeping into the once cracked tiles, smears left over the ceramic bath.

The bathroom looks different now, but maybe that’s a good thing, this one is less depressing, but it will still be the bathroom that reminds me of my failed escape.

She lights some candles, which I assume are scented I wouldn’t know. I guess the scent of the chemicals they used to sterilise the room once they removed my limp body was still lingering in the air. 

It’s weird watching someone carry you away. I just stood there, not sure how I was still there when I could see my lifeless body on the floor of my cold, damp bathroom. Eventhough it’s been a few months I guess the horrible scent still lingers.

Now there is life here, maybe this girl can bring some joy to the place in which I am trapped. Maybe having something to watch, will make this seem somewhat less painful. Maybe I won’t have to spend my days looking at the walls and counting the cracks. 27. 27 cracks in the paintwork.

The girl continues to unpack her things, turning on her speaker. A familiar guitar riff filled my ears. Well at least she has a decent taste in music. This makes me think that we can live in harmony, even though she has no idea that I’m here.

I fade out, going back to the bedroom and lying down on the bed, leaving her to unpack the rest of her things.

I lie there for several hours, I’m not entirely sure of how long. I have become the master of doing nothing for extended periods of time. 

The problem with dying is that they take everything you own away. I couldn’t even play video games to distract myself from being stuck here anymore, because they took it when the cleared the apartment. So now I just lie here, thinking about everything, but at the same time, nothing at all.

It must be getting late. She comes in and removes her shirt, obviously getting ready for bed. I close my eyes. While she wouldn’t know I was looking at her, I couldn’t do it. She shouldn’t lose her privacy because I’m stuck here.

She climbs into bed. I feel her inside me, her arm and shoulder go through my chest. The sensation was weird, she’s so warm. Everything has been cold recently, but that’s what they say about ghosts isn’t it?

I feel her shiver. She must be able to feel my cold presence. I shuffle myself to the end of the bed so that our bodies are no longer combined. I turn my face to look at her. She looks at me, well through me, before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

I lie back once again, listening to the soft sounds of her breaths as she sleeps. It must be nice to sleep. I used to sleep a lot before. Now I can’t, I’ve tried. I guess ghosts just don’t need to sleep.

Part 2  |  Masterlist

Pinky Promise || M.C.

Thank you all so much for 100 followers! Here’s a new little piece for you!

Characters: Michael Clifford/Reader

Rating: R

Warnings: Brief (but detailed) smut!!

Summary: The one where Michael pinky promises. (The ending loosely based on WAYF)

The streetlights were starting to flicker on and the sun a golden glow as it began to set for the evening. That was your curfew at 7 years old. You and your best friend Michael would run around outside until the sun set and sometimes even a bit after when Michael’s mom began to yell. It was everyday like a routine since the two of you could remember.

“Mikey!!! We should go inside!!” You called after the rambunctious brunette boy.

“But Y/N!!!” Michael whined.

You caught up to Michael, chest heaving because the boy was so fast.

“Listen, we’ll come back here tomorrow!!” You said, smiling.

“Promise?” The boy asked, just like every other night. Only this night was different. Tomorrow Michael starts a new school. His parents wanted him to go to this new Christian school while your parents didn’t see the point. It was more money and more traveling and they said no every single time you asked. It would be the first school year that you didn’t have your best friend by your side.

You replied, unconvincingly to both of you it seemed, “Pinky promise.” You locked pinkies with the boy and shook on it.

“I can’t wait to hear about all of the snobby prep school kids Mikey!!” you called after him as he headed into his house.

“See you tomorrow Y/N!” he replied.

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Summary: When you are in trouble, four boys seem like the answer. But it’s not exactly a PG resolution…

masterlist - PART ONE - PART TWO

thank u so much for all the love on this series, the ppl who send me messages daily about it are the reason this next part is here! love u all x

A day later and you couldn’t stop thinking about Calum… and the countless orgasms he gave you. He paraded around the dining room shirtless, proudly showing off the scratches you’d left on him the night before. The other boys noticed, you could see the jealousy scrawled across their faces. The reminder had a constant ache between your thighs. You pined for more, a slave for the pleasure after only one day.

Your cravings got unbearable around midday. After aimlessly wandering the halls of the huge house, you ended up in a room you’d never seen before. Decorated similarly to Calum’s and your own, the only real difference being a large chest of drawers that sat to one side - piquing your curiosity.

Tenderly running your fingers across the dark mahogany you persuaded yourself to open it, your eyes wide at what you discovered. In the top drawer lay countless baby pink sex toys, some you didn’t even recognise. Your attention was caught by a large hitachi, feeling a wetness gather between your legs at just the sight of the toys.

The riskiness of the whole situation elevated your heartbeat, as well as the anticipation that built up as soon as you turned the pink toy on.

You settled on the bed, hands shaking slightly as you raised the hem of your silky dress over your hips.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

A low, gruff voice startled you. Looking up you saw Ashton leaning against the door of what you now assumed to be his bedroom. You crossed your legs quickly, suddenly feeling shy.

“I… I…” No words came to your aid, leaving you bumbling in front of the dirty blonde.

“Nothing to say, huh?” He smirked, folding his arms over his chest.

You bit your lip and glanced at the toy in your hand, an idea forming in your head. Let’s see how confident Ashton can be under a little pressure…

You kept eye contact with the boy as you slowly uncrossed your legs, a small grin gracing your face as his jaw began to drop. You wetted your lips with your tongue, switching the toy on as if you had no idea the power it could yield. You slid it closer to your clothed core, heartbeat racing as you saw Ashton gulp, unable to tear his eyes from your body.


You were unsure if Ashton was warning or pining for you. Either way, you were holding all the dominance in your hand and it felt amazing.

“Am I breaking the rules?” You posed the question innocently, not really caring but hoping to incite more from the boy opposite.

Ashton swallowed again, but this time he straightened his body up, he wanted the power back.

“You’re breaking several actually,” He spoke matter-of-factly, taking slow strides towards the bed, “Good thing you’re all mine tonight, Michael wouldn’t stand for this shit.”

His confidence was visibly returning, as were the butterflies in your stomach. Your mouth let out a soft whimper as Ashton came to stand by the bed, his eyes never leaving yours as he reached out a hand and pressed the vibrating toy to your core. He clearly got his desired reaction as a small grin graced his face. He used his other hand to hold your chin as he brought his lips to yours, moving them slowly but forcefully. Your senses were on fire, Ashton’s lips working like magic.

His lust overcame him, forcing him to climb onto the bed and over you so his legs were kneeling either side of your hips. His mouth drifted down your neck, sucking and nibbling on the sensitive hickeys that Calum had left only the day before.  

Your nails dragged over Ashton’s biceps and down his back, producing guttural groans from the boy. He writhed above you. You were aware this was a power struggle and you were going to submit to him… but only after a fight. And now Ashton had the next move. His eyes glinted as he raised his index and middle fingers to your mouth, prompting you to take them between your lips and suck. You could feel his bulge growing and placed a delicate hand over it, innocently, as if you didn’t know the affect if would have on the boy.

“Look at what we have here.”

The foreign voice shocked you both, Ashton rolling off you whilst you clamped your legs shut in embarrassment.

As you stared sheepishly at the figure standing in the room you were only certain of one thing - you definitely needed to get in the habit of locking doors.


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i’m like 110%  sure i’ve used that gif before but whatever - also this is rly good like read it you won’t regret it lmao, i’m begging 

Series: Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Requested: no, but i had a convo w @calumofficials a very long time ago about college!ashton lmao

Pairing: Art major!Ashton x Y/N

Description: When Y/N looks over the cute and curly-haired art major’s shoulder, she realises who he has been drawing for a long period of time; her.

It had become a normal thing for Ashton just to sit outside on the grass with a sandwich by his side and his sketchbook in his lap as he leant up against that one bench and then he would just draw whatever or whoever crossed his road. Sometimes it would be a gloomy flower in front of him, other times it would be scenarios or a person with a crazy hairdo just walking past. This had become a habit. After lunch, he would just sit down on the grass, not on the bench, but on the grass. Normally, he would take his lunch with him, maybe even some music occasionally. Drawing everything that he could think of.

This day was no different. He sat with his brown, round glasses on the bridge of his nose, the curls laying perfectly messy on his head, and his tongue sticking out as he focused on the current drawing. A girl. The girl he had slowly become more attracted to. He didn’t know her. All he knew was that after lunch she would be sitting with her friends on the lawn, the exact same time Ashton was.

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‘Filthy Pride’

*CLAPS HANDS* okay fuckers. this really gave me feels. ENJOY

Originally posted by mistymgc

*CLAPS HANDS* okay fuckers. this really gave me feels. ENJOY

(I took inspiration from Social Repose’s new song ‘Filthy Pride’ hence the name choice. It’s an amazing song and i suggest you go check it out)

‘heavy handed, rapid fire’

    Michael had been hunched over the piano for hours. His hands not making a sound on the keys.

He breathed heavily, but never moved. This happened a lot. Days on end he would sit at the piano and not move a muscle.”M-mikey…” Y/N said softly from the doorway. She held her breathe waiting for a reaction from him. He turned to her waiting for her to say something. “I-it’s really late… Do you wanna come to bed?” He let out a irritated sigh and got up from the instrument. He quickly brushed pass Y/N not saying a word.

   Michael and Y/N layed in bed facing away for each other. Quickly he drifted to sleep leaving her alone…. And cold. She missed him. He hadn’t been the same since he came home.

Her small feet padded to Michael’s piano room. She sat down and brushed her fingers over the keys gingerly. Y/N sat there for a good 3 minutes before she did anything. She moved her fingers across the keys playing random ones as she went over them. She heard a creaking behind her and turned around.

‘When I chase after affection, it won’t chase after me’

“Mikey? Did I wake you up?” She asked softly staring at the ground.

“No. I couldn’t stay asleep”

“Oh… I’m sorry.” He shrugged in response, and sat down next to her.

“M-mikey. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What is it?” He said hushed. She became chocked up. She couldn’t find the words to say to him. The pressure finally weighing down on her. I single tear ran down her cheek as she looked up at him. His heart sank and a look of shock overcame him.

   “Do you still love me?” She asked almost a whisper. He didn’t know how to respond. “O-of course what would make you think I didn’t?”
She let out a slightly sob as she answered. “Well… Y-you never look at me anymore. You never talk to me. You never hold me, and you sleep facing opposite directions as me.” Tears pooled under her eyes. They were the saddest tears he had ever seen. They broke his heart. They were heavy flowing tears. She didn’t make a sound as they came down her face. 
    “A-am I not beautiful to you?”
     Give me your damage. I’m begging you, please

“Y/N…. You are the most beautiful, most happy person I’ve ever met.”
     “T-then what;s wrong with me?” Her voice cracked bad. She put her hands into her face and cried into them. “Nothing…. Absolutely fucking nothing. I’m the reason you’ve become like this. We can fix this though. We can fix each other.” Y/N and Michael walked back to their bedroom and layed down without another word. Her head pressed against his chest soaking in his smell. His head on her shoulder. 

Michael Clifford::: Video Games and Bug Bites Pt 2

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 4.3k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: yep :)

PART 1 (smut)

This part is all about how fucking cute he would be after taking your virginity and you’re all sore. This whole mini series things just hits me right in the Michael feels. 

Also guys the first part of this was posted on Wattpad without my permission -.- but I promise you this is my original idea and story.

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Lifeless | M.C Part 3

Parts:  1  |  2

Michael’s POV

Y/N’s amazing. I have known her for just under a month but I feel like we have been best friends for years. She’s funny, beautiful, and a complete idiot like me. I feel so much happier with her around and it makes me wonder what she was doing when I was alive.

We haven’t really addressed the whole ‘I’m a ghost’ thing since the night we properly met. I haven’t told her how or why I died, I don’t want to burden her with that, I don’t want her to see me differently. She makes me feel almost normal and I don’t want that to change, I don’t want her to pity me.

I glance to her laptop screen. She had her Facebook open. I hadn’t touched social media since I died. I guess people would find it weird if they were receiving messages from beyond the grave.

I contemplate it, while I can’t talk to anyone, it doesn’t mean I can’t see how my friends, well friend, is getting on. I quickly search ‘Calum Hood’. I find his profile, scrolling down to see what he had posted recently. There was a picture of the two of us together, it was one of the few pictures we had together. It was posted a few days after I died, there were comments but I dare not read them. I couldn’t relive the pain of what probably resides there.

“Michael” I hear her voice ring loudly through the apartment.

“Yeah” I shout back.

“Can you get me a towel, I’m stranded in the shower” she shouts back.

I can’t help but chuckle. I go and grab a towel from the closet before handing it through the bathroom door and waiting outside.

“How does one manage to forget a towel when going to shower, it’s the only thing you have to take with you” I chuckle.

“Oh shut up, I just forgot to bring one in with me and when I realised it was too late”

I heard the shower shut off. Moments later she walks into the bedroom in her towel. Water droplets glistened on her shoulders. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun on the top of her head, a few strands falling around her face. She tried to blow them out of the way. God she looked insanely hot and adorable at the same time.

“Do you want something to eat?” I ask as I move to leave the room so she can get dressed.

She just turns and gives me a large grin. I turn away and go to make her breakfast.

I was just finishing the bacon sandwich when she walks through and sits down on the couch.

She briefly looks at the laptop in front of her before closing the lid down and putting her feet on the coffee table.

“Your sandwich m’lady” I say bowing before her as I extend the plate out to her.

She giggles, taking the plate from me. “Why thank you kind sir” she responds bowing her head at me.

I take a seat next to her. “It smells amazing” she says.

“I wouldn’t know” I mumble.

She quirked her head, her face inquisitive. “Can you not smell anything?” she asks.

I shake my head. “I can’t smell, I can’t sleep, I can’t touch anything living” I sigh.

She seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying.

She takes a bite. She groans. “This is delicious” she moans as she takes another bite.

I smile. Just being around her makes me happy.


Calum Hood. That is who Michael had searched. I assumed he was a friend.

When Michael was god knows where I loaded up Calum’s profile. I wanted to know more about Michael. I had a long list of questions about him and his life but I didn’t want to ask. I don’t want to bring up anything he’s uncomfortable with so I assume he will tell me when he’s ready, after all, we are living together. Kind of.

I scroll though Calum’s page, there are pictures of him with Michael. I click on one where they are both stood with a drink in their hands, Calum’s arm draped over Michael’s shoulder. Michael was smiling.

His occupation was listed as a barista at a local Starbucks. I recognised the coffee shop from a photo of him in his apron. It was the Starbucks I visit occasionally on the way to work.

I decide to try and make contact with this Calum guy. It was clear that he and Michael were close and as Michael can’t leave the house it may be nice for him to talk to someone that isn’t me.


The next day I leave early to go to work. I want to make sure I have enough time to stop by the coffee shop in the hopes of catching Calum. I don’t even know if he’ll be working this morning, but it’s worth a try.

I walk through the door, the sweet aroma of coffee engulfs me. There’re not many people in the shop this morning. Weird, as there is usually never a shortage of people grabbing their morning coffee.

I recognise him immediately. His tall form towering over the counter in front of him.

I approach the counter. He straightens up and gives me a warm smile.

“Hello, what can I get for you?” he says cheerily. Clearly forced on his part due to it being early in the morning.

I realised that I didn’t want any coffee, but I couldn’t not buy anything.

“Just a chocolate muffin please” I smile, pulling out my purse from my bag.

He smiles and goes to get my muffin. I hand over the money to him, for once I had the correct change.

“Thank you, Calum right?” I say.

He slowly nods his head, confusion washing over his face.

I noticed he wasn’t wearing a name badge. Oh god he must think I’m weird.

“I don’t mean to be rude but how do you know my name?” he asks warily.

Well it’s now or never.

“You’re Michael’s friend right?” I say.

His face goes blank, his eyes holding a cold stare. He takes a deep breath.

“Look. If you’ve come to make fun of him, or me I sug-”

“Why would I make fun of him?” I cut him off, genuinely confused.

“Never mind” he brushes me off. “Who are you exactly?” he asks, eyeing me suspiciously.

“Oh, I’m Y/N I just moved into Michael’s apartment” I say, like that would explain anything. I really should’ve planned this a bit better.

“Look I’m here because, Michael misses you and he wants to see you” I say.

His glare intensifies. “If you think this is some kind of sick joke.” he growls.

“It’s not I swear. I know he died and this must sound crazy, but he’s still there. He was looking at you Facebook profile earlier. I pretended not to notice but it’s obvious you were his best friend. I’m sure he wants to see you please. It must suck to have to stay in that shitty apartment 24/7. Please I just want to make him happy.” I say desperately.

Calum stares at me blankly as he contemplates my words.

“Fine, but if you’re lying I swear to god-” he says sternly.

“Thank you” I smile, thankful that he had somewhat believed my crazy story.

“I’ll stop by this afternoon.” he says, he seemed deep in thought.

“Thank you, you won’t regret this “I say as I walk out the door and head to work.

I return home from work to find Michael in his usual spot on the couch. I swear he is going to make my electricity bill go through the roof with all the Xbox playing. “Hey” he shouts as he hears me come through the door.

“Hey” I say as I come and slump down on the couch next to him.

“How was work?” he asks, his eyes remain focused on the screen.

“Boring as fuck” I say. He chuckles

There is a knock at the door. It must be Calum. I get up to open the door, I look over to Michael who was now stood in the corner of the room, staring at the door.

I open it. Calum is stood there, his face unreadable. I open the door, gesturing for him to come in.

I hear Michael gasp from his corner. I look over to him, his eyes are wide as he stares at Calum. Calum looks around the room, it’s obvious he doesn’t see Michael standing there.

“So where is he?” he asks bluntly, looking at me. I don’t answer him.

“Michael why can’t he see you?” I say looking at the boy stood wide eyed in the corner.

“Because I’m not letting him see me” he mutters in explanation.

I raise my eyebrow at him.

Calum looks confused, which is understandable as from his point of view I’m talking to a wall.

I hear Calum gasp beside me, I assume Michael has decided Calum can see him.

“Michael?” Calum breaths in disbelief.

“It’s good to see you man” Michael says walking towards Calum. Calum goes to hug Michael but his arms go straight through him. Michael smiles sadly, obviously wanting to hug his best friend.

“You’re a g-ghost” Calum stutters, obviously trying to process the situation he had found himself in.

“Well no shit Sherlock” Michael chuckles. Calum laughs as well.

“What are you doing here man? I never thought I’d see you again.”

“Y/N came by work this morning looking for me-” Calum begins.

Michael’s head turns to look at me. His eyes held an emotion I couldn’t read.

“You found Calum for me?” Michael says in disbelief. He looked like he was about to cry but he was holding it back.

“Well.” I shrugged. I could see Calum’s gaze flickering between us out of the corner of my eye. “Anyway, I’ll leave you to catch up” I smile as I walk out of the apartment. I had no idea where I was going to go, maybe just a walk in the park, I just needed to stop being a third wheel and let them catch up.