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Season 2 Casting News

Nancy Tartaglione at Deadline had an exclusive on the new casting news today (Feb 9), “Netflix’s Golden Globe- and SAG Award-winning period series The Crown has found its Jack and Jackie Kennedy. Michael C. Hall and Jodi Balfour are joining the upcoming Season 2 as the late President and First Lady. I’ve also confirmed the addition of Matthew Goode as Princess Margaret’s bohemian photographer husband, Tony Armstrong-Jones.”

“Balfour (Quarry, Almost Anything) is Jackie Kennedy, who the show’s creators describe as a seemingly natural First Lady, but whose charming exterior of confidence and glamour hides a shy woman who loathes public life.

Former Dexter star Hall’s JFK is most at home in front of a crowd — a natural leader and excellent public speaker who does not take kindly to being upstaged by anyone, especially his wife. Although Jackie’s accomplishments are perceived to be an asset to the president, JFK feels unmanned by his wife’s popularity. In public, he seeks revenge by flaunting his many infidelities and, behind closed doors, his jealousy surfaces in the form of anger and manipulation.

Goode’s Armstrong-Jones is a charming, passionate and avant-garde photographer who knows all the right people. His swinging sixties attitude is in stark contrast to the staid outlook of the palace that Princess Margaret is accustomed to. As their affair continues, his bohemian and sexually liberal lifestyle is put at risk by his proximity to the establishment. However, he is in some ways still the little boy crippled by polio who longs to win the approval of his status-obsessed mother.”

The Crown Season 2 is currently in production.



“If David Bowie could be here tonight … he probably wouldn’t be here tonight.” Hall said while accepting the award.

Michael C. Hall at the Brit Awards, February 22, 2017

At the 2017 Brit Awards on Wednesday night, David Bowie received the honor of best male solo artist for his 2016 album, Blackstar.

Accepting the award on behalf of the late singer was actor Michael C. Hall. Hall starred on Broadway last year in the musical Lazarus, based on Bowie’s 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth, and has performed tributes to Bowie in the past, including a performance at the 2016 Mercury Prize ceremony.