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#14: Rumor Has It

Requested: Yes

Rated: PG

“Y/N and Calum rumored to be dating? Are they the next Bryana and Ashton??” 

The media was going crazy about the two of you, whether it was a simple outing to get coffee or meeting up at one of your shows. They were everywhere, the paparazzi’s and sometimes it got out of hand, to the point where you wanted to drop everything and curl up at home with a good book or your favorite show. But this was the life you chose, being a model had its perks-fashion shows, photoshoots, great friends, and always going to the greatest parties. 

It was Super Bowl Sunday and everyone was going to Bryana’s house for the game. Everyone including Calum. The two of you were keeping your relationship behind the lime light, but because you both were so famous, it got a bit hectic. Stepping out of your car, your face was being captured with every camera. Flashes blinding you, but what else was new? 

“Is it true that you are dating famous Calum Hood?” 

“Tell us about you and Calum.” 

“Is he going to be here too?”

The nonstop questions were annoying, but you learned to ignore it. You answered all the questions in your head: 

Yes, I am dating Calum Hood. 

Calum is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. 

Yes. He will be at this party.

Of course, you weren’t going to say anything because well-that would just end badly. Making your way through the bodies, you found yourself walking into your friends house. 

“I have arrived!” You shouted. 

“Hey girl!” Bryana smiled at you, sporting the same Bronco’s jersey you were wearing. 

“Cal and the boys will be here soon.” You smiled thinking about the chubby cheeked boy. 

You and Bryana were in the kitchen preparing some of the dishes for the game when you heard loud laughter from the front door. The four boys stepped into the kitchen, Calum coming up to you and kissing your lips. 

“Hi babygirl.” He smiled leaning his head against yours. 

“Hi.” You giggled. 

“You know, if the paps saw you two, they would have a hay day!” Michael chuckled staring at you and Calum. 

“That’s why we showed up separately. We don’t want it to be too obvious.” You laughed taking a bowl of chips and making your way downstairs to the tv lounge. 

Calum followed you downstairs where you guys claimed the love seat farthest from the tv. You weren’t much a football fan but you enjoyed the company of your friends. Calum took his seat and patted his lap and you sat on him your body curling up to his. The doorbell would ring every once in awhile and loud cheers would come from upstairs signaling that more people had showed up for the game. As people made their way downstairs they spotted you and Calum sitting there just peacefully, one of his hands rubbing your back while the other one was interlocked with one of yours. 

“You guys, are probably the cutest.” Ashton smiled before sitting on the couch. 

“Ya, too cute it makes me want to barf.” Michael laughed as you flipped him off. 

“You’re just jealous.” Calum stated, his hand still rubbing small circles. 

“Nah mate. I like being single.” You rolled your eyes and looked down at your hands. Calum’s were so much bigger than yours, yet they fit like a puzzle. His hand was so warm and so soft that it brought butterflies to your stomach just by the simple touch of his callused fingers. His palms would sweat just a little bit, due to the close contact or the nerves, but you didn’t mind it. 

“How was your day Y/N?” He asked you. You turned to face the handsome boy and couldn’t help but smile at him. 

“It was good. I slept in which was nice, then made some breakfast than came over here. How about you?” 

“Luke woke me up at 8:30.” He groaned. 

“That sucks Cal. I’m sorry.” But you couldn’t help yourself from giggling. 

“It’s not funny Y/N.” He whined. 

“It’s kinda funny.” You smiled before kissing his nose. 

“Ew. Stop. The game hasn’t even started and you guys are already getting it on.” Luke mumbled, this time Calum’s middle finger went up and Luke mocked a fake heart attack. 

“I thought you loved me Calum. Cake forever!” Luke laughed. 

“There will not be a Cake anymore, if you wake me up at 8:30 again.” Calum smirked at Luke. 

“I was hungry.” Luke complained. 

“So why did you have to wake me up?” 

“You’re a good cook.” Luke said. You just scoffed. Calum was by far the worst cook in the world. The only thing he could make was cereal, and that was on a good day. 

“We had cereal Luke.” 

“Ya, but you didn’t spill the milk this time.” 

The room erupted with laughter and Calum just sat there pouting. 

“I’m a great cook.” He mumbled. 

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Hood.” You smiled, nuzzling your face in his neck breathing in his scent. 

“I love you.” He whispered. 

“I love you more.” 

The game was halfway and people were a bit tipsy off the cheap beer and you were stuffed with all the delicious food. Calum was half asleep with his arms securely wrapped around you. His breathing was soft and before you knew it, you found yourself starting to doze off as well, Ashton noticed this and got up to grab a blanket for you guys. Like the good friend that he is, he placed the blanket on you guys smiling at how peaceful you two looked. 

“I want to take a picture. They look so happy.” You heard Bryana’s whisper. 

“I bet it would be okay, as long as it doesn’t get out.” Michael said. 

“I’m just glad that he’s happy you know? Y/N seems really good for him.” Luke said, and you could tell that he was smiling just by his tone of voice. 

“Should we let them sleep?” Ashton asked. 

“Ya, we can watch the game upstairs.” Bryana said. 

The room was quiet and you were content with where you were; blanket was warm and cozy and so was Calum’s chest. With one last click of someone’s camera, the light turned off and you were left snuggling with your favorite boy.

Someone shoot me, I want this so bad.