for those who were wondering in reference to this post: tonight in camden during rejects, luke and michael picked this girl and then they noticed her friend was upset that she wasn’t picked. they joked about ruining their friendship. then the girl said she plays bass so luke told calum to give her his bass and he pretended to run and hide behind ash’s drumkit to avoid giving her his bass. then michael invites the girl’s friend up so she wasn’t upset that she wasn’t picked. then michael got the idea to bring up 2 more people to complete the band. michael was so excited and luke kept saying “no, we’re not doing that. we’re not bringing up a whole band” and michael was just like i’ma bring up a drummer and luke was like “no we can’t do that we need ash to keep up the tempo we need him w e n e e d h i m” and it all happened really fast and luke was so concerned and cal didn’t wanna give up his bass and michael was like yes this is the best idea ever and dave was on the side of the stage telling michael to knock it off. then michael called up a 3rd girl to play his guitar and they lost her bc she went some long ass way around to get on stage and so they were just kinda standing around wondering if they should start without her and michael was like “well if i knew it would take this long i would’ve just picked someone from the other side” but then she came out from the other side of the stage and the 3 gals jammed together and it was rad and michael was like YES.

the end.


Your laugh, echoes down the hallway
Carves into my hollow chest, spreads over the emptiness
It’s bliss

(lq grunge?)


what if he never logged in?..