Hair Color - Pt. 9 (Soulmate!Michael)

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Words: 1590

Pairing: Michael x Reader


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Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.


“Okay, let me get this straight,” You said, trying to slow down the tempo of Calum and Ashton, “Luke, a 20-year-old man who tour the world for a living, is lost in LA, because he went out for food.”

“It’s not our fault that you guys didn’t order pizza for us!” Calum accused you and Michael , turning his head. You didn’t know if he was angry or worried, but there were some emotions in the late night.

“He’s gonna be fine!” Michael yelled, walking as the last person in line. Ashton was looking around as if he had magical spy-eyes and knew exactly where Luke was while Calum was obviously trying not to have a mental breakdown.

Michael, on the other hand, wasn’t anything like that. He walked slowly with his hands in his pockets, kicking a few rocks off the sidewalk. You observed him and his reaction clearly, and you couldn’t help but get a little mad. One of his best friends were gone. Like the wind. And all Michael did was walking with his hands in his pocket?

“Okay, this is not working. Maybe we need to split?” Calum shook his head disagreeing with Ashton. You all stopped walking and got together in a small circle.
Maybe it was an instinct that Ashton took the lead when everything panicked or maybe it just because he was the oldest. It wasn’t like you would love to take the lead, but at this point, Ashton was getting on your nerves, too. The only one who wasn’t annoying was Calum, but that was mainly because his big eyes were filled with fear, and you couldn’t stop throwing pity glances at him.

“Me and Y/N is gonna take the park,” Michael said, almost dragging you out on the busy road before Ashton caught Michael’s sleeve and pulled him back on the sidewalk.

“No, you are not,” Ashton stated as Michael rolled his eyes at him. You stayed out of the small fighting that was going on between the friends, “We’re all gonna go through the park, then we’ll split up. Deal?”

Ashton made sure that every word was emphasized. Michael grouted and turned his head. A huge, lighted up park lied on the other side of the road. You assumed that was the one the guys were talking about. You were generally surprised about the traffic. There were barely any cars on the road, but then again, none of you had any idea about where you were.

The four of you walked across the road, making sure nobody got killed by the few cars. The great gate to the park was closed, but it wasn’t locked. So walking in wasn’t a problem.

There wasn’t a living soul on the path you walked on, only the four of you. Ashton and Calum walked first as you and Michael were the rear party. Even though it was a park with lights hovering up beside you, it was scary. The lamps only lighted the path, making the tall trees almost humanlike, as the rest of the park seemed unknown. You saw no other solution that to grab Michael’s hand. He quickly stared at you, but you ignored him with a visible smirk plastered on your face. Michael coughed but only gave your hand a little squeeze.

Then the park became romantic. Well, expect for the two dumbasses walking confused in front of you, discussing every single turn. Otherwise, the simple touch of another human being changed the mood completely. Suddenly the trees weren’t dark people, now they’re were swaying in the warm wind. The normally annoying sound of cars outside the park sounded almost like music. The dark seemed beautiful as you walked with Michael’s warm hand in yours. A simple touch changed everything.

“Ashton! Calum!” You looked at the two guys in front of you and saw them running towards a bench. You instantly let go of Michael’s hand as soon as you saw Luke’s smirk forming. Holy shit, Luke were sitting on the bench with a Golden Retriever dog.

“What the fu…” you heard Michael mumble before he ran towards Luke and the strange dog. As you came closer, you could hear the happy yelling and the hurried words.

“Hi.” Nobody noticed you. Ashton sat beside the dog and quietly patted it as if he was in awe of Luke being alive. Calum just smiled all over his face, nothing to worry about there. Michael tried to hold back the small chuckles from Luke’s storytelling.

“I was very confused. Then I decided to try to find a way out of this place because this park is big! Instead of the exit, I found this fuckin’ cute dog. So I’ve been sitting here for about fifteen minutes.”

“It’s a very cute dog.” You mumbled and squatted down in front of it. Luke nodded in agreement.

“We’ve been looking for you in two hours,” Ashton remarked, even though that probably wasn’t true, “You could have called, Luke.”

“I don’t have my phone, asshole. Otherwise, I probably would have found a way home.” Luke responded cocky and looked Ashton in the eye.

“Do any of us have our phones?” Calum questioned, now standing behind the bench.

Silence. You stared at Michael as soon as you realized what that mean: it would be hard to find the way back. Michael’s eyes widened.

“Oh for God’s sake!” Michael yelled, “It’s 2016, people! We’re supposed to be addicted to our phones!”

“Fuck. Which path did we come from?” Calum then asked while Luke and Ashton pointed in one direction and you and Michael pointed in the opposite. Calum mumbled sarcastically, “Great.”

Somehow, the five of you found the exit. Fortunately, the park had more than just one gate. Problem was that none of you knew where you were. Luke and Calum begged about bringing that damn dog with you, and then Ashton allowed it. And it was a cute pain in the ass. At first, it wanted to run away, so Luke picked the enormous dog up and carried it around for a while, before handing it over to Calum. So Calum had Luke had to carry it around all the way. The dog didn’t complain, actually, it seemed like it was enjoying not having to walk.

The wind became colder as you walked along small, closed shops in dark valleys. You wrapped your own arms around you, trying to catch some warmth.

“What time is it?” You asked, yawning. You had no idea how long you had been walking or when you even left the house to look after Luke. You just knew that you were cold and tired and that you wanted to go to bed immediately.

“Almost four now,” Luke answered, looking up in the sky. You observed his weird action but understood why as soon as a single raindrop hit your shoulder. That drop changed everything in a second. Suddenly, more panic hit the group as you were already looking for some kind of shelter. Now, it couldn’t get any worse. Soon the drops were getting harder and bigger, until the rain poured down on you, ruining your already ruined hair. The dog squealed as the water hit the soft, yellow fur and Calum looked absolutely terrified on the dog’s behalf.

Luke started running with Ashton right behind him while yelling, “Gotta find a place for the dog.”

You, Luke, Ashton and Michael ran around the buildings while Calum was trying to shush the dog.

“Over here, guys!” You heard Ashton roar a couple meters away from you. You hurried towards him as the others did the same while standing in front of a minor, black building with some unrecognizable letters above it. “It’s open,” Ashton mumbled while pulling down the doorknob and opening the door slightly. Not enough so you could see inside, though. He didn’t know whether to just barge in or knock. But he didn’t have time to think.

“Let’s go in then!” Luke yelled and stormed inside with the rest of you following after. You all stopped to look around the small space. It was one, huge room. At the end of the room, there was a bar with every possible alcoholic beverage you could think of and around the sides were placed wooden chairs and tables. Oh yeah, and in the middle, there was a tall platform. And on that platform were a pole. As in; a stripper pole.

Calum closed the door behind him, being the last one to realize where you were. He quickly put down the dog and let it run around the strip club. You all stood with mouths wide open as you watched a woman with high boots and very little clothing, picking up dollars from the platform. You estimated that she was about your age when she looked up from the money.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” A rather large man walked in behind the bar as he quickly hurried towards the five of you. His face was pulled in confusion and anger, as he hassled across the room. He stopped, looking directly in the face of a dripping wet Calum.

“Well, sir, it was raining and the dog needed shelter and…” Calum’s words were flustered as he pointed to the Golden Retriever running around the room. But he didn’t get to finish before the man’s fist hit him hard, making a plump-like sound. The woman screamed, “Carlos” but it was too late. Calum’s words faded out as he fell to the ground.

A/N: Wow. Plot twist. And hurray, Luke’s not dead! ;) What did you think?

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Impulses (M.G.C)

After finally getting the door to your room, you immediately fall into routine.Set your backpack down, grab your pajamas, and walk into the bathroom to change. After changing into the more comfortable set of clothes, you walk back out, grabbing your backpack before rounding the corner to face your bed. To your surprise, however, your boyfriend is sprawled out over your sheets scrolling through some form of social media. You drop your bag and your eyebrows furrow, “Mike?” You ask.

Michael looks up from his phone and spots you, a smile making its way across his lips. “Hey, Kitten. How was class?” He inquires.

“It was fine, I guess,” You answer. “So, what are you doing here?”

Michael stands up and walks the short distance from your bed to yourself before stopping right in front of you and planting a soft kiss on your forehead. “Don’t want me here?” He asks, pouting teasingly.

“It’s not that,” You start, “but I thought you weren’t coming back to see me for another week or so.”

“Well, I do love surprises,” he smirks. “Just thought I’d surprise you. So, what do you have to eat around here?”

You laugh, “Not much. Ramen is about it, unless you want to come to the cafeteria with me. I think they’re serving something good tonight, and if all else fails they have the pizza bar.”

“Sounds like a plan, let’s go,” he says, grabbing your hand and walking to your door. You lock your door upon exiting and lead the way to the cafeteria.


Dinner started out with just the two of you, catching up on how the rest of tour went after he and the rest of the band left the US. However, the longer you sat, the more of your friends would show up.  Before you knew it, it seemed as if the entire group was sitting at the table with you guys, listening to Michael tell you stories from his short time in Mexico and back home, in Australia. You sigh when he finishes telling his stories and frown slightly, “I really wish I could’ve gone with you.”

“Why didn’t you?” one of your friends inquire, after taking a sip of their coke.

“I don’t know maybe because we’re in the middle of the semester and I seem to have an exam every time I turn around,” you answer.

Your friend looks at you as if they’re slightly offended, “You don’t have to get such an attitude, gosh.”

You smirk slightly, cutting your eyes to Michael, who is currently smirking as he takes a bite out of his pizza. He chews and swallows before speaking again, “Sorry about that,” he says from across the table.

“Not to worry,” you reply. “Staying behind was worth it. I passed all of my exams.”

“That’s awesome,” Mikey smiles widely. “Let’s celebrate.”

“How? There’s nothing to do around here,” you laugh.

Michael’s eyes meet yours, a playful glint in his eyes. That’s the moment you realize that he has much more in store for you than you could be thinking of right now. Michael sets his fork down on his plate, “Well, I guess we gotta get out of town, then.” He grabs his plate and stands to his feet, taking your plate, as well. He walks over to the dish window and disposes of your dirty dishes before walking back. By the time he arrives back at the table, the glint in his eyes has radiated across the rest of his face. A smirk on his lips and a small amount of crazy in his eyes. He holds his hand out to take yours. You place your hand in his and stand up. “How do you feel about going to Florida?” he inquires.

“Tonight?” you ask.

“Sure. We can go right now. I have plenty of money. We can just grab our chargers, phones, a change of clothes, and maybe a few other things and go right now. We’ll be there by 1 in the morning if we leave in the next few minutes,” he explains.

You laugh, “Babe, that’s pure insanity.”

He nods his head, “That’s the point.”

You can feel all of your friends watching and listening to the entire situation play out. They all remain silent, waiting for you to answer. “I have homework,” you try.

“Do it on the way. We have an 8 hour drive ahead of us,” he counters.

“What about classes tomorrow?” You inquire, uneasily.

“You can miss one day, can’t you?”

You sigh, and hold Michael’s excited gaze for a minute or so. A smile creeps its way along your lips and a sudden rush of adrenaline makes its way through you. Taking a deep breath you grip tighter onto your boyfriend’s hand, “Let’s go,” you answer, finally.

Michael smiles even wider and starts to run for the exit of the building, pulling you behind him. He babbles along the way, talking about how awesome the trip is going to be. He talks about going to the beach, having some time alone with you, and just the excitement of it all. It’s moments like this that make you fall in love with Michael all over again. There’s just something about seeing him in a state like this that makes him seem much more like himself than usual. He’s always had a bit of a childish disposition, and that’s always been something you admired about him. Whenever the childish side of his personality is highlighted, you seem to love it more than anything, and they’re always his happiest moment. Seeing him like this is like seeing him talk about getting to go somewhere new on tour. It’s your favorite way to see him.

It doesn’t take long for the both of you to make it back to your room and pack two small bags before heading to your car. The two of you load up and hit the road, and before you know it, you’re so far out of town that turning around would be almost disappointing. Within a few short hours, you’re passing through Alabama, and into Florida. It doesn’t seem as if the short should have gone by so quickly. But, time does seem to fly when you enjoy yourself, and in such a carefree environment with Mikey, there was no way you couldn’t have the time of your life.

At 1:09 in the morning, Michael brings the car to a stop in front of a motel, somewhere near the beach. “Well, looks like we may be crashing here for the night,” he smiles sleepily.

“Sounds good to me,” You smile back, reaching into the back and grabbing your bags. The two of you check in and go to your room. Settling down is almost effortless. Really, all that either one of you do is use the restroom and strip down to your underwear before crawling into bed with one another. You snuggle up close to Michael, resting your head on his shoulder and face nuzzled into his chest before falling fast asleep.


You wake up to Michael nudging your shoulder as he brushes his teeth, telling you to wake up. You groan as you roll over to look at the clock, the screen displaying a bright red 9:17 am. You sigh and try to cover up, in an attempt to fall back asleep. Michael yanks the covers back, snickering before speaking through a mouthful of toothpaste. “Wake up, fuzzy ass. We have a beach to visit. We didn’t come all the way to Panama City to sleep until noon at a sketch motel,” he laughs. “Now get moving, and put on that bikini of yours.”

Rolling your eyes, you crawl out from underneath the covers and grab at your bag, pulling your swimsuit out along with a cover-up. You walk into the bathroom and take a quick shower and brush your teeth before telling Michael that you’re ready to go. And, with that, you load the car back up and drive a little less than a mile to the beach.

Upon arriving, you take in the scenery. The water is all sorts of greens and blues, illuminated by the sunlight. White foam tops the crests of each wave as it rolls onto the pale sand. The water perfectly complements the partly cloudy sky. You fall in love with the scenery almost immediately, and with every passing second you only feel more in love.

The entirety of the day is spent on the beach. You guys go back and forth from the water to the sand. Every now and then you would go to the pier, in order to grab some food or to look at some of the boutiques up there. But, no matter how the day was spent, you and michael find yourself at the exact same spot on the beach that you started the day at. You’ve set out a blanket on the sand, and the both of you are laying together on top of it. It hasn’t been until now that you realized how the same sky you’ve been staring at for the past thirty minutes or so has gradually started to change colors. When you originally lied down, the sky was a soothing shade of blue. But now, it’s painted brilliantly with thrilling shades of pink and wonder-inducing purples. There are some hints of orange in a few spots and the soothing blue from earlier has turned into a much darker, navy type of shade. Skies back home have never seemed so beautiful, but the sun setting in the horizon also reminds you of the time. You sigh, “It’s getting late, babe. I think we need to head back home.”

Michael sits up and leans over you, “Is that so?”

You frown slightly, “Yeah. I have classes in the morning.”

Michael rolls his eyes at you and then looks back at the sky, “Did you bring your polaroid camera?”

“I never leave home without it,” you announce setting yourself up with your elbows.

“Where’s it at?” he inquires.

“The car.”

“Can you go grab it, please?” he asks, finally looking back at you.

“You’re the one who wants it,” you laugh slightly. Michael only replies with a stuck out lip and a pair of puppy dog eyes, causing you to roll your eyes and agree to go. Michael smiles and presses a kiss to your cheek before moving over so that you can stand up.

Within a matter of seconds, you find yourself walking to the car, grabbing your polaroid camera from your bag, and walking back to the spot you left Michael at, on the beach. Upon your arrival, Michael is still laying in the sand, staring up at the sky. As you get closer, Michael tilts his head up so that he can see you approaching. He smirks, “Stop.”

You do as he says, “What? Why?”

“Just trust me,” he says before rolling onto his stomach and then standing to his feet. He walks over to where you’re standing and looks into your eyes for a moment before speaking again. “Whoever painted the sky was a genius, because they definitely had your eyes in mind,” he muses.

You giggle, “What do you mean?”

“I mean that I love your eyes. I also love the sky. And, right now they are working together so beautifully. The way that the sky is reflecting onto your eyes is almost breathtaking,” he explains. “But that’s not the only thing around here that I consider to be breathtaking. Not when the rest of you is standing in front of me, and not at a moment like this.”

Your eyes are focused on the features of his face. The soft curve of his lip, the glisten in his green eyes, the small amount of stubble on his cheeks and chin, and his nose. You take note of his light touch on your arm. What you’re noticing more than anything right now, though, is that this moment is no different than many of the others you’ve had with Michael. Sure, you’re on a beach, eight hours from home, but you feel just as secure with him as you always have. You still feel the love you have for him increasing.  “What’s so special about this moment?” you ask, curious.

Michael shakes his head, “Well, the beach for one, but for two, it’s a fresh start.” With that, Michael pulls a small box from the pocket of his swim shorts and gets down on one knee. He laughs shakily before beginning to speak, “I’ve been trying to hide this from you for ages, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I have been so in love with you for so long, Y/N. Everything about you makes everything about me something worth dealing with. You’re the perfect solution to one of the most difficult balancing acts. You’re thoughtful, kind, smart, beautiful, and funny. There is no one else I’d rather watch netflix with and tell stories to but you. I want to take impulsive road trips and eat ramen with you for the rest of my life. I want to call you mine, and I want to be yours. So, will you please complete my balancing act and officially become a part of me the way that I want to be a part of you?” he finishes, opening the small box to expose a small, simple, yet stunning ring.

Moments of silence seem to race by in that moment. Thoughts come and go just as quickly. Where has that been all day? Since when has he been so romantic? Michael just proposed, say yes. Yes. “Yes,” you finally verbalize.

Michael’s somewhat nervous expression has turned to one of pure joy and excitement as he jumps back to his feet, and pulling you into his embrace. There are a few wet spots on your cheek and you can’t tell if it’s because he’s crying or because you’re allowing yourself to cry. His lips feel soft and passionate against yours. It’s almost as if he were about to die of thirst and you were the last drop of water on earth. And this moment, you realize, is very unlike the others, because Michael was right. This was a fresh start.  

the cutest family :))

Open- Alone and Forgotten//Michael

Michael was slumped weakly in the cage, His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, His energy was failing. It was clear that the cage had taken its toll on him, He was beginning to give up as he thought that nobody would come and save him.
His wings were in a poor state. The great archangel Michael was damaged, His blonde hair was soaked in sweat, He wasn’t even sure if Adam was still there, and he felt alone and forgotten. Lucifer was now free as well. Michael hid in his wings and breathed deeply.

literal transcript of a 5sos interview | 9
  • Interviewer:Big spoon or Little spoon?
  • Luke:What? This is a funny question.
  • Calum:How many people are spooning?
  • Ashton:Is it like a spoon train?
  • Calum:Is this a spoon train?
  • Luke:Spain?
  • I:how many is a spoon train?
  • Calum:*without missing a beat* up to 10 people
  • Ashton:I'm a little spoon
  • Luke:I kinda like litt–being a little spoon.
  • Michael:Really?? Eugh!
  • Calum:*shaking his head* No
  • Ashton:What do you mean 'eugh'
  • Luke:Being a big spoon your arm gets numb
  • Ashton:Yeah
  • Luke:You wake up and you can't feel your arm
  • Calum:Theres noting more emasculating than being a little spoon
  • Michael:*at the same time as calum* Big spoon all day everyday
  • Luke:I think you know what? If your comfortable with someone, I think you can be a little spoon.
  • Ashton:Me and Luke are little spoons because we're cancers
  • Luke:*laughing* cause we're cancers
  • Ashton:It's a cancer thing
  • Calum:What sign are you?
  • Michael:Scorpio
  • Calum:I'm Aquarius
  • Michael:I'm big spoon. You'll never get me not being big– the only time I'm not the big spoon is if I'm crying. And then in that case–
  • Calum:*taking over Michael* And i've never cried
  • Michael:I'm full fetal position
  • Ashton:Cancers are always crying, we just cry about stuff