michael anthony downs


That Razor-Sharp Tongue

For sure, Milner has had it coming for awhile, and Foyle is obviously angry. Probably hurt, too.

So, once again our hero climbs up onto his high-horse to put Milner in his place. Then he slaps on his trilby and rides off into the seaside sunset.

But sometimes self-righteousness looks pretty good on him, don’t you think? 😉

(Note: All of the gifs in this post were made at the same time, using the exact same filter settings. The scene must’ve been filmed in several takes because the light changes pretty dramatically. You can really see the difference in the lighting in gifs 4, 5, 6, and 7 😒)


My Favourite “On the Roof of the Opera House” Photos:

  1. Charlotte Page & Matthew Cammelle
  2. Patti Cohenour & Steve Barton
  3. Katie Knight Adams & Ramin Karimloo
  4. Lisa Vroman & Michael Shawn Lewis
  5. Gay Willis
  6. Sierra Boggess & Jeremy Hays
  7. Claire Lyon & Anthony Downing
  8. Sierra Boggess & Hadley Fraser
  9. Gina Beck & Simon Bailey
  10. Harriet Jones & Sean Palmer

Them cute Raouls! (in no particular order)

  • Tobias Joch, Oberhausen
  • Marco Fahrland, Hamburg
  • Michael Shawn Lewis, US Tour (+Broadway, Antwerp, Stuttgart)
  • Killian Donnelly, West End
  • Son Jun Ho, Seoul
  • Nadim Naaman, West End
  • Anthony Downing, World Tour
  • Laird Mackintosh, Toronto
  • Michael Ball, West End