my boys in bali (ft. luke)

I honestly can’t believe exactly one year ago we were blessed with the amazing album that is Sounds Good Feels Good, like this album is such a work of art and it’s so deep and beautiful and just a blessing overall

Luke Imagine

Sound Lives Feels Live Tour ended and you were just waiting for Luke to come home so you could spend some time together. You were with him on tour for a while but you had to go back to work, but the time you spend with him is never enough.

You moved in together just before he left for tour which was a big step in your relationship but Luke said he felt closer to you this way and you were happy to oblige. But the house was big, and with Luke gone, it felt empty. You asked Luke if you could get a cat or a dog but he would always deny, giving the rubbish excuse youd forget about him while you were playing with the pet.

You are at home watching TV waiting for Luke to come home when your phone rings. face time call from Luke. You frown and pick it up, turning the camera on

“Hello babe” Luke says smiling to the camera, the blue sky behind him

“Hey. Where are you?” You ask, wondering why he’s taking so long to get home

He looks around and whistles and you see the camera move in a down motion, meaning he is crunching down.

“On the way home, i have a surprise for you by the way” you frown

“Please tell me you didn’t buy another stuffed penguin. We have loads already” you think of the enourmes collection of stuffed penguins upstairs in you room that Luke always brings for you when he goes on tour

“No” he laughs “I think you’ll love this one” he looks over and whistles “come here” your frown as he is looking of camera and a black dog covers the camera

“Luke…is that a dog?” You smile

“Do you like it? Its Lenny! Look Lenny, look” he says to the dog, but the animal is distracted looking at something off camera. Luke smiles at you, showing his tongue and then laughing when the little dog runs away barking at something

“What do you think? You said you wanted a dog…”

“Luke, I love it” you smile “but I though you said it would take my attention away from you”

He smirks

“I’ve thought of ways to get your attention” you blush at his intense look at the screen “besides, if it makes you smile the way you are now, I don’t really mind. He’s cute anyway”

“Thank you Luke. When are you arriving?”

“In half an hour, don’t worry. I miss you” he says smiling, standing up again

“I miss you too”

“See you in half an hour. I love you”

“Love you too babe” you smile to him, happy you will be able to hold him in your arms once more N/A:Heres a little Luke imagine for you with Lenny. Hope you liked it. Feel free to request. Tomorrow Ill do a Calum Imagine xx

Movie nights and scary hugs|| a.i

13 Nights of Halloween #5: Scary Movies

One where you and Ashton decide to watch The Conjuring 


Out of all the things you could’ve done on Ashton’s day off, you had decided to watch a scary movie. That would’ve been alright if it weren’t for the fact that he was as scared or more than you.

“Are you sure you want to watch this movie y/n? Like this exact one” Ashton asked worriedly probably for the millionth time and you rolled your eyes, annoyed.

“Yes, now stop being such a pussy”

“I just wanted to make sure” He said with his hands up in mock-surrender before plopping down on the couch.

You were about to do the same but the microwave dinged, which meant the popcorn was finally ready.

Grabbing a fuzzy blanket along with the bowl full of the buttery white pops, you settled down right beside your boyfriend and pressed play on the movie.

You had decided to ignore the disclaimer “based on a true story” because it couldn’t be that bad, right?.

Almost half an hour into the movie, tears of fear were welling in your eyes but you said nothing about it, since you didn’t want to annoy Ashton, who seemed to be enjoying the movie after all.

But then, the sleeping scene came by and shit hit the fan. Claw marks had appeared on the woman’s sleeping figure but you thought nothing of it, since they had just faded in. Suddenly, she screamed and your popcorn flew everywhere when you jerked up a little.

Ashton, that was beside you but still had a few inches of distance, chuckled when he looked at you and then paused before turning to the movie once again.

Oh he isn’t that strong now, is he?

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