I keep my Valentines Day expectations like how I keep my grades. Low

Raphael: Because animals can not give the same expressed consent that humans can, it is not possible for us to take animals as vessels.

Lucifer: It hasn’t stopped us from turning into animals to get what we want.

Michael: Yes, because even at the beginning of time, no one would say yes to Lucifer so the best option was to seduce a poor girl…as a snake.

Lucifer: At least I didn’t have it hot for a horse!

Gabriel:…Don’t drag me into this.

Everything I Love About You - Michael Imagine

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“Y/N? Hello? Y/N?” Michael’s voice rang through the house. He’d just gotten back from tour, and you were asleep. He realized the time, 3:30 am, and just quietly crept up into your shared bed, and fell asleep. 

You woke up at around 9, stretching your arms as you yawned, just noticing the red haired boy next to you. Your heart was filled with excitement as you prodded him awake. “Mikey, Mikey, you’re really back!” You embraced him in a hug, his low chuckle filling your ear. “Yeah Y/N, I’m really back. This time, I won’t be gone for three weeks.  We have a whole three weeks to ourselves.” You were so happy, tears of joy started rolling down your face as you pulled Michael in for a long awaited kiss. 

You awoke once again at noon, nude with nothing but a blanket covering you. A smile crept on to your face as you recalled everything that had happened merely an hour ago. “Michael? Michael where are you?” You called out, wondering where he could have gone. Then you looked around yourself, in hope of finding a note. Nothing. You checked your phone. There was also nothing. Sighing, you got off of bed and started changing. 

You walked down the stairs only to be greeted by nothing. You had slight hopes of Michael being in the living room playing Xbox or just lounging around. This wasn’t unusual. Michael would come back from tour for a couple of hours, sometimes a day or so, have sex with you, and then leave to go out with the boys. Sometimes it made you wonder whether you were anything more than a fuckbuddy. You hoped this time would be different, especially because it’s Valentine’s Day.

“Hey Mike! So are you ready to give Y/N the biggest surprise of her life?” Ashton asked, making Michael smile. He went to the boys to get a surprise ready for you. He’d spent months planning this, and pleading management to move their schedules around, just so he could be home for today. He looked back up at Ashton, “Definitely ready.”

You paced around the house, checking your phone every minute to see if Michael would send you a text or anything. Then, the phone rang. “Hello? Mikey? Where have you been? I’m so worr-” “Y/N Shhhh listen to me. Go to the kitchen, and look on the counter.” Confused, you walked over, noticing a piece of pink paper sitting there, making you wonder how you didn’t find it before. “Now read it, so you can come find me.” You smiled. He remembered. You’ve always talked about how romantic these little scavenger hunts are, and Michael always took note of it, hopping to make it into a reality. 

I’ve always loved it when you ran around in the grass. You always look so beautiful in the sunlight. The park seems to be your favourite place.” Smiling, you set off on the road to the park. 

I love your hair…” “Your smile looks best…” “The sand on your face…” “The books in your hands…” “The smell of roses…” “Your favourite dessert…” After numerous notes, and little things that Michael noticed about you that you haven’t even noticed about yourself, you were lead to the waterfall behind the park. There was a trail of Lily petals on the ground, and at the end of it was Michael in a formal suit, with the other three boys standing around him. 

You approached him, amazed at the lengths Michael has gone to just to make you happy. “Here, this is my Valentine’s gift to you.” He handed you a stack of letters, each with words like “Open this when you’re …” You looked up at Michael, asking, “What is this?” He smiled. “This is for when I’m away, and no matter what emotion you’re feeling, there is probably one inside for you.” 

You were so happy, you flung your arms around Michael, and pulled him in for a kiss. “Wait! There’s something more!” Calum yelled. “Oh right.” Michael pulled out an extra card from his jacket pocket, handing it to you. “The thing I love most about you is that you’re the woman I’m going to marry.” You looked back up, only to notice Michael on one knee in front of you, holding out a velvet box. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

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Have you noticed when CALUM wears t-shirts the sleeves become tight because of his muscles and then the rest of just kind of hangs loose because of his well moulded torso and has a so meet hair ..... THAT MY FRIENDS IS WHAT HEAVEN LOOKS LIKE
Love has its ways~Bestfriend! Michael Clifford

Today was the day you were going to fly out and see your bestfriend Michael on tour. You and him have been best friends since you could remember. Your mom and Michaels mom were friends, and soon you and Michael became friends as well. He is the sweetest, kindest person you will ever meet, with his beautiful sparkling green eye’s, and his pink lips, and also how his hair color changes every month… He’s perfect. Yeah, you can tell I may have a crush on Michael, but you’re wrong…I’m in LOVE with him. I have been for a total of 3 years now, but he will never notice. That’s why I’m going to fly out, and finally have the courage to tell him myself. Only Luke, and Ashton know my plan, they were the ones who suggested it actually. So now here I am on a taxi on the way to the airport to catch my fight to finally tell my bestfriend I love him.

*at venue*

“Y/N you will have to meet Michael after the show because we’re going to go on in 5”
Luke said to me as we walked down the hallway in the venue.

“Thats fine, I was going to try to get some rest before I see him, jet lag is horrible"I answered

"Okay, well see you after our set” he waved before I went to the dressing room.

I tried to relax, but I just couldn’t. I was so excited and nervous to see Michael after 4 months. I had so many thoughts running through my head a mile a minute. I didn’t even notice that the boys set ended, until I saw Michael standing in the doorway, all sweaty with the most beautiful girl around his arm.

“Y/N!” Michael screamed and came barreling towards me. He picked me up in a bone crushing hug.

“Hi Mikey” I whispered

“How are you here” he whispered back, still in the hug.

“I wanted to come and see my bestfriend, is that such a problem” I replied sarcastically, with a grin on my face.

“No its not, I just can’t believe you’re here” he said back, with an equally large grin on his face.

“Well believe it because I’m here, and I’m real” I replied. He pulled out of the hug.

We hear a voice clear they’re throat behind us, I turn around and see the brunette girl that I saw around Michaels arm when he was in the doorway.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me Michael” she said in her forced sweet voice

“Oh yeah” Michael said while dragging me towards the girl

“Y/N this is my girlfriend Amanda, Amanda meet Y/N” he introduced

“Girlfriend?” I questioned, while turning to look behind me at the boys guilty faces.

Turning back in front of me, I see Michael with his arm around the girls (as I now know is Amanda) waist, her with a sickly sweet smile on her face, while Michael is looking down at the floor. I feel like the air just got knocked out of me, and my heart shattered in a million pieces. These 3 years he’s never had a girlfriend, and when I finally have the courage to talk to him, he’s taken, I feel like curling up in a ball and crying.

“Yeah, for about 3 months now” Amanda replies, still with the smile on her face, while Michael is still looking at the ground.

“Michael may I please talk to you outside please” I ask politely as possible. He nods, and starts to walk to the door, I follow him.

When we get outside, we stare at each other for a couple of seconds and I speak up…

“Why didn’t you ever tell Michael” I ask in a harsh, sad tone.

“I didn’t think it would matter” he replied back in an equally harsh tone.

“Of couse it would matter, we’re supposed to be bestfriends, I tell you everything” I say, successfully holding back my tears.

“God Y/N! I don’t have to tell you everything, you need to mind your own fucking business, and not think I have to let you know everything that goes on in my life, it’s my life, not yours!” He yelled back at me.

“Why is it such a big deal anyway?” He asked, still pissed.

“You want to know why Michael? I yell back.

"Maybe because for 3 years I have been hopelessly in love with you, and when I finally have the courage to tell you, your taken. I fucking love you Michael, and I thought maybe I had a chance, but now I know I don’t, I can’t compare to her. I flew all the fucking way here, in hopes of it going smoothly, but its fucking not, I shouldn’t have even come here!” I yell tears now rushing down my face


If I wasn’t crying enough, I sure am now. Its like Niagara falls down my face. He was my whole world, and now its fucking crushed. Its feels hard to breath, he was my only stability, and now he just crushed my heart in a bunch of pieces even more.

“You don’t have to deal with me anymore Michael, I’m leaving, like i said, I shouldn’t have even came, don’t talk to me, I’m sorry I made your life hell, you’ll have a perfect picture, since I won’t be in the frame. Go live your life, and just forget EVERYTHING about me, have a nice fucking life Michael Clifford!” I yelled in a sad hurt tone, and walked away from my world.

I walked back into the venue, going to get my luggage so I can go home. As I walked into the dressing room, I see Ashton, Luke, and Calum, sitting down, with sad looks on they’re faces. They see me walk in, and start to stand up, I put my hand up, and shake my head. I get my luggage, and start to leave when Luke talks.

“Where are you going?” He questions

“Home” I simply answer

“Why?” Calum chimes in

“I’m not wanted here, so I’m going home, please don’t call me, just stay away from me” I say back, and walk out of the dressing room, and soon I’m outside the venue, waving for a taxi, then on my way to the airport.

Now here I am, on a plane back home, heartbroken, and crying my eyes out. Many flight attendants have asked me if okay, it’s the same answer every time; I’m fine. I’m just staring out the window thinking, its all my fault…I should have just kept my mouth shut. Now I’m completely broken, with no one who cares, I guess love had it’s ways, and apparently, it wasn’t in my favor today.

Hi, this is my first imagine ever (I suck).
Idk if I should make a series or not, you guys can message me if you do want a series.. And sorry if I made you cry (I kinda did too) until next time