Joint Afghan-ISAF forces talk when the building in which assailants had holed up, was being cleared in Kabul City. — Seven people, including four policemen, were killed and 17 others wounded in back-to-back militant attacks in the capital Kabul, an official said. Afghanistan, 14th September 2011

  1. Mich 2001 + PVS15 ( Those 2 are very visible in the NSW community and they were lots of them issued)
  2. AOR1 6094A Plate Carrier  ( The vest is only issued to NSW or DG members)
  3. DEVGRU Gold Knight patch at the admin panel (only the GK members has those)
  4. CP Multicam combat shirt and pants  (From this view we cant see if it is navy custom or army custom but I was told from a trustable source that DG members were using MC since few years ago)
  5. M4 CQBR+LA5 +M900+TA01+Surefire silencer ( The weapon set up is actually quite old school but which did not matter as long as it’s effective in combat and from the set up on the accessories, it is matching with usual NSW members set up)
  6. TEA PTT ( T.E.A is the largest company dealing of headsets to the SOF/SOCOM in the US, this ptt is also typical type that NSW members are using)