Michaels comments on the pic:

Okay here goes..

- Michaels first reaction was saying something about he told her not to post it until later. He said he told her or whoever was gonna post it to wait until later because his friends always call/text him about it when stuff is posted and he said he was enjoying company when this happened and requested it not get posted until later.

- He said the main reason this pic was posted was because in the new years video ppl kept saying the kiss was faked and PR/Management got wind of what ppl were saying calling it a fake kiss and stuff so they needed one that made it look more real, Even tho this pic is just as awkward.

- Michael also stated once again this will get worse before getting better.

  • Cal: You really fixed this place up
  • Ash: I wanted to walk in my home and think "aesthetic" *cooking*
  • Cal: Uh you know you can only cook when the stove is on.
  • Ash: *looks* Is everyone gaining up on me? I feel centered. First Gordon Ramsay then you. Im a good chef!
  • Cal: Oh yeah he roasted you. *laughs*
  • A: Get out of my aesthetically pleasing home you ruined the aesthetic.
  • Cal: *laughing while walking out*

what makes you happy?


Why was he last tho? Uh-oh someone call Crystal and pr and let them know Michael appeared to be happy in this video and Crystal was not mentioned or insight lmao (sarcasm)

My fav part is Michael is..Michael

Glancing across the room you saw two things, Michael shamelessly sucking some girl’s face and Ashton falling face first off a table. You wanted to laugh at the latter boy’s misfortune, but that was hard to do when you could feel the sadness creeping up on you as you watched Michael with that girl. The music and shouts of party goers faded into the background for a moment before you snapped back to reality. You took a deep breath and ran over to help Ashton.

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I told you guys he was hairless. Lmao tho the cuddliest one is enough 💙

This made me miss his voice omg.

Bittersweet Generation - France, Paris

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Pairing: tell me who you’re rooting for here

My other series:  Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love

Official description: Four band members all hopelessly in love with the lead singer for their opening act. If they just could see clearly to find out what was really going on on tour.

Summary of this chapter: When Naomi finds out about Michael’s crush on Y/N, she has to give him the same speech she gave Calum - but not everything goes as planned. 


“I’m gonna lose!” Naomi yelled, sitting at the edge of her seat as Luke was grinning widely at the screen. Naomi was usually good at Fifa, normally she would slay the whole crew but Luke’s annoyance had grown every time she would win a match over him.  So he had practised and now he was just as good at her. Of course, none of them paid much attention to what was going on in the dressing room beside the game. Not even how obviously Michael was admiring Y/N. 

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Hilarious! I forgot about these..I love how they can’t get by him being so hairy lmao

He is very hairy but it’s kinda hot tho (no pun intended).

I am surprised no one used sweaty.