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What are Rey's favorite fruits and vegetables?

“Do you like—”

“Yes,” Rey gets accustomed to saying, early, heading them off before that moment when she has to genuinely say, orange or blue, north-facing or east, early shift or latejedi or resistance, this sort of meat or that sort of meat or no meat at all. It’s one of the few time she and Finn do not have to discuss it with one another, hash out the nuances that separate them. They both agree that the process of choosing, the importance of it to the Resistance, is difficult.

(He likes alcohol because it is an unimaginable and terrifying luxury, knowing that your friends will find you endearing and not reportable as you lose control. She likes alcohol because it pleasantly eases her boundaries, until she’s curled into Finn’s side, feeling the Force lick at her edges like a creature made of electric sparks, curling in her gut and out into the people nearest her—tying her to them with light.

But she and Finn both stare at Poe when he first asks what they like to drink. They weren’t aware there were options.)

Jessika brings her back pickles from an Intel mission on a Core world, which Rey did not know existed before—”Cucumbers in saltwater,” is how Jess describes them, and Rey has to get used to the idea of saltwater as she chews. Jess laughs at Rey’s expression, and shows her how to slice them, fry them, and put the medallions on the uninspiring mess hall sandwiches.

“You are my favorite person,” Rey mumbles through a mouthful of delicious sandwich.

“Well, I’m pretty awesome, with or without the vegetables,” Jess laughs.

“I’m not about to be fucking outdone by Jessika Pava,” Poe says a week later, dropping a rough burlap bag on the table. Finn shrugs when Rey pulls out a weirdly-shaped biologic; Poe groans when Rey shoots him a confused and slightly worried look. (It’s yellow. Nothing in nature is yellow.) “That’s a squash, Rey.”

“Is it supposed to be that color?”

“Yes,” Poe sighs, the only person in the entire Resistance who grew up on an Outer Rim planet where they actually grow things, and not just import dehydrated packs. “Now, wait until I cook you some actual Yavinese food before you dismiss it, okay?”

“I love it,” Rey sobs through a mouthful of pepian. Poe is a little worried for her, mostly because she is crying and also reaching for the hot sauce. “It’s my favorite.”

“Huh. Okay,” Poe says, holding out a napkin so she can dab at her eyes.

Luke Skywalker is the first one to buy them both a couple of apples—nothing special about it, just water and sugar and red red skin. They munch on them, as they sit on a wall on Coruscant. He doesn’t seem bothered when Rey curves herself against his side, just switches his apple to the other hand, and drapes his arm over her shoulder.

“I like it,” she says. 

“Yeah,” he says. “Me too.”

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AU where Rey is a Sith and Finn is a Jedi?

  • It—starts by accident. Well, actually, the start was deliberate, it was the rest that happened by accident.
    • As in, Finn deliberately said, “You have a boyfriend? Cute boyfriend?” because the Sith was dealing out blows faster than he could block them and he had to do something before she took his head off. 
      • “No,” she grunted, lunging for his side.
      • “You want one?” he asked, and he was stupid pathetically grateful when her eyes widened and she stared, like he’d tried to bite her.
        • (In hindsight, biting wouldn’t have surprised her so much.)
      • Finn had laughed, just because it was funny; her shocked face, with the pretty eyes. He hadn’t expected a Sith to have pretty eyes.
    • At the very least, it was enough of an opening to escape, and make it back to the ship just in time for Master Luke to throw it into hyperdrive before their tractor beam caught up.
  • He just wasn’t expecting to see her again. Not with her lightsaber drawn, and not with a tentative smile on her lips—”You have nice eyes, Jedi,” she said, matching him thrust for thrust. He was startled into laughing, and her saber came close enough to his throat for him to feel the heat of the blade.
    • It doesn’t stop. Mostly because they keep crossing paths, but also because it becomes something Finn weirdly looks forward to.
  • Also? She’s getting better at it. 
    • “What’s a nice Jedi like you doing in a place like this?” fucking purred in his ear when she finds him in a dingy Mos Eisley cantina. He practically died of the subsequent heart attack.
      • Though when she saw his face she laughed, that was worse—Sith shouldn’t be able to laugh like that, genuinely, with their eyes squinty and dimples.
        • Kriffing dimples.
    • He had his revenge by managing to get punched in the face, and then grinning up at her, his mouth full of blood. 
      • Sith can blush, did you know that? Finn knows that. Finn knows that Sith can blush, and stare, and if you lick the blood from your lip, they stop breathing and their eyes go very wide and you can disarm them with surprising ease.
  • (Finn doesn’t ever talk about it, not even with Master Luke, but once they ran into one another on the docks of Coruscant—he was following a lead on a batch of kyber crystals, and there she was, sitting there with a bottle of Corellian whiskey there beside her. Untouched.
    • “Jedi,” she greeted him wearily. “Would you like a drink?”
    • She never told him what it was for, but Finn sat beside her as day turned into night, and they drank some whiskey and talked about nothing in particular. Weather and ships and music, lightsaber mechanics and the way they took their caf.
      • At one point, she poured out some whiskey onto the battered surface of the dock, and said something in Sith. Finn bowed his head, out of respect.
    • He touched her hand, very briefly, when he was leaving. She gave a full-body shiver, something caught between flinching away and moving closer.)
  • It keeps escalating until Chrenal. “I’m tempted to say you’d look better in black,” she laughs as they dance across the edge of the ravine. “But I suppose even the robes of a Jedi would look good on my bedroom floor.”
    • Finn feels himself go hot, which is probably why he misses his footing, and nearly goes plummeting over the edge of the ravine—at least, he would have, if the Sith hadn’t done something complicated with the Force that yanks him back and sends both of them both tumbling over one another until Finn is sprawled on his back in the dust.
      • “You know, generally I reserve that sort of thing for a few dates in,” Finn says breathlessly, staring up at the sky. “And it’s much less violent. Unless you’re into that, I guess.”
      • A moment later, her head popped into his field of vision. “Are we going to keep fighting, or…?”
        • “Do you want to?” Finn asks, looking up at her. She shrugs. “I—I like fighting you,” she says in a small voice, and she’s blushing, and Finn definitely does not want to fight her. 
        • Not even a little. Not even for the Light.
  • “My name is Finn,” he says instead. It’s a little awkward to offer her his hand, since he’s still got his lightsaber clutched in it and she’s hovering over him, but he does.
    • Her grip is warm. They have identical callouses, and Finn wonders if her master had her train with wooden staffs too, and repair the stupid training droid afterward, even though it shocked her fingers every time she got close. Probably not, but hey. Maybe.
    • “Rey,” she says, and that can’t be right, no self-respecting Sith is named Darth Rey, that’s a terrible Darksider name, maybe she’s—
      • Finn thinks, oh. other name. real name. Rey is still blushing, but defiant this time, as if she’s daring him to comment, to question her.
      • “Rey’s a great name,” Finn says, and then almost has another heart attack when she smiles.
  • “So,” Finn says, as they sit cross-legged beside one another at the edge of the ravine. It’s a perverse exercise in trust—either of them could easily push the other over like this. (Their lightsabers are cradled in the laps, and that would be easy too, just—) “You never answered my question, you know.”
    • She shoots him a confused look, and he grins. “Do you want a cute boyfriend?”

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A cool way to think about the “natural behavior” argument is to say that nature allows, and society commands. Nature allows people to have children, society commands it.

dude that’s so right. that’s so right how have I never thought of that before? nature allows. damn.

micelle replied to your post “don’t you dare use q***r to apply to the whole community.”

the other thing is that this person disagrees with the content of your previous post, but doesn’t have the guts to engage with it directly, so they decide to criticize the words you use instead of what you’re actually saying :D :D :D i love online

It’s the time-honoured shutdown tactic of “you used a word I don’t like, so everything you’ve ever said in your life is invalid”. It works for the conservative grammar police, so why shouldn’t it work for antis?

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Frankly I think that teaching people precalculus, trig or higher when they’re not going to become engineers or actuaries is pretty much a waste of time. I think everyone should be taught enough math to build a deck (ie solving problems with basic algebra and geometry), then teach people to tell if a graph is lying to them, and leave the rest to STEM-track students.

THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER. I think students should be able to choose which subjects they study around middle school, instead of having to wait until college and then scramble to find something enjoy learning about. There’s no need to teach things that are never used in day-to-day life outside of certain fields. Most people since they don’t use the information, end up forgetting it anyway. There’s no point, other than to keep everything ~standard~.


Hello everyone~! It’s now almost the end of the year! I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas and now anticipating the new year ahead! 

Since it’s the end of the year, I’ve decided to do a lil’ something special and show you guys my fave products of 2015! 

Also the order of the products is random not in any particular order! 


This is a cleansing water I bought about half a year ago and I really enjoy using this product. This can be used in conjunction with the ‘double cleansing’ method and I really love how it cleanses my skin without stripping my skin and making it any drier. Although expensive, absolutely worth it! 


This is it! My holy grail cushion! That is also the only one closest to my shade! The design of the cushion is also very sleek and classy and this cushion lasts really long on my face which is really good for oily skin types! 


I’m really enjoying this mask and it leaves my skin so moisturised and soft the day after! It also helps with smoothing the skin and also be used as an acne treatment! Plus it kind of does smell like honey. 


I purchased this a few weeks ago and I’m in love~! It really does moisturise your lips while giving it a nice glossy shine with sparkles! (I may have also purchased this because of BTS Jungkook but sshhh). 


This blush is amazing! And it’s super cheap! What is there not to love about this product? It also doesn’t sparkle and gives off a natural look. 


HOLY GRAIL. Enough said. Leaves my skin amazingly smooth. 


Does a good job with removing hard waterproof makeup and I love seeing the separation of the oil and the water. 


Everyone raves about this and I can understand why! A really cheap tint only like $4? And it looks really nice and natural. 


OHMYYGOD. This is my holy grail. Please purchase everyone. It’s THAT good.


HOLY GRAIL again. Really sharp applicator and lasts a long time. 


The only toner I’ve really enjoyed and feel like it’s doing something for my skin. Also, really fun to use. 


HOLY GRAIL. Like legit, it makes your skin like a baby’s and actually brightens your skin as in overnight. 


Another fave tint! Watery but applying it is really easy and lasts a long time! Plus it’s another raved product.


HOLY GRAIL. (Why do I feel like I’m repeating myself??) Anyways these are really dirt cheap masks that make your skin super nice, plus there’s a bunch of different flavours for all skin types. 

Thanks for reading all my subscribers! I wish you all the best and a very happy New Years! Sailing ahead for 2016~! 

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Khan Academy videos are really good for picking up these concepts. You have to test yourself to know that you’ve really retained the ideas and understand them completely, though.

I’ve actually used Khan Academy! My school uses it for some of the math classes; I like it, and it helps me remember things short term, but I still always forget things after a month of not doing it because my brain goes ‘are we not using this information? No need to keep, then!” and throws it all out. (It then proceeds to retain every star wars factoid I’ve ever come across)


The interactions between Nonpolar molecules and Water molecules are not as favorable as interactions amongst just the water molecules, due to the inability of nonpolar molecules to form hydrogen bonding or electrostatic interactions.

When nonpolar molecules are introduced to the water molecules, the water molecules will initially surround the nonpolar molecules, forming a “cages” around the molecules. However, the tendency of nonpolar molecules to associate with one another will draw the nonpolar molecules together, forming a nonpolar aggregate.

Based on the second law of thermodynamics, the total entropy of the system plus its surrounding must always be INCREASING. Therefore, it is Favorable for the nonpolar molecules to associate without the interference of water. The water molecules that initially “caged” the nonpolar molecules are released from the nonpolar molecules’ surfaces, creating an Increase in Entropy in the surrounding (increase in disorder). The favorable release of water molecules from nonpolar surfaces is responsible for phenomenon of the hydrophobic effect.

When two nonpolar molecules come together, structured water molecules are released allowing them to interact freely with bulky water. The release of water from such cages is favorable. The result is that non-polar molecules show an increased tendency to associate with one another in water compared with others - less polar and less self-associating solvents. This tendency is called the hydrophobic effect and the associated interactions are called hydrophobic interaction.

The release from the cage-like clathrates is more favorable because it increases the entropy of the system.

Hydrophobic interactions can also be seen in the clustering of amphipathic/amphiphillic molecules such as phospholipids into bilayers and micelles. The hydrophobic areas of amphipathic molecules cluster together to avoid the ordered “cage” of water molecules that would surround them and orient the hydrophillic ends as a shield-like outer structure that interacts amicably with the polar water molecules.

Micelles occur when a spherical fatty acids structure is formed with a hydrophobic core and hydrophillic outer shell.

Bilayers can be commonly seen in cell membranes with hydrophillic outer (outside the cell) and inner (inside the cell) linings has hydrophobic (inside the membrane) center.

The Lipid bilayer is a more favored formation in nature due to the micelle formation may contain bulky fatty acids causing hindrance in its formation.

Most cell membranes are electrically polarized, such that the inside is negative [typically 260 millivolts (mV)]. Membrane potential plays a key role in transport, energy conversion, and excitability.
For example, membrane transport. Some molecules can pass through cell membranes because they dissolve in the lipid bilayer.
Additionally, most animal cells contain a high concentration of K1 and a low concentration of Na1 relative to the external medium. These ionic gradients are generated by a specific transport system, an enzyme that is called the Na1–K1 pump or the Na1–K1 ATPase.
The hydrolysis of ATP by the pump provides the energy needed for the active transport of Na1 out of the cell and K1 into the cell, generating the gradients.

The pump is called the Na1–K1 ATPase because the hydrolysis of ATP takes place only when Na+ and K+ are present. This ATPase, like all such enzymes, requires Mg2+

External image

External image

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I’m actually a math tutor and fwiw it’s more fun teaching people who are ungifted at math but willing to learn, than people who get it all intuitively right off the bat, because I like explaining things. Yeah, math anxiety can be a real bitch tho, especially once you hit upper high school and everything depends so much on everything else. I should just wear a shirt that says “ask me about my math education opinions!”

like this?

The Basics of Nanoparticles

Of course there is the idea that smaller particles can be delivered better to our cells. But nanoparticles are much more than that. 

Creating a nanoparticle is all about making something that can withstand the environment, and can increase cellular uptake (passing plasma membrane) and transfection (getting into the nucleus, ie siRNA/Plasmids). 

The interesting thing is that our body already has several mechanisms that serve as a great model for nanoparticle designing. These include lysosomes, micelles, and golgi apparatus. Learning about thermodynamic relationships and understanding the spontaneity of these processes helps us create particles that can do great things. 

I will be talking about drug/gene therapy delivery via micelles, colloidal metals, dendrites, and effects of PEG in creating these particles. 

Stay tuned.