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I know 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ve seen all their dicks, Calum swings left.
—  Alex Gaskarth at the APMAS for his political speech

I changed my url and I’m kind of changing my blog type so! I need some new blogs to follow, so if you post
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A/N: this fic can be about any band memeber you prefer, for that reason i just wrote ‘he’ instead of the name. I hope you enjoy it x


“I really miss you” i say to him as my eyes start to water. “I miss you too baby, fuck, tour is being awful, i fucking need you.” He covered his face with his hands trying to recompose himself. I start crying and try to calm myself hoping he didnt notice. “Baby? No please dont cry princess, dont make this harder please stop crying.” He says as he he whippes his eyes with the back of his hand quickly, he was crying too, for my foult. “I love you.” I say now, more calmed “i love you too, so much, to the moon-” “and back” i smile as soon as i end his sentence, he smiles back.

For everyone who is having a bad day, here’s Jack Barakat in a dress

Reblog If You Have Had An Actual Crush On A Celebrity Or A Fictional Character

just curious how many people have

A/N: this one is about any human being you waaant


Imagine being in class and you tweet something like “@y/t/n: I need to get out of here, i cant handle this. Someone help meee” and in like half an hour the class door opens and a dragon comes in, it places you on his back and burns everybody and flies away to take you with your prince/princess, (h/n), who’s waiting for you at domino’s with your fave pizza ready for you.