we screamed for over four minutes before he stepped to the mic. he had ripped out his ear pieces during the three minute mark, if this doesn’t make you emotional idk what will.
he doesn’t even know how much i want to thank him every day for just being himself. i wouldn’t be here, still alive, if it wasn’t for him. i love this boy.

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imagine michael calling you on facetime the first night he’s away from home and before you can say hi to him he’d probably be laughing and you’d be like “what?” and he’d chuckle for a bit more before he’d explain himself like “i was trying to go to sleep, but then i got annoyed that i wasn’t being annoyed by you because you usually start talking about everything the moment i want to sleep and it annoys me but tonight you not annoying me keeps me awake” and even though it’s a bit confusing, you’d understand quickly and roll your eyes “so you called me so i could annoy you?” and he’d just give you that guilty smile and when he’d realize you won’t talk he’d pout and he’d be threatening you “if i suck tomorrow i’ll tell the fans it’s your fault” and some other shit he can think of until you’d say “do i really annoy?” And he’d get all serious and “a bit, but i find it cute and i do listen even if it doesnt seem like i do. i listen most of the time.” and the last sentence would make you laugh and you’d start talking about your day and michael would end the call when his sleepy eyes would be dying to close and close for a long time and yeah, i guess he’d still be annoyed at the end that you’re not here with him because it still isn’t the same

“Mike… Can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure mate, what’s up?”

Calums heart began to beat faster and faster in his chest as Michael flopped down next to him. They were sitting on the deck of Calums back yard, the sun beating on their faces, warming them and drying the remaining drops of water on their skin from when they pushed each other into the pool.

Calum opened his mouth to speak, to tell the boy he knew he could trust his biggest secret. But how? He didn’t know how.
When Michael came out to him two years ago, Calum would be lying if he said he was shocked. But now that he himself was sitting here about to admit to his best friend that he was gay, he had to commend Mike for his guts.

“Cal, you okay? You’re a million miles away.” Mike chuckled, shaking the brown skinned boy gently, “You look scared shirtless bro, what’d you do?”

“I don’t know who to talk to-” Calum cut himself off before he could finish his sentence. Was this the right time to come out? What if it was a phase? No. No he knew it wasn’t. The tears began to prick at his eyes, his heart now racing as Michael shuffled closer.

“Hey.. Hey,” Mike soothed, wrapping a protective arm around Calum, something they’d done since they were kids, “Whatever you’ve gotta tell me, it can’t be that bad, buddy. So just tell me, I’ll help you.”

“I can’t-” Calums throat began to close around his words, fear and anxiety taking over his body, causing him to crumble and hide his face in Michaels soft neck.

“Don’t think about it, Cal. Just tell me.”

And with that, Calum bit the bullet. He slowly looked up at his best friend and began to decrease the space between them. His lips brushed against Michaels only barely before he pressed them together, sighing into the kiss he’d been aching for for so long.
It took Michael a moment to register what the fuck was happening before he began to kiss back, moving his lips against Calums plumper ones, his hands immediately finding their way around his waist. And God had he thought about this a lot. How many times has he wondered what it would be like to feel Calums lips against his? To taste his tongue? To pull his lean body close and never let him go?
With all of these thoughts rushing through Michaels head, he began to crave more, more of this boy he called his friend.

Michaels tongue licked at Calums lips, the other boys mouth opening in response, allowing Michael to slip his tongue in, deepening the kiss.
It was then that Michael became aware of all these things he was feeling, all these things we wanted to remember, in case this never happened again… Calums hands around his neck, clawing at the back of Michaels soggy t-shirt, the smell of chlorine and sun on his skin, the shy and hesitant movements of Calums tongue, the small whines coming from Calums mouth as Michaels tongue brushed against his.

Calum began taking in all of this moment immediately after he pressed his lips to Michaels… The feeling of safe arms around his waist, the faint taste of Coca Cola off his friends lips, the sweet desperation in Michaels kiss, the unimaginable rush of love Calum felt when Michaels tongue invaded his mouth… The even stronger rush of anxiety he felt.
So he pulled away. He didn’t want to, not really, but he was so overwhelmed by his own actions that he was struggling to breathe.

But when he looked at Michaels concerned green eyes and wet red lips, he calmed down.

“So…” Michael grinned, “Something you wanted to tell me?”

rainy day || m.c.

It has been shit weather down here so ofcourse I felt the need to write this so please enjoy, it isnt long but it is something 

Hearing soft drops of the rain falling down from the rooftop mixing in with the wind blowing the tree branches against your window, it made you feel good. At home and at peace. The door of the balcony in your room was open for a few inches, what made some of the wind go into your bedroom; keeping the air new. Still laying in bed you ruffled your blanket against your jaw, and turned around on your side; smiling softly. 

Michael was still asleep, eventhough it was almost 11 in the morning but there was nothing productive to do today so sleeping in was the best thing you two could do. Studying his face, his eyeslashes sticking against each other onto his skin, his eyebows furrowing so now and then. His light snoring made you laugh lightly cause his lips made him blow soft bubbles when he inhaled and exhaled. He was curled up into the sheets, looking sincere and rested. 

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