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Jealousy (Best friend!Michael smut) DAY 28!

Summary/Request: How about a best friend!Michael smut where Y/N gets ready to go out with a boy and Mikey gets jealous and fucks the shit out of her, making her cancel the date and let him have her from @creepysaurusrex

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: I’m such a hoe for best friend AUs I sweAR. I dedicate this to all the Michael stans out there ;) Check out Smutty September!

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“I don’t understand what you see in him,” Michael, your best friend, chimes as he watches you curl your eyelashes. You gaze at your reflection in the dirty mirror, precisely wielding the tool and providing yourself with the perfect curve to compliment your intricate eye makeup.

“He’s cute! And he helped me with maths a few weeks ago,” You explain, eyeing your reflection and pouting. 

“He’s a dick,” Michael mumbles, voice small. 

You don’t know what possessed you to invite Michael to your house to help you get ready for a date. Due to his negative attitude, unhelpful comments and generally gloomy attitude, you’re beginning to regret your decision…

“I don’t understand what you have against him, he’s never done anything wrong and he’s always nice to me! You should be happy, it’s a miracle someone asked me out-”

“Y/N,” Michael complains, playing with his fingers. He’s perched on the side of your bed, legs curled into a cross-legged position that makes him look a lot older than he actually is.

“Stop putting yourself down! You’re really funny and pretty and nice and friendly and it’s fun to hang out with you and you’re hot too which is definitely a bonus, not to mention-”

You interrupt his ramblings by turning to face him, an amused smile on your mouth. “You think I’m hot?” 

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my favourite married couple

Smutty Masterlist

SO I FINALLY GOT MY FUCKING COMPUTER TO WORK! Anyways, this is a masterlist of some of my favorite smuts, both that I’ve written or read. This Masterlist does not mean that these are the only ones I read. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head because the authors are usually in my feed a lot.

Credit goes to the writers for their works. I don’t own anything (unless it’s my writing, of course)

** Favorites

Gardner - Ashton **
Professor Irwin - Ashton
Bum Fluff - Calum
Mistaken - Michael (Threesome) **

Mechanic!Luke - Luke (obvi) **
The Neighbour - Luke
Worth the Wait - Luke
Sweatpants - Luke **

End up Here - Luke Calum Ashton
High School Reunion - Michael **

Smutty September (I’m blessing you all with this because there’s literally 30 of them and it has all 4 boys) **
Cake by the Ocean - Cake

Quatuor Besitas Noctibus - All 4 **

Partition - Luke **
We Had a Deal - Cake
The Other Hemmings - Michael
Jealousy’s A Great Look on You - Calum **
Jealousy - Ashton



michael would try so hard to look masculine + strong around you; like sometimes you’d accompany the boys to their weekly gym sessions + sit by the wall watching them workout + occasionally check on your phone. but then you see a sweaty michael clifford trying to lift weights a little too heavy than he’s used to or doing push-ups way faster than his band mates. aND don’t get me started on how he’d carry the groceries for you, + pick you up bridal style every chance he got, he’d hold your purse, open the car door for you, or pull the chair for you to prove to you he was a real gentlemen. but cal, ash + luke would show you embarrassing pictures of him on their phones to make you laugh so that mikey would get so flustered and mad. but you love him just the way he is: a grown man in his early twenties with the mentality of an eight-year-old. aWWwwe.