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So, here is the French version.

Yana-san says (in the black box) essentially… “In the beginning, I imagined to give Sebastian a dog named Cerberus, but it never appeared again in the story/his history.”

The dog says “My Master!”

And above them (at the bottom left) it says “In this style?”. As if that’s how Sebastian might carry the dog….

It would have been very funny to see Sebastian deal with a little “arf, arf” dog who drools on him….

BOOK by Yana Toboso

MUSIC AND LYRICS by Stephen Sondheim


After the grueling death of his parents and subsequent torture at the hands of a Satanic cult, young Ciel Phantomhive forms a pact with a hungry demon – under the guise of master and servant, they return to avenge the Phantomhive name, a task that comes with no small amount of bloody challenges, but Sebastian Michaelis is more than willing to fulfill his contractor’s wish… for he is simply one hell of a butler. 

If Kuroshitsuji was a Broadway musical. 


Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis designed for Book of Circus

Ciel Phantomhive, suit for the circus :  Stripes, flounces and frills are complicated to draw, but all these elements are important. To please the fans, we tried hard to reproduce the suit of the circus based on the original work. It is a summary of love of the main designer. In the holding to infiltrate the circus, the accent is put on the scarf attached in the back. The ribbon permittes to keep a side of childish. 

Ciel Phantomhive, in coat : He wears rings at his hands over his gloves.

Sebastian Michaelis, suit fot the circus : This time, his jacket is not buttoned.  The tissue moves according to its movements. It is complicated to animate. His jacket was stay open because it is more esthetic. You will understand by seeing the scene with the champagne during the first episode. 

Details : Make up under the right eye. | He does not wear the badge which he usually has. | Hat: edges are slightly raised on sides and a little falling in front.

Translation by @kuroshitsuji-effervescence

Source: Book of Circus Guide Book I (sold with the french edition of the DVD of Book of Circus I)

Simply one hell of a butler

Recently I have been really getting into Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) and I thought I would make a design for it using the infamous quote from Sebastian Michaelis :)

Design available for purchase on many items from Redbubble.

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