michael a mendoza

I did not expect that

It’s harder and harder for me to be surprised by TV shows so it was a nice to be surprised like that.

All this time I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something seriously wrong with the morality of the Good Place but most ideas for afterlife always felt suspect to me so I let it go. And of course we were all suspicious of Tahani’s self-absorption and condescension and the more we saw how Chidi was on Earth the more I wondered how did he change the world for good. (And why nobody in the neighbourhood wanted to forgive Eleanor, and real Eleanor’s sudden love for Chidi and why nobody seemed to have loved ones from before the Good Place or care where they are and … all the little inconsistencies and moral issues like that.)

So once Eleanor figured it out it made perfect sense (and the flashbacks to Michael the Bad Place architect were great - from antimatter coffee to Todd). It also answered my question were do we go from here as I started wondering when Eleanor was getting good so fast.

But now I really, really want the next season. I want to see the four of them and Janet figure out a plan to escape together. (Also maybe another reboot for Janet because I really don’t like this colour scheme)

Also Eleanor admitted she has hots for Tahani :).


I mean, look at me. I’m a mess.

“Interviewing the Avengers” from Avengers #13 (Vol. 4)
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