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Now when Richard finishes getting his first eyeful of Luke* and says All ready? he could equally be saying Already? – his meaning is obviously very much on purpose ambiguous – but I went with the one I think Luke heard before Richard’s smouldering glances made him reassess. 

Because after all, the whole point of Mr Wakefield is that it’s completely told from Luke’s very special point-of-view.  (You know, the one that involves him taking lots and lots of showers all the time**.)

*Lucky lucky Richard

**Lucky lucky us.

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when ur fav start become all cutie patootie in front of the camera and you just :


Moffat Appreciation Week - January 17:  An open day for all kinds of posts

For the final day of Moffat Appreciation Week, I decided to talk about a few of my favourite things that Steven has done with his writing.

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via #donoharmJeremy: The celebrities have spoken out in support of Junior Doctors and against the new contracts being enforced on them for August 2016. I have deliberately left their footage unedited so that the public can hear their words.

Starting yesterday, there’s just enough time to watch one Series 8 episode each day, leading up to Series 9.

Tonight, we’re giving ‘Into the Dalek’ a rewatch. Anyone doing the same?