It’s important that Michael is older than Lucifer. Because not only has it been established in Season Five, but Michael is supposed to be the greatest, and mightest of the angels. That can be found in the show- the toughest son of a bitch. Take away his older brother status, and suddenly he’s a bit less badass. Because Michael does not rule heaven out of a power grab, he did not usurp Lucifer but because of loyalty and duty that’s why he calls the shots. It explains why so many angels are loyal to him and consider Michael their boss and ruler. 

There’s also the fact Michael is supposed to parallel with Dean the oldest Winchester son. Both are the ‘righteous man’ who will lead humanity and the angels to righting perceived wrongs. Both are loyal, and can be rather cold at times as they’ll do anything. Plus, there was the whole parallel of having to kill a brother. In “The Song Remains The Same” Michael can relate to Dean by sharing the pains of being the oldest. It’s a link that Dean has not shared with anyone. 

Michael is supposed to be the first archangel, and angel. He’s the boss, he’s the ruler of heaven, he’s the King, he’s a warrior. He’s not some troublesome little brother to Lucifer. Satan being older undermines the psychology of middle children / oldest child. Nice move, show.

But this show established that Michael is the oldest, and changed it. Not only is it a failure on a symbolic level, but changing the shows mythology is just a hack move, it’s lazy and its frustrating. 

the finale at LPL Baltimore! it’s not the best quality but I did my best. also at one point kovic, ryan, james and gavin appeared like 10 feet to my right so I tried to film them a bit


under the cut you will find, #177 faceclaims that can pass realistically as high schoolers and/or college students. i made this list because of three reasons: a) most of the lists i found were old and at least a good few years old so the ages are largely inaccurate b) and hence there have been more and more child stars that i feel that need to be added to this list c) and it’s about time we stopped playing ian, milo, holland, crystal, jack etc as high schoolers because let’s be honest rpc, they can’t. i love them too but let’s be real about their ages. most of them should have resources made already but almost all of them have videos etc that you can make resources out of.

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