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“Supera” este solo de guitarra.

Beat it - Michael Jackson (by Miguel Rivera)

Daredevil Recommendations

So I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Daredevil now that everyone has had a chance to binge-watch the new Neftlix show. And since I love Daredevil and have read a massive ton of Daredevil comics, let me share my recommendations with you!

1. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear by Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr.

This is the “Year One” of Daredevil – it presents his origin and early days. The Netflix show takes a lot of stuff from this, including Matt’s black outfit. If you want to start with Daredevil’s origin story, this is it.

2. Daredevil Vol 1, 2, 3 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.

This was when Daredevil started getting really good. Before Miller and Janson, Daredevil was a fun, swashbuckling character, but he always felt like a second-string Spider-Man. Miller added more darkness, ninja elements, and crime noir. He also added the main villain that would forever change Daredevil: Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. (Before this, Fisk was mainly a Spider-Man villain.) This was the era that also introduced Ben Urich, Bullseye, and Elektra.

3. Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli

The climax to Frank Miller’s run and possibility one of the best superhero stories ever. Daredevil’s nemesis, Wilson Fisk, gets his hands on Daredevil’s secret identity. And then Fisk completely destroys his life. Read it.

4. Daredevil Ultimate Collection Vol. 1, 2, 3 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

Bendis and Maleev again reinvent Daredevil as a gritty crime drama mixed with superheroes. They take a lot from Miller, but also mix it up with other things: an FBI agent leaks Daredevil’s identity to the press, so Matt’s identity is even more fragile than ever. And a fight between Matt and Fisk ends in a way that nobody expects…with Daredevil as the King of Hell’s Kitchen.

5. Daredevil Vol. 1 by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, Emma Rios, Kano Kano, and Khoi Pham

You may have noticed that Daredevil’s life hasn’t been a happy one. In fact, most of these recommendations have been so very depressing. When Mark Waid took over, however, he turned him back into a fun, swashbuckling crimefighter. The darkness is still there, but balanced by a sense of adventure and humor. For example:

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Glee - Smooth Criminal

This will always one of the shows most important numbers(imo). The musical arrangement was amazing and the intensity and vocals between Grant & Naya were  flawless. Plus that note Naya it at 1:24

side: I think Grant and Naya forgot they were playing gay characters lol 


Miguel Rivera - Beat It (Michael Jackson) - Solo guitar