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  • Ciel: (to Sebastian) Alright, good. Thanks dad.
  • Ciel: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Mey Rin: You just called Sebastian dad. You said ‘thanks dad’.
  • Ciel: What? No I didn’t. I said ‘thanks man’.
  • Sebastian: Do you see me as a father figure, my Lord?
  • Ciel: More like a bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me.
  • Finny: Hey! Show your father some respect!
Just imagine...#2

In modern AU where Sebastian and Ciel live together in an apartment and they share a room together as well as a bed at night. Every night when they’re in bed Ciel always likes to play blanket tug of war so Sebastian being the thoughtful boyfriend he is just plays along~~

And one night when Sebastian pulls the blankets a little too hard resulting Ciel falling off the bed he just panics and runs to the other side and then he makes Ciel sit up and starts asking questions repetitively like “Oh no are you okay Ciel are you hurt I’m so sorry I’m an idiot” and he kisses all over Ciel’s face just to make sure he’s fine and everything.


“They can never escape the demon’s grasp.”

Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis

(Musical Kuroshitsuji: Lycoris that blazes the earth 2015)

I could feel chills down my spine even just watching the DVD

you can imagine how it felt like to see this live

So... regarding chapter 105

As prompted by bururaven​… Here we go. Let’s do sth proper with this thing.

Okay.. so, Undertaker.. The wildest cart in this story I’ve seen so far. But what intrigued me in the latest chapter is of course the ending. I can’t believe I have to wait yet another month… Pls bear with my English writing skills here… ^-^

Undertaker’s experimenting with corpses and cinematic records. Presumably, those cinematic records belong to the corpses into which he’s putting them back again. But what if in his next step he’s planning on implementing cinematic record of a person into a different body (not the person to whom the record belongs)?

Let me state the obvious: Undertaker still holds his status as a Shinigami, and we know that during his time ‘at work’ he wasn’t the most obedient one. Maybe he’s got his hands on Vincent’s cinematic record and simpy took it from the Library and he’s keeping it hidden somewhere in France. 

But it’s puzzling to me, why France? Does it hold any value to the Phantomive family? I don’t remember if something like that was mentioned in the manga. Maybe the origin history of the Phantomhives is going to happen soon..? Who knows.

And, another question (and i promise I’m wrapping this thing up): why is Undertaker doing all of this? He’s proven himself to be a great actor (I personally regarded him, at the beginning of this story, as just a side character, only reappearing when Ciel is working on a particularly tricky case. And look at him now! ^-^)  I’m not saying that he’s a heartless monster, bc he’s still visibly shaken with the death of the Phantomhives, especially Vincent’s (of whom he’s particularly fond). For the time being, I suspect - with doing all of this - he’s trying to soothe his aching heart.. maybe redeem himself? Maybe he’s regretting not warning Vincent about his approaching death? I don’t know if the time of death is appearing in the Reapers’ Books before the death of a person or is already written there. If Undertaker had the access to those files… idk. He’s a person of mysterious motives. 

Furthermore, we still don’t know who’s responsible for the arson and Phantomhives’ gruesome death. Maybe Undertaker wants to exact his own revenge on those people(?) - you know, considering it’s Kuroshitsuji, there might have been something supernatural at work there. 

Okay. That’d be it. Discuss! ^-^