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oh my god why is Michael such a horrible trash compactor of terrible decisions and negative feelings?? UGH! MICHAEL EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT

I drew this comic literally years ago except for ONE panel of Michael, and never bothered to finish it until now, lol. The work is kind of stale by my current standards now, but I love??? Pablo Neruda?????? his poetry is the most cutting??? If you aren’t familiar with his work and enjoy feeling every horrible and glorious feeling, look that dude up! This shining endorsement for this amazing master poet is commin at you from a sourpuss cave troll who Doesn’t Even Like Poetry, so, take that as you will.

PS: hello GTAV fandom it is me, Julia, still alive and well! Soon I’ll be launching into a brand new printed north yankton zine project (!!!) and so! Digging up this little old moody oneshot again seemed timely.

Foi assim que começou, e é assim que a nova vida prossegue: ao revelar-me a beleza, o amor, a glória e a bondade de Cristo, o Espírito acende em mim um amor cada vez mais profundo e sincero por Deus. E, ao estimular-me a pensar cada vez mais em Cristo, ele me faz mais e mais semelhante a Deus: menos obcecado comigo mesmo e mais ligado a Cristo.
—  Michael Reeves – Deleitando-se na Trindade

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1. BTS - Begin


3. SEVENTEEN - Adore U

4. J.COLE - Crooked Smile

5. NU'EST - Look (a starlight night)

6. BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire

7. 2NE1 - Crush

8. MICHAEL JACKSON - Smooth Criminal

9. GOLDLINK - Crew

10. KENDRICK LAMAR - HiiiPower

11. SUNMI - Gashina

12. ROMEO SANTOS - Premio

13. CODE KUNST - Fire Water

14. WINNER - But

15. B.A.P - Wake Me Up

16. DEAN - 21

17. BIGBANG - Intro (Alive)

18. SZA - Broken Clocks

19. DANIEL CAESAR - Best Part

20. LEE HI - Fxxk Wit Us

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Motherpsyduck’s fanfiction masterlist ✏️💖

Already Seen (completed)

(Marvel’s Jessica Jones tv universe)

Summary: You’ve just moved into your new home in Hell’s Kitchen. On your first night you can’t help but witness a lanky, purple suited man being thrown through a door down the hall from where you’re staying. You meet one of your neighbours during the incident, and didn’t expect to find people who also have abilities of their own…

Word Count: 45,556

Relationships: Reader x Kilgrave, Reader x Jessica Jones, Reader x Malcolm
|1: Weird But Definitely Not Boring|  |2: Red Images|  |3: Pretzel Courage|
|4: Per Se|  |5: Powerful|  |6: Misbehave|  |7: Old Scotch|
|8: Death & Honey|  |9: Tiny Baby Pancake|  |10: Ulterior Motive|
|11: Waves of Doubt|  |12: Panic! At the Spanish Beach House|  |13: Cold|
|14: Feelings|  |15: Chills|  |16: Inevitable Close, New Adventure

House Guest (in progress)

(GTAV universe)

Summary: You’re a foreign exchange student who’s been granted a scholarship to attend the University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA). Tracey De Santa signed herself up as a volunteer for one foreign student to reside at her home for as long as they need (without asking her parent’s permission of course). You’ve been randomly selected by the university to reside at Miss Tracey De Santa’s home until your studies end. Good luck!

Relationships: Reader x Trevor Philips, Reader x Michael De Santa, Reader x Tracey De Santa, Reader x Franklin Clinton, Reader x Jimmy De Santa, Reader x Lamar Davis, Reader x Amanda De Santa
|1: Meet The Family| |2: Rash Decisions| |3: Making Connections|
|4: Reckless Scorpion| |5: Innocent Prying| |6: Jumping to Conclusions| |7: Red Skin| |8: Waves of Joy in Sandy Shores| |9: Short Lived| |10: Sunshine in Vinewood| |11: Producer Perks| |12: Coming Soon!| 

T is for TEQUILA 🍹 (completed)

(The Walking Dead tv universe)

Summary:You joined the Saviors about a year ago. Negan wants to keep you around as he’s taken a liking to you. You however have your eyes set on his right hand man.

Word Count: 10,077

Relationships: Reader x Simon, Reader x Negan (Reader is a Savior and lives at the Sanctuary)
|Chapter 1| |Chapter 2| |Chapter 3|

Negan TWD Imagine

Word Count: 418