michael a. nickles

5sos Song Preference: Your Nickel Ain't Worth My Dime
*….oh. First ever song preference. I’ll stop. no i won’t. some are shorter than others due to the lack of creativity and variety in lyrical meaning. The whole song “your nickel aint worth my dime” by Sleeping with Sirens is basically about taking a girl/your girl home/ slightly bragging about your girl, so, in order to add some variety, not all of the lyrics were interpreted the same way….i, for some reason, also decided i’d embarrass myself even more with my writing, hence the smexy time in calum and ashton’s* italics- lyricsbold and italics-thoughts? or ‘suspense-ish’? —————————————- Luke:  i found a love that swept me off of my feetfound a baby, she’s the finest thing this boy had ever seenshe’d pick you up,and make you wanna fall hardwhen i step out on the scene, they shoutoh my god!His POV~ “Y/n you ready yet?” I asked looking up from my phone and kindly reminding y/n of the time.The lack of a reply sent me walking towards her room. “Y/N you ready yet?” I asked once again, simultaneously knocking and opening her door, kind of defeating the purpose of the knocking. “The boys are almost here.” i started to say as I walked in. “They’ll be here in like te-,….woah.”  “Huh? Oh yeah, sorry, I was just listening to some stuff.” she ,somewhat shyly, explained as she pulled out one of her ear phones and set her phone down.  The slight blush on her cheeks surfacing a few seconds after she realized I was admiring her from head to toe over and over.I couldn’t stop the smile that spread across my face.  “You look really pretty Y/n,…..beautiful.” I corrected myself, only causing the blush on her face to appear even more spread as a shy smile made its way to her face. “Thanks Luke.” she replied as she placed a strand of hair, that had seemed to fall out, behind her ear and slightly looked down. I walked closer to her and put two fingers under her chin, causing her to look at me instead of her feet, and pulled her in for a gentle, slow kiss.  “I mean it.” I confirmed, after we pulled away. “I know.” her reply only caused my smile to grow, her shyness seeming to leave the room, at least for now. Your POV~ The knock on the door caused us to fully pull apart, for now, to answer the door.  “Ready to go?” a very enthusiastic ashton asked before Luke could fully open the door, causing Luke to chuckle. “Yeah I’m just getting my phone.” I answered for Luke, from my room. “Well look who’s looking all nice today.” Ashton complimented giving a playful wink, as I finally reached his field of vision, only causing the reappearance of blush on my cheeks as I thanked him. And soon we headed out the door, only making it a few steps though, before Luke pulled me back for a 2nd, very pleasing, kiss. “What was that for?” I asked although I’m sure my suspicions were correct. “Because I can, because you’re mine. All mine.” he almost whispered the last part. causing me to slightly smirk. “Jelly are we?” i almost challenged, causing him to chuckle with my choice of words. “No, I know you’re mine.” he ended, with a peck on my cheek and grabbing of my hand, leading us to the car. All mine.__________ Calum: she’s so unrealshe lets me take her homelet my body love your body, babyall night long Your breathy pants of his name and his ,somewhat, strangled-sounding grunts were the only sounds echoing off the walls, aside from the, almost constant, sound of ,what anyone on the other side of the door would’ve thought was, clapping.  He couldn’t believe it. Even when you’re all ‘tired out’ and gasping, you looked beautiful, like a dream. “Y/n.” he slightly chocked out, every movement feeling better than the last. You didn’t need him to finish, or try to finish, that sentence, it only took a small, yet inpatient, almost, nod of your head, and he was off. Small talk was a constant occurrence after they had ‘found their breath’. Sure, you were tired from earlier activities, but never too tired to not talk to each other, even if it was to talk about random things, or to remind the other of the love you felt toward them. “I love you.” you reminded each other simultaneously for, what felt like, the hundredth time that night. You both felt extremely lucky to have the other, too lucky.  Calum always knew you’d be the one.  The occasional insecurity appeared sometimes, rarely, but it did. You were gorgeous, and not only according to him.  Calum never failed to notice the occasional glance you got from someone that wasn’t him when they went to parties, or even small events. The action caused a small stir in his stomach, but the feeling quickly fades, and turns into an, almost, smirk, when he realizes he’s the one holding your hand, the one who’s able to set his lips on yours, the one you leave with. And that reminder made everything better. Because at the end of the day, you’re with him.You leave with him, and you’ll stay with him. And he doesn’t hesitate to show you how much he appreciates that, even if it takes all night. __________ Michael: I wanna take ya homeI wanna take ya home “Please?” he tried, for the twentieth time causing me to chuckle at my friend’s, what I classified as, desperateness. “Hmm……..nah.” I answered and laughed at the hopeful face he had pulled at my hesitation. “It’ll be fun…” he tempted. “Michael, I’m not going home with you. We’re at a party, just try to enjoy it.” my answer only caused is lips to form a  playful pout. “Can we at least go to my house to hang out or something, this party is boring.”  I was tempted by this offer due to the lack of actual fun at the gathering. “Sure” I complied. “You want something to drink?” he asked as we arrived at his’.  “Nah, I’m good. So what do you want to do?” I asked. “Well..” he started, and raised his eyebrows, only causing me to laugh at his unbelievable persistence. “I’m joking. I have fifa, and some snacks, we could just play, and talk.” he offered. An offer that was gladly accepted. And that’s all we did, talk,.. and, occasionally, restart a game in order to play. These weren’t Michael’s exact expectations when the thought of taking you back to his, yet these were surprisingly better. He felt like he got to know you better, yet felt so comfortable around you, like he’d known you forever. The hours of conversation only helped confirm his feelings. He wanted you. He wanted to make you his, in more than one way. He wanted to take you to his mom’s, right after ’taking you to his’. The years of friendship you shared were at risk, he knew that. That was the main reason he had waited so long, but he got impatient now, he was done waiting. “Hey Y/n?” he started, causing you to shift your gaze from the television to his, now, nervous-looking face. “Yeah?” “I have to tell you something…” __________ Ashton: damn, this girl, can’t find nobody like hershe is everything i want and i’d do anything for heri’d beg, beg, and begmake me believe that there is no one else i needwhen you satisfy me   Your smile grew as the mumbled 'Oh, god’s’ coming from his mouth, were becoming higher pitched and more constant. Ashton’s vocalness was only another motivation for your in-motion hand. He was really close, you knew, he just needed a bit more. Your head started to come down toward his stomach, and gave light pecks on his abs, when it did. Thats all he needed. Just to feel more of you, any more of you.   Ashton didn’t know how he managed to make you his. It was a constant wonder, for him. He had never known anyone like you, you were perfection in his eyes. He’d do anything for you, as you would for him. You’re everything he could’ve asked for, and it amazes him that he found you. You pleased him in every way he could want, and he appreciated that, you knew he did.   He didn’t need anyone else, you were it, you were the one. And he’d be sure to tell you, and make it official, soon enough. He’d just need to find out the ring size.