Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner LIGHT monsters
Once per turn: You can pay 1000 LP, then target 1 card on the field; banish that target. When this card is destroyed: You can target any number of other “Lightsworn” monsters in your Graveyard; shuffle them into the Deck, and if you do, you gain 300 LP for each returned card. Once per turn, during your End Phase: Send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard.

Can Be Found In: Realm of the Light Structure Deck (SDLI-EN036), OTS Tournament Pack 1 (OP01-EN020)

Lightsworns became one of the most dominants archetypes in competitive play by making its negatives into positives, turning in a highly aggro build with all kinds of options and answers. Although Lightsworn effects consantly mill their Deck, this allows them to fuel the Graveyard will all kind of recyclable cards which goes from materials from effects available from that position. Mixing along all sorts of themes to abuse this mechanic, Lightsworns still has prevalence to this day, and still obtains new options to work along with which goes from Extra Deck resources to new members like the Twilightsworns.

“Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn” was the official introduction of Lightsworns to Synchro Monsters, and although they already left their mark along those creatures this was the first and only member of its archetype to work with. “Michael” offers a simple yet highly effective ability in which by paying 1000 Life Points will let us target and banish any card on the field, easily taking down any threats as well making them very hard or impossible to recover afterwards. The defeat of “Michael” on the other hand cna work as a way to recover from his loss, as once destroyed will allow us to return to the Deck any number of and gain 300 Life Points for each. Last we have the drawback yet advantageous milling effect the archetype shares, as during our End Phases “Michael” will dump the top three cards from our Deck. Overall, “Michael” offers a lot of solid effects which can assure dominance no matter if we are on the lead or we need to recover out of danger.

“Michael” might be limited to using LIGHT monsters as materials, but shouldn’t be a problem since is most likely will exclusively work with his archetype to obtain all his potential. From “Charge of the Light Brigade” looking for members in early game to “Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner” reviving a Tuner in later turns, there’s more than enough opportunitites to setup the arrival of “Michael” for any situation imaginable. Thanks to the archetype’s milling effects we also have a chance of summoning members like “Felis, Lightsworn Archer” and “Wulf, Lightsworn Beast”, gathering along other members to prepare the Synchro Summon. Keep on mind that we aren’t restricted to using Lightsworns for the summon, and we can get assistance from Tuners like “Plaguespreader Zombie” or “Glow-Up Bulb” with revival effects as well other materials like “Fairy Tail - Snow” or  "White Dragon Wyverburster" which synergizes with the archetype. Don’t miss the opportunity to use his own destruction to retrieve any other “Michael” copies so can be summoned back later on.

Although not as popular and destructive like “Judgment Dragon”, “Michael” offers a lot of pressure with his abilities. Banishing cards is undoubtly a devastating ability against all sorts of targets, not only assuring the opponent can’t use effects involving the Graveyard but also avoiding some protective effects such as “Stardust Dragon” or “Wind-Up Zenmaines”. Banishing is not only limited to monsters, allowing us to use “Michael” to get rid of Set cards as well taking care of key cards like Field Spells or Pendulum Monsters among many others. Obviously his milling effect will assist the archetype the longer he stays on the field, fueling our Graveyard with all sorts of monsters and options to keep improving our field with. The defeat of “Michael” although unfortunate has benefits, as due the nature of the archetype we will empty our Deck in very few turns and thus filling it back will avoid losing by decking out. Obviously healing ourselves is positive as well, giving us more turns to survive as well pontetially recovering any Life Points we paid for “Michael” and other effects. Keep on mind that as long “Michael” is destroyed it will trigger his effect no matter the cause, no matter if we did it ourselves by an effect like “Dark Hole” or the opponent trying to counter him with effects like “Bottomless Trap Hole” or “Solemn Warning”.

“Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn” might not be as prevalent as other monsters in the archetype, but is still a highly effective Synchro Monster to work along with. Banishing cards is a devastating ability in a game so influenced by Graveyard strategies, and if defeated “Michael” allow us to reload our Deck with Lightsworns and gain a respectable quantity of Life Points in return. Often seen as an optional choice with all the mechanics Lightsworns can work with and stay efficient since their debut,  "Michael" is a solid choice for the Extra Deck with the only true flaw being its banishing effect becoming costy in late game. But with such powerful removal effect as well solving one the main weaknesses of the archetype, “Michael” is a respectable Synchro Monster to assist the archetype on keeping the offensive.

Personal Rating: A-

+ Banishes cards on the field
+ If destroyed will add in the Deck any number of Lightsworns from our Graveyard and heal us in return
+ Milling effect that can setup Graveyard options

- Not a must-have compared to all the tools arround the archetype
- Banishing effect might become unavailable in late game

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Yes! I really wanna know what Michael will do, if he saw Adrien & Funtime Foxy kissing & being happy together!

Alright: First, he would be surprised, not only is a human and a animatronic loving each other, is HIS son with Funtime FOXY, being happy, showing affection, showing that they are really close. He would be in shock but… he wouldn’t do anything.

He would walk away, out of the circus… and then, when he is alone…


This is so sad! Michael was never white. He had the skin disorder Vitiligo but, he was most certainly still a black man and, he was proud of it.. Why are they disrespecting Michael Jackson with a white man playing him (and they make up job is horrific) when Michael Jackson himself said it will be the most horrific thing to do. He was black so use a black actor. Geez!!! They wont use a black actor for Elvis. So don’t disrespect the king!!


[Altered photo of Amber Roger’s original “Steven Bomb” promo from 2015]

NOTE:  Steven bombs have been moved from 5pm est est to 7pm est

REMINDER: Viewership for season 4 is down and if we want to get to a STEVEN BOMB 6 it is more important than ever to watch these as they air, and we all know cartoon network isn’t promoting it, or any of its other shows, properly


Michael: Lindsay is the soldier we need on the battlefield.
Jack: she’s the drunken master!
Michael: she’s dropping grenades into enemies’ tanks by accidents. ‘oh sorry, did i kill everyone?’

Lindsay’s luck in Let’s Play Worms W.M.D 3