michael cera is dead

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack (in order of appearance)
  • 1. Speed of Sound: Chris Bell
  • 2. Lover: Devandra Banhart
  • 3. William Tell Overture: Traditional
  • 4. Screw the Man: The Jerk Offs
  • 5. Twilight: The Raveonettes
  • 6. You Don't Have To Love Me (io che non vivo senza te): Dusty Springfield
  • 7. Xavier: The Submarines
  • 8. Middle Management: Bishop Allen
  • 9. Fever: Takka Takka
  • 10. Sonido Total: The Pinker Tones
  • 11. Our Swords: Band of Horses
  • 12. Snoopy: The Playboys
  • 13. Go Deep: Silas Hite and Mark Mothersbaugh
  • 14. Boys Don't Cry: John Enroth
  • 15. All the Wine: The National
  • 16. Insistor: Tapes 'N Tapes
  • 17. Just the Way You Are: Billy Joel
  • 18. Wannabe: Spice Girls
  • 19. After Hours: We Are Scientists
  • 20. Kennedy: Ratatat
  • 21. Negative: Project Jenny, Project Jan
  • 22. Very Loud: Shout Out Louds
  • 23. Where There's A Will There's a Whalebone: Islands
  • 24. Why: Colin Kiddy
  • 25. Slight of Hand: Army Navy
  • 26. Trust your Stomach: Marching Band
  • 27. 12 Gays of Christmas: John Cantwell
  • 28. Baby You're my Light: Richard Hawley
  • 29. Karate: Kennedy
  • 30. Little Motel: Modest Mouse
  • 31. You Sexy Thing: Hot Chocolate
  • 32. Riot Radio: The Dead 60s
  • 33. Silvery Sleds: Army Navy
  • 34. How to Say Goodbye: Paul Tiernan
  • 35. Last Words: The Real Tuesday Weld
  • 36. Ottoman: Vampire Weekend
  • 37. Electro Socket Blues: Rogue Wave
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so my friends and I played a house-ruled game of Apples to Apples on New Years, wherein if you get stuck with one of those random celebrity cards you don’t know/don’t care about, you can discard it and create your own.  Sort of a cards against humanity hybrid.

I took the liberty of compiling the higlights:

  • Someone getting hit in the groin on a violent Japanese game show
  • Edward Elric screaming in the distance
  • The cheekbones of british actors
  • Your tumblr dash at night (won for “scary”)
  • Hardcore Jean x Marco pornography (won “radiant”…guess who was judging that round -__-)
  • a poorly drawn dick (not the phrase “a poorly drawn dick” an actual picture of a dick, poorly drawn)
  • Yaoi paddles
  • Joshua Kiriyuu eating a chili dog (won “funny”)
  • Drug dealing Cream (the sonic character)
  • Mufasa’s death scene in an unending loop
  • Yuri Lowell in a 3-piece suit (won “unreal”)
  • coitophobia
  • butt puns
  • the animes
  • Maes Hughes slowly bleeding to death all alone in an alley while his adorable daughter cries herself to sleep
  • Senpai (which won “hot” for the judge’s girlfriend)
  • All rise for the national anthem: “NEHOYMENOYNEHOYMENOYNEHOY”
  • Ambiguously naked girls
  • 11 year old boys who transform into anatomically incorrect giants
  • Titans with correctly scaled genetalia (played on the same round as the above)
  • Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim
  • Michael Cera as my husband
  • OTP feels
  • Dead Marco

and my personal favorite

  • Dean and Castiel having sex in the back of the Impala going 90 on the freeway

…we’re legal adults guys