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Hatefuck C.H.

This imagine is based on this song. 

Trigger Warning: it contains smut and swearing 

Word count: 2,5k+

A/N: I’m thinking about doing a second part to this. Should i? Anyway, hope you like it.  


That was the only thing I could feel in that moment. Life was slipping through my fingers and I couldn’t do anything about it. All I could seem to do was sitting on the floor, trying to stop the tears from falling.

Numbness came right after. The tears had already dried; my swollen eyes could hardly see anything. I heard the noise that came from the TV, my chest hurt. Everything was a blur, and not only because I couldn’t see anything because of the tears, but because my mind wasn’t even thinking straight. Trying to steady my breathing, I looked around my apartment. There were smashed dishes lying around the floor, a few picture frames also accompanied them.

My mind was trying to analyze the whole fight; we were both very mad at each other and we knew that we had said harsh things towards one another, knowing damn well how hurtful they were. Was I hurt? A lot. Did I care? Not much.

Since the beginning I knew that he and I would never work. It was that stupid smile of his that told me so. But I didn’t listen to it.

At first, it was just subtle flirting. Nothing more. A few weeks later, it escalated a little bit when we bumped into each other one night at a club. We needed to get drunk and forget everything else. But it wasn’t the burning sensation of the strong whiskey down your throat the one that made me drunk. It was the feeling of our arms brushing lightly whenever we raised our glasses to our lips. Drunk in love, I thought. But I quickly refused to be in love with him. So, as fast as I could, I left him alone and went back at home so that I could finish some liquor bottle by myself.

The next time we hung out we weren’t alone. All of our mutual friends were also there, which helped me to not to feel a lot more awkward. The party was a blast. I danced and drank and laughed with everyone. Calum was not even on my mind. That was until I went to take some air at four a.m. when I saw him on one of the swings in Mike’s backyard. Slowly, I made my way to the other swing and sat. He finally looked at me and I took my time to look at him carefully. His curly hair was a bit messy, his forehead was sweaty from all the dancing and the heat. His right hand was holding a bottle of beer. After we scanned each other, he offered me a sip of his beer. I refused; I knew that if I kept on drinking I would end up in the hospital.

“The sky looks beautiful tonight.” He mumbled, breaking the silence. Turning myself to see the sky, I was shocked to see so many stars.

“I’ve never seen so many stars.” My voice was no louder than a whisper.

“Well, then you better enjoy the show” I let out a chuckle.

“What are you doing here, Calum?” I asked after a few silent moments. He took a sip before answering me.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you are never one to turn down a party. And I can tell you that the party is getting wild.” He furrowed his eyebrows and looked back at me. I could tell that he was confused by my statement.

“What do you mean by “I never turn down a party”?”

“I’ve known you for three months and the only times we’ve met were the best parties in Sydney. And, also, your reputation precedes you. No offense, though.” Everything I heard about him was how much he liked going to parties just to get wasted.

“None taken. It’s just whatever…” He ran his hand through his black hair. “I wasn’t enjoying much the party, to be honest.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know. I got bored, I guess. Anyway, I prefer this view.” I giggled when I remembered the view inside the house; a whole mass of people dancing in a not so big living room, a few of them making out, some others smoking while someone was throwing up in the kitchen sink. I couldn’t agree more with him.

“Is that so? I mean, how can you not like drunk people dancing and almost having sex in front of your face?” I teased him earning soft chuckle.

“Yeah, I know. I’m weird.” He said with a silly voice that made me burst out laughing. I could only blame the alcohol, the one that made everything funnier when I was tipsy.

He smiled hearing me laugh until my face was red, not taking him long to join my laughs. Our stomachs were hurting from the laughter and we were closer than before, something that I hadn’t noticed. He stopped when he realized that our faces were an inch apart. I took a deep breath and stood up.

“C’mon. Let’s go back.” I said looking straight into his eyes. He pouted, letting me know that he wasn’t excited about my request.

“Nah, let’s just hang out a little longer.”

His comment made me grin, so I just sat back while swinging back and forth. Both of us kept silent, we were comfortable though. Nothing much was happening in that backyard. I was glad that it was only us outside and the rest inside. Like, we were on a complete different universe and, somehow, it made me feel something in my stomach. The feeling wasn’t so bad after all.

We could have been there, swinging, for God knows how long until he talked again.

“It’s getting cold. Do you wanna go back and find a room?” His voice was raspy and sad. He was shaking in his swing, so I agreed and we made our way back into the house.

Some of his friends waved at him, but he took my hand and led my upstairs. While trying to look for a room that wasn’t already taken by people having sex, I realized how big his hand was in comparison with mine. Him being 6ft 1 and me not being taller than 5ft 2, he would always be bigger. But it still brought me a smile to my face.

After a few more minutes, we found the attic. It was a little chilly but it was still warm. Calum went to sit down in a small couch. He motioned for me to sit beside him. I looked into his eyes before sitting down and I realized that something had to be wrong. He was still shaking and his eyes were beginning to get watery.

“Hey, Cal. What’s wrong?” I put my hand on his back as an attempt of consolation. He hid his eyes with his hand, his elbows resting on his knees. I heard him whimper and it broke my heart. The only thing that I thought could help was to hold him, so I did. He was surprised, to say the least, when I brought him closer to me, but after a few seconds, his arms wrapped around my waist and he relaxed with his head in the crook of my neck. His hot tears soaked my blouse, but I didn’t notice. My hands were rubbing his back, whispering for him to take deep breaths. Some minutes later and he was calmer. His crying had stopped but none of us moved.

One of my hands found its way to his hair, stroking his soft, black curls.

“She left me.” I didn’t know who was the one Calum was talking about, but a feeling similar to jealousy went down my spine.

“Who left you, Cal?”

“And then she is here with some dude, making out in front of me so that I could have the best view of him having her tongue down his throat.”He blatantly ignored me. His hands turned into fists. He was hurt, really hurt.

“Then, it’s her lost. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone who sees how amazing you are, Calpal.” It hurt me watching him like that. He had always been a nice guy towards me and his friends, and I truly believed that he would treat his partner like a goddess. He was a good guy, even though people always liked to talk shit about him. And there he was, in my arms, broken, feeling used. Seeing him that vulnerable, knowing how bad he was at expressing emotions to people, made me feel like I was important to him. Maybe I was really falling for him.

“I don’t want to be this hurt. Not anymore.” For the first time, he let me see his puffy, red eyes. The tears had dried in his chubby cheeks, making him look like a lost boy. “Help me, y/n.”

I had no idea on how to help him, to be honest. But he had. And, at that time when we didn’t know the consequences of our acts, we just let ourselves be whatever.

He slowly took my head with his hands, bringing me closer. Even more slowly, he leaned in to kiss me. His lips ghosted over mine, lightly touching them, making me lose all the patience that I had in my trembling body. I was scared, but when he finally pressed our lips together, every worry disappeared. It was heaven. But on Earth.

At first, everything was gentle. He caressed my cheek with his thumb; our kisses were soft and tender. It was nothing but love. Carefully, one of his hands grabbed me by my waist, instantly, making me want more.

He bit my lip, which made me let out a moan. He took this as an advantage and his tongue met mine. They were fighting for dominance, when I felt his fingers grabbing the hem of the dress that was rolled up my waist, taking it off of me. His eyes were now focused on my breasts, covered by a lacey bra that him see my hard nipples. A groan escaped from his throat and the bulge in his pant hardened. I stood up from the couch and unclasped my bra. With his eyes like plates, he spread his legs wider so that I could sit between them.

“Shirt, off.” My voice came out with a bossy tone that made his eyes go darker.

“I see you’re a little eager, huh?” His low voice made me soak my panties.

“Whatever, just do it. Now.”

“As you wish, baby girl.”

My eyes met his tanned skin adorned with tattoos. Biting my lip, I unbuttoned his pants and tried to take them off but they were too damn tight.

“Can you tell me why your pants are so tight? It is hard to take them off!” He laughed at my statement, but helped me anyway. He kissed me again, his hands feeling me up. I palmed him through his boxers, feeling how hard he was.

“Stand up, baby girl.” I did as he told me. “Now, take your beautiful panties off and let daddy see how ready you are for me.” I never thought of having a daddy kink, but the way he said it made me feel like that was the only thing I wanted to hear from that moment on. I threw my underwear somewhere in the room and he took my hand and sat me in his lap. His fingertips touching the skin in my inner thigh, the only sounds were my whimpers. With his other hand he touched my slit, collecting my wetness. “Who are you this wet for, baby girl?”

“You, daddy. Only you.” He smirked, happy with my answer. His thumb found my bundle of nerves and started to rub it. “Enough foreplay. I need you, right now.”

He didn’t think twice and not even two seconds after, he was already deep inside me. His thrusts were hard and slow, like he was taking his time to make this last longer. “You’re so tight.” He somehow hit a special spot inside of me that made me see the stars and my walls clench around his length. “You like that, baby girl? Huh? You like daddy’s cock filling you, hitting your g spot?” My only response was more moans.

He started to thrust faster, making everything sloppier. He bit my collarbone when I was about to come. “I’m gonna come, daddy.”

“Wait, baby girl.” He grabbed my face to kiss me one last time while we both climaxed.

Oh, shit. I just had sex with Calum.

Before he could say or do anything, I put my clothes on as fast as possible. I was putting my shoes on when he stopped me.

“Wait, y/n. Don’t go.” He pleaded.

“I don’t think you realize, Calum, but we just had sex while you have just broken up with your girlfriend. And now we won’t be able to be friends and I don’t want to lose you. And this won’t mean anything to…”

“Y/n, stop. I wouldn’t lose you for anything in the world. And this means a lot to me. So, just if you want, we can still do it for as long as we want to. ‘Cause I really want to do this. With you and just you.” I nodded.

And that was our first night together. We slept, hugged to each other. And when the morning came and we had to go separate ways, we said our goodbyes and I knew I was screwed.

After months of being whatever we were, I knew that Calum always tried to arrive on time whenever we were supposed to meet. So it was weird that after an hour, he hadn’t showed up at my house.

Nervous as I was, I could only walk in circles, sometimes fearing that I would wear out the living room rug that I hated so much. I also didn’t like to wait, so I was even more nervous.

I had texted him, asking where the hell he was, but he never answered. So I did the only thing that came to my mind.

I put some shoes on, grabbed my keys and went out of the door. After a twenty minutes trip, I arrived at his house. I knocked on his door. With no response I decided to go in, just like he told me to do if there was an emergency. The lights were all turned off but I could still see both of them naked when I stepped into his room.

“Fuck…” I thought I hadn’t said that out loud, but actually I did.

“Y/n?!” I ran out of the room and I almost made it to the door but a grip in my wrist stopped me.

“Let me go, Calum.”

“No, y/n. What are you doing here?”

“Seriously? After leaving me alone in my house for an hour, waiting for you like an idiot, and then catching you with another girl, that’s all you have to say?” I was fuming.

“No, please. That was a mistake. She was there and told me that she wanted me back and I didn’t know if you even had feelings for me and I got scared and I fucked up. But I’m sorry. I love…”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” I interrupted him, scared that he was going to say what I had been feeling for him.

“Calum? What’s wrong?” The other girl screamed and when he wasn’t paying attention to me, I got out and ran to my car.

With so many tears I could barely see anything on the road, but I got home safe and sound. But my heart was broken.

After closing the door, I rested my back on it and cried for what felt like years. I was not even that conscious when I felt really loud knocks on my door.

“Y/n, open the damn door!” I could totally recognize whose voice was and I felt even more broken.

I opened the door to see a surprised Calum at first, but then I could see the hurt in his eyes.

“Oh my God, y/n. Please, let me explain. She means nothing. I don’t love her no more, I thought I did but I don’t.”

“Stop it, Calum. I’m done.” His face fell.

“No, you can’t say that. Y/n, I love you.”

“Of course you do!” I let out a humorless chuckle. “If you loved me, even just a bit, you wouldn’t have done it.”

“Why are you so jealous, though? I mean, we are nothing.” That really made me go crazy.

“Oh, so we are nothing? Then why are you here? Why are you here trying to convince me that you don’t love her? Why have we spent the last months sleeping every night together? Why do I feel like this for you, then?” I screamed at the top of my lungs. We were both so helpless, trying to reach out for each other when we really had to let go.

“I don’t know. But I know that I love you.”

“But the best thing is to let go.”

“Are you sure, y/n? I don’t want to let you go. Not now, not ever.” He held my hand but I just moved it away.

“Calum, please.” “No, give me another chance.” He kissed me, trying to make me feel all the love he had inside. But I didn’t kiss back.

Defeated, he stopped. He looked at me one last time and then he turned around, making his way out of the house that had watched us be everything and more. But before closing the door he stopped for a moment and without breaking eye contact he whispered one last time: “I’m not ready to lose you.”

I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt 5

A/N: Hey beauties! I’m sooooooooo sorry that this is suuuuuuupppppeeerrr late. Please forgive me. There was a lot going on with finals, weddings and graduation parties but it’s summer and I’m here for good! I can’t believe the amazing feedback from this series y’all are so kind and beautiful and I sincerely thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy this!

Here’s Part 4 —> i-dont-love-you-anymore-pt-4

“This is too much, y/b/f/n” I say unable to recognize myself in the mirror. “Oh, hush, you look hot” y/b/f/n gushes as she continues loosely curling my hair. “Are you sure I don’t look like I’m trying to hard?” I ask while turning my head at different angles. “Yes!” she shouts as she forcefully places my head still. “Ouch, that hurt!” I cry out, “Do you want to get burned?” she asks with one hand holding the straightener and the other on her hip. “No,” I say softly, “Well stop moving,” she scolds while picking up another strand of hair.

“What party is this again?” I ask playing with my manicured nails. “Shawn’s birthday,” she says. “Your man is no longer a teenager,” she jokes. “That’s not my man,” I snap. “Not now, but by the end of tonight, he’ll be,” she says matter-of-factly. “Are you sure he likes me?” I ask, not wanting to be embarrassed or hurt anymore. I’m tired of having my heart broken by stupid and confused boys, *cough* *cough* Calum Hood. “Oh my gosh, y/n. For the thousandth time, yes Shawn likes you. No, you’re not wearing too much makeup. Yes, your dress is tight but it should be you gotta show off them curves, so please stop worrying you look gorgeous! Seriously, it’s been over a year since you went out as a single woman. You gotta stop letting Calum subconsciously control your mood. Forget him! He’s moved on, remember? It’s time for you to move on too,” she says looking at my eyes through the mirror. I smile at her and she goes back to loosely curling my hair. I look at myself again, and my pouty purple lips turn into a huge smirk as I can’t deny, I do look hot. She finishes curling the last strand as she sings, “All done!” I stand up and look at the sexy red dress hugging my y/s/c frame. “Calum who?” I joke as she starts laughing, “That’s my girl,” she says while picking up her eye liner. Through the mirror, I wink my silver and black smokey eye at her and blow her a kiss as she starts fanning herself with her hand. “You are going to break hearts tonight honey,” she says while going to fix her make up. I laugh at her as I can’t help but imagine the look on Calum’s face when he sees me, he’s gonna wish he never left. “Y/N!” I hear my name being yelled.


“Call an Uber,” she says. “Okay,” I reply picking up my phone and opening the app. “Y/N, you need to stop zoning out so much, that’s how people get kidnapped,” she says. “What?” I ask laughing at her weird statement which she ignores. “It’ll be here in an hour,” I say she nods her head as she continues singing along to Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. “Tonight is going to be unforgettable,” I say as I open Snapchat to picture us getting ready.

As soon as we enter the club the smell of alcohol hits my nose. “Come on, let’s find the guys,” y/b/f/n says and I nod at her smiling. The bass pumps through my veins as Daya sings about how much she needs someone right now. I know what I need right now, drinks. We walk towards the dance floor, which is crowded with energetic bodies grinding, jumping and dancing. I watch the DJ behind his table jumping and dancing with the crowd. Y/b/f/n holds my hand tight as we weave through the bodies. A handsome brown-skinned boy grabs me by the wrist, “Promise me a dance before you leave tonight, gorgeous,” his deep voice yells. I send him a flirty wink, “Promise,” I say as y/b/f/n says, “Come on, I think I see Luke,” as she guides me to a roped off area. The area is a replica of the club with a bar, seating areas and dance floor but its much smaller. I look around and see most of the big time celebrities in there.

“You never told me what’s going on between you two,” I say back not needing to yell anymore since this area was much quieter. “I don’t kiss and tell, y/n” she says as both her and my eyes go wide. “You kissed Luke!?” I shouted as a few heads look at us, “Tell the whole world, will ya?” she snaps as I start wiggling my eyebrows at her. “Y/b/f/n” a masculine voice yells and we turn to see Luke smirking at her while he waves us over. We walk over to the intimidating security guard standing in front of the rope and he blankly stares at us as if he didn’t just hear Luke call us over. “Hi, may we get in?” y/b/f/n asks sweetly. “No,” the guard grunts out.

“They’re with us, Brad” Michael says coming up behind the guard while patting him on the back. Brad huffs out of annoyance but lets us in. “Thanks,” I say softly. I watch y/b/f/n quickly run off with Luke leaving me. “Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, long time no see,” Mikey screams and I can tell he’s already taken some shots. “Did you start drinking without me, Mikey?” I ask with my hands on my hips raising an eyebrow. “I was trying to wait, but you took so damn long,” he says giving me an innocent smile as he wraps me in a tight hug. “I missed you,” he whispers in my ear. “No one else cooks for me,” he whines as he lets go, still holding my hand.

“Cook your own damn food, Michael,” I hear Ashton say behind him as he smirks at me. “Michael get your arse over here!” an Irish voice yells. We all look over, “Hi y/n” Niall waves. “Hey!” I wave back, happy to see the always smiling boy. “Tell Ashton to start making me food,” Michael whispers in my ear as he gives me one last hug. “I’m not cooking for you,” Ashton says. “Meanie” Michael says while sticking his tongue out and walking away towards the group of people including Niall. I look at Ashton in his signature black skinny jeans matched with a black leather jacket. I finally look at his eyes and see his eyes are still making their way to my face, “A picture lasts longer,” I say, mocking him from the other day. He chuckles at me, “Trust me, pictures don’t do you any justice, babe,” he says. His intense gaze starts making flutters erupt in my stomach and I can’t deny the emotions I’m feeling towards this boy. But, I remember what y/b/f/n said, I can’t break up Cashton.

“I should go find, y/b/f/n,” I say going to walk past him. His arm snakes around my waist and I freeze once his front presses against my back. “There’s no telling where she and Luke ran off to, you’ll be looking for them all night,” he says by my ear. “Well, then I should find the birthday boy,” I say while turning my head to look into his eyes. “I’m right here,” he whispers. I chuckle, “Your birthday was last month, Irwin,” I say turning my head away from his. “It was. And you missed it. I didn’t get a gift, call or text from my best friend. Can you imagine how hurt I was?” he asks. Guilt courses through me; he probably was hurt. I look down at his arms and see that its still around my waist. But it doesn’t freak me out, it actually comforts me and I relax a little. “Seems like you’ve gotten over it,” I say. “I haven’t” he whispers as his lips softly brush against my ear, “I think I deserve a gift.” 

“Oh really?” I ask turning around and facing him deciding to entertain him for a bit. “What do you want, birthday boy?” I ask as my hands unconsciously snake to around his neck. He seems surprised by this but he keeps his cool. This feels right, us holding each other but why is it so wrong to everyone else? “For me to buy you coffee,” he says staring into my eyes as he pulls me closer into him. His cologne clouding my brain. “I don’t think you understand how birthday gifts work,” I joke as I laugh while my hands play with the curls at the nape of his neck. I hear him whimper but he quickly covers it up by clearing his throat. I watch his Adams apple move as he swallows deeply and all I can think about is leaving purple-stained kisses all over his neck. “I want to buy you coffee so we can talk about this elephant we’re carrying,” he says referring to our last conversation together.

His words make me realize that I shouldn’t be thinking about kissing him right now. What does that make me look like? Dating one band member and then moving on to another, even if I only truly loved one of them. I retract my hands from the softness, “Actually we can talk about that now,” I say. “Right here?” he says while looking around. “Do you want to go somewhere more private? We can go back to the house,” he suggests, his arms still around my waist. “We can’t be together Ashton,” I say looking at the ground. His grip loosens and I take that as my cue to walk away but he stops me. “Why not?” he asks frustrated that I hadn’t even given us a chance to talk things through. “Is it because of Calum?” he asks.

“What about me?” a voice behind me says. I turn around and see Calum with that girl Twitter is in love with on his arm. “Nothing,” I say as I walk away from them and head to the bar in desperate need of a drink. “Y/N!” Ashton yells. I turn around and look at the boy who I no doubtedly have feelings for yet can’t do anything about them. His eyes are pleading with mine and once again we stare in each other’s eyes neither of us really wanting to speak or leave first. “This conversation isn’t over,” he says before turning around and walking out of the private area. Calum turns around and looks at me with confused eyes, “What is going on between you two?” he asks, his voice laced with frustration. “Why do you even care?” I snap back at him, “Oh that’s right, you don’t. You just want to pretend like you care about me,” I finish and walk away. I walk up to the bar and order three shots of tequila. I down the first two easy but as I lift the third shot to my mouth a hot hand stops me. “Why were you and Ashton talking about me?”

I look at the Maori boy and rolled my eyes, “It doesn’t concern you,” I lie. While taking the third shot and calling the bartender over for another round. “You only drink like that when you’re celebrating, or somethings bothering you,” he says looking at me with soft eyes. I raise a shot to him, “This is for tonight being my first night out as a single woman,” I down it while staring into his eyes. I reach for another, “This one’s for you and your new girlfriend, congrats” I say with sarcasm as I take it down. “This one,” I start by taking the last one, “That’s enough, y//n” Calum says as he takes it out my hand and downs it with ease. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about g/n, it just didn’t seem like the right time,” he admits. “Whatever, Calum, I’m over you,” I say getting off the stool to go find y/b/f/n. I hear Calum clear his throat, “Are you over Ashton?” he asks, softly while playing with his fingers, not looking at me. I turn around and face him, “What?” I ask back. “I said,” he gets off the stool and stands in front of me, “Are you over Ashton?” he asks firmly looking in my eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I lie. “Oh, spare me, y/n,” he snaps. “You think I can’t tell what’s going on between you two,” he asks. “You have always been close with Ashton. You guys finish each other’s sentences. You stay up talking until late hours in the morning, you tell him things before me. You’re his screen saver,” he continues, which takes me by surprise, “I am?” I ask in disbelief. “Yeah, the asshole won’t take it off either,” he says to which I smile looking at the ground. “And at the grocery store, the way he held you and how you looked into each other’s eyes, we never had that,” he says. “No Calum, you didn’t have it, but I did. I loved you more than life itself, I mean you’re my first true love,” I say while grabbing his hands making him look at me. “No, I wasn’t, y/n, Ashton is,” he says. “But we can’t be together,” I say removing my hands. “Because of me?” he asks and I nod my head. “I’m sorry y/n but I don’t think I can ever be okay with you dating Ashton,” he admits. “You, the fans, y/bf/n it’s just not right. I can’t break up Cashton,” I say as he chuckles. “I’m sorry,” we both say at the same time, surprising each other. “What are you sorry for?” he asks. “For meeting you first,” I say as I walk away.

“Y/N!” I hear my voice being called and I turn around to see the handsome forreal birthday boy smiling at me. “Surely, you weren’t about to leave without telling me Happy Birthday,” he smirks as he walks closer. He is cute, I think to myself as I eye him up and down, he looks real good in those skinny jeans and black t-shirt his muscles bursting from underneath. “Of course not,” I say walking back to meet him. “Are you okay?” he asks sincerely probably noticing my misjumbled face. “Yeah,” I say. “Promise?” he asks holding his arms out. “Promise,” I say walking in his arms. “I’m so glad you’re here,” he whispers in my ear. “Me too,” I say looking up at him and giving him a big smile. Work by Rihanna and Drake starts to play and he asks me to dance with him. I take his hand as he guides me to the mini dance floor, which is already crowded. He puts his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck as we start to dance together exchanging small talk, he’s a really amazing guy. “So I guess birthday wishes do come true,” he says in my ear. “What do you mean?” I ask still flustered from how close we are. “I wished that I’d get to dance with the prettiest girl in the world,” he says looking in my eyes, making me embarrassed. “Oh please,” I say focusing on dancing but very flattered by his comment. “Its true, y/n. You’re so beautiful, its a shame that Calum couldn’t see what he had,” he says as his arms reach to my lower back pushing me more against him. “But one man’s trash is another man’ s treasure,” he says while looking between my eyes and my lips. I’m not sure if its the alcohol, Shawn or both but I want nothing more than to feel his lips on mine. He leans down and whispers over my mouth, “Does the birthday boy get a birthday kiss?” “Not from her,” a deep voice says, pulling me away from Shawn. I look up to see Ashton with a pissed face. “Hey, I don’t want come in between anything, I thought you were single, y/n,” Shawn says while looking at me. “Sorry, man but she isn’t” Ashton says speaking for me, as he pulls me away to a couch towards the back of the private area where no one was sitting.

“Ashton, let me go,” I say as his grip tightens. “Is that why you don’t want to be with me? That kid?” he asks obviously upset. “He’s not a kid,” I say defending Shawn. “The boy only just turned 20,” he says matter-of-factly. “He’s only 2 years younger than me,” I say back. “Oh so am I too old for you?” he snaps. “Ashton, you know that’s not why we can’t be together. Shawn, is not complicated,” I tell him and immediately regret it. “So you’d throw away what we have for a kid you don’t even like just because it’s not complicated!” he yells. “I don’t have a choice! Can you imagine the backlash I’ll get for dating you? I can’t handle that, Ashton” I snap back at him. “I don’t care what other people think about us, I love you! That’s the only thing that should matter” he says as he grabs my hands and pulls me into him. “Tell me you love me,” he demands and tears fill my eyes because I can’t admit it out loud. Once I do, it’s going to be even harder to walk away. “No,” I say trying to take my hands out his grasp but he grips them tighter. “Tell me you think about me all the time. Tell me how much you miss me, say it y/n” he says again, his hands going to my face forcing me to stare into his beautiful eyes. “Please, Ashton don’t make me say it,” I beg him. “Tell me, y/n” he begs again. “Tell me how much you regret meeting Calum first. Tell me how you just want me to hold you and never let you go,” he pleads tears threatening to spill from his eyes too as his hands play with my hair. He leans me closer into him, “Tell me!” he snaps and I can’t deny my feelings for him any longer.

There’s only one way for me to express to him how he makes me feel. I crash my lips onto him and he immediately kisses me back. His warm and soft lips feel so good against mine. We fight for dominance but he wins as I’m overwhelmed by how good this feels. I put my hands in his hair and start tugging on his curls earning a moan from his lips. His tongue asks for entrance which I happily grant him access. Our tongues dance with one another as we both pour our emotions into the kiss. Our kiss feels as explosive as fireworks. Tastes better than the first bite of food after fasting. Feels more homey than Christmas morning…it’s like magic. I begin to bite and suck on his bottom lip as his hands move to my butt and massages it making me softly moan. I attack his lips once again, this time I take control as I back him into the couch. He flops down and wasting no time, I go to straddle him as I start leaving small kisses and bites on his neck. “Fuck y/n” he whispers out making me more excited. I make my way back to his mouth and give him one last passionate kiss and stare into his eyes. “Ashton Fletcher Irwin,” I say bringing my hands back to his hair, pushing it off of his face. “I think about you all the time you’d think I was obsessed. These last few weeks have been hell being away from you and when I saw you in the supermarket I almost cried. I’d do anything to go back in time and make you mine when I first had the chance. I’m so in love with you,” I say with my whole heart. “Oh baby,” he says rubbing his hands up and down my back, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that,” he says. “I love you so much, y/n. I’m never letting you go, I don’t care what anyone thinks. You’re mine,” he says staring into my eyes.

“I fucking knew it” a voice behind us says as we turn around and see Calum looking like he’s ready to kill us.

A/N: So this is part 5, please tell me what y’all think! I love hearing from you all and talking about what I should do. Do y’all want a part 6? Or should I leave as is? Thank you for reading it means so much!!!! xoxoxo

Yo where the fuck are 5sos, I miss you, come back assholes

blonde bastard [luke hemmings]

au: in which calum hood forces luke hemmings to ask out the person he dreaded for span of six months, in exchange for his role as captain.

author’s note: i promised myself that this blog was for my fav poc. i swear this is the only one.working on aching p4! 

decidated to my favorite rats @castawyyluke & @carry-on-clifford

Hate was an easy emotion. To loathe someone was a simple task. To dread a being with every fiber of your being? Not necessarily an impossible task.

Maybe love and respect was more difficult – maybe learning how to do as simple as like another was why society was so.. hard-headed about their ideals.

But, hating was simpler than loving, he knew that much.

This was the principal of a local high schooler, in his junior year, was a struggling football player that desired to be at the top. An unrealistic goal, yes, but impossible? No.

Luke lets out a long sigh, throwing open the rusty, old locker of the physical education building and pulling off the sweat-stained jersey off of his body. Maybe (just maybe.) one day he’d be able to open his mindset to something more than just sports and negativity.

Then again, he was too focused on competition to redirect his attitude toward certain individuals.

And as if on cue, she had to appear in the boy’s locker room, by his locker. Her lips were tightened into a straight line, hair pushed into a pony as she blinked a couple of times as if she was thinking about.. something.

“Y/N,” a voice called not far from him, voice deeply locked in an accent, flirtatious — and Calum Hood. “Babe, you do know this is the boy’s locker room, right?” Not that they were together, Calum loved to toy with anyone available (well, not always). Luke didn’t hate him for his attitude, he envied his status.

She glanced at him, eyebrows raised as her tongue clicked and eyes rolled back in annoyance. “Don’t call me that, Hood.”

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lemme know whatcha think?

so i was thinking of making a luke hemmings series (called The Note Tree), n this is the blurb:

A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

…so? whatcha think? 

OH ALSO the song comes with this series, so prepare yourself for a potential small song written by me x 

gabby x

Michael Clifford Appreciation

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