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Bad Day?

Calum Hood imagine

Warnings: Its fluffy towards the end :) 

Requested: Yes/No

Are Requests Open: Fuckin always



It’s obvious that many, many students hate school. Half the time, students aren’t even there, some teachers haven’t even shown up. But because my boyfriend “can’t stand it without you”, I’m mostly always there.

It drives me crazy, and nobody should ever have to say their boyfriend cares more about their schooling than their parents.

But that’s Calum Hood for you, always wanting the best for people. 

So, today he picked me up and we went to school together (you know, as always). But I didn’t want to stay. My head was killing me, hell, my parents even offered me to stay home. But, you guessed it, Calum wouldn’t allow it. 

That’s how we we got here; 8:27 am, almost to the school. I had my hair tied up in a messy bun, no makeup and I was clutching the red bull he bought me earlier. 

“You’ll stay all day right?” Calum asked me, but I just gave him my look. 

“Calum, I told you, my head is absolutely killing me.” “Can you at least try until lunch?” I though about it, to make him feel better, but I was leaving after first period. 

It was the only class we have together, so it should make him happy. 

The classed dragged on however, it actually irritated me. Our teacher wouldn’t stop talking; Now that’s not the bad part, hell, anytime I don’t have to speak is my favourite part. But it was just going on, and on, and on. I swear, if Calum weren’t there, I would have fallen asleep.

After the longest house of my life, we were finally set free. “Y/N?” Calum asked, getting my drowsy attention. I turned my head in response, “I know you really don’t want to be here, do you want me to take you out for lunch?”

Lunch sounded really good, but my mind was still made up. “I’ll think about it yeah?” Calum smiled and nodded his head before turning away. ‘I’m such a bad girlfriend’ I thought.

The walk home was silent, my head is still hurting, and it feels like it’s getting worse with every second. But just like history class, the walk eventually ends, and i’m walking up the front steps of my house.

Mickey, my leonberger is barking and yipping as I walk through the door. I put my hand out, and he’s nuzzling his overly fluffy head into it. Immediately, he quiets down, either he knows he’s being too loud, or he’s just really happy he got a head rub.

Anyway, because he’s clingier than Calum; He follows me into the kitchen. As I get a glass of water, I decide to give him a treat. “ Good boy” I said as I flick him a milk bone, the huge dog jumps to catch it, and his whole mood turns around. ‘Fuck I love dogs’

I get my water and two advils, devour them before retreating to the couch and yell for my dog. Immediately, he comes to the couch and lays down before me. I put my head on his stomach, it’s how we sleep almost every night, unless i’m literally hugging him. 

I put the tv on at the lowest volume without muting it, and soon enough i’m passed the fuck out.

My nap was cut too short though, first Mickey abruptly left me, then the doorbell kept going off. I thought, if I waited a while, they would go. But whoever was at the door was persistent.

Once my sense came back to me, I realised it was most likely Calum. 100% he found out I left, and theres not a doubt in my mind that he’s pissed. My headache was gone though, probably because cuddling with Mickey. 

Eventually, I rolled of the couch and toward the barking dog and the non-stop ringing doorbell.

“What?” I asked as I swung the door open. Mickey tried to leave, but luckily, Calum stopped him. “How long have you been here?” He asked walking in the the dog. “Since period 1″ “Y/N! You know I hate school without you!” He yelled.

Well, this escalated quickly.

“I told you my head was pounding!” I yelled back “you didn’t even try until lunch!” His pupils were getting bigger and bigger, soon enough they’ll turn red. 

“Calum calm down!” I tried reasoning with him. “Why should I?” “Because your eyes will go–” “I’m very okay with that” he answered. “Then get in the car, we’re getting balloons”, after I said that Calum followed me without hesitation. 

I drove to the dollar store, bought Calum and I each 1 helium balloon, and we went to our spot on the train bridge.

“Y/N/N, what are we doing here?” He asked, we both sat down and I cut a slit in my balloon before sucking up some helium.

“I didn’t try to make it until lunch because I was dying” I said in a high pitched voice. Calum quickly caught on and did the same. We were having a hilarious, helium induced fight. Halfway through I actually forgot what we were fighting about.

We sat in silence of the train tracks, my head on his shoulder and his hand inbetween my thighs. “So, are you still mad at me?” I asked, I felt Calum move his head and place a kiss to my mine. “No, that fight was too funny” he answered. 

W stayed at our spot until I got bored. “Where are we going now?” Calum asked. I just turned around and handed him the keys. “You choose”

We didn’t know where to go, we just played our music and drove until everything made sense. 

Being with my boyfriend, wasting time, right now it made perfect sense to me. 


“So what we do in this part is we talk about some serious stuff…. So, tonight we celebrate love, thats what we do. And this the type of show that we put on is one that has no bullshit around it… What we try and do here is we try and get everyone here to have the best night of their life, and that’s our job. And it’s your job to have the best night of your life, also.” July 20th, 2016