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Michael Jackson Cassette Player, 1984 by Tom Simpson

NEW ART: Stranger Things OST on Cassette

The Netflix original series, Stranger Things, already has two awesome soundtracks, composed by S U R V I V E’s Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. It has also been given many a vinyl variant over the last few months, and they all look incredible.

But now, Lakeshore Records is taking the vintage nature of the hit series to a new level, by releasing the Stranger Things soundtrack on cassette. Not only that, but it has incredible VHS inspired artwork. Check it out above.

What do you think of the awesome artwork for the new release of the already killer soundtrack? Also, why can’t it be Halloween yet?

August 31st, 1987: 29 years ago MJ released his BAD album. The album produced five Billboard number one singles. Bad peaked at #1 in thirteen countries and charted within the top twenty in other territories. The album also won two Grammy Awards and it’s tour broke world records.

  • Record-setting gross of over $124 million made during the tour from September 1987 to December 1988. 
  • Most successful concert series, The tour sold out seven nights at Wembley Stadium, London, England. 

My “Bad” Story

I was just getting into school . Second grade . On June 25th 2009 I watched the news and as lil child exploring the world I asked my mom who that Michael Jackson from the news was .

She answered with a cassette. THE cassette. Bad. 1987. As soon as I put it in I knew what I wanted to do . Making Music . Singing. Dancing. Funking.

First it was “Speed Demon” , then “Man in the Mirror . Then it all. The magic came over me and I found my hero - Michael Jackson . Happy 30th to the album that started it all. Michael Jackson’s "Bad”.

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Michael Mell X Reader

Concept: Michael and (y/n) are friends. (Y/n) is asked out, unknowing of Michael crush on her. How will he handle this

“Hey Jeremy, where’s (y/n)?” Michael says as he sits down at their usual table. He sets his himself and his slurpy down. Jeremy looks up from his soggy pizza in front of him. “Um. Well..” he looks around the cafeteria “she’s over there.” He points to a wall in the cafeteria, only for Michael to see some guy hitting on (y/n)
“You mean to tell me that you saw talking to that- that- THING talking to (y/n), and you didn’t even bother stopping him!” Michael says waving his little arms in the air. Jeremy laughed a bit “calm down! They’re just talking!” He says in his defense.
But it wasn’t just talking. Michael could clearly see that this guy way flirting and it ate him up. Tore him to shreds. He couldn’t take it.
“Michael, sit down im sure it’s nothing.” Just as the boy was about to walk her way, he sees the boy walk off and (y/n) walking back to the table. Michael sits down once again. Silent.
Jeremy poked at his pizza. “Soooo (y/n), what was that all about?” She takes a seat next to Michael. “Well. Remember when I said I wanted to go see that one movie, but you two said you wouldn’t go see it cause it’s a ‘sissy movie’ ?” Jeremy nods. “Well. I just been asked out to go see it on Saturday” she smiled.
Meanwhile, Michael was sucking down his slurpy like no tomorrow. he was really tearing inside. Hit bit down on the straw.
Jeremy tried to ease the tension. “Well that’s good! I’m uh- happy for you!”
Michael couldn’t take it. His lifts up from his seat and walking out.
(Y/n) reached a hand out to grab his wrist but he was to far to grab. She looked at Jeremy and he stared back at her. Both blinking in awe.


Michael sat down on the beanbag next to Jeremy. He clutch the controller. He tried to ignore the whole incident with (y/n) all week and Jeremy did his best to not bring it up.
Michael looked to the side of him at the empty beanbag and everything came back to him. That was (y/n)s usual seat. He could feel all the emotions starting to bubble inside him again.
His leg bounced ever so slightly, and slowly increased in speed.
Jeremy noticed the increase of vibration.
“Michael..?” He says trying to get the boys attention. A ‘game over’ title flashed across the screen. Michael throws the controller in the air.
Jeramy had a feeling of why’s got him worked up.” Hey.. what’s on your mind?” Jeremy said putting a comforting hand on michaels shoulder. “It’s just (y/n).” He said looks down at his hands.
“Look, I know you’re scared this guy will come between the friendship we all built, but I promise it won’t happen.” Jeremy said smiling.
Michael stood. “No it’s not that. Don’t get me wrong, this friendship between us is nice but I’m not scared of that getting messed up” he said pacing. Jeremy stood up along with his best friend.
“What do you mean ?” Jeramy questions confused. Michael took a cassette out his pocket.
The little tape on the outside read “a mix for (y/n).” Jeremy looked up wide eyed.“You mean you like (y/n)?” Michael nodded. “Then go get her!” Michael smiled and grabbed his keys off the tv stand. He ran out the room.

Michael walked into the theater. He looked around hoping that maybe by some luck (y/n) would still be there. He could see the outline of her.
He approached the two who were in line for snacks. Michael felt his blood starts to pump faster. He couldn’t stand the thought of (y/n) with some guy and now that he was right in front of him it made him even more angry.
“(Y/n)!” He called out as she turned around. She stepped out line “Michael, what are you doing here-”
“(Y/n) we need to go. Come on let’s just leave.” He reached out the the girls hand only to have her date step behind her. “Uh, (y/n), this guy bothering you?” He asked stepping closer to Michael.
(Y/N) looked at Michael with pleading eyes. “Hey look. I don’t want trouble I just want to go and I’m taking (y/n) with me.” He said finally taking her hand.
The date looked at her and back at Michael. “Fine. You can have her.” He said pouring the soda in his hand all over (y/n). She stood in shock. Too shocked to notice Michael had punched the guy strait in the face.
There Michael stood hand and hand with (y/n). Her date layed flat on the floor with a bloody nose. “Come on (y/n)” he said leading her out the movie theater.
In the car she finally came to her senses. “Did you just…?” Michael nodded. He looked over at her. She sat there soaking wet. “Oh shit, sorry.”he took off his hoodie and handed it to her blushing.
“Why did you? I mean are you scared of losing this friendship-”
He looked over at her. “I’ve been alone before. In bathrooms and malls, and I can handle that. I can handle you not being my friend. But I can’t handle you being with somebody. In that way.” She looked at him in confusion.
“(Y/n), listen. I like you. Like you as more then a friend.”
She began to blush. “I get if you don’t feel the same, honestly.” He became quiet after she took his hand again.
“Can we go home, and play some video games?” He smiled. He knew what that little gesture meant. He began to drive away.
“You know, you look cute in my hoodie”
“Shut up and drive”
Her hand reached into the pocket. Her fingers raced the lines of the cassette and she smiled.

i know it doesn’t really look like george, but i have redrawn this spoicy boi like three times and i am so000oo tired

michael mell is a literal angel sent from heaven and i am prepared to have a not very calm debate with anyone who disagrees


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Jesus Christ, Thriller on this cassette sounds like an actual horror movie. It gets a bit better just before the third verse, though.

Try dancing to this.


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