What will happen when SLFL ends

Luke: moves into the nice guy, buys more glitter boots, further improves his booty and thighs, drinks 27290 cups of tea a day

Calum: goes on adventures and honeymoons with Ashton, gets a couple more tattoos, buys 837272 puppies, writes a book about dogs

Ashton: goes on adventures and honeymoons with Calum, grows a beard, buys a house in Hawaii, writes songs about Calum, buys 10383 patterned rugs

Michael: lol idk sleep?

Daddy (Ashton smut) DAY 27!

Summary/Request: idk man just can you do like a really dom!ashton smut like bdsm stuff maybe??? like there doesn’t even have to be a plot line just smut

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: This is heavy smut! (BDSM)

A/N: You can tell what this is just by the title… I’m a dirty girl.. This is the final Ashton smut from Smutty September :(

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“You had one rule…”

Ashton’s voice, stern and unwavering, cuts through the air like a knife. It makes you shiver, a thrill of adrenaline warming your skin.

His heavy footsteps work their way across the carpet, hazel eyes tracing outlines across every curve of your body. The mattress resting beneath you seems to lose some of its comfort as you shift to the side, nerves spreading into the toxic mix of emotions flaring through your body.

“I-I’m sorry,” You mutter, wringing your moistened palms together. With the way his face curls into an expression of distaste, you know you’ve said the wrong thing.

“Excuse me?” He asks, crossing his arms. Ashton’s standing in front of you so you’re forced to keep your neck tilted in an attempt to maintain the crucial eye contact you crave so deeply. 

“I’m sorry, daddy,” You breathe, teeth curling over your bottom lip as you watch Ashton tense, his demeanour toughening further. 

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Even if it’s just pretend + Calum T.H.

AN: This is full on fluff. Please tell me what you think! Thank you! 

Summary: Calum in disguise gallivanting around Melbourne with someone. 

The chilly morning of Melbourne greeted us as we walked out of the lobby of Crown’s hotel. Beside me was Calum fidgeting the glasses with the gold frame and the curly wig that I gave him before we went down from their hotel room. I was supposed to give the guys a tour around the city before their concert tomorrow but he’s the only one who was up to it this morning. I even bought disguises for them so they can have a great time but oh well, at least I get to wear the wig that I originally picked for Luke. Looking at Calum I can’t help but giggle at his appearance. His curly wig looks so real and his glasses hid those big brown eyes

“You look fine, stop touching your hair!” I said whilst grabbing his hand away from his hair.

“Sorry, but it’s just so itchy…” He whined while itching his fake scalp

“Well, those glasses aren’t enough to disguise you Calum, just bear with it. I got a wig on as well” I said smiling and pointing at my lovely blonde locks “So we’re in this together!”

“You know I have a thing for blonde’s right?” He winked then played with my hair while we walk towards a café near the hotel “Look’s good on you by the way” he said jokingly

“Ha. Ha. I know I look good” I faked laugh flicking his hand off my gorgeous hair “Let’s buy some coffee first, Cal” I said grabbing his wrist and dragging him to the café

“Whoa! Slow down tiger” he said

As we got in we got in the queue, Calum was right in front of me blocking my view of the menu. Why am I so short I ask myself mentally, I poked Calum’s side “Hey curly, can we switch place?” I said walking towards his place “Yep, sure babe” he said while nonchalantly looking around but I felt my heart beat a little faster. I felt him resting his chin on the top of my head and slowly his hands around my waist hearing him sigh then said “Perfect…”

“What are you doing, Curly?” I said while trying to escape him, moving around him. I finally seeing the display cabinet and the menu

“Hmm…” “Don’t move…” He whined tightening his arm around me “Since it’s just the two of us today, how about we pretend like we’re on a date or something? To make the disguises believable…” he suddenly suggested

I stopped moving, my heart suddenly beating faster than before, I tried looking up to him but he kept me in place “I don’t know…” I said reluctantly

“Common! It will be fun, I’ll even pay for everything today” he reassured me or should I say bribed me. Knowing myself, I was a slave for free things, so guess what happened

“Everything?” I asked back to him my eyes skimming through the coffee menu

“Yes, of course…” He replied instantly

And with a deep sigh I said “Fine…but don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure! Baby!” Calum said to me chuckling then I slapped his arm “Ow!” he said

“Whatever…it wasn’t even that hard” rolling my eyes even though he can’t see them “So what are you getting?” I asked

Finally letting go of me “Just a long black I think, you?” he answered

“Earl Grey of course” I said back. I moved to his side leaning into him for support wrapping my hand on his perfect toned and tattooed arms I looked up at him, he was looking around the café then he caught me looking “What?” he asked

I just smiled and told him “Nothing” he looked at me funny before ruffling the top of my blonde wig before smiling back at me and said “Silly..” We quietly waited for our turn, enjoying the aroma of coffee and freshly baked pastries.

What the hell. This is cute. To anyone who read it till the end, tell me what you think. 

being luke’s friend would actually be the best; like if he’d catch you not-so-secretly filming him on snapchat from across the room, he’d yell the most absurd insults or if he couldn’t come up with one, he’d just yell. he’d only let you or the other band members call him ‘lucas’. + when luke found out you could cook, he’d be all over you + do unnecessary favours for you just so that you could cook for him. he’d tag you in the weirdest memes on the internet + you’d just die of laughter together. or when you wanted to cuddle, he’d have a habit of being little spoon but you found it so difficult to wrap your arms around his broad figure so you’d just let the blankets envelope you in its warmth when all of a sudden, luke would notice your touch had vanished, he’d just turn around to face you + pout, then he’d start whining and being annoying so you’d have to baby him - + basically be liz hemmings ii.